10 Best Baseball Pants 2022 Reviews

The baseball game season is coming all the way and in do you have all the equipment that is necessary for a good game of baseball? The main equipment required for a game of baseball is a baseball bat, ball, gloves, and good pair of pants. Most people choose the first three things carefully however they neglect to choose good baseball pants for their game. This often tends to the player having a good baseball bat, gloves and ball, but a rather bad quality of baseball pants. If you are thinking are that baseball pants are not important in the game of baseball or any baseball pants can work for you, then you are maybe wrong.

Having good baseball pants is also important if you want to give 100% in your baseball game. There are many things to take into consideration while purchasing good baseball pants and then after getting good baseball pants, you will be able to see the result of it in your game. If you are out to choose your baseball pants, then this step by step guide will help you to choose the best baseball pants for yourself. We even have our collection of best baseball pants in the market from which you can choose so that you find it easy to get yourself a good pair of baseball pants.

How to get the Best Baseball Pants


While looking for baseball pants, several factors are to be taken into consideration. This is because there are various types of people who play baseball and for different players, we have different baseball pants with different specifications. Baseball as you all know is a game of a lot of movement. After hitting the ball, the player is required to run and cover each base in the game. To move around freely, the player needs baseball pants which will allow them to do so easily. Therefore, it is important to have good baseball pants.

Having good baseball pants will allow you to move freely in the game and also help to improve your game potential greatly. So how do we choose the best baseball pants? Well, the answer is much simpler than you can imagine. All you need to do is to keep in mind a few points or criteria and you will be able to select good baseball pants for yourself. What are these criteria points? Well, let’s have a look at them.

  • The material of your baseball pants
  • Length of the pant
  • Pockets you have in the pants
  • Knees
  • Leg openings
  • Belt Loops
  • Closure

Now you might have some doubts on how can these points decide which baseball pant is best for my game? Well, let’s go in detail and see how these points affect the baseball pants’ quality and indirectly your baseball game.

Best Baseball Pants

The material of your baseball pants

The first point is the material out of which your baseball points have been made of. Is your baseball pant made up of high-quality fibers that will last long? Or is it made up of low-quality fiber? The quality of the material is important as it will determine how long-lasting and durable your baseball pants are.

The material of your pants will also decide how easily cleanable your baseball pants are. Also, you must decide the material of your baseball pants according to the season. Like do you want cotton baseball pants or polyester baseball pants? These little things also matter while choosing good baseball pants.

Length of the pant

The second point is the length of the baseball pants. Now if you have seen baseball games or have played baseball, then you should know that there are two types of baseball pants based on lengths. One is a short one and the other one is the long one. Some prefer short ones while others prefer the longer length pants. The basic difference between them is that the long length of baseball pants provides some extra comfort, protection, and guard as compared to the shorthand pants.

Pockets you have in the pants

The third point is the pockets in the baseball pockets. Now, why are these important? Well, one of the main reasons is that if your baseball pant has extra pockets, it will give you extra space to store your baseball gloves once you are on the base. These are provided in some baseball pants. Make sure to check if your baseball pants have these or not.

Nowadays most of the baseball pants pockets are of different types such as a button, snap, or some other types of similar. These will help you to store your gloves properly and will also prevent them from slipping and providing you some discomfort again and again while playing the game.


The fourth point is the knees of the baseball pants. While you are buying the baseball, pants make sure to check that they have reinforced knees. Many times, while playing baseball, the player may need to dive to reach the baseball plate in time, now in such times if your baseball pants do not have any reinforced knees, then your knees may take a lot of damage due to that.

Make sure that you select baseball pants that have reinforced knees in them. This will help the person to stay protected and will help them to dive carelessly without worrying about their knees or any sort of injury to their body.

Leg openings

The fifth point is the leg opening in the baseball pants. There are two types of leg opening in the baseball pants. One of them is an open leg opening while the other one is the closed leg opening. Both of these legs opening have their own set of purposes. The open leg opening provides more free space and open feel to the wearer. They allow more movement space to the user. One the other hand, the closed leg opening helps the player to have an extra fabric added to the ankle area which wraps around the player.

Belt Loops

Next, we have the belt loops in the baseball pants. AS the name suggests these belt loops provide an area for the belt to wrap in. These are needed when your belt waist length is larger than your actual waist length and you want tight baseball pants. The belt loops help the belt to slide in easily. There can be very shaming and embarrassing moments in a baseball game if your baseball pant has a larger waist length and no belt closure. Many baseball pants manufacture adds belt closure to their baseball pants nowadays, but still its better to be safe than sorry.


The last point is the closure of the baseball pant. There can be very serious injury moments in the baseball game if your baseball pant does not have a closure. Just imagine, if you have to run into the baseball plate and the closure of the baseball pants give their way out. There can be a very embarrassing and serious outcome of this problem in the baseball game. Many baseball pants have double snaps in their baseball closure and even have a metal zipper to provide double security to the baseball player.


