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10 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards 2020 Reviews

Basketball is the most popular team sports in the US and is most commonly played between the two teams of five players each. You are here and reading this; then it is easy to assume you love playing basketball and most probably playing at the position of a point guard or shooting guard, and like to know more about basketball shoes for guards.

The point guard position requires substantial ball-handling skills and also to facilitate the team. Shooting guard is usually the best shooter of the team and got skills to shoot from longer distances. Both the position requires skills and athletic abilities. Besides that, you also need proper basketball shoes to enhance your performance while also providing comfort and style. Here we have got the list and reviews of best basketball shoes for guards.

Basketball is a sport that requires constant jumping, running, and stopping, so the best basketball shoes should have the ability to provide ankle stability and, at the same time, flexibility to allow the player to move laterally. And if you are playing as a basketball guard, you need more deadly dribble and fast crossover movements to beat your opponent. It would be great if you are also having a proper grip while shooting from longer distances and proper balance during hoping. And if you got the best shoes, no one is going to stop in the basketball field.

I know you are eager to jump to the sections of the list and reviews of best basketball shoes for guards, but before moving to those sections, it is important to know how to select the best basketball shoes for guards.

Selecting the proper pair of shoes depends upon your playing style and abilities. If you like to shoot from long range, you need required comfort and grip. If you use more power and aggressive while dribbling, you need the shoes with required cushions to provide you the needful lateral movements. So let’s move to how to choose the best basketball shoes for guards!

How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

You are playing at one of the prominent positions, so it becomes imperative to have the best shoes while playing basketball. Below we have provided some of the tips to select the best basketball shoes for guards:


It is the ability to pull against something and have it stay fixed against when possibly the grip might fail. So, when a lot of lateral running is a concern, you need required traction in your shoes.


Shoes for guards need good cushions. The basketball game put a lot of stress on your ankles and feet. Additional padding and proper soles stop such problems and allow you to play harder and longer.

The Upper Part of Shoes

Guard position requires faster movements, so you need to have shoes with the proper upper part, and you can select between high, mid, and low height upper parts as per your style of playing.


It takes time to adjust to your new shoes, so it should be made up of high-quality material and useful for you in the long run, especially when you get accustomed to your shoes.


Basketball needs lots of athletic abilities and other skills; while doing so, the sweat should not get accumulated in your feet. It is imperative to have proper breathable shoes to keep your feet fresh.


There is no harm if your shoes make a style statement in addition to provide proper comfort.

Now, when you understand the essential features while selecting the basketball shoes for a guard, it is time to move on to the top 10 best basketball shoes for guards.

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

Basketball Shoes for Guards

Below we have composed the list of top 10 basketball shoes for guards, and we have also reviewed those shoes so that you can make a proper choice while selecting the shoes for you.

PEAK Men's Flash Basketball Shoes4.9
Adidas Men's Pro Next Basketball Shoes4.7
Adidas Original Men's Vs Hoops Mid 2.04.7
Nike Men's Air Visi Pro Vi4.7
Adidas Men's Harden B/E 3 Basketball Shoes4.7
Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoes4.7
Nike Men's Air Precision High-Top Mesh Basketball4.6
Nike Air Precision 2 Men's Basketball Shoes5.0
Adidas Men's Own-The-Game Wide Basketball Shoes4.6
Adidas Kid's Hoops 2.0 Mid Basketball Shoes4.8

1. PEAK Men’s Flash Basketball Shoes

If style and high performance is your requirement, PEAK Men’s basketball shoes are a suitable choice. The shoes have the signature of NBA basketball legend Louis William, which is designed with a Louis logo coupled with trendy & stylish design. Besides adding style in your touch, the shoes will provide necessary support, stability, and comfort for enhanced performance in every game.

The remarkable PEAK shoe design is inspired by ‘underground goat’ and provides you with an all-new dynamic lacing system that wraps perfectly around your foot. The shoes come with upgraded TPU support for the softness and available in four trendy colors – Red & Blue, Black & White, White & Purple, and Orange & Yellow.

