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7 Best Badminton Shuttlecocks 2020 Reviews

In any kind of sport, a sportsperson requirement is only the best equipment so that he/she can perform well in any field. Just like that in badminton also we need shuttlecocks which are a kind of essential gear for a successful game. So the various questions arise,

  • What should be the main quality while choosing?
  • Why is this important?
  • Top best recommendations?

This article will help you to gather the answers for the above questions including the following contents:

Best Badminton Shuttlecocks – Characters and Factors

7 Best Badminton Shuttlecocks

The Shuttlecocks (or so Called Birdies) is traditionally made of 16 goose feathers (or made of plastic gauge) attached with a cock. It is considered an extended object & a lightweight of 5 grams & a length of 10cm. which provides large drag. Beyond the large drag Shuttlecocks can still achieve a top speed of more than 300mph.


  • All hair must be incorporated into one strong unit.
  • Really should have 16 pieces of fur.
  • All feathers must have the same length of between 62 mm to 70 mm.
  • The tip of the plume should form a circle with a diameter of 58 mm length 68 mm.
  • Shuttlecock-shaped base half the length of the ball should have a diameter between 25mm to 28 mm.

An Official Shuttlecocks dimensions are as shown below




The total length (mm) Length of Shuttle (mm) Length of core (mm) Width at the end of the skirt Width of core (mm) Mass (gm)

New   Official














I think you should scroll and look at the factors that affect its rotation, swing, and speed. These are the aerodynamical factors that will help you to analyses the thing. Let’s go-ahead to put forward and conditions regarding a perfect swing and shots which totally depends on your location. However, location is not always the major factor in making a design.


Air Density

Air Density plays a major role in successful gameplay. The speed of a shuttlecock is dependent on air density according to various areas. If in an area the total amount of air is less it is said to be air density. And by this it means that a shuttlecock will have no problem traveling quickly. So if you live in a hilly area you should try a slow speed cock.


This factor commands the shuttlecock speed. The shuttlecock speeds become faster when it is higher altitude because the air density is lower compared to the sea level areas. So if the match is to be held on the lower ground means below sea level area. The speed of the feather shuttlecock will be slower, it is recommended to choose according to the altitude of the playing area.


Usually it is absorbed that, in cold weather the shuttlecock speed is slower and in hot weather the speed is faster. The air density reduces when the temperature rises which makes you eligible to use a slow shuttlecock.

Price and durability

This is the last and often most important deciding factor of which people usually look for. A perfect shuttlecock with less price and long durability. Check below links to select one of the best for you.

Different type of shuttlecocks

In various markets there’s a ton of Badminton shuttlecock which we have to choose from, all made from different materials and grades.  Mainly three different types are categorized which are:

  • Feather Shuttlecocks
  • Plastic/Synthetic Shuttlecocks
  • Hybrid Shuttlecocks

Top 7 Best Badminton Shuttlecocks

Top 7 Best Badminton Shuttlecocks

Yonex Mavis 10 shuttlecocks (Highly rated)4.6
Yonex Mavis Shuttlecock 350 Shuttlecocks4.5
Mac Gregor Yellow Tournament Shuttlecocks4.9
KEVENZ 12 Advanced Shuttlecocks4.5
onex Mavis 300 shuttlecocks4.8
Champion sports nylon outdoor shuttlecocks4.8
BLUBOON shuttlecocks lighting glows birdies for the night4.7

Let’s take a look at each shuttlecock in a bit detail which I have selected as the top best. Although from the outside all the badminton shuttlecocks look the same. The truth is that they are not and just as with rackets you have to choose a better one. I have shortlisted the overview of different companies which will ensure that you have completely fulfilled your needs.

1. Yonex Mavis 10 shuttlecocks (Highly rated)

Here is another one from Yonex which is mavis to badminton Shuttlecocks, made of high-quality Nylon. Its high-quality nylon shuttlecocks match feather shuttlecocks in terms of fast recovery, peak drop, and flight trajectory. This makes it highly rated and popular. Their response period is appreciating. These are made especially for recreational use and feature a medium speed.


  • Most popularly used shuttlecocks.
  • Highly rated for its precise manufacture.
  • Have a perfect flight trajectory and drop.


  • No color option is available.

2. Yonex Mavis Shuttlecock 350 Shuttlecocks

Moving to the best-shortlisted Shuttlecock we go to see here another from Yonex which is mavis 350 a fast pace shuttlecock wins the mind and hands of many. These are made up of nylon material which means while using this cock you will have the same feeling when played by a feather type shuttle. Due to its long durability it used mainly practicing.


  • These birdies are nice and decent
  • Has greater durability as well as stability,
  • This is a fast speed shuttle.
  • Also, the performance of the shuttle is the same kind of feather shuttle.


  • Sometimes, Nylon made shuttles affects the player’s performance.

3. Mac Gregor Yellow Tournament Shuttlecocks

Now, moving further we find Macgregor in this list instead of Yonex again. This shuttlecock comes with a rounded cork tip that provides a badminton racket and cock base a perfect approach to more and better contact.

These are the medium speed shuttles. If you are practicing badminton then this shuttle will boost your playing performances and will enhance your gameplay. (Such as hand swing, flexibility, and eye coordination) It is made of nylon with long durability. This company recommends it to use in competitive play.


