10 Best Baseball Gloves for 8-Year-Old 2022 Reviews

Many young children are drawn towards the game of baseball nowadays. They all want to become like their star idols and also play for their country in the future. These young talents need a lot of training and good equipment before they can start their journey.

The skills can be developed by a good teacher; however, good baseball equipment is also something they need to become a good baseball player. The primary equipment that is needed to play baseball is a bat, ball, and gloves. All of this equipment is equally important and they need an equal share of the player time while buying. New players tend to miss this thing a lot and they buy their baseball equipment hastily. These players tend to take a long time before selecting a good baseball bat however they buy the ball and gloves hastily. This is not a good trick to follow as the gloves are equally as important as other equipment. People have a little knowledge about the types of gloves that exist in the market and how they can select the best baseball gloves for themselves.

If you are facing the same problem, then you are in the right place. I’m here to help you buy the best baseball gloves easily. We have prepared an in-depth article that will teach you all on how to buy the best baseball gloves for 8-year-old. We will tell you all that you should look into a baseball glove before selecting it and buying it. Let’s get started with it.

How to Buy the Best Baseball Glove for 8-year-old


There are several things that a beginner player should look into their baseball glove before buying it. What many beginners do nowadays is visit any sports shop and select the one baseball glove that either they like or the one that is the costliest. That is not how it should be done. It is possible that an expensive glove isn’t that good as it seems, and it is also pretty much possible that a good-looking glove isn’t that much good as it seemed.

The correct way to buy a good baseball glove is to look into its specification and analyze it properly. There are various things which you should look into a good baseball glove. These properties or specifications about a good baseball glove will tell you many things about the baseball glove and will also tell you whether you should buy it or not. Let’s start having a look at the important features you should consider before buying a baseball glove.


The first thing to see is the size of the baseball glove. IN the game of baseball, not every player is the same. There are pitchers, catchers, basemen, and various other players. They all use a different type of baseball glove and each of these baseball gloves comes with size.

When you start playing a baseball game, you will eventually find the size of the baseball glove you need. So, you must buy the baseball glove as per your desired size. For example, a catcher needs a baseball glove of size 32 inches. The first basemen, second basemen, and third basemen all use glove size in the range of 11-13 inches. SO, make sure to buy the correct glove size for your baseball game.


You might have noticed that the baseball gloves have their thumb part and the finger part interlaced. This is called webbing. Be it any kind of glove, they would have webbing and it is important to check the webbing of a glove. Webbing is designed to support different players in different positions in the game of baseball. There are different types of webbing to select different players. There are two types so webbing is famous: open and close webbing. Let’s see each one.

Open webbing is more suitable to the infield and outfield players. This is because such a player has the role of passing the ball faster to the other players. Open webbing helps to increase the reach of the player when catching the ball and also helps them to catch the ball more easily. These gloves have loose webbing which gives more control to the infield and outfield players.

The next one is the closed webbing. These gloves are better for pitchers and catchers. Closed webbing helps to conceal the position of the ball and also helps to hold the ball more firmly (something that is required by the pitchers and catchers). These baseball gloves have a better grip over the player and they have good concealment so that the batter can’t see the location of the ball.



Pockets are also necessary to consider while buying a good baseball glove, pockets are something that should be checked in a baseball glove if you are playing as a catcher. Deeper pockets in your baseball glove will help you to catch the ball easily and will also help you to transfer the ball easily to another player of your team. The pockets of baseball gloves are either shallow or deep. If you are a c archer, then you might want to buy deep pocket baseball gloves.


The material from which your baseball glove has been carved out is also important. The material of your baseball glove is an important factor to consider while buying the baseball glove. Most of the baseball gloves that are manufactured nowadays are made of leather. These baseball gloves are durable and they last longer than the other baseball gloves. The material from which your baseball glove is made will determine the quality of your baseball glove. It is better to get a good quality baseball glove. Such a baseball glove will last longer and will also help you to play for a long time.


Padding is necessary to look for in a baseball glove if you are a catcher, padding will act as a layer of protection to your hand and will prevent you from getting any serious injury. The average ball speed in the baseball game is 90mph. Such sped can be quite dangerous for your hand if your try to catch it with less padding. Padding is necessary for your protection. Catcher’s matter has usually the highest amount of padding while the basemen have the lowest amount. Check the padding in your glove based on your role in the game.

Wrist adjustment

You don’t want a baseball glove that will come out easily after playing some time. All you need is a baseball glove that will stick around for a long time and doesn’t come off too often. To make this sure, you need to check the wrist adjustment of the baseball glove. Baseball gloves have Velcro strap, buckle adjustment, and even laces to tie them to your hand. Make sure to select the best wrist adjustment as per your choice.