Key Features

  • Perfect Cushioning: The shoes are made up of super soft and breathable high-quality material, and smart EVA midsole complement the shoes by providing extra underfoot support and cushion. The midsole with advanced cushioning is perfect for rebounding in every situation during the game.
  • Support Device With Double TPU: Extended 3D-TPU provides arch support with anti-torsion so that your forefoot and rear foot can move independently and adopt any surface without straining the feet.
  • Play Like G.O.A.T: The PEAK shoes are backed with greatest in NBA, and shoes are designed to provide perfect support, comfort, and flexibility to boost your performance.
  • Anti-Slip & Wear Resistant: The combination of durable outsole rubber with polar & herringbone pattern gives the stylish and trendy looks to the shoes. The upper collage leather provides the required support and breathable performance during the game.
  • Customer Support: In case of any issues with the shoes, you can get in touch with friendly customer support to get the things right for you.

The shoes are designed for professionals, beginner, and anyone who like to have been an inspiring player. It is the best combination of style and comfort and comes with the signature of NBA legend Louis William, what more you can opt.

2. Adidas Men’s Pro Next Basketball Shoes

You can get all the required comfort while playing with these Adidas men’s shoes. The shoes feature a Cloudfoam midsole to provide you with enhanced cushioning and made up of soft and breathable high-quality leather. The upper mesh lets you attach the defenders without any distractions. Extra traction is offered by herringbone outsole so that you can quickly change the directions.

The shoe is made up of 100% leather, and synthetic sole and shaft are approximately mid-top from the arch in measurements. The shoes come in seven trendy colors to offer a wide range of choices and cover all the sizes from ranges between small to large.

Key Features

  • Adidas men’s shoes provide the required comfort and style.
  • The shoes are made up of breathable high-quality leather.
  • The herringbone outsole provides additional tractions so that you can move quickly to the basketball court.
  • The dimension of the complete package is 12.1 X 8.8 X 4.9 inches and weighs 1.25 pounds.
  • The product offers a quantity discount and free shipping.
  • Comes in all size ranges from small to large.

Adidas Men’s Pro is something you can’t miss out while selecting the best basketball shoes for guards. They offer you a large range of color choices and comes in almost all sizes. It is recommended for all professional, beginner, and inspiring basketball players.

3. Adidas Original Men’s Vs Hoops Mid 2.0

These are another basketball shoes offered by one of the leading brand Adidas. The shoes are designed to give a modern and streamlined look. The upper part is having a leather look and breathable mesh collar. The three stripes at the sides of the shoes add style and crisp contrast.

The shoes are made up of using a textile and synthetic materials, and like its above counterpart comes in seven trendy color combinations. Adidas is offering quantity discounts and free shipping for the shoes. The product package dimension is 13 X 8.9 X 4.8 inches and weighs 14 ounces.

Key Features

  • The Adidas Original men’s shoes have a modern and streamlined look.
  • The upper part of the shoes is having a leather feel look.
  • The three stripes on the sides add trendy and crisp contrast.
  • Shaft measures – 0-6 inch from the arch, the platform measures 0-3 inches, and boot opening measures 10 inches approx.
  • The product comes with quantity discounts and free shipping.

These are one more offering from Adidas to provide you style and comfort while playing your favorite sport. The three stripes provide trendy look and shoes upper mesh is made up of breathable material. It is recommended for you if you are an Adidas fan.

4. Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi

Nike is one of the topmost shoe brands and in the industry for more than five decades. Nike is famous for its curve logo and here offering Nike Men’s basketball shoes for guards. The shoes have a classy black and anthracite look. And if you like to take the quick first step while playing, these shoes are well suited for you.

The Visi Pro VI is offering sleek and supportive upper and perfectly cushioned sole made up of high-quality rubber that makes you allow comfortable up and down movement in the basketball court. Nike is offering quantity discounts and free shipping for its Visi Pro VI shoes.

Key Features

  • The shoes have a classy black and anthracite look.
  • Visi Pro VI is made up of high-quality rubber and nubuck.
  • The shoes have self-tie closure for the necessary support during your movement in-game.
  • The product package dimension is 14 X 9 X 4 inches and weighs 12 ounces.
  • The shaft is approximately 3.04 inches from the arch in measurements.

If brand and class are your choices, these Nike Visi Pro VI is a perfect choice. The shoes are recommended for any basketball player who likes to go with the brand and have some classy shoes in their racks.

5. Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3 Basketball Shoes

Adidas is proudly presenting the basketball shoes for guards, which is inspired by James Harden’s childhood friends. The Harden B/E 3 is designed by keeping Harden’s style of game in mind. It has the adjustable strap to provide you extra stability and fit. You can now take the Euro step with the padded internal collar, and herringbone outsole provides you with that required traction to have the stop and lateral movements to beat your man.

