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7 Best Anti Fog Goggles 2022 Reviews

Swimming is a water sporting activity that many people participate in, from toddler age right up to a professional level. The cases of children and people drowning has sparked an increase in parents making the children learn how to swim from a very young age.

When I was two years old, my father found me drowning in my grandmother’s swimming pool. He had so much fear in his heart that drove him to putting me in swimming lessons and I have been swimming ever since. I have swam in school galas and have enjoyed a good swim in different kinds of swimming pools every time I have been on holiday. Most of the competitive swimming that I have done has not been without goggles because they are an essential piece of equipment in swimming races. My parents and I had to learn how to shop for the best goggles from a very young age, one of the key elements of those goggles were an anti-fog feature.

Skiing requires goggles as well even though it is not a sport that takes place under water. Skiing takes place in snow and therefore the weather conditions that govern skiing have an impact on the human eyesight, raising the necessity for goggles. Goggles are used for shielding the eyes from deliberate light as well as insufficient visibility in weather-controlled lit areas and under the water while swimming.

The most obvious areas that one can think of when understanding the conditions under which goggles are needed are the swimming pool and ski areas.  The lighting in ski areas can be damaging to the naked eye if the eye is not adequately protected. Likewise, the water in which people swim in can be damaging to the naked eye if it is not protected while swimming.

Goggles include features that defend your face from extreme cold, particularly goggles that are used for and when skiing. A model pair of goggles is designed to provide a full view of what lies ahead while shielding your eyes and face from the harmful rays of the cold, windy, snowy weather and chemicals found in a swimming pool.

Any swimming and skiing sporting activity as well as every relaxation activity that may take place in the snow or in chemical water can cause detriment to your vision. These goggles guard your eyesight from weather elements such the snow, wind and the harmful UV rays. They further guard your eyesight from chemicals found in a swimming pool. The intention of the goggles is to improve your vision while you are in these conditions so that you are able to see the environment around you as much and as far as possible.   

The importance of goggles is very clear: it is an important gear in both the swimming and skiing avenue because of the protection that it provides for your eyes. But what good are the goggles if they fog to the extent of affecting the vision of what is ahead while you swim or ski? Human eyesight or the naked eye is not designed to see underwater or through the weather conditions that skiing takes place under, therefore the function of the goggles are to aid the naked eye to see under these conditions.

The goggles are designed to help you see what you are doing while skiing or swimming, to stay in the appropriate lane while you are performing your swimming or skiing activity and that you focus on the goal at hand while swimming or skiing.

Fog defeats the purpose of the function of goggles because it blurs the vision of what lies ahead, sometimes completely blocking out the vision that is designed to help you see when you swim or ski. The effects of having a blurred vision or a blocked out image all together due to fogging on your goggles is that an individual will be distracted from the task at hand and will have no other choice but to stop their current activity and clean the goggles. In a competition, this is the last thing that a competitor wants because it delays the competitor from completing the swimming or skiing task at hand in the shortest time.

Anti-fog goggles are the saviour of the above stated concerns and anti-fog goggles have become an instrumental kind of equipment for swimmers and skiers, particularly those who swim and ski professionally. This article will engage with content that will evaluate the best goggles for both swimming and skiing. The article will engage with the causes of fogging in goggles, the prevention of fogging in goggles and the list of things to consider when you choose anti-fog goggles.


The causes of fogging in goggles

One word we all should have paid attention to in our science classes – condensation. The fogging up of goggles is the scientific process of condensation. If you happened to not have been paying attention in class while condensation was explained and possibly demonstrated, or somehow got confused mid-explanation or mid-demonstration, do not worry, I am here for you and I will explain the process of condensation that results in the fogging that takes place in goggles.

When you wear goggles in the swimming pool or in skiing weather conditions, the area around your eyes heats up. Your body temperature increases because of the constant movement that your body goes through as it engages in activities or excessive movement. This is still, however, taking place under cold conditions – whether it be cold swimming pool conditions or cold skiing weather conditions. It is this combination of hot (hot area around your eyes due to an increase in your body temperature) and cold (the cold surrounding conditions of the environment) that undergoes the process of condensation, thus creating fog. The combination of the hot and cold temperatures result in water droplets that form inside of the goggles and create a reaction, the reaction being that of fog.

