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10 Best Bjj Mouthguard 2020 Reviews

Talk about a sad tale. One; of Inferior BJJ mouthguards and refusal of all that was right: The best BJJ mouthguard, and all it stands for. The smell of perspiration  mixed with spittle, the frantic cries of thousands of people; bettors, bookies, and commentators shouting themselves hoarse throughout an arena flooded with spotlights. The platform was white, but I saw red. And I thought I’ve felt glory. Perhaps, the puffy face I bore every day from my fights made me feel it. But trust me when I tell you there’s nothing joyful if you’re made to pick your teeth off the ground. All those advice to use the best BJJ mouthguards suddenly made sense. Loser’s money forgotten as I tried to grow back my reputation and my knocked-off golden teeth. My supposed ‘best’ BJJ mouthguard failed me in a manner of speaking. My ambition cut short not because I never had what it took be the best but because what I needed was always within reach.  The real best BJJ mouthguard was like a friend I didn’t know.

It is completely uncertain if there’s a form of Chi energy that protects the mouth especially the teeth from absolute destruction. Consequently, suffice it to say that I avoided chicken nuggets which had always being my favorite. For quite some time since the bouts, I thought towards having the best BJJ mouthguard indeed and not in quotes.

BJJ is an acronym that stands for:Brazilian jujitsu. Though oriental in origin, it is practiced in Brazil and some parts of North and South America. Rigorous as it is intense, Brazilian Jujitsu is an art for no mean men. It requires the use of close combat to efficiently overpower an opponent through chokes, submissions and fiery grapples. However, these actions all need applied pressure on body parts. Although BJJ requires little or no sharp jabs or strikes.

A mouthguard more precisely; BJJ mouthguard, accomplishes a protective purpose rather than a curative one. But however procedural the activity of Juijutsu might be, it is difficult to overlook the idea that most tedious training of self development carries with it, its share of unpredictability involving, most times, irreversible injuries. Hence, it is not merely an act of safety to wear one; it is one of careful study of the limits of the human body and how best we use tools to help us stay within those limits.

The best BJJ mouth guard either bespoke, or otherwise, should protect the teeth, gums, tongue, and to a small extent; the pallets, and inner of the lip from damage. Knowing the right BJJ mouth guard ensures an avoidance of clearances even as the pressure causes deformation. Loosed teeth stem from weak and palpable gums. In summary, the aim defines what conceptualizes the best kind of BJJ mouthguard. Which is essentially; to protect the delicate parts of the mouth stated without causing discomfort to the wearer.

How to Choose the Best Bjj Mouthguard

Bjj Mouthguard

Now for the fans of goulash spilling fights: UFC fighters, and the likes. This is something to take note of. Intense pressure of any kind, to the face could spell doom for the framework of which it is built. Then comes the reliability of a better and suitable BJJ mouthguard. Faceguards prevents one from looking like bread dough after being palmed by an opponent. For the most part, the teeth is the only set of bones exposed outside the skin and thus prone to external damage. One would have to remind himself never to wince in agony.

So the question is: wouldn’t you want to protect the real stuff when the lips are big as bagels?.

BJJ mouthguards can be used for other contact sports for they not only protect the teeth, but the jawline be it Muay Thai, Taekwondo or boxing. On the complex sides, mouthguards could be used to prevent teeth bleaching and tooth chipping.

On a general scale, Mouthguards are sorted out based on their mode of fitting into the mouth. These are categorized into three; Stock mouth protectors, the boil and bite mouth protectors, and the customs fitted mouth protectors.

The first are exclusively adjustable albeit they give an added weight to the jaw joints. One would think that on the pretext of being bulky, it is safer. However, they provide a little protection. The second and third type is a lot amenable to pressure and but as of it being best suited for Jujitsu of any kind is a different matter let alone it being listed to be among best BJJ mouthguards.

