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10 Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping 2022 Reviews

Statistics has revealed that the sports industry has the highest usage of shoes due to their activities which often last for hours, therefore when engaging in sporting activities; people generally want to go for the best available set of shoes in the market. Pointing out sporting activities that requires great shoes that aid jumping, basketball quickly comes to mind, but what are the best basketball shoes for jumping?

Basketball, a universally accepted, exciting and highly intriguing sport, is characterized by physical strength, techniques, passing and jumping among other required skill sets. Of these required skillsets, jumping pans out as one of the most important. While most players have great jump heights naturally, several shoes have been made to further enhance heights reached. Of these very many shoes, some have been carefully selected to stand out as the best basketball shoes for jumping.

A lot of the outcome of a game of basketball is greatly determined by how much a player can lift and/or jump. Famous 3 point shooters in the game of basketball like Stephen Curry and Ray Allen have been pictured wearing some of the best basketball shoes that can be obtained. On this article, we’ll walk you through the 10 best basketball shoes that makes’ you jump even higher as well as the best ways to pick such aforementioned shoes.

How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoe for Jumping

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

The process of choosing the best basketball shoe for jumping is one of the most pivotal decisions for any basketball player, this is because the game involves a lot of jumping, running and sharp changes which can only be handled by a good quality shoe. Generally, playing pattern or style of play has a great input when choosing the best shoes, fast players who go all round naturally wear light shoes while power players adapts more with heavier shoes.

Thus, in picking the best basketball shoes for jumping a number of factors have to be put into consideration. These wide range of factors will generally help to guide through what you need to know and look out for before picking the best basketball jumping shoes that suits your personality the most.

Shoe cushion

Shoe cushion otherwise known as shoe inserts in some cases, is a material within the shoe that ensures the legs comfort-ability, hence the name “cushion”. This is found in the sole of the shoe just underneath the feet and also serves as a method for height increment. This means thicker shoe cushions can make an individual a little bit taller than he actually is, which directly translates to a better jump height in the athlete. Clearly, when considering buying a good basketball shoe for jumping, the shoe cushion is one of the first things to look out for.


Shoe support is another notable point to consider when choosing the best basketball shoe for jumping.

The shoe support is a material in the shoe that helps to lessen pain in the foot, especially in individuals who already have underlying foot problems, there’s this idea of looking out for a shoe that offers the needed protection required. Most basket ball players would naturally go after shoes that are high top, as this would provide walking and jumping comfort-ability and help spread the pressure across the arches and support the ankles instead of one sided concentration. The shoe support generally provides stability and balance to the athlete.


Lastly the ‘weight of shoe’ is also a critical factor to be considered when looking to choose the best basketball shoe for jumping: athletes who aims for higher jumps should consider buying a less heavy shoe as weight can affect  how high one can jump, since all humans obey gravity.  However the shoe cushion can be a bit technical when looking out for the weight of shoe, this is because attention must be applied when choosing not to incur a shoe that has too much weight due to the cushion.

This tricky technique is why we have further decided to elaborate more by providing you with the top 10 best basketball shoes for jumping to make your decisions much easier when looking out.

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Basketball Shoes for Jumping

The rigorous process involved in selecting the right shoe for a basket ball sport  is often confusing, this is not far from the fact that some people ended up with either what they are not comfortable with which doesn’t  fulfill their needs , hence the reason for this 10 list of the best basket ball shoe best for jumping. It would aid the decision making of an athlete who is confused on what to buy from the market.

Nike Kyrie 54.3
Adidas pro bounce5.0
Adidas Harden Vol.14.6
Adidas Crazy Explosive4.5
UA Clutch-Fit Drive 34.5
Nike Kyrie Flytrap ii (aq3412-400)4.8
Nike zoom rize5.0
Adidas Men’s Dame 44.4
Nike Alpha Dunk4.8
Adidas men’s pro next4.6

1. Nike Kyrie 5

This amazing basketball shoe was carefully designed with the best kind of materials and technology ever used, perhaps due to where the name was taken from (the legendary Kyrie Irving). The upper part of the shoe is made up highly breathable and durable mesh allowing for comfort. Players with fast and all angle attacks have been given a technology to match their skills.

It has a dual lockdown ability which is new feature to the Nike technology, this is activated by the availability of an underneath network placed under the surface cable and connected to the lower end of the shoe as well as laces to help double lockdown when the shoe is laced. Either you are breaking or banking in the course of the game the underfoot cushioning respond by returning a rapid energy.

