10 Best Baseball Helmets 2022 Reviews

Baseball helmets are one of the most important safety equipment that is used in the game of baseball. They protect the head of the baseball player often in the game. It is a must for a person who is regular at playing baseball sport. The baseball helmet helps to protect the head of the player while playing the baseball game. One will never want to injure their head in the game under any circumstance.

The speed of the ball in the baseball game is 90 mph. Letting yourself hit with a 90-mph baseball ball can be quite lethal for yourself. It can cause permanent brain damage and even death in worse cases. There are many cases of death caused in such a manner. It is said that precaution is better than cure. So, one must buy a good baseball helmet to prevent injury to their head. There is a variety of baseball helmets in the market. How can one choose a good quality of helmet? Well, to answer this question, we have written this article.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about a good baseball helmet. We will tell you how you can select the best baseball helmet yourself and what are the things you should look for in a baseball helmet while looking for one. Let’s read the article to know more about a good baseball helmet.

How to Select the Best Baseball Helmets


The baseball helmet is your security shield in the game of baseball, and as expected, everyone would want their shield to be the best one. Many people take the selection of helmet lightly and just buy any random baseball helmet that is available in the market. Well, this is not a good strategy, as several things need to be accounted for while selecting a good baseball helmet. A good baseball helmet will help to prevent any mishap from happening while playing the baseball game. One must choose a good baseball helmet after through research and must search every aspect of your baseball helmet before buying it. This may seem tedious but it is not.

To make the work easier for you, we have developed a list of the things that you must check before buying a good baseball helmet. Just keep these points in mind before selecting any baseball helmet and see if it has these properties good. If the answer is yes, then you can go ahead and buy that baseball helmet else move on the next choice. Let’s see what these choices are and how they decide the quality of a baseball helmet.


The first thing to look for is the size of your baseball helmet. The size of your baseball helmet should be affected. It should not be too tight or too lose one. Make sure you select the size of the baseball helmet accordingly and it is of the perfect fit. This shield of yours should be of proper size. A large baseball helmet will only cause problems of management while playing the game. The player will have to focus more on setting the helmet rather than playing. On the other hand, a small baseball helmet will cause discomfort to the player. Make sure to select the perfect baseball helmet size.

The chin straps

The next thing is the chin straps of the baseball helmet. There are different types of baseball elements in the market. One type is the one that has the chin straps while the other one does not have any such thing. If you have seen professional baseball, then you might have noticed that many players do not use a chin strap baseball helmet, however, we feel it is an important part of the baseball helmet. It helps to keep the baseball helmet attached to the head and also helps to prevent any slip while running between the plates.

Nowadays, most of the baseball helmet has detachable helmet chin straps that one can easily remove and add as per their choice. We recommend you choose a baseball helmet that has chain straps if you are a beginner in the baseball field.


The next thing is the quality and build of the baseball helmet. The baseball helmet should be made out of the good quality of the material. As we have said earlier, the baseball helmet is your shield in the game. You will always want to have a good material shield as your option. Make sure to select a baseball helmet that has a good foundation of material and that is durable. Many baseball helmets that we have to check have very low durability. They just crack wide open with one or two hits of a baseball ball. Make sure you select a good baseball helmet that can last long and is durable.

The baseball helmet can be made up of any material ranging from plastic to carbon fiber. The carbon fiber baseball helmet is durable and one of the best baseball helmets out in the market.

In short, the three things you need to look in the baseball helmet you are buying are:

  • Size
  • Chin Strips
  • Quality

10 Best Baseball Helmets


BY looking at these three properties of a baseball helmet, you can easily pick out the best baseball helmet that exists in the market. You can easily get a useful and long-lasting baseball helmet by choosing the one that fills in the three categories. We have not included another factor here that is the price of the baseball helmet. Many people are there that have a finite budget of buying a helmet and they aren’t able to buy expensive baseball helmets. You can search for some other baseball helmets that have the price within your budget and also fit in the three points given above.

Also, make sure your baseball helmet has the NOCSAE marking standard. These standards are considered to be the tick mark or final check for the best and genuine baseball helmet in the market. Make sure your baseball helmet has this sticker on it. If it does not have it, then don’t buy that baseball helmet. Rest assured; you can easily find a good baseball helmet using the above-given methods.

To save your work of finding a good baseball helmet in the market, we have given below the top 10 best baseball helmet according to us that exist in the market. You can go through the list and select a good baseball helmet from the list.

Top 10 Best Baseball Helmets

Baseball Helmets

Easton Z54.9
Rawlings Coolflo5.0
Mach Matte5.0
Rawlings r164.8
Demarini Paradox Protege4.8
Rawlings R16 metallic series4.5
Demarini Paradox4.9
Easton Pro X4.8
Easton Prowess4.9
RIP-IT vision4.7

1. Easton Z5

Easton Z5 is a great baseball helmet for beginners or professional players. This baseball helmet has a good built that makes it long-lasting and super durable. This baseball helmet is made up of high impact resistant shell for maximum durability. It is long-lasting and can be used many times before it shows any sign of wear and tear.