Using these 6 points mentioned above, anyone can select good baseball pants for themselves. Just vast any baseball store and see the baseball pants that have the above-mentioned qualities. Select the one that is best for you and buy it. Or, if you are too lazy to go in the market and search for the baseball pant yourself, you can look at the 10 best baseball pants we have selected from various websites. These are some of the best baseball pants options you can find on the internet and you can select any one of them easily. Scroll below to have a look at them.

Top 10 Best Baseball Pants Available in the Market

Best Baseball Pants Reviews

Rawlings men Semi-Relaxed Pants4.6
Under Armor Boy’s baseball pants4.9
Rawlings High Knee pants5.0
Wilson Men’s pants4.6
Easton Men Mako 24.7
Champro Men Adult baseball pants4.7
Easton Deluxe Baseball pants4.8
Easton Rival 24.8
Mizuno Youth5.0
Under Armor Piped up Baseball pants4.5

1. Rawlings men Semi-Relaxed Pants

Rawlings men semi-relaxed pants are made out of polyester material which makes them an easy fit and comfortable. The pant contains metal zipper closure for protection and also have double knit weight material for reinforced knees. The pant is of open leg opening category and is of full length. It is available in various sizes and colors for the person’s pickup. There is a zipper fly front provided in the baseball pant and it also has belt loops.


  • Relax and comfortable baseball pants.
  • Moisture-proof and is made up of light material.
  • Long-lasting polyester as a base material helps in easy fitting and full comfort.
  • Easy to clean and stain-resistant.
  • Additional closure security and reinforced knees for double safety.


  • The lightweight material is not a good option if you need to play this sport in the winter. The cold can make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Piped waist area.
  • The style of this baseball pant is not up to the expectation of various people.

2. Under Armor Boy’s baseball pants

Another good example of the full-length baseball pant is the under Armor boy’s baseball pants. These baseball pants are made up of 100% polyester and provide great comfort and fitting to the player. These are 14-inch-wide and 0.7 inches high. The size can be selected from the website as per the user’s requirements. The good part of this baseball pant is that it helps to keep the moisture and the sweat away from the body. It helps the person to play easily for a long time in a comfortable environment. The baseball pant also has belt loops and double front enclosure for best results.


  • Imported and made up of 100% pure polyester which helps to provide comfort to the person.
  • Moisture and sweat proof for the best comfort.
  • Multiple size options to choose from.
  • Belt loops and enclosure for maximum security and protection
  • Closed leg opening
  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • Great comfort


  • The polyester material is good if you play baseball in the summer season. In winter, however, it provides minimum protection against the heat. It can cause discomfort to the player.
  • The size chart provided is different than traditional charts. Therefore, the person may face some problems in choosing the correct size for their pants.

3. Rawlings High Knee pants

If you are looking for the short length baseball pants, then this is one option for you. The Rawlings high knee pants are made out of 2-way stretch polyester that makes it better for comfort and fit. The designer of these baseball pants is inspired by adult baseball players who play professionally. The knee design of this baseball pant provides perfect protection to the player from any harm or injury. The 16-inch seam length and the belt loops are additional good features of these baseball pants. The leg opening of this baseball pant is an open one. It is an overall good choice if you prefer short length baseball pants.


  • The adult design makes it a more favorable choice for professional baseball players.
  • The 2-way stretch fabric helps to provide durability, comfort, and the perfect fit for the player.
  • Double knee protection for double safety against injury.
  • Belt closure and high seam length give it a favorable choice option.


  • Limited size and color option in this baseball pant
  • Not a good option for players who want full-length baseball pants.
  • The sizing of these baseball pants may prove to be a problem.

4. Wilson Men’s pants

Another full-length baseball pants, this one is presented to you by the Wilsons. This 100% imported, polyester baseball pant provides great comfort to the player who wears it. The set back pockets in these baseball pants provide a great place to hang your glove during the base plate stand. This lightweight and comfortable pant provides full comfort to the player who wears it.


  • Comfortable and imported pants made in china.
  • 2 set back pockets for easy placing of gloves
  • Varying size for every person.
  • Good look and design


  • The color option of this baseball pant is quite limited.
  • Not as durable as other baseball pants.
  • Not suitable for winter baseball play.

5. Easton Men Mako 2

Easton Men mako 2 is a good example of overall good baseball pants. This baseball pant is made out of well-fabricated polyester material which makes it highly durable and comfortable at the same time. The baseball part is of full length and also has a belt loop for easy belt slide-ins. The double reinforced knees provide great comfort and protection to the player while driving. The closure of this baseball pant is also good and is double guarded with a zipper to provide advanced safety. This baseball pant is a good option if you want good quality, comfortable baseball pants for yourself.