Mouth guards are known to only protect the upper teeth only, but also, of recent, BJJ mouthguards have been designed with utmost discretion and by the prescription of the dentist on the lower teeth as well. Most safety- adapted but best BJJ mouthguards of the new era, had ensured it reduced the monopoly of the status quo and allow for greater flexibility of the jaws.


Nowadays, better enhancements in particular, sets apart any random BJJ mouthguards. For some, it is the presence of the synthetic component: an acrylic but malleable filling made entirely of gels.

Hitherto, I remember one of my fights in Denver, Colorado. The stage was set for a little showdown; though the pay per view was hyped to be equal to the Super Bowl. Even though what I had in my mouth made me look like a nerd with an enormous overbite. I was confident though because the mouthguard seemed to sit deep into my gums. It was compact at first and filled in delicately. At a point on one of the rounds, I was on the verge of a  vertigo and my mouth was leaden. Blood and moisture surged to my  head and my BJJ mouthguard kept slipping out. Subsequently, my trainer was exasperated when I succeeded in cutting apart one of the four mouthguards he gave me. The following day, he fired the entire crew that were in charge of managing my sporting kits.

As I approached the years of my retirement as a professional BJJ martial artist, I moved to complement the conservative principles, I had formed about my well-being. Most of which had arisen from the kind of family I had. And it changed the remainder of my combat life. I promptly reminded myself that I needed the best training kits in addition to my workouts and since I had suffered defeats because of slip -ups caused by lack of concentration. It is difficult to describe the amount of sight you lose when your mouthguard has a mind of its own. Therefore, it was imperative I use only the best BJJ mouth guard for my training and actual fights. In addition, that it protected my vitals, it also made me save money and reduce unnecessary expenses.

I know some athletes see the idea of acquiring  the best BJJ mouthguards as outlandish. After all, they struggle to see the difference anyway. It’s sordid that they have to repeatedly use the old and uncomfortable mouth guard, putting their careers on the line, when there are far better protection.

Though, I realized too late the benefits of using a suitable BJJ mouthguard; at the expense of my career. I’ve been harboring a debilitating jaw injury. I knew that the end wasn’t too long in coming.

The best BJJ mouthguards should

  • Never impair breathing
  • Help relax the nerve and dental impulses to the brain
  • Eliminate clearance by provide good lagging for the teeth
  • Be easy to clean and maintain
  • Should be odorless
  • Absorb shocks

Best Bjj Mouthguard 2020

Top 10 Best Bjj Mouthguard

Guardlab APEX custom made mouthguard for sports4.6
Shock Doctor pro gel max4.5
The Venum challenger4.6
SISU mouthguards Aero 1.6 mm4.6
Impact custom Professional MMA4.7
"Under Armour"  Armour Fit BJJ  mouthguards4.6
OPRO Power fit mouthguard4.7
Damage control mouthguards4.7
Sanabul boil and bite mouthguard4.5
Shock Doctor Max Airflow Lip Guard5.0 - Best Choice

1. Guardlab APEX custom made mouthguard for sports

 This make of mouthguard is all encompassing for field events and for BJJ. It is seen by many to begin an era_an age of sophistication. Apart from the colorful display, mere looking at this type of mouth guard reminds one of a well-oiled machine; if BJJ mouthguards were anything to go by. It is designed to copy bite pattern so that you’ll have less work done when clenching your teeth. It is worn on the upper teeth. On the average, it feels great to have a mouth guard which has a fit that arises from indented bite pattern.


  • They are quite good looking as well as fanciful .
  • They reduce stress of bite pressure across the expanse of your mouth.
  • It provides excellent fit with compact shields
  • It is very comfortable to wear


  • They are expensive to purchase.
  • They are not worn with braces
  • Durability is not entirely a property of Guardlab mouthguard

2. Shock Doctor pro gel max

Many critics and pundits of contact sports, have adjudged this BJJ mouthguard to set a benchmark for most BJJ mouthguards because not only because their products are engineered to suit sportmen of all ages but also, it comprises an arched pad that wedges the dental cavity, making the teeth seem nestled in a crown of some sort. It is double layered to absorb a large amount of pressure, but comparatively, it has a low mean weight in relation to the dents. If I really want some uniformity in my dress sense, I’ll go for this one_absolutely user friendly with lots of matching colors.

