10 Best Baseball Bat for 8-Year-Old 2022 Reviews

Baseball is a popular game that is played all over the world, especially in America. The craze of this game in America is on a whole other level. Even children of 8 years old want to play this sport and enjoy it.

Many of these young children playing baseball at a young age, grew up to become professional baseball players. The most important thing required to play this game is the baseball bat and the ball. While the ball is an easy thing to choose, the most problem which arises is how to choose the correct baseball bat for the player. Now, it may seem easy for the non-playing players to choose a bat, however, those who play this game know how important a bat can be in this game.


How a good bat can improve the gameplay of a person and can help in playing the game perfectly. Everything about a bat, even the minute details can make a great impact on the game. Especially, the people who are starting young in the game, choosing the correct baseball bat is important for you. A correct way will help you to play the game correctly.

The initial skills a player learns with the bat later becomes his/her core skill. Now, what would happen if you have a wring bat? Well, you will have a hard time wielding the bat or using it correctly. This will flow your game drastically and this all will lead to destroying the core skills of a player becoming wrong. So, you now understand how important it is to use a correct baseball bat for younger players.

Choosing a correct baseball bat is easy if you know the specification to look and the process on how to choose a correct bat. If you remember these points well enough, you can pick the correct baseball bat for your team and can also improve your core skills. We have explained below on how to choose the best baseball bat for an 8-year-old kid and we have also mentioned the best 10 baseball bat available for an 8-year-old child.

How to Choose Best Baseball Bat for 8-Year-Old

10 Best Baseball Bat for 8 Years Old

There are many websites or article which will tell you in-depth about the best baseball bat that is available in the market, however they won’t ever tell you how to choose the best baseball bat. It is neither complex nor hard to choose a good baseball bat for yourself or your child.

Before learning about them, let’s have a look at a baseball bat. A baseball bat has 2 parts that are its barrel and handle. The barrel is used to hit the ball, while the handle is used to hold the ball. Both of these parts play an equal role in the quality of the bat and how a player can use it correctly. You cannot have a good baseball bat having a good barrel but bad handle or vice-versa. Now, let’s have a look at the factor which one needs to see, to buy a good baseball bat. These points are:

  • Material
  • Bat size
  • Barrel and handle
  • Weight of the bat

Keeping these four points in mind, anyone can buy a good baseball bat for themselves. But why are they so important? Let’s see in detail the significance of these 4 points.


The first one is the material of the bat. Originally baseball bat tar of two types. One that is made up of wood while the other is made up of aluminum alloy. The wooden bat is made up of ash of woods, or other wood such as maple, bamboo, and hickory. Out of these, the hickory bats are used very less since they tend to make the bat heavy and make it difficult for an 8-year-old boy to swing the bat easily. Maple bats are becoming popular due to their quality and weight. The material from which the bat is made will decide how durable the baseball bat is. Is it long-lasting or not? These will be answered when you go in-depth about what material was used to make this baseball bat.

There are different alloys nowadays that are used to construct baseball bat. These alloys increase the durability and power of the bat while decreasing their weight. This makes the bats easy to swing and deliver more power on each strike. The main difference between wooden bats and aluminum bats is that wooden bats are slow to swing, while the aluminum bats are easy and lightweight to swing. When hitting with a wooden bat, a player has to depend more on their raw power to hit the ball hard. On the other hand, the aluminum bat is lightweight and they can provide more power to the ball easily. They have larger sweet spots and they are much durable than the wooden bats.

Bat size

The next factor is the length of the bat which the player uses. Usually, an 8-year-old boy uses a bat of length 27-29 inches. Why the length of the bat is useful? It’s simple, the length of the ball will determine the swing area and improve the swing mechanism. Therefore, it is important to use the correct length baseball bat. This doesn’t mean that the person should just pick up the largest bat and start practicing baseball.

While increasing the length, the weight of the bat and the barrel composition will also increase. Using a large bat may lead to difficulty in swing and it may also cause arm injury to the player. Therefore, use the correct length of a baseball bat for the best result.


Weight of the bat

Next up in line we weight the bat. Sure, the material of the bat and the length is important, but what if you aren’t able to swing the bat correctly? What if the baseball bat is too heavy for you to weld? Therefore, taking into consideration the weight of the bat is also important. Often using a hard and durable material will lead to the bat becoming too heavy and difficult to swing. That’s why most of the bat use alloy as a material which will improve the length and durability of the bat while keeping the weight of the bat less. This helps in creating a balanced bat.