Think about the mirror in your bathroom when you are taking a hot bath or a hot shower. The environment surrounding your bathroom is most likely tiles or mirrors, a build that is typically cold and thus keeps your bathroom cool. You fill your bathtub with hot water or you take a hot shower and when you step out of your bath or shower, the bathroom is misty and the mirror is foggy. The hot and cold temperatures came into contact with each other and a reaction took place, resulting in the mist and fog found in the bathroom. This reaction is identical to the reaction that happens when you wear your goggles while swimming or skiing.

The fogging up of goggles is a further result of people wearing goggles while sweating during activities such as hiking. Again, the combination of the hot area around your eyes that have resulted from your increased body temperature and the cold that comes from your surrounding weather conditions result in condensation, thus resulting in fog within the goggles.

The anti-fog feature in goggles is a thin layer of anti-fog fortification that is characterised by and is made up of mechanisms that work towards taking in water and spreading it across the surface of the lens. The intention is to resist water completely. This thin layer prevents fog by preventing the condensation process from taking place while you wear your goggles; it prevents the formation of the water droplets. This thin layer around your goggles that is designed to prevent condensation is not permanent; wear and tare explains that this thin layer can and will degrade over time.


Preventing goggles from fogging up

The immediate answer for “how to keep goggles from fogging up” is to buy quality goggles that have strong anti-fog features that are measured against the scientific processes of condensation. However, other ways of preventing goggles form fogging up require more actions from individuals than money.

Avoid wearing facemasks and/or balaclavas. The first action is to move away from allowing the warm and rich moisture of the air that is coming from your breathing to come into contact with the inside surface and area of your goggles. The warm and rich moisture of your breathing comes into contact with the inside area and surface of your goggles very easily when you put a facemask or balaclava on, locating it on your face – right underneath the bottom of the goggles.

Skiing weather conditions are particularly cold and it is tempting to want to wear face masks or balaclavas to keep your face warm. But, that warmth directs added heat and hot air towards the lenses of your goggles and speeds up the process of condensation. Facemasks and balaclavas further block the ventilation features in goggles. The blockage of the ventilation results in a slowing down or blocking of air flowing through the inside of the goggles with purpose of moving warm and moisture air away.

Do not tuck in your facemasks, balaclavas, scarves and neck warmers underneath the bottom of your goggles.

Do not place your goggles on top of your head when you are not using them for and on your eyes. The heat from your head (or hat if you are wearing one) directs heats towards the lens of the goggles. When the goggles are not in use, it is best to put them away because when the goggles generate heat unnecessarily, it reduces the lifespan of the goggles, resulting in the wear and tare appealing faster than normal or expected.

Neck warmers, scarves, facemasks, balaclavas and gaiters are  designed to keep you warm during cold weather conditions. There is nothing wrong with wearing them while skiing, hiking, or performing any other physical activity in cold weather conditions. However, if you tuck these items inside your goggles, moisture and hot air will move up to the bottom of your goggles from your mouth. The principle of condensation will take place and the result will be an increase in likelihood of fogging in the goggles.

Put on your goggles while they are dry and while you are dry. When you put on your goggles while you are dry (from sweat for example) and while they are dry, there is a limit of extra moisture being found inside of the goggles. The limit of the extra moisture minimises hot air and a cold environment coming together and causing condensation within the goggles.

Use an anti-fog spray. The anti-fog spray is the quick fix solution because it has a hydrophobic solution that repels water from the lens of the goggle. The repelling of the water from the lens of the goggle causes water to run off the goggles rather than forming fog. The anti-fog spray can be used in swimming goggles and in skiing goggles. It has to be sprayed onto the inner surface of the lenses of the goggles, gently spread across the lenses of the goggles and nicely tapped prior to swimming or skiing.

Choosing The Best Anti Fog Ski goggles



Ski goggles are not made equal and the ski goggles that you are most likely going to find adequate anti-fog features in have a an expensive price tag. Not all ski goggles have anti-fog features or ventilators therefore they have an extremely high likelihood of fogging. Ski goggles that are designed with an anti-fog feature has a less likelihood of fogging up when it is in use.

The product is naturally designed with the different customer segments in mind, as all products are designed. The anti-fog features is mostly found in the goggles that are priced for high-end customers. Goggles, like many other products, have to be bought with prioritising in mind of where the goggles will be used and for how long the goggles are intended to be kept by the customer.