This baseball helmet is made up of goo material such as inner lining. The inner lining is moisture-proof and prevents the person from feeling any sort of discomfort or problem at any point in the game. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes for all ages of people. It weighs only 2.5 pounds and is comparatively lightweight that many other baseball helmets present in the market.


  • ABS shell that provides great resistance and protection from the ball
  • Highly durable and long-lasting material used which makes the baseball helmet highly durable and even long-lasting.
  • Multi-color option available for personal preference
  • Moisture-proof inner lining for maximum comfort and fit
  • Shock absorption foam used.


  • One thing, that concerns this baseball helmet is that it is expensive. For people who are tight in budget, this baseball helmet may not be a good preference.

2. Rawlings Coolflo

Rawlings company makes a great deal of baseball and other sports stuff that are of good quality and cost less. The Coolflo baseball helmet from Rawlings is one such good example of a cost-effective baseball helmet. This helmet is made up of durable material that is high in strength. The baseball helmet is long-lasting and can last long. People have used this baseball helmet for years before chain because of its high durability. The molded finish of this baseball helmet is also another good feature that makes this baseball helmet more appealing. The baseball helmet also has a place for attaching chin strips and even face guards. It is a good choice for beginner players.


  • Good molded finish that improves the design of the baseball helmet.
  • The Coolflo design of this baseball helmet makes it comfortable and fit
  • NOCSAE approve baseball helmet
  • Detachable face guards and chin strips available
  • Cost-effective. This high-quality baseball helmet cost less than many other helmets that offer the same properties
  • Good for all level players
  • Made up of good quality material that makes it durable and long-lasting.


  • Sizing and color option of this baseball helmet is limited. It is available in a limited amount of color and sizes that are less than many other baseball helmets.

3. Mach Matte

If you want a low-profile baseball helmet that doesn’t stand out, then Mach Matte baseball helmet can be your choice. The most notable feature of this baseball helmet is the ventilation. This baseball helmet provides a great inflow of the air inside out that makes the player very comfortable. It prevents any accumulation of sweat and moisture in the head area. Another striking feature of this baseball helmet is the extra protection added to it in the form of the flap. The extra flap protects the jawline and the face of the player. This company focuses more on protection than any other aspect of baseball. This is a good option for beginner players who are more prone to get hit by ball rather than the advanced or professional players.


  • Good ventilation feature which helps to make the player more comfortable and allows them to wear the helmet for a long time.
  • Additional protection flap added for maximum security.
  • Available for both left-handed and right-handed batter
  • Great color option available
  • NOCSAE valid baseball helmet
  • The high-performance pad which helps to absorb most of the force


  • The main drawback of this baseball helmet is that it is made up of plastic which makes it less durable than other baseball helmets. This also affects the long-lasting feature of this baseball helmet
  • Available in only two sizes that are senior and junior. There is no other size trend given in this baseball helmet, so the person can find it difficult to get the baseball helmet as per their choice.

4. Rawlings r16

A good-looking baseball helmet is also wished by many people. To fulfill their wish, Rawlings manufactured this baseball helmet of the R16 category. It is a durable and long-lasting baseball helmet that is made up of good material, it has a long life and can last for a long period. It has a wrapped jaw for comfort to the player and it also helps the person to wear this baseball helmet for a long time. The heat exchange of this baseball helmet is also a good one and the person can wear it for a long duration without any sign of discomfort or problem in their body. It has flaps on both the ends of the helmet which provides overall protection to the player.


  • Available in multiple colors for user preference
  • Matt paint finish gives it a glossy and classy look
  • Wrapped jaw helps in boosting the protection of this baseball helmet
  • NOCSAE standard approved
  • Ambient airflow and effective heat exchange
  • Available in two sizes that are senior and junior. The senior size is the one with head size of 6 7/8-7 5/8 while the junior head size varies from 6 3/8-7 1/8.


  • The cost of the baseball helmet fay feels a little high when compared to its characteristics. If you feel the price high, you can look at the other baseball helmet within the same price range.

5. Demarini Paradox Protege

If you want your baseball helmet to be a comfortable one, then you can rely on the Demarini Paradox baseball helmet. This baseball helmet focusses entirely on the protection and comfort of the player. It has dual-density padding for maximum comfort to the person. It is made up of durable and long-lasting material that helps to absorb most of the shock and impulse from the hitting of the ball. What’s more effective and pleasing is the glossy finish of this baseball helmet which adds on a unique look to the baseball helmet. It fits properly due to the low-profile shell and is very comfortable for the person to wear.