Another new feature of this shoe is the Nike air zoom turbo which comes with an articulated cushion that follows the curved shape of the outsole and this curved nature helps to wrap up the side which helps to maintain tractions as the athlete make advances helping the ability to roll through.


  • A good shoe with great traction, fit and decent cushioning, couple with a small run ability.
  • It has an engineered mesh in the upper which is breathable, flexible and supportive.
  • Built with the new Nike air turbo cushioning which delivers an explosive return on energy.
  • It is a revolutionary shoe with features like Air Zoom turbo, flytrap closure and rounded outsole traction.’


  • This product posses a firmer cushion than any other
  • Before you pick speed, the traction needs to break in and work
  • Sizes are a bit bigger by half.

2. Adidas pro bounce

This is a shoe made for all round players, with a breathable textile within the upper design which makes the feet light, increased support and superb lockdown. This is for those players with love for high top basketball shoes as it has an optimum padding in the tongue and collar.

It has excellent features like Adidas patented bounce cushioning technology and many users have confirmed that the bounce is like a boost. This responsive cushioning allows athletes to log big minutes in comfort. Another amazing feature of this shoe is how Adidas creatively design what we call a masterpiece combining a mix of Forgefibre and mesh which allows an upper that is breathable as well as durable.

The shoe comes with a tough rubber soul and spiral pattern that delivers well on all courts. It has a padded collar which helps to offer extra Achilles and ankle support for the athletes as they pivot and cut on the court.


  • It’s quite a durable shoe that is perfect for practice and game
  • Absolutely supportive, comfortable and reactive with a firm grip when in use.
  • Great shoe for injury protection (the ankles) and safe game play
  • It is extremely functional and lightweight making movements and jumping very easy


  • The sole has no traction
  • Good products with just a problems of sizing

3. Adidas Harden Vol.1

Since the picture of this shoe stormed the market, it has been a hit due to how it was design to look. Are you a guard?  a forward? Or some big man who doesn’t mind low? Then this particular shoe was meant for you.

The shoe boast of design that would make an athlete fit, it has a good cushion, a traction and support that are very nice for players who want something durable. The Adidas Harden Vol.1 would be considered the best shoe in the market if either you are a running gunner, stutter, steppers or jump shooters. According to the description available on this product, it is said to have the power of waking up the game because it is designed for high energy style of play, also it has a breathable knit in the upper part that wraps the foot for a snug making it flexible and fit, and for players with high dribbling skills the rubber outsole gives a maximum dynamic grip for proper drive.

It is advisable that you get a pair of this fresh shoe now before stock runs out. This is because this new products is loved by many who have laid hands on them giving a perfect picture definition of what you should know


  • Has a silicone protective coating around the seams making for less shoe treads popping out
  • When laces are tied it provides comfort and support on the court when moving.
  • It fits wide feet better (fits in length and width)


  • There’s conflicting price range, depending on regions
  • Careful observation should be paid on size when selecting

4. Adidas Crazy Explosive

This is often regarded to as the best performance shoe for jumping largely due to the fact that Adidas placed a lot of consideration and attention to the comfort-ability of the athletes when designing this product. This shoe was built with the ability to securely lockdown the foot and provides ample support for athletes; also it provides impact protection for athletes while playing this is caused by the full-length cushioning boost that was added. It is a good choice for jumping because of its weightless nature and comfort.


  • Incredible support for ankles and heels with an ultra boost to support the knees
  • It comes with great traction, good material and helps in jumping and landing.
  • This shoe is light weight and fits well.
  • It’s quite synthetic with an amazing base cum good grip.


  • There’s zero padding which makes the shoe flat
  • The lacing takes a while to adopt to.

5. UA Clutch-Fit Drive 3

This shoe from Under Armour tagged clutch fit drive 3 is one of the best selling and most successful series of shoe made by the company. A decent shoe made by UA that features the company’s proprietary Micro G foam cushioning technology. Micro G which is a foam base cushion technology is known for exceptional shock-absorption and return energy.

A combination of mesh and textile fabric is what makes the upper part of the shoe, this enable ease of breathing within the shoe. There’s the innovating lacing system which is also known as the lock down it is called the ‘bear trap’ lacing system, it connects with the tongue of the shoe to provide a stronger grip. The most notable traction feature is the rubber sole and a semi-herringbone pattern which is one of the best features this company use for its products. Good review of this product is available on various retailer stores online and it provides insight on customer satisfaction.