The properties of the gel allows for elasticity. It acts like rubber, making it easier to adjust to get the perfect fit. The Shock Doctor pro was among the best BJJ mouthguards I used way after I got my esteem in drips and drabs.


  • It gives adequate protection to the mouth.
  • It is a brand that has been tested and trusted for a very long time .
  • It can be used strapped or strapless


  • It makes speaking especially hard and clumsy
  • It makes mouth respiration difficult.
  • more work on the jaw joints because of its weight.
  • It is not compatible with braces whatsoever.

3. The Venum challenger

Make way still for the high overlords of BJJ mouthguards. It is awesome as it sounds in moniker. I once attended a sports fashion convention in Portland, Oregon , and I was among the panel set up to collate the votes cast by many boxing enthusiasts on some sport kits. I was amazed by the staggering polls. The venum class BJJ mouthguards_ be it the Predator or the G-range. It is smaller in comparison to other mouthguards and it’s very comfortable to the mouth. The venum is impossible to remold to desired shape.


  • It’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) specific. and thus, it is universally adapted to all combat sports
  • It makes drinking and breathing easy .
  • Easy to fit
  • Stays put even at intense, sharp movements.
  • It distributes shock evenly around mouth to prevent injury.
  • It is arguably to be the best kind of BJJ mouthguard due to its testimonials on custom fitting.


  • It might be too small for some sportmen to wear especially the gum shields.
  • It is not very durable.
  • Being the best also makes it a valued commodity to be bought, and so, there’s higher demand and higher price tag.

4. SISU mouthguards Aero 1.6 mm

These class of BJJ mouthguards are relatively thin with the SISU 1.6 Aero guard being considered the best though arguably in the SISU franchise. One very salient criteria of note in SISU mouthguards, especially the one mentioned is the flexibility and the tolerance . Although the SISU max is no longer in vogue.However, its precision to the later, it allows one to talk and drink water effortlessly.


  • Super thin,sleek and resistant to impacts.
  • Allows mouth respiration.
  • Strikes balance between bite and boil and custom fitted.
  • It is age selective. it may not be worn by younger children.


  • It is extremely hard to model the SISU due to their sophistication.
  • They are hard to maintain.
  • Wear and tear occur quickly in this BJJ mouthguard than in others.
  • Any attempt to remold it could make it jagged . This could lead to severe injury in the mouth.

5. Impact custom Professional MMA

This type of mouthguard has a historical pedigree of durability and excellence albeit its popularity has dwindled somewhat. It is customized and best fitted for several combat sports. Many UFC fighters have their stars to thank that their careers had survived the longevity of various groups of impact mouthguards. Impact customs are often expensive because the company sends you a mold of which; an impression of your teeth is made. That’s not to say that I was super rich but I’ve learnt my lessons and I wanted the best BJJ mouthguard.I received orders from the company to get the impression of my BPA and that took a long time. Personally, I think for a while, before retiring,  I used the best Impact custom BJJ mouthguards for some stints and I’m proud to say it never stopped me from chugging Coke ZERO after each round.


  • It can be removed manually even though its fitted to the mouth perfectly
  • You can talk freely with it in your mouth
  • Makes breathing through the mouth, way easy.


  • It’s too expensive because it is customized to your teeth size.
  • It is not readily available in local stores.
  • It takes longer time to acquire.

6. “Under Armour”  Armour Fit BJJ  mouthguards

Under Armour has been a household name in training kits and trusted by various athletes.The armor spot gel fit liner is a member of this group that is a newer  paradigm to what I know of the  boil and bite mouthguard. It is designed to cover all bite pattern and protects against the direst of impacts. It is recommended by NHFS rules because Armour conforms to their rules.There is a premium and classy kind of tech that make the Armour fit stand out. It tends to hug the teeth, giving it a curvy; streamlined feel.It is latex free also.