Affordability is a key measure of purchasing products, however, how the product will be used and what it will be used for should guide the purchase of adequate anti—fog goggles. \ Cheap goggles are not necessarily bad and are of the conditions that will fall apart easily and quickly. Apart from the quality of the goggles being compromised, cheap goggles do not have effective anti-fog features or adequate ventilators. These are important if you will be swimming for a long time or will be participating swimming competitions. These features are important when you ski often and you ski for long periods.

Customer reviews

Use customer reviews and frequently asked questions to guide your decision, particularly when you are purchasing the goggles online. Consider the lenses of the goggles:  Spherical lenses are bigger and thus give you a bigger turf of view. The spherical lenses locate themselves away from your face when you wear them, making these goggles less likely to fog up.  The goggles are less likely to fog up because the position in which they sit on your face creates space for heat to disperse. Double layered lenses create a warm air barrier, thus acting as a significantly string anti-fog tool.


The ventilation of the goggles: Goggles with good ventilation fog up less due to the warm air that easily escapes from the googles and thus keeps the temperature stable enough to not let the warm air condense onto the lens.

Pay attention to the anti-fog coatings: Most goggles promise anti-fog features, but not all goggles have anti-fog features. Mid-high end value goggles have a possibility of having better anti-fog layers that assist in preventing condensation from forming. The water droplets have a higher likelihood of running off the goggles as opposed to sticking on the goggles.

It is advisable to have two pairs of goggles, even though this is quite an expensive consideration. Alternatively, your one pair of goggles should possibly have interchangeable lenses. The purpose of this is to be able to change your goggles or lenses if the other fogs up. You give your other pair an opportunity to de-fog while providing you with the ultimate protection and view. Two lenses are better than one lens because two lenses block out more light, therefore having a lower visible light transmission.

Top 7 Best Anti Fog Ski Goggles


XAegis Airsoft Goggles4.4
Dewalt DPG82-11CTR Concealer4.5
LianSan Anti-Fog Anti-Saliva Safety Glasses5.0
Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles4.6
DeWalt Goggle Concealer4.5
3M Personal Protective Safety Glasses4.6
SolidWork Safety Goggles4.8

1. XAegis Airsoft Goggles

These goggles are referred to as “tactical safety” goggles and have features such as anti-fog military glass in the lenses of the goggles. The goggles come with three interchangeable lenses, allowing for options in lenses that will cater to the different weather conditions.

The goggles further have a soft and contented hypo-allergenic rubber ration that is designed to fit well on your face, allowing the usage of the with a ventilation system design that assists with the air flow. These goggles have a tight and complete seal that wraps around the lenses, therefore providing maximum sight and ultimate protection from weather conditions that could be harmful to the eyes. The adjustable head band ensures that the goggles are tight and an appropriate fit for each customer. The goggles are suitable for a wide range sights, perfecting the goggles for outdoor activities such as airsoft, paintball, riding, hunting, shooting, cycling and more


  • The product has been made up of excellent quality.
  • It is a durable product that is available at an affordable price.
  • The materials of the product are made up of high quality plastic and lens materials.
  • The goggles fit very well, a customer has described it as “fit like a glove”. There is enough alteration in the elastic strap to ensure that the goggles fit just right.
  • The goggles provide good coverage.


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2. Dewalt DPG82-11CTR Concealer

These goggles are clear, i.e. no tint on the lenses, and they have an anti-fog feature that is designed to ensure that the goggles do not fog up when customers are wearing them. The clear goggles are referred to as “Xtra clear” and this feature is deliberate protection against fogging. The goggles have an elastic headband that helps with the adjustable features of the goggles, designed to give an adequate fit. The lenses have a hard coat; the hard coated lenses function as a protection measure for the goggles, protecting them against scratches. The goggles are adjustable, provide a comfortable fit and have ventilation channels that provide breathability and protection against fogging.


  • The goggles provide full eye protection for an individual.
  • The seal around the goggles ensure an adequate fit around the eye area.
  • The goggles provide a spectacular peripheral vision.


  • Water collects on the surface on the goggles and the dust clings onto the goggles as well, impacting your vision negatively.
  • When the goggles are fogged up or are filled with dust and water, it is almost impossible to wipe them clean.