  • Comfortable and eye-catching
  • Fits well with myriads of colors


  • Run slowly on wide feet

6. Nike Kyrie Flytrap ii (aq3412-400)

With a style number that uniquely differs from its other products, the Nike Kyrie flytrap series is one of the best jumping basketball shoes around. This is as a result of the fact that the shoe has an external heel counter with a padded collar offering comfort and a locked in fit. A careful review of this product gave an insight of how suitable it is for lightweight coupled with a cushion that is comfortable for the athletes. It is advisable that power players should avoid this.

The internal midsole flex grooves add forefoot flexibility to the athletes. The rubber outsole wraps up the side for traction and support. Nike described this product as one with speed and agility needed on the hardwood. This shoe is a must have for an athlete who intends to achieve more points with jumping.


  • It fits well and last long Affordable
  • The traction level is top notch, with an amazing ability to work on all surfaces
  • Good materials with a solid support for a low top


  • Bad cushioning system
  • It is suitable for young and fit players without any injury problems.

7. Nike zoom rize

Arguably one of the best performance shoe for the year, the zoom rize is a highly recommendable shoe for jumping. Its ‘fit to size’ feature ensures comfort and mobility in the court. As the materials break in, they mold to the shape of the feet.

In terms of support, it features a wide base, good sturdy upper, and a very commendable lacing system that helps you lockdown. It also features the zoom unit encased in the midsole, these zoom units go as large as 10mm which guarantees a very bouncy feel from the moment an athlete’s feet step in. the traction of the zoom rize is amazing with a guarantee of good grip especially as the athletes drifts between angles and directions across the court. The outsole features a mix of rubber which really is not a technique for Nike, but with the zoom rize your worries should be less.


  • Very well fitting (fit to size)
  • Great bouncy zoom cushioning
  • Great traction
  • Enhances mobility


  • Slight lateral support issues in the forefoot

8. Adidas Men’s Dame 4

The adidas dame 4 is a Damian Lillard’s inspired basketball shoe. Several reviews claim that Damian has always been true to himself and hence wanted to create a basketball shoe that will stay just as true as himself the outcome is the Dame 4. Similar to the pattern of every Damian shoe from Lillard 1 to dame 4, the design was changed drastically and this time it features a mid-top design.

It is also equipped with internal TPU heel counters, internal TPU shank, variable multi-material upper, bootie setup as well as a well crafted bounce cushioning. Its perfect lockdown means you can move freely while avoiding injuries just as much. The midsole wraps up the sides of the shoe which provides additional lateral support, It comes with a wave like traction pattern that have varying spacing, this is traction pattern ensures firm floor grips and eliminates slippages during change of direction or sudden stop.


  • Great bouncy cushioning
  • Good materials
  • Good fit
  • Great court feel and affordable


  • Traction takes time to break in

9. Nike Alpha Dunk

The Nike alpha dunk is intended at being the replacement or successor for the hyper dunk series which had been developing for 10 years. The alpha dunk is well stacked with a phylon mid-sole, Tpu coated fly knit and a high top collar. The upper material is very strong and supportive but many say it doesn’t feel good in hand. It also comes with the zoom unit which provides a lot of bounce and protection on impact.

In fact, the cushion of the alpha dunk is probably its strongest hold, with a double-stacked zoom in the heel going with the huge zoom air unit in the forefoot. This is a good shoe for the big guys who are looking to have a shoe which fill up space while maintaining balance. Smaller guys who are very mobile and shifty should probably look elsewhere.


  • Huge air zoom unit
  • Super bouncy
  • Great impact protection
  • Commendable lockdown and support


  • Very bulky
  • Horrible traction

10. Adidas men’s pro next

The adidas men’s pro next is a men’s basketball shoe that features a very light cloud foam midsole which enhances cushioning for jumping. it is made up of a synthetic two-way upper which makes running up and down across the court comfortable. Its herringbone outsole provides traction on quick cuts and pivots. Reviews by several users show that this shoe has excellent ankle support, as it equipped with a durable outsole which provides extra grip on the blacktop. It is also equipped with lace up closure that guarantees custom fit and is surprisingly lightweight which makes it suitable for all kinds of players. You should definitely consider the adidas pro next.


  • Excellent ankle support
  • Good cushioning
  • Good traction
  • Lightweight which assist movement across the court


  • Takes much time for materials to break in, in some cases it hurts before eventually breaking in
  • Suede material is not all that durable


10 Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

The game of basketball is one that involves a lot of techniques from jumping to running, not to forget dribbling and dunking. These are rigorous activities that require a shoe strong enough to match what is required in the court. A bad shoe equates a bad game and ultimately a moral drop, so proper attention should be paid when selecting a shoe that is meant for the sports of basketball especially if it is one that has to do with lots of jumping activities so as to avoid unnecessary injuries or bad game.

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