The Adidas offers the nine modern trendy colors with its Harden B/E 3 shoes and covers all the required sizes. The textile lining gives an admirable look, and bounce cushioning provides additional comfort and support.

Key Features

  • The upper part is made up of textiles with padded collar.
  • It is easy to wear with its hook and loop strap closure mechanism.
  • The synthetic mesh gives comfort and an easy fit.
  • The product dimension is 10.1 X 7.8 X 3.8 inches and weighs 1.75 pounds.
  • James Harden’s playing style inspires the design.

When you need fast and effortlessly wearable, stylish basketball shoes, this is a perfect choice. The shoes come in beautiful modern trendy colors and for almost all sizes. This is recommended for professional, beginner, and inspiring basketball players.

6. Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoes

Nike is proudly offering another basketball shoes for guards with Precision Iii. With these Nike shoes, you can make your every move count and beat your opponent. The mid-top is designed to provide a comfortable cushioning and containment. The midsole is lightweight and offers the multi-direction traction, which is perfectly suited for soft steps and quick cuts.

The product dimension is 13.4 X 9.2 X 4.7 inches and weighs about 14 ounces. The shoes are meant for both men and women, and the sole is made up of high-quality, durable rubber. The shaft is approximately a little higher than the high-top from the arch.

Key Features

  • Imported lightweight rubber sole for durability and traction.
  • The mid-top is designed with a padded collar to offer you additional comfort and support.
  • The quarter panel is perfectly designed and has additional eyelets to enhance the proper fit.
  • You can have multi-direction traction because of dual pivot points to provide rotational motion.
  • The product comes with a quantity discount and free shipping.
  • The shoes come in eight classy designs with a legendry Nike sign.
  • It is best suited for both men and women.

If you are a Nike fan, this is another offering from Nike, which is best suited for both men and women. The Nike Precision Iii offers additional traction, and now you can easily take over your opponent in the basketball court. Best recommended for brand-conscious men and women.

7. Nike Men’s Air Precision High-Top Mesh Basketball

Nike is offering another classy shoe when it comes to finding another quality basketball shoes. The high-quality design is something its competitors can’t beat. These shoes are best when you are a point guard that involves a lot of lateral running and quick moves. The ideal design distinguishes these shoes from the rest. The Nike Air Precision is perfectly crafted and has a high-quality rubber sole to provide that needed traction to move forward with high speed.

The shoes are designed to provide flexibility so that you can have natural moves while playing. It is made up of synthetic fabric that absorbs extra moisture to keep your feet fresh and at the same time lightweight. The perfectly combined form and function in these shoes make them the best basketball shoes for the guards.

Key Features

  • These Nike shoes come in five distinctive and appealing color combinations.
  • It covers almost all sizes.
  • The quality design can attract anybody and give you perfect athletic abilities.
  • The shoes are crafted, keeping in mind to provide you additional traction.
  • The shoes are lightweight and, at the same time, made up of high-quality breathable material.
  • The product dimension is 16 X 7 X 5 inches and weighs about 12 ounces.
  • Offers classy and trendy design.

When it comes to brand like Nike, you can go for it. These are another basketball shoes specifically designed to keep lateral movements in mind. It is well recommended for point guards.

8. Nike Air Precision 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes

These Nike shoes are not meant only for point guards and shooting guards, but for players for every position. The shoes are having a sleek design and delivers the high performance during the basketball game. The mesh area at the forefoot provides breathable space, and the mid-foot is provided with a webbing system to have the proper lock. The mid-top design balances the containment and agility.

The air units provided in these Nike shoes help to support hard landings. The herringbone tread pattern is modified, which offers durability and multi-surface traction. The product offers a quantity discount and free shipping.

Key Features

  • The shoes are meant for the players in every position.
  • The mesh area at the forefoot offers breathability and keeps your feet fresh.
  • The Nike Air unit provided in the shoes provides extra cushioning for hard landings.
  • Nike has modified the herringbone tread pattern with this product to offer durability and multi-surface traction.
  • The shoes are designed in a classy black and gold combination.

These are another Nike basketball shoes that are meant for the players in any position. It is well recommended for beginners and professionals and all those who love to have style and class.