Barrel and handle

The last factor is the barrel and the head of the bat. It is important to have a look at the geometry and interior of the barrel. One should also look at the barrel size of a baseball bat. There are their types of barrel that are medium size, large size, and Extra-Large Size. The medium size has the highest density and is one of the strongest baseball bats. The extra-large one is the weakest one out of three. The simple fact is that the smaller barrel size of the bat, the stringer will be the bat. While looking at the barrel, the handle part of the baseball bat should not be ignored. The handle should have a strong grip which the player can hold on tightly and also swing the baseball bat easily.

Keeping all these points in mind, one can easily buy a good baseball bat for an 8-year-old boy/girl. TO save your time, we have listed our top 10 best baseball bats for an 8-year-old boy/girl below. Have a look at them and if any bat caught your attention, you can go to the amazon link and buy it easily.

Top 10 Best Baseball Bat for 8-Year-Old

Baseball Bat for 8 Years Old


Rawlings Raptor & remix youth5.0
Rawlings 2019 51504.7
Franklin sports Tee-ball bat4.8
aston Beast speed4.5
Louisville Slugger Vapor4.5
Wilson Sporting Good4.7
DeMartini 20194.9
Marucci Cat7 Junior5.0
Easton Ghost X Hyperlite-114.8
Louisville Slugger solo4.7

1. Rawlings Raptor & remix youth

This baseball bat is for children who are just into baseball. Those children who have just started playing baseball can use this baseball bat as their starting bat. This baseball bat is a tee level bat that is perfect for beginners. The bat is ultralight and is easy to handle and swing. The bat is made up of a 1-piece alloy that makes it much more durable and lightweight.


  • The bat has a large sweet spot.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Long-lasting and easy to swing.
  • Vibrant design helps you to stand out in-game.
  • Available in varying lengths and weight.


  • Costly.

2. Rawlings 2019 5150

This baseball bat is made for the people who want easy swing and power in each strike. The Rawlings 2019 5150 is made out of aerospace-grade alloy which helps in increasing the durability while lowering the weight of the bat. The bat is designed to deliver power in each swing while keeping the swinging speed of the bat high. With the new pop 2.0 technology used in the bat, this baseball bat has larger sweet spots which can help the player greatly. This lightweight bat has a hyper lite speed endcap which increases the power and speed of the swing greatly.


  • The weight and the power ratio of the bat are amazing.
  • Useful for children below 14 years of age.
  • Aerospace alloy build gives it greater durability.
  • High swing speed.


  • The grip of the baseball bat is not of good quality. Due to this, the player can feel uncomfortable while holding the baseball bat.

3. Franklin sports Tee-ball bat

Franklin company is a well-known baseball bat manufacturer in the world. They are known to develop various baseball bat for people of all ages. One of their baseball bats is the Franklin sports Tee-ball bat. This baseball bat has a larger barrel area which helps to increase the sweet spot in it. This makes the young player easy to hit the ball. The aluminum alloy used to build this bat increases the durability of the bat many times. The weight of the bat is much less than the other baseball bat. It weighs only 14 pounds. The grip of this baseball bat is extra strong which makes it possible for the player to hold on to the bat tightly.


  • Lightweight bat.
  • Easy to control.
  • Due to its lightweights, the bat can be hurled at greater speed easily by the player. The pop technology used also helps to increase the swinging speed of the bat.
  • Greater barrel area helps to increase the sweet spot area in the bat. This allows the player to easily hit the ball threw towards them.
  • The extra strong grip which makes it possible for easy holding and control of the abt.
  • The high-grade aluminum alloy used which increased the durability of the bat.


  • Since the baseball bat is too lightweight it cannot deliver enough power on its own. It relies on the power of the player.
  • The length of the baseball bat is less than the average length recommended for 8-year-old players.

4. Easton Beast speed

Easton company produces one of the most durable and strong baseball bats in the market. The same is the case with their Beast Speed. This baseball bat is made by using Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction technology. This helps to produce the strongest and the lightest aluminum alloy baseball bat. The speed cap used in this bat helps to increase the sound of the bat while maintaining a flexible barrel. The lightweights of this baseball bat are accrediting to the 1-piece technology used in its creation which helps to increase the speed of the swing greatly. The bat grip is made out of comfortable and durable material.


  • Highly durable and strong.
  • Enhanced speed cap for easy swing and enhanced bat sound.
  • Comfortable and easy to hold the grip of the bat.
  • Fast swinging speed due to the lightweights of the bat.


  • Low power output.
  • Costly.

5. Louisville Slugger Vapor

Many people may find the cost of the above mention baseball bat to be high or not within their budget. Many people look for a good baseball bat that is inexpensive and in par with the other baseball bat. If you too are one of them, then Louisville Slugger vapor is made for you. Carved out of 1-piece 7 series aluminum alloy, this baseball bat has high durability and swing speed. The grip of the bat is comfortable to hold and the player can hold it for a long time easily without feeling uncomfortable. The swing weight of this bat is balanced and at par with many other baseball bats.