  • Provides great comfort to the player.
  • Highly durable and lightweight. Made out of 100% polyester for great support and comfort.
  • Reinforced knees for better protection
  • Closure protection with metal zipper
  • available in any size and color
  • Stain and mark resistant. Easy to wash and clean at home.


  • Expensive. The baseball pant comes with so much character and therefore is costly. If you are tight on budget, you can look for other baseball pants within your budget range. Otherwise, this is also a good selection.

6. Champro Men Adult baseball pants

Champro brand is not a well-known brand as of now, however, it is slowly climbing the adders of fame. The company makes a great quality of baseball and other sports equipment. One of them is adult baseball pants. Comfortable and highly durable, these baseball pants are made out of polyester fiber. It is easy to wear and remove baseball pants that provide full comfort to the player. The 4 ways stretch fiber used in this baseball pant provides a solid fit for the person. The fabric material is highly durable and long-lasting. Champro makes durable and long-lasting sports equipment that can be used by a player for a long time.


  • Durable and long-lasting baseball pant
  • Comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Easy washable with stain resistance
  • 4-way stretch fabric for easy adjustment and fits
  • Many sizes and color option available.
  • The main center of attraction is the super grip waistband that prevents slip in the baseball pant.


  • The cost of the baseball pant can be a concern. It is not expensive; however, it can be too much for tight budget people.
  • Size selection can cause a problem in people.

7. Easton Deluxe Baseball pants

Easton deluxe baseball pant is designed for youth generation of baseball players. If you ware looking for budget baseball pants, then your search ends at this point. Easton Deluxe baseball pant is a pocket-friendly, baseball pants that can be used by people easily. It is comfortable and easy to wash. The pants keep the moisture and sweat away from while playing and also provides ventilation to the player. It is a good example of a balanced baseball pant that comes within the expected range of many people.


  • Reasonable price and pocket friendly.
  • Stain, moisture resistance.
  • Comfortable and easy to wear and remove.
  • It provides cool air ventilation while being worn for long hours.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • Perfect for youth baseball players.


  • Low durability due to the thin material of the baseball pant.
  • The build quality of this baseball pant is good enough; however, it is not as best as other baseball pants listed here.

8. Easton Rival 2

Made from polyester, this baseball pant is another example of a comfortable long length baseball pant. The pant consists of 2 color elastic waistband that helps in easy fit around the waist. The reinforced knee provided in the pant helps in adding on more protection to the player and also helps to prevent any major injury to the player.


  • Imported and comfortable baseball pants.
  • Easy to wear and perfect fit as per size.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Elastic waistband for the perfect fit.
  • Reinforced knee for better protection against injury
  • Back pockets for easy glove slip-in.


  • The user who has brought this baseball pant complained of a durability issue with these pants. The company however says that the baseball pant is durable and long-lasting.

9. Mizuno Youth

Another example of long-lasting and long length baseball pants, this baseball pant made by Mizuno youth is a good example of comfort and durability. The baseball pant provides extra durability and thickness to the player which helps in preventing any major injury to the player. The closed leg opening is preferable by some people and the sleek and simple design helps in maintain a low-profile decent look.


  • Long lengthen baseball pant that is comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Durable and highly long-lasting.
  • Protective and reinforced knee that protects from injury
  • Piped style is good and unique


  • Closed leg opening can be a bother to some people.
  • Size fitting can be a difficulty.

10. Under Armor Piped up Baseball pants

A good, comfortable, and long-lasting baseball pant, under Armor, piped up baseball pants helps to provide comfort and protection at the hand of the person. The baseball pant is made up of splash and stain resistance fabric that is easy to wash and clean. It is comfortable and fits in properly.


  • Long length, comfortable baseball pant
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • High quality, durable and long-lasting baseball pant
  • Moisture and sweat resistant


  • Not good for cold weather play.


10 Best Baseball Pants Reviews

How to select my baseball pant size?

Ans. Measure the distance between your waist and your legs while standing still. Then while you are buying the baseball pant online. Consult the size chart given three. Select the size that is closest to the measured size. That size will be perfect for your baseball pant. You can buy a size above baseball pants if the desired size is not available and then alter it to suit your size. Make sure to measure the distance and see the size chart before buying the baseball pant.

Should I wear elastic or belt loop baseball pants?

Ans. Elastic baseball pants are a rarity today and most of the people use belt loop baseball pants. We refer to the belt loop one since it is more recent and has more up-gradation that the elastic one. The belt can help you to fit the baseball pant perfectly around your waist and will also help you by preventing any accidental slip.


A good baseball pant is a must if you are playing a baseball game. With all those hefty movements required in the game, it is good if you have a good quality baseball pant present at your hand that is durable and long-lasting. We hope that all the things mentioned here will help you choose the best baseball pant for yourself.


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