9. Adidas Men’s Own-The-Game Wide Basketball Shoes

Adidas is proudly presently men’s mid-cut basketball shoes, which is having wide-fit and comes with super quality Cloudfoam cushioning to provide you required comfort at the time of clutch moves. These are durable shoes which offer dual-zone traction helps you to create the separation. The upper part is made up of leather-like featuring a high-quality material with a debussed toe cap.

The shoes are having their trendy three stripes on both sides. The product dimension is 12.2 X 8.5 X 4.9 inches and weighs about 14.2 ounces. The shoes come in two modern color combination styles and are meant to fit every foot size.

Key Features

  • The shoes are made of 100 percent other fibers.
  • The sole is made up of imported quality rubber for cushioning and support.
  • The shaft is approximately 6-12 inches in measurements from the arch.
  • The shoe platform is approximately 0.75 in measurements.
  • The opening of the shoes is about 0-3 inches in measurements.
  • The shoes are designed to have wide-cut and mid-fit.

These are another basketball shoes offered by Adidas, with trendy three stripes at both sides of the shoe. It is useful for every position in basketball usually if you like to get 3-point shooter from long range.

10. Adidas Kid’s Hoops 2.0 Mid Basketball Shoes

This time Adidas is offering basketball shoes for kids, both for boys and girls. The soles are made up of high-quality rubber for proper grip and support and absorb the landings as Adidas have mastered designing the sports shoes and accessories. These shoes offer a relentless pursuit of innovation and the inclusion of sports science while designing the shoes.

These kid’s shoes come in six color combinations that attract kids and are meant for kids between till the 12 years of age. The product offers quantity discounts and free shipping. The package dimension is 7.87 X 5.91 X 3.39 inches and weighs about 9.14 ounces.

Key Features

  • These trendy basketball shoes are meant for both boys and girls up to the age group of 12.
  • The shoes come with six attractive color combinations that every kid will love.
  • Shoe soles are made up of high-quality rubber, to provide cushioning while landing.

These are one of the best shoes which you like your kids to wear in a basketball court. The shoes are designed with sports science expertise and best suited for teams and individual basketball boys & girls, who will soon be the professional basketball players.

The features and list of best Basketball Shoes for Guards given above will surely enable you to select one for you, but you may still have some queries related to the basketball shoes, which we have tried to answer with our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

10 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards Reviews

Why is there a need to get specified shoes for basketball guards?

In basketball, there are two guards position – point guard and shooting guards, the point guard needs to be flexible and with excellent athletic skills. Most of the movements made by the point guard involve fast running and stopping and quick moves that involve lateral movements. Similarly, shooting guard is one of the team’s best shooters and needs proper grip while shooting from long range. That is why basketball guards need to have specific shoes to enhance their particular skills and abilities while playing.

Can basketball guards shoes be used by players for any position?

Usually, basketball has five main positions, of which two are a point guard and a shooting guard. Besides, all other positions are important in the game of basketball. The basketball game involves a lot of running, dribbling, and athletic skills. So, the players’ basketball guard shoes can be used for any position, but it is always great to select the shoes as per your playing style and skills.

Can basketball shoes be used in other outdoor sports?

Basketball is a game that involves lots of jumps, running, starting and stopping, and involved high-intensity athletic abilities. Basketball shoes are designed perfectly to absorb shocks and provide stability to the ankles so that the player can move in the lateral directions. Any other sports that involve these skills can use basketball shoes, some of the examples are – Rugby, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Football, etc.

What Shoes are good for basketball?

As you already know, basketball requires lots of movements and athletic skills. It is always advisable to get shoes that are comfortable in wearing and acknowledge your specific style of playing the game. You can go for any of the shoes which we have provided in our list above.


Best Basketball Shoes for Guards Reviews

Basketball shoes are designed to offer specific needs that the high-intensity sport required. We have provided you with the features and ways to choose the best basketball guard shoes for yourself. We have also composed a list of top 10 basketball shoes for guards.

We hope this will ease out your tedious work to opt for the best basketball shoes. The best brands in the industry offer all the shoes provided on the list. Now it depends on your specific taste and playing style before you select any shoes for yourself.

We have gathered all required to make an easy decision while you go out and select the best shoes for you. So, if you are a point guard, 3-point shooter, or great dribbler, just opt for the shoes which suit your style & skills. We hope you will beat your opponent and present the style statement with basketball shoes for guards.

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