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13 Best Badminton Racket 2022 Reviews

A badminton racket is a sports equipment, which consists of a frame handle with an open hoop located diagonally in which a system of strings is tightly stretched. It is used for hitting/striking the shuttle in badminton.

Badminton racket construction and design has evolved and modified significantly over the years. The framework and structure has been customized in different representations and styles. In the past, the frame of the rackets was made from solid wood and the strings were made from animal intestines commonly called catgut. The customary racket size was short by the strength and weight of the wooden and impassive frame which had to be sturdy and tough enough to have a good grip of the strings, it also had to be rigid enough to strike the shuttle.

The makers began to attach non-wood laminates to the wood rackets in other to improve the toughness.

Badminton Rackets

Firstly, a badminton racket is a light racket with a long handle used by badminton players.

Badminton rackets are lightweight with high quality, weighing about 70g to 95g. Unlike the traditionally made rackets, modern rackets are made of carbon fiber composites i.e. graphite consolidated plastic, which may be ameliorated by various materials.

Carbon fiber is used in the production of badminton rackets because it has a tremendous strength to weight ratio, it is stiff and firm and also because it delivers immense kinetic energy transfer.
Just like I said before, prior to the adoption and implementation of carbon fiber composites, rackets were constructed with wood.

Parts Of A Badminton Racket

There are several parts of a badminton racket, we are going to look into a few but first let us go over a few points.

The main objective of the badminton racket is to strike the small object popularly called the shuttle, which features a rubber ball with a loop of feathers attached to it. A badminton racket, regardless of its weightlessness is strong, sturdy and durable.

These are the parts of a badminton racket:

  • Frame
  • Head
  • Stringed area
  • Throat
  • Shaft
  • Handle

The frame

The frame of a racket is the body of the racket, which consists of the throat, the head, the stringed area, the handle and the shaft. In other words, the frame of the racket is the complete structure of the racket.

According to the Badminton World Federation laws, it is austerely stated that the length of the frame must not be wider than 230mm and must also not be longer than 680mm. The weight of an ultimately sturdy frame must be within the range of 80g and 100g. Frames can have varieties of shapes and the flexibility can be more or less with smaller or larger sweet sport based on the materials used in their production and based on the model.


The head of the badminton racket is the part of the racket that restrains the strings in position in a ring of material. The head of the badminton racket can either be elliptical or round, it all depends on your choice of selection, it also has cavities in its perimeters through which the strings are inserted.

13 Best Badminton Racket

The stringed area

The stringed area is the face region of the racket that is interlaced in nylon or carbon fiber materials to mold a perfect shape. According to Badminton World Federation laws, its dimensions are limited to 220mm wide and 280mm long.

The throat

The throat is the region of the badminton racket that links the head to the shaft of the racket. It may be a triangular portion at the bottom of the head or it may be attached to the head itself.

The shaft

The shaft is the long stick-like structure in between the handle and the throat of the racket. It is of a composite material like graphite. The shaft of the badminton racket can either be lithe or rigid, depending on your preference.


The handle is the part of the racket is the part that is connected to the shaft and it is used to have a good and comfortable grip of the racket. The handle is coated with a material known as the grip and it helps prevent a slippery surface.

The rackets consists of two types of grips; one is the towel grip and the other is the synthetic grip. The towel grips are helpful in absorbing moisture while the synthetic grips are less porous but more resilient and durable.

How To Choose The Best Badminton Rackets

Badminton Racket

Purchasing the perfect badminton racket is crucial to improve your game, whether you are into singles or doubles. This article will give you a guideline on how to select the right racket.

Badminton rackets are just as individual and personal as the player. A badminton racket that feels perfect and comfortable for a player may feel the exact opposite for another player.

Here are considerations and factors to look out for when choosing a badminton racket;

  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Weight
  • Strings


All badminton rackets are categorized into three, they include: head heavy, head light and even balanced.


Head Heavy badminton rackets help make possible the power game from the back of the court as the weight helps to enhance the strength on clears and smashes.


Head Light badminton rackets are ideal for the defensive counter and club players who majorly involve in doubles because it could help move the racket swiftly. The key advantage of this model is that the head and frame have less weight {just as the name implies} therefore they are more maneuverable.

Even Balanced

Even Balanced rackets are fashioned to deliver the advantages of both Head Heavy badminton rackets and Head Light badminton rackets, providing sufficient power from behind and ample maneuverability and control when they are most needed. If you are skeptical about the model to choose based on the balance of the racket, then Even Balanced racket is the ideal racket for you.


The shaft flexibility is also a key factor when purchasing a good badminton racket. A flexible racket will permit a player with a lighter touch to maintain control during a game. The slower your swing speed, the better benefit you will get from a flexible shaft. Novice players and intermediate players are likely to benefit from a flexible shaft.

However, a more rigid and stiff shaft will flex faster, giving an expert player and high speed player optimum control and strength. An expert player is more likely to benefit from a stiffer shaft.