With these important factors, you could easily get a good baseball glove for yourself. Just visit any sports shop and check for their baseball glove. You can also search for baseball gloves online at various e-commerce websites. If this all is too much headache for you, then we have a solution for that as well. You can check at our list of top 10 best baseball glove that exists on market.

Top 10 best baseball glove for 8-year-old

Best Baseball Gloves for 8-Year-Old Reviews

Franklin Sports Tee-ball Glove4.6
Rawlings player series4.7
Franklin Sports infinite4.6
Franklin Sports RTP4.6
Rawlings Sure Catch4.6
Mizuno Prospects Power Close4.7
Wilson A200 Youth4.4
Rawlings Select ProLite4.6
Franklin Sports Baseball glove4.4
Rawlings Sandlot4.6

1. Franklin Sports Tee-ball Glove

Franklin Sports Teeball is a good option for a baseball glove. It is lightweight and its construction makes it a suitable glove for an 8-year-old. It has a soft mesh construction and due to its lightweights, it can hardly be felt by the user. The comfort and the protection offered by this baseball glove is also high enough. This baseball glove is one of the few baseball gloves that comes pre-break in. This means that you can easily start using this baseball glove right after unpackaging it. The pocket of this baseball glove is designed to fit perfectly into the hands of an 8-year-old.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Made from durable leather that lasts long
  • Lightweight and fits comfortable
  • Open webbing
  • A small break-in time.
  • Velcro strap for an easy fit in the wrist and last long
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • The Velcro strap may get worn out over time as it is not made from good material.

2. Rawlings player series

Rawlings player series gloves are best known for their multitasking. Unlike other baseball gloves that work at a certain position in the game. However, this baseball glove can work at any position within the game. It is multi-tasking and can be worn by pitcher, catcher, and even basemen without any problem. It is very ideal for a beginner player who is learning to play baseball. Instead of buying baseball gloves for the various position, they can just buy this baseball glove for themselves. The material of this baseball glove is durable and it is made to last long. One can say that this baseball glove is pretty much balanced. It has closed webbing which helps to hold the ball more firmly. The padding of this baseball glove is also quite thick and it acts as a cushion to prevent any injury to the player.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suitable for any position within the baseball game.
  • Closed webbing makes it an even better choice for catcher and pitcher
  • Ideal for beginner players.
  • 11.5-inch baseball glove makes it suitable to be used by any player on the ground
  • Made from high-quality leather


  • The cost of this baseball glove is quite high. Given the features of this glove and its price we think it is a decent deal however many people still find it to be overpriced. You can get gloves lesser than this price if you think so.

3. Franklin Sports infinite

The most important feature of the franklin sports infinite is the extra padding provided by the manufacturer in it. The extra layer of padding helps to protect the players from any serious hand injury during the game and also allows them to catch the fastball more easily. The infinite web construction of this baseball glove is what gives its name. This helps the glove to expand more than its depth and helps the player to catch the ball easily. The deep pockets of this baseball glove make this baseball glove a suitable choice for the catcher. It is made from lightweight and durable material which helps it to last long. This glove also provides greater comfort to the player while playing


  • Made from lightweight and durable material. This helps the baseball glove to last long
  • Infinite web construction
  • An extra layer of padding helps to prevent any serious injury
  • Gives great comfort to the player
  • Ideal for young players
  • The eye-catching neon blue design makes it more appealing


  • The cost of this baseball glove is high. The feature to price ratio is too high according to us and one can find better glove below this price range.

4. Franklin Sports RTP

This baseball glove is designed to be lightweight and durable. The Franklin Sports RTP is a great example of a lightweight, comfortable, and durable baseball glove. The weight of this baseball glove is so light, the wearer can hardly feel it. The soft material from which this baseball glove is made out makes it easier to wear. Another good point about this baseball glove is that it contains foam ball. This way you can practice throwing and catching at home easily. This baseball glove is perfect for the player who wants a comfortable and protective baseball glove at a friendly price.


  • Pocket-friendly cost
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Includes foam ball as well
  • Provides greet comfort when worn
  • Available in various colors


  • The durability of this baseball glove is not high enough
  • Greater break-in time of this glove makes it a less suitable choice.

5. Rawlings Sure Catch

This utility baseball glove is designed to help maximum players. This baseball glove is multi-use and can be used by any player at any position in the field. It is a great choice for beginner players who are learning baseball skills. This sure catch baseball glove is lightweight and durable. This baseball glove helps the player to develop easy catch and throw skills. The padding provided in this glove protects their hand and prevent any serious injury to them. The comfort fit of this baseball gloves helps the glove to fit perfectly to their hands without any problem.


  • Multi-use baseball glove which can be used at any position in the field.
  • Best for children in the age of 4-10 who are learning baseball game
  • Helps to increase the throw and catch skills of the player
  • Protects and prevents any injury
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Long-lasting and made from high-quality durable leather
  • Low break-in required
  • Various color variety available


  • Expensive. The main drawback of this baseball glove is its cost which restricts its buyer greatly.