  • It does not impair breathing and talking
  • It is resistant to chew and absorbs bites
  • It can be strapped or can go either way.


  • It is not worn with braces.
  • There are complaints concerning its bulkiness.

7. OPRO Power fit mouthguard

The OPRO helps with the molding of teeth and custom fitting to gain higher purchase on to the root of the gum. It also has soft padded linings that help protect the teeth by clamping down on them and so helps to take on the ferocity of massive head exertions. For those who are more particular about their dental hygiene,  it has an anti-microbial layer to inhibit the growth of bacteria. However, you must be a little handy. These BJJ mouthguard no matter how “best” in concept, needs you really crawling to your savings.


  • OPRO has a brand name and package whose reputation is recognised by leagues outside BJJ particularly contact sports and have partnerships with sport organizations .
  • It has a protection system called the (2 -piece power cage system) that models the gum shields after the teeth and gums.
  • Double layered for distribution of direct impact force.


  • It is costly. Sportmen who use this mouthguard often sign some sort of endorsement deal to promote the brand.
  • It can’t be worn over braces.

8. Damage control mouthguards

These class of BJJ mouthguards are best for high stress and impacts. They are just as stylish like the Guardlab Apex which utilizes 3D bite patterns. They are efficient in handling insane amounts of pressure. It also protects against chipped teeth. Their durability is their forte also. Being accorded a rating as one of the best BJJ mouthguards, it has an inbuilt material that has 150 percent more absorption of shock. Another version of the damage control mouthguard is known to come with a case which is manufactured to keep it fresh while being stored.


  • Fortified with a polyshok material_polymers or composites that help in spreading shock impulses evenly.
  • It is nice looking and attractive
  • It allow breathability.
  • It can be worn with braces.


  • It has a large mean weight in camparison to the teeth.

9. Sanabul boil and bite mouthguard

From the patenters of high grade jujitsu equipment notably in Brazilian Jujitsu, it is durable and well suited for a reasonable amount of grappling and other contact technique. It is universally used for other sports of combat. It is designed to have an unrestricted air passage, it can be worn by people of all ages; that is, from a young child at age ten.


  • It is relatively less costly
  • It is outwardly attractive to behold
  • It is not specific and complicated in structure and aim; therefore it is for multiple events.


  • It takes a lot of adjusting to get a fit since it is a boil and bite mouthguard
  • It’s is bulky sometimes.

10. Shock Doctor Max Airflow Lip Guard

Its main concerns are to solve the problem of internal aeration as you pick your fights and you pump in air. It can also be worn with braces and it’s free from latex and BPA.


  • It is easy to adjust
  • It can be worn by people who use braces
  • It always come with straps
  • It has air vents for ventilation and breathability.
  • It will adapt to any teeth structure.


  • Sometimes, even with the straps, Removal is procedural especially with people with braces.
  • It is protection for the upper teeth only.
  • It is not for low budget holders.



As regards functionalities, these are the top BJJ mouthguards ever to scale the heights and have remained at the peak for five years now and at the top of sportsmen’s wishlist. The feats have soared, the reach has never been beaten;though there are scores of other BJJ mouthguards that possess some attributes shown.

You might think that even mediocre and inferior sporting enterprises have been in the business of manufacturing mouthguards that can achieve all six of the features mentioned above. Thus, it is noteworthy that the best BJJ mouthguards are not categorized by these general qualifications, but by careful classifications displayed underneath. These classifications are more explicit in nature.

  • Wearer’s comfort.
  • Quality and fit.
  • The number of reviews and critics.
  • Cost
  • Type and style; either it is boil and bite or custom fitted.
  • Brand name or franchise.
  • High protection index.
  • Make of product-plastic, nylon.
  • Sports in which it is used.
  • Braces

These are simply, the main prerequisites for selecting the best BJJ mouthguards.