3. LianSan Anti-Fog Anti-Saliva Safety Glasses

These goggles have UV protection, HD qualities for viewing and a blue light blocking function. Although the goggles are said to be designed for me, they have unisex features that drive a perfect fit without any slipping when the goggles are on the face. They keep the eyes safe from direct, immediate as well as peripheral threats using a strong polycarbonate wraparound structure. The anti-fog and anti-glare features provide for better visibility.

The goggles are further blue light above and beyond the double coated and untinted lenses.  These features ensure a minimal to no fogging up at all as well as optical distortion, ensuring that individuals can see at all times when wearing these goggles.


  • The goggles are very stylish.
  • The lenses have a plastic make up but have a glass appearance, providing a very clear vision.
  • The goggles appear to be stylishly nerdy as they have a secret projection.
  • The goggles do not fog up.


  • The sides of the goggles as well as the bottom of the goggles do not fit against the face like the top of the goggles does.

4. Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles

These goggles have clear and anti-fog lenses. The headband is neoprene and has coating that is bonded to the lens to ensure anti-scratch and anti-static properties. The goggles have UV protection features as well as indirect ventilation systems that minimise fogging. The goggles ensure protection for the eyes from splashes, mists, and dust.


  • These goggles seal well and do not fog up.
  • The goggles allow for breathing to take place.
  • The actual face cover of the goggles provides a great experience.
  • The product is affordable has great ventilation.


  • The goggles are not suitable to wear with and over prescription glasses. The lens of the goggles puts pressure on the prescription glasses, increasing discomfort of wearing the goggles.
  • Strap is a plastic rubber and broke after a month of using the goggles.

5. DeWalt Goggle Concealer

These goggles are clear anti-fog lensed goggles with an elastic headstrap that functions to give a comfortable and easy adjustable fit. The clip attachment feature allows for the lens to be easily replaced in the goggles when need be. The goggles have a built-in ventilation channel, ensuring added fog control and adequate ventilation.


  • The goggles are made up of good quality, a good price, and good eye protection.
  • The peripheral vision is excellent in these goggles that are also considered to be stylish goggles.


  • These goggles are testimony that anti-fog does not translate to no fogging up at all. The goggles fog up very quickly, at times seeming as if the anti—fog feature is not effective.
  • The goggles stretch easily.

6. 3M Personal Protective Safety Glasses

The lenses of the goggles have ensured safety above all features and are available in different colours. The product has pressure dissemination technology that allows the goggles’ temples to logically adjust to individual head sizes. The goggles have anti-scratch coating that is designed to assist in protecting the lenses from scratches, nicks and scrapes that can become distractions while wearing the goggles.


  • The product fits very well on the face.
  • The anti-fog and ventilation features ensure that the fog created clears out quickly and effectively.
  • The product has adequate elasticity and flexibility.


  • The goggles have a tendency of fogging up.
  • The hinges of the goggles break easily.
  • The goggles are uncomfortable and their lenses are made up of cheap plastic.

7. SolidWork Safety Goggles

The goggles are a universal fit, the lenses are clear and are described to be coated and fog-free. The product has adequate anti-scratch features, sits comfortably on the face because of the component mix of its contact surface. A different coating on the lense makes the goggles predominantly scratch-resistant externally and fog-free internally. The different coating further protects the eyes from harmful UV rays. Its panoramic design ensures that the entire field of vision is always in view while your eyes are protected from all sides.


  • The goggles are comfortable and give a tight seal around the eyes.
  • Buying these goggles is very affordable.
  • The goggles are comfortable and lightweight, fitting comfortable over prescription glasses.
  • The goggles do not fog up.



Anti-fog goggles are an essential part of any activity that takes place in weather conditions that require goggles to be worn. The anti—fog goggles are ideal for all weather conditions and environments because they provide ultimate protection for you, especially for your eyes, and minimise fogging up around the eyes.

This article has discussed the important aspects of anti-fog goggles, providing examples of anti-fog goggles available on Amazon.com to illustrate the important features of anti-fog goggles, regardless of where you will be making use of the goggles. The aim has been to assist each reader in understanding the importance of anti-fog goggles and assist potential buyers to make the best informed decision when buying the anti-fog goggles. While there are multiple similarities in each of the anti-fog goggles, there are key differences that separate the adequate anti-fog goggles from the ideal anti-fog goggles.

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