6. Mizuno Prospects Power Close

Mizuno prospectus power close baseball gloves provide great durability and comfort to the player wearing it. The baseball glove is made from the pigskin leather which makes it quite durable and long-lasting. The comfort level of this baseball glove is also high and the internal lining of this glove makes it perspiration free. The butter-soft lining of this baseball glove is its best feature as it provides comfort, protection, and durability to the player.


  • Provides great comfort, durability and feel to the player
  • Padding protects the player
  • Perspiration free due to the internal lining in the glove
  • Closed webbing makes it good for pitchers
  • Various color range available
  • Made from high-quality durable material


  • The cost of this baseball glove is too high. It is probably one of the costliest baseball gloves that exist in the market.

7. Wilson A200 Youth

This baseball glove is another good example of a durable and long-lasting baseball glove. The wisdom A200 youth baseball glove is a durable, long-lasting, and comfortable baseball glove. The noticeable feature of this baseball glove is that it can be used at any position in the game. Whether you are basemen, catcher or pitcher, you can use this baseball glove easily. The next feature is the webbing of this baseball glove. The baseball glove has closed webbing which benefits the pitcher and catcher more. This baseball glove is a good choice for pitchers and catchers. It is comfortable and easy to wear. The Velcro strap provided at the wrist of this baseball glove makes it a more easy fit.


  • Available in various logo and design format
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Closed webbing
  • A small break-in time
  • 10-inch baseball glove
  • Economical


  • The size of the baseball glove can be a problem for some players, therefore buy at your own risk.

8. Rawlings Select ProLite

If you want a perfect fit baseball glove that is perfect for basemen’s while you have no issue over your budget, then you can go for the Rawlings Select ProLite. This baseball glove is modeled after Kris Bryant’s game. This glove is easy to wear and is highly durable and long-lasting. The lacing and webbing of this baseball glove make it more ideal for the basemen and the short tops. The palm and index finger are padded to provide more protection to the player. It is also one of the few baseball gloves that come pre-break-in from the factory. The player can use this baseball glove to its full performance.


  • 11.5-inch size of this baseball glove makes it a perfect fit for the basemen player
  • The taper fit pattern of this baseball glove offers a smaller hand opening. This provides great control to the player
  • The webbing and lacing of this baseball glove are more ideal for the basemen players
  • Padding provides more protection to the player
  • Pre-break-in baseball glove


  • The cost of this baseball glove is its only limitation. Therefore, if you have no issue over your budget and you can afford this baseball glove then you should do so. It is every bit as effective as its price.

9. Franklin Sports Baseball glove

This baseball glove that is made from synthetic leather is a good choice for many players. The best thing about this baseball glove is that its break-in time is very low. One can use it straight away after packaging. The baseball glove is adjustable, durable, and comfortable. The pockets are deep and the padding done in it provides great protection to the players playing.


  • Made from synthetic leather which makes it more durable, long-lasting and comfortable
  • Easy to break in and the break-in time is less
  • The baseball glove is adjustable and has an adjustable wrist strap that helps in an easy fit.
  • The baseball glove is durable and last long
  • Deep pockets and closed webbing


  • Some people consider the glove to be overpriced.

10. Rawlings Sandlot

This baseball glove is another example of a good and long-lasting baseball glove. This baseball glove is made from leather and has a vintage look on it. The baseball glove has extra padding provided to protect the hands of the players. Zero shock palm pads that are used in these gloves provide better protection against the ball.


  • 11 ¾ size gloves provide a perfect fit for the player
  • Easy to wear, perfect fit and comfortable
  • Durable and lightweight baseball glove
  • Available for various position in the game
  • Pre-break-in
  • Zero shock palm protection
  • Vintage look


  • Highly expensive, however, it is worth its price.



How do I select my baseball glove size?

Selecting the size of the baseball glove Is easy. WE have explained that the size of your baseball glove will be determined by your position in the game. If you are catcher then you should have a baseball glove size of around 32-34 inches. If you are basemen then a glove size of 11 inches will suffice.

What are the break-in time of a baseball glove? How can achieve it quickly?

The baseball glove that is manufacture in the factory cannot be used directly by the player to their maximum capability. To achieve this break-in is required in the baseball glove. Rarely any baseball glove comes in market with pre-break-in. So, if you find such a baseball glove you can buy it. To break in a baseball glove, you need to oil the glove and place a ball in it. Leave it for three days. This will help you to achieve a break in easily.


A good baseball glove is nothing short of a blessing in a game of baseball. It will help you to play with full capability and will also help you to get rid of any problem while playing the game. Not only that but it will also help you by preventing any serious injury in the baseball game. However, a good baseball glove won’t improve your game. That is something that you should do on your own. IN the end, the hard work of a player will wield the actual result in the game.

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