Choosing a racket based on is also an individual preference, however, a heavier head does not add more power and strength to control the racket. Heavy head rackets are not ideal for all players, lightweight rackets are recommended for beginners because they easier to control.


The string tension of the racket should also be considered when purchasing your badminton racket. It is advised that beginners and novice players use a tension at the lower end.

The general guideline for choosing your badminton racket based on strings includes;

  • Beginner is advised the range 18-20 lbs
  • For intermediate; 20-23 lbs
  • For advanced players; 24-27 lbs
  • While for professional players; 27 lbs.

These are the few factors I recommend for you whenever you intend on purchasing a good badminton racket.

Top 10 Best Badminton Rackets

13 Best Badminton Racket Reviews

YONEX GR 3034.3
YONEX B-3504.4

Top Ten Badminton Rackets For Beginners


Product description

The Senston N80 Badminton racket is an exceptional badminton racket for beginners. It possesses comparatively good qualities and delivers good performance.

It has a rough and jagged structure with extensively enhanced aerodynamics for a speedy performance. The lasting fiber present makes movement and preciseness excellent, however the lightweight structure maintains all those important point while they are in use. The Senston N80 delivers unique technique, efficiency and stamina and also comfortability.


  • Possesses great speed and excellent performance
  • Perfect movement and motion
  • Accurate


  • It has low efficiency


Product description

This badminton racket is principally for novice players that engage in defensive games. They extremely light racket, which weighs approximately 68g gives you more advantage against aggressive players during a game. It provides at least 10% increase in the swing’s speed. In other words, you can use the racket as a counter strike to hard strikers to take absolute control of the game by changing defense to offense. The fastness and swiftness of your returns will startle your opponents, catching them off guard.


  • Very lightweight
  • It has a pleasant and comfortable grip
  • It doesn’t inflict any form of pain in your shoulder or wrist during game


  • It has a slippery grip


Product description

One of the advantages Yonex NANORAY badminton racket has to offer is that serving during a game will not necessitate extra effort because of its lightweight structure and Head light balance. Using the Yonex NANORAY will help you deliver a precise and accurate service. However, the power it exacts does not always impress when it has to do with making smashes. This is one section in which the racket could be a disadvantage, a Heavy Head weight would have been more beneficial to improve the smash but as a beginner you do not have to worry about this. For now, the drives should be great, they will be pinpoint and accurate especially when you are playing in a defensive pattern.

It has a more flexible flex and its shaft is made from graphite/NANOMESH and CARBON NANOTUBE. Its weight is 4U {Ave 83g} and grip size is G5.


  • Cheap and trouble-free for novice players
  • Evenly lightweight
  • Very comfortable to use
  • The Yonex NANORAY 10 never wobbles


  • It does not deliver sufficient power for smashes
  • It does not meet the requirements of an aggressive player


Product description

The Yonex Nanoray 20 is a lightweight badminton racket that is also believed to be economical. It is a viable choice when you’ve made a budget and intend not to spend much.

The badminton racket is made for beginners just as expected and power is not its central purpose. The Yonex Nanoray badminton racket has a lighter head and this entirely reduces its power but this doesn’t mean the racket performs badly.

One of the most imperative features of the Yonex Nanoray is the maneuverability, which is ultimate because of the lightweight structure. It also helps defensive players while you can swiftly counter an attack. Its lightweight also simplifies the swing as it reduces the risk of having wrist limitations. It also helps in making serving less problematic.

It weighs 3U and its grip size is G5. Its frame is made of graphite shaft; graphite/NANOMESH and CARBON NANOTUBE.


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Lightweight badminton racket
  • Great speed, which makes it cut through the air quickly
  • Extraordinary repulsion
  • Recommended for beginners


  • Its grip wears down faster than expected
  • It is not a good choice for advanced and professional players


Product description

The Yonex Nanoray 70 DX is also designed principally for beginners who want to benefit from the NANORAY model that majorly provides enhanced control and speed. The swing badminton racket helps in delivering accurate and dominant shots, we can say it delivers a fantastic performance. The Yonex Nanoray badminton racket weighs 4U {83-84g} and its grip size is G5. It has a stiff flex and its shaft is made from graphite.


  • Helps deliver high range smashes
  • Helps in control
  • It also has an improved repulsion


  • It really depends on the wrist to produce power.


Product description

This is also a racket for novice players. It comes pre-strung directly from the manufacturers and producers.

The Wilson Matchpoint is designed for players that want a racket that is more durable and efficient rather than the cheap rackets that come in packs. It has an aluminum structure that helps to enhance its durability. It also consists of a medium flex with an uncomplicated handle that delivers better accuracy and precision, it weighs approximately 105g and it also has a large sweat spot.


  • Good control balance
  • High modulus carbon fiber
  • A stable wrap for more control.
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • It consists of an outsized sweet spot


  • Its handle is of poor quality.