  • Perfect contact between racket and shuttle due to rounded cork.
  • Improve a player’s eye and hand coordination.
  • They are Strong and Durable.
  • They are of Medium Speed.
  • Also, a Nylon feather ensures prolong durability.


  • Yellow is the only color you got to see

4. KEVENZ 12 Advanced Shuttlecocks

KEVENZ Badminton Shuttlecocks is contributing more in the field of badminton especially with new and advanced feathers that is why I am putting this birdie on my list. These are in yellow and have the brightest appearance in dim light. These shuttles are very light and durable too.

As they are strong it enhances the resistance of badminton. This shuttlecock’s feathers are tested in the guidance of infrared. Also, the lines and layers are very thick, straight, and uniform.

Moreover, its feathers are treated with extra formulas which make it smoother. For a shuttlecock, Smoothness is a very important factor, smoother the feathers are the easier it will be operated. So, if you want this smoothness, KEVENZ 12 Advanced shuttlecock will be best for you which provides the highest comfort as well.

Lot’s of tests has done to overview this shuttlecock. Kevenz Badminton Shuttlecock provides flight Stability, flight stability is the ability of a shuttlecock to stay in the air for an accurate amount of time. And as this shuttlecock is tested accurately you are having the best performer all the time. There are 16 parts of Nylon Strings in the same row and all of them are arranged uniformly so that it can resist the extra force provided by the player.


  • Long durability
  • Back to Back long performance without tearing.
  • Steady flight- ability with super durability.
  • Balancing is perfect.


  • Climate change gives a little Impact on cork- wing attachment shows.

5. Yonex Mavis 300 shuttlecocks

Further moving on to the next and if you are looking for a shuttlecock for your practice which fixes in your budget, my suggestion will move on this mavis 300 shuttlecock which is another one from Yonex. Mavis 300 is for you that available at an affordable price which provides you the fantastic service.

Many countries give positive reviews in view of practice which proves its performance. They are long-lasting birdies and juniors can set their eyes because of the high flight period. They have a high demand throughout the world which makes this Yonex’s product famous. Since it is trendy to practice a session that is why it is highly recommended for beginners. It is essential here to mention here for you that, this shuttlecock can be used only for practice purpose but it cannot be used for intense professional matches and tournament purposes. It is because of this reason professional didn’t use it.


  • Popular for its durability.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Used for practice.
  • Beneficial for junior development programs.


  • Not for professional players.
  • Not for any tournaments and matches.

6. Champion sports nylon outdoor shuttlecocks

Well, there are lots of sports companies which are running in a serial queue, CHAMPION is one of the competitors among many. They provide the most durable, high performance with overloaded functions products. This makes the brand as famous as Yonex, I also consider this one of the best.

One thing more about these cocks is that it is very beneficial for both professionals and beginners. It is also recommendable for the training purpose or net practice which is good for the beginners to improve his/her game. Its durability can be improved by the process of steaming.  This shuttlecock provides you the consistency with its flight.

It is made up of Nylon with nylon base too; this material is durable and can show high performance without ripping and bending.


  • Good for beginners.
  • Also good for professional players.
  • Perfect trajectory, good shuttle speed, and quality


  • For its durability it needs some special care such as steaming.
  • Not for intense gaming.

7. BLUBOON shuttlecocks lighting glows birdies for the night

While analyzing the various products, these birdies caught my eye. This birdie comes in the category of highly rated badminton shuttlecocks which make me put it into my top best.

You need not worry if lights get off or if it is dark outside. These birdies come with LED lighting provided by BLUBOON Company, which makes the game even more interesting and funny. These birdies provide you to play in dark mode just like in our mobile phone we usually see. They are composed of goose feathers, which is the preferred material to use in the shuttlecocks because it provides you with long durability. This LED shuttle has a plastic cork base very soft and super bouncy. These birdies fly every way in their bright colorful blinking glory. They manufacture these shuttles with switches to turn on or off the light.


  • Have good gestures.
  • Have 5 different colors.
  • Durable
  • Just to set a funny environment.


  • Not for professionals.
  • Low battery backup.


What are the best shuttlecocks made of? How much quantity required?

Usually different shuttles have different material wings but the left wing of a goose is suggested as the best type. Four geese provide four feathers each to make up the 16 feathers on a shuttle.

What other shuttlecock brands offer a good option that this article hasn’t mentioned?

Despite my top 7s, I’ve heard quite good reviews about VICTOR. Particularly its swing quality and durability. Also Ashaway and Babolat shuttlecocks have some interesting models that are getting rated.

Is speed or stability plays a major role in a shuttlecock?

Yes they both qualities are necessary. However, more factors are there such as- durability, price, swing, design, the material used.

Which cork is best for badminton?

Even though beginners are advised to play with plastic corks, they end up with the feather one so, a feather is supposed to be good for a cork.

Which shuttle will be better nylon or feather?

It depends on the player level. However, nylon birdies slightly farther distance than the feather one. But, the feather cocks deals a greater initial start-up for close net shots.

Final verdict


As you have gone very long of this guide to find something best for you. I hope you don’t have any problem now to choose the best for you. Coming to my final words badminton is all about your strength and coordination. The greater your practice the better will be your game. And by choosing an ideal cock heals your performance.

So if you shopping online just check out its basic features. Which is stated above. All are personal recommendations keeping in mind that you may need as professionals, beginners, and for fun too. You can see every cock has its unique quality which makes it to lead in the market and got positive reviews.

I hope this article will lead you to your final decision.

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