  • Dual-density padding for maximum comfort for the player
  • Maximum airflow for additional comfort and exchange of air.
  • It can be worn for a long time without any sign of trouble or discomfort.
  • Superior fit and durable
  • Glossy finish adds on a good touch to the baseball helmet
  • Variety of color option available


  • The size of the baseball helmet can be quite difficult to choose. Make sure to choose the best which fits your head size completely.

6. Rawlings R16 metallic series

Another great baseball helmet from Rawlings company. This baseball helmet has a metallic finish that adds on luster and shines to its face. It has a wrapped jaw for improved comfort and also has a great exchange of air systems. The cooling ventilation system helps the person to stay sweat-free and moisture free while playing the baseball game. The comfort one feels while wearing this baseball helmet is great and it is quite durable and long-lasting.


  • NOCSAE accepted baseball helmet
  • The metallic finish gives shine and luster
  • Improved comfort due to the extra wrapped jaw
  • Wide range of colors available


  • Size selection can be an issue as it comes only in the size of senior and junior. Make sure to select the one that you find will fit your head.

7. Demarini Paradox

Another series of baseball helmet by Demarini, this one is also low profile and has a superior fit just like the protege series. The rubber finish that is used in this baseball helmet adds a unique style to the baseball helmet outlook. The helmet has maximized airflow vents that prevent sweating in the payer. It also keeps the player comfortable and protects from any sudden shock.


  • Meets the NOCSAE standards
  • Maximum airflow and strategic venting
  • Dual-density padding for easy fit and superior comfort
  • Offered in various sizes and colors.
  • Rubber Matte finish


  • Expensive

8. Easton Pro X

If you prefer security over anything else in the game of baseball, then you should find Easton Pro X as the best baseball helmet for you. This baseball helmet puts in everything into the security of the person. It has three layers of padding to protect the player from any sudden shock and impulses. The moisture management system of this baseball helmet is also very unique which gives the helmet a unique outlook while the players can wear the baseball helmet for a long time.


  • Three-layer padding for maximum protection
  • ABS thermoplastic shell used for additional protection
  • Extended jaw guard to protect the jaw of the player
  • Unique moisture control
  • NOCSAE approved


  • Highly expensive, however, if you are concerned about safety, then this helmet is a must buy.

9. Easton Prowess

Not only males but females also play a baseball game. To support such female athletes, Easton company has developed another baseball helmet. This baseball helmet is made to increase visibility while maximizing the sightedness of the player. For additional security of the player, the company has also included a facemask with hidden hardware to protect the face of the player. The linear fabric used in this helmet absorbs moisture, sweat from the player and helps to keep the head calm and cool. It is one of the few baseball helmets that have a permanent chinstrap included in it.


  • NOCSAE standard approved
  • Ibori fabric for maximum moisture absorption
  • Enhance visibility and sightedness
  • Facemask and chinstrap for both security and fitting


  • Most suitable for the female athlete, however even the beginner players can use it for their practice. Not recommended for the pro or advanced players.

10. RIP-IT vision

The last baseball helmet on our list is the RIP-IT baseball helmet. This helmet can be used for baseball as well as softball as per the player’s choice. It grants greater visibility and unbeatable comfort to the player. The lightweight helmet provides a cooling atmosphere that keeps away the sweat and moisture from the player. The player can wear this baseball helmet for a long time without any trouble signs.


  • Better visibility and comfort
  • Good cooling technology
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • NOCSAE Approved


  • Expensive


How to select the size of the baseball helmet?

Ans. The baseball helmet needs to be worn on the head of the player. Therefore, if you want to select the size of the baseball helmet then you need to know the size of your head. If you are used to wearing a hat, then you would be well familiar with the size of your head and you can easily select the baseball helmet of your choice. If not, then you can take a mearing tape and measure the size of our forehead. Write it down somewhere as this is your head size. Then you can select any baseball helmet with a size close to your head size.

Is there anything else one must be careful about when buying a helmet apart from the things mentioned above?

Ans. Yes, while buying the baseball helmet, make sure that the direction of the flap of your helmet. If you are a right-handed batsman, then the flap on your helmet should be on the left ear and if vice versa. Make sure that this thing is followed while you select the baseball helmet. This is an important thing and many people forget to follow it. Make sure to keep this in mind.



A good baseball helmet will protect you from any major injury and will also help you to play baseball fearlessly. A good baseball helmet is a necessity if you want to play baseball games professionally. It will porrect your entire head and will prevent any sudden injury to your head.

We hope that the points we have mentioned above will help you to select a good baseball helmet for yourself easily. Using the above points one person can easily get a good baseball helmet that will help him to play baseball games fearlessly and will also protect the head of the baseball player easily.

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