Product description

When using the Yonex Muscle Power 3, serving would require more effort but not so much that it would affect your wrist. It might take some time to get accustomed to its size and weight, but when you have adapted to its weight, serving won’t be a problem anymore. An advantage of the weight of the racket is that it helps you deliver great smashes and your shots would have better accuracy and precision as a result of the large sweet spot from all areas of the string. It has a round shape head and box shape frame cross section which gives the carbonex present a solid and unique feeling.

Its stability coupled with its performance is another tenet that is worth observing. No matter how severe and intense your shots and swings are, it will stay stable. This also means fatigue and weariness will be lessened to absorb shock.


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Durability and stability
  • Beneficial sweet spot


  • It is shorter than normal badminton rackets
  • It is not modeled for competitions

8. YONEX GR 303

Product description

The Yonex GR 303 is modeled for novice and intermediate players. This product can be effortlessly balanced while playing badminton games. It has aluminum as it primary constituent. This model of racket can be made available in half cover.

The Yonex GR 303 badminton racket has a high standard design and the product is made of materials that are of high standard which also help lengthen its time frame. The durability feature of the product also depends on how it is used.

It has low torsion steel shaft and it is made with a head cover


  • High durability
  • Great fashion and design
  • Long lasting


  • It is remotely small

9. YONEX B-350

Product description

The Yonex B-350 is an affordable choice you can look into when purchasing a badminton racket. However, its level of performance and functioning is quite high which is chiefly due to the verity that is rated only for amateur use.

It has a comfortable fit and its build is of good quality. It also has an essential level of flexibility, it also delivers an incredible smash, offering a comfortable and excellent technique, together with a right wrist movement. The Yonex B-350 is the ideal racket for novice players.

It has an oval head coupled with a lightweight alloy and it weighs about 100g.


  • Great durability
  • It is not problematic to grip
  • It is suitable for novice players


  • Heavy weight
  • It makes serving rather difficult.


Product description

The Yonex Arcsaber Lite is an all rounder, regardless it was made for the benefit of novice players so it may not have sufficient features for advanced and professional players.

It weighs exactly 4U {83g} and its grip size is G4, it is lightweight. It has a great level of control due to its lightweight, it also has a high level of maneuverability, it is an even-balanced weight badminton racket.


  • Cheap and affordable
  • It has even balanced weight


  • NA

Best Badminton Racket For Advanced And Professional Players


Product description

It has an ultra-thin shaft which offers maximum boost to the shuttle. It also has an ultra-aerodynamics head which helps increase the power of your strokes and reduce the level of air resistance, it is built with a Tri Voltage system, it couples power with handling and it’s functioning.

The structure of this badminton racket is compact made and it has an isometric plus Nanometric shape. It weighs 83g.


  • Lessens air resistance
  • It has a sound filter to produce a loud sound
  • Durable construction with quality materials


  • Expensive
  • It is not made for beginners


Product description

The Yonex Arcsaber is design with an effective cushioning and effective transfer of energy. The coupling of these two technologies gives rise to its flexibility to make smashes more powerful.

It also has an isometric frame which improves the sweet spot for the shuttle to land on it. The use of horizontal and vertical strings with comparable length makes the impact better. The use of Aero and Box permits the badminton racket to be more powerful. It also has a solid construction, the use of quality material for production allows the players to easily use the racket for a long period of time.


  • Delivers immense control
  • Lightweight
  • Isometric frame
  • It permits flexibility
  • Constructed with a sound filter


  • Expensive
  • It is not made for beginners


Product description

The Yonex Arcsaber 11 is made with Carbon Nanotube which makes it more flexible, durable and it offers repulsion power that helps you in delivering perfect shots. Its frame is made of sonic metal alloy. It is also made with a solid free core which helps reduce the vibration felt by your hand when smashing, it is built with a T-joint made of plastic to increase the quality and stability of the racket.

It also has a shaft which is made of Ultra PEF material that is light enough to float on water but it still resists intense force and enhances the durability of the racket.


  • It has an extremely lightweight shaft
  • It delivers a good response and repulsion power


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Some of its deliveries are not with strings.

Other Badminton Rackets Best For Professionals Include

  • CARLTON Kinesis {83g}
  • Duora 10 {88G} by Yonex
  • Yonex Astrox 99 {3U-4U}
  • Yonex Nanoflare 800 {3U}
  • Victor Auraspeed 90S {3U}


Best Badminton Racket Reviews

How light should my badminton racket be as a beginner?

Your badminton racket should weigh within the range of 85g to 89g. This is because lightweight rackets permit quick strokes and recovery. They are easier on the shoulders and wrists.

Single players often use a bit heavier racket like 3U rackets to ensure stability while doubles players make use of 4U rackets for additional speed.


In conclusion, purchasing the ideal badminton racket for your badminton games is essential as it provides superior control, stability, durability and flexibility and all you need for your games and your training {if you are a beginner}.

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