  • Inexpensive and a power baseball bat.
  • Comes with a warranty period. This is unique and not many baseball companies provide.
  • Great user reviews.
  • The medium-sweet spot for the easy shot.


  • Not as durable as other baseball bats. However, this does not mean that the baseball bat is not durable.
  • Does not have Hand Sting dampening ability.
  • Does not have a lot of sizing option.

6. Wilson Sporting Good

Composed of one-piece aluminum alloy, this baseball bat gives high swing speed to the player. It is made from the 7-series alloy which makes it durable. The synthetic leather grip added makes the handle comfortable and easy to hold. The handle is 7-8 inches in length.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Easy to swing.
  • Inexpensive and long-lasting.
  • Made from strong and durable material.
  • Large sweet spot area for better hitting.


  • Due to the lightweight of the bat, it cannot deliver much power to the player.

7. DeMartini 2019

DeMartini baseball bats are generally made up of two-piece composite. This baseball bat can deliver large power easily, hence it is recommended for players who want more power in their stroke. The baseball bat is made up of aluminum alloy. The power of this bat is explosive; however, the weight of the bat is heavier compared to other bats. This baseball bat is for players who want more power in their shots.


  • Explosive power with each strike.
  • The big barrel size for greater performance.
  • Larger sweet area for easy hitting.


  • As compared to other baseball bats this one is much heavier.
  • Not durable enough.

8. Marucci Cat7 Junior

Carved out of single-piece aluminum, this baseball bat gives more power and easy swing in each strike. The swing weight of this baseball bat is balanced and it also has an anti-vibrational knob. The baseball bat is made up of single aluminum and not out of an alloy like other baseball bats. This makes the baseball bat less durable than other bats, however, still, it is quite long-lasting.


  • Huge barrel for easy swing and power shots.
  • High durability.
  • Anti-vibrational knob attached in the end.
  • Great user reviews on various websites.


  • Costly. You can have a Marucci Cat 6 which has the same properties, however, it is less costly than this one.
  • Doesn’t have a 27-inch size available.
  • Doesn’t have a composite barrel.

9. Easton Ghost X Hyperlite-11

This is one of the most durable baseball bats that are out in the market. Easton company upheld its durable baseball bat records with this one. Easton Ghose X Hyperlite is made up of carbon technology which makes it highly durable. It has optimized barrel performance which helps the player to easily play with this bat. The weight of this baseball bat is kept minimum to help in increasing the swing speed.


  • Highly durable.
  • Enhanced speed cap provides greater bat sound.
  • Lightweight and therefore easy to swing.
  • Customized izard skin for better looks.
  • Available in various length and weight ratios.


  • It cannot generate great power in each strike due to a great weight-power trade-off.

10. Louisville Slugger solo

This baseball bat is made for people who prefer fast swinging and rely on their power for shots. The Louisville Slugger solo has an easy and lightweight design which makes it easy to swing. Consisting of an extended composite cap, this baseball bat can help in stiff swinging. The huge barrel of this baseball bat provides larger sweet spots that help in an easy ball hit.


  • Easy to swing.
  • Lightweight.
  • High durability and lasts long.
  • Inexpensive when compared to other bats of the same specifications.


  • Hand sting.
  • Power strokes are not possible without the use of raw strength.


What should be the weight of a good baseball bat for my 8-year-old son?

A good baseball bat should weight 17-19 pounds. This will make the bat easy to swing while also maintain the balance between the durability and power of the bat. If your child is strong, you can also go for a heavy bat which will provide more power, however, we recommend you to stick to the given weight range. Many people choose the baseball bat of specification 27/17. 27 is the length of the bat while the 17 being the weight of the bat. It provides the perfect bat which the player can use easily.

How should I select the length of the bat?

Selecting a bat length is an easy task. Using the below-given method you can easily determine your bat length and buy one for yourself.

First, stand upright and take a measuring tape. Then measure the distance between the center of your chest and the palm. This distance is the usual length of the bat which you need for your best performance.

To determine if the bat size you have is correct, just stand up with the baseball bat as your support. If you don’t have to crouch your knees or extend them to keep your baseball arm straight, you have a correct length baseball bat. Ese you need to reconsider your bat length if you need to crouch or extend the knees to keep the arm straight.



Choosing a baseball bat is equally as important as playing the game. Sure, the player could have a great skill, however, the only way to showcase those skills is to use a good bat. A good baseball bat will help to showcase your talent better and also will help you to learn the basics better. One important point is that the person must not engross too much on the baseball bat selection and ignore the practice. This will do no good. Remember the baseball bat is your weapon in the game, how you control it will determine everything.

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