If I could completely answer all the questions that came from all those inquisitive people that gathered at that convention. Trust me I would. They came in handfuls that I ended up thinking I had to start to taking them sports 101 or become their PE teacher. After I signed a few autographs, the non-athletic ones among them clustered around me with huge eyes. I remembered one kid, with a protruding front teeth , who came up to me bearing a foolscap where he said he had written all stuff about BJJ that had been bothering him. I smiled apologetically and told him that I had scheduled three hours for the program and wanted to move on to other businesses.

Nevertheless, I have managed to compile some questions people ask. Some, from places I’ve been and others; oddly, from a bum who lived across the street where my training facility was located.

Can you use BJJ mouthguards for other contact sports?

Most assuredly, mouthguards for contact sports, have the same make and type; and can be interchanged conversely with other sports of different sporting rules and techniques. A boxing mouthguard can be adapted for Brazilian jujitsu. That is why sporting brands favor quantity production.

What are bite patterns?

Bite pattern are categories of dental indents left on the surface due to the arrangements of the teeth. Some BJJ mouthguards could reflect the bite marks of an individual due to the make. While some absorb it totally;nullifying it for any further analysis.

How often do clean the mouthguards?

Many people have the impression that you’ll spoil the mouthguard if you clean it regularly. Mouthguards needs to be cleaned with warm water, once it comes out of the mouth. Saliva on it makes it a culture for bacteria. Afterwards, it should be wiped gently with a special cloth or soft brush and stored in its case.

What does it means when a mouthguard is flavored?

I laughed heartily when the bum said he wanted to get himself some smoothie and a flavored mouthguard. Obviously, he never had the idea what he was saying. He thought, he was referring to some junk food. It took me sometime to calm down to explain to him that flavored BJJ flavored mouthguards weren’t juicy to eat but taste fruity when your clench your teeth on it. Although the taste is temporal as you get used to it.


How prestigious is BJJ as a sport?

In truth, BJJ was developed in the early twenties but gained prominence, about sixty years later. It is as much intense as boxing, much more exhilarating as judo as well as forceful as Muay Thai. Although, it has not covered more ground as opposed to other of its counterparts in the combat sports.

How often do I need to replace my BJJ mouthguard ?

Mouthguards are of various prices; some more expensive. A period of 2 to 3 months is required, as one is wont to change a toothbrush. More so, if it shows signs of wear and damage. It is advisable that you purchase another one.

Please explain the types of mouthguards

We have principally three types of mouthguards. The stock mouth, the boil and bite and the custom fitted. The first is cheap but will leave spaces when it is fixed and will fall off if force is applied to the mouth. The boil and bite gains expands when boiled, and contracts when it is put in the mouth. They are not protective enough as the custom fitted. Where the orthodontist or specialist makes a fit by making a model from your teeth. It is the safest and as such;mouthguards of this type form the bulk of the best BJJ Mouthguards ever seen.

Does BJJ really require mouthguards?

Brazilian jujitsu as every combat sport needs protection. Since I retired with severe jaw injury. I don’t need someone to tell me the use of a good mouthguard. Try playing lacrosse without a mouthguard and you’ll see how you’ll get along. So also, I cannot advise any enthusiast of BJJ to venture into it without protection whether in training or at the arena.


BJJ is understood not to require sharp strikes, but the grapples, chokes, and slams might damage what you have left of your teeth; and might be ghastly to other tender parts of your mouth.

The thrills would come when it will and it brings with it; chills, its name and its honor. During combat,  one might be forced to be carried away by the glamours. But as you think of the greats, and as your body fills out in proportion to your training and hard work, never dismiss the small yet invaluable thing:The best kind of BJJ mouthguards ever. Your BJJ mouthguard should be a companion rather than a tool. In this wise, you’ll endeavor to put it to good use. If you have the best BJJ mouthguard, it should serve you right.

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