10 Best Catchers Mitt 2022 Reviews

Positioned in front of the umpire, the catcher faces the opposite side of his team giving him/her the complete advantage of a full view of the field. Therefore, the catcher is in the best strategic position to organise the whole team in defensive plays. A great catcher has exceptional defensive skills and is expected to provide the pitcher with an appropriate target while calling for pitches. He/she has to stop the pitched baseball in whatever means. All of this distinguished performance depends on the ability to choose the best catchers mitt. With all the different mitt manufacturers on the market, All Stars, Mizuno, Wilson, Nokona and so on, the catcher has to choose the best mitt possible in order to have the quickest reaction to a pitched ball. There are various factors to take into consideration when choosing the best catchers mitt.

How to Choose the Best Catchers Mitt



Generally, the catcher’s mitts have different types of webbing including; partly closed, fully closed and also open webbing. Most people prefer the closed webbing type to secure the fast pitched ball from sliding through. But in cases where the mitt is large, it is advisable to acquire an open webbed mitt to add vision of the pitched ball.


The catcher is exposed to thorough beatings from the pitched ball throughout the game. Padding protects the catcher from any injury that may be caused by the pitched ball to the hand. Padding plays the most vital role and therefore is the most important factor to take into consideration. The more the padding, the more the protection. If you require extra protection, you may opt going an inch higher in the padding.

Leather and Break in

Choosing the type of leather depends on the amount of time the mitt is going to take to wear out. This depends on the frequency at which the player expects to play the game. Maybe he/she is at an advanced stage of the league. This requires a mitt that has tough leather (like steerhide) that can withstand the many games at hand. Therefore, the advanced league catcher will opt for the tougher leather that has a longer break in period. This might be expensive but it’s more of an investment in the long run.

For someone who has only one or two games coming up and does not play more often, he/she may choose a mitt that has a shorter break in. In this situation a soft leathered mitt may be advisable to select. The right type of leather can be helpful in someone wishing to thrive in baseball. In this category, there are different types. The soft leather mitts, which most young people prefer, are mostly less expensive and provide good mitts for beginners and people who don’t play on a regular basis.

These are the pigskin and synthetic mitts. They wear out quickly but are more affordable and help in changing the ball fast to the other hand for throwing. The other type is the fully grained leather which is tougher. Usually, experienced catchers opt for this type of leather since it is more durable compared to the other leather types. They also like the popping sound of the baseball as it hits the fully grained mitt. These types of mitts are a bit expensive.


This is all that matters in the selection of a catchers mitt. The size of the catcher’s mitt is measured according to the circumference but not by length. The young players should choose from 30.5 to 32 inches, while adult players choose from 32.5 to 35. One good point to note is that, going for a larger sized mitt offers a larger pocket and you can catch more balls faster. But going for a small sized mitt offers accuracy and agility.

All of these factors may be taken into consideration but the types of the companies also matters. I will cover the top 10 best catchers mitt.

Top 10 Best Catchers Mitt

10 Best Catchers Mitt 2020

Mizuno Prospect GXC1054.9
Rawlings Renegade Series4.8
Wilson A2000 FastPitch4.8
All Star Pro Elite CM3000bk Series5.0 - Best Choice
Rawlings player preferred Adult Series4.8
All Star Pro Advanced 33.5”4.8
Rawlings Sandlot Series4.8
Mizuno MVP Prime Series4.8
Rawlings R9 Series4.8
Wilson A2K series4.9

1. Mizuno Prospect GXC105

Colour: The product is available in brown and black leather.

Details: The product measures 32.5 inches in circumference. The product has para shock palm padding for less shock, rebounds, to provide protection and ideal comfort. The product is made of pig skin leather (enhancing softness) which is fully grained providing protection and durability, the product has easy closing features to make catching easy.

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 warranty lasts for one year.

Many customers have praised the product with a few of them raising issues and complaints on the product.


  • V-flex design is quite helpful in easy closure.
  • Tons of padding increases its protection.
  • Durable due to its all leather feature.
  • It has perfect quality and is very comfortable.
  • Requires minimal effort to break in.
  • Nice pop sound.


  • The wrist strap is not that durable.
  • Lacks a ton of grip strength.

2. Rawlings Renegade Series

Colour: The product comes only in black.

Details: The product’s webbing is solid to help in easy catching. The product is already 80% broken in at its arrival. It weighs 1.19 pounds. The product is made of a palm leather lining to increase its durability and maintain shape, the product is deep pocketed to provide an easy catch.

The product was reviewed by many customers. I will highlight the pros and cons of the product relative to the reviews.


  • Despite being large, it’s pretty light enough.
  • Has a great performance from the pocket to the wedge of the glove hence an easy catch.
  • Semi broken and has a soft touch.
  • Lots of cushion increasing protection.
  • Has raised seams improving the grip.
  • Durable due to the leather feature.


  • The webbing and laces is less durable.
  • It comes way more large hence may hinder visibility of the pitched ball.
  • Still difficult to break into desired shape.

3. Wilson A2000 FastPitch

Colour: The product comes in white, grey and Vegas gold.

Details: The product is made with a custom fit system that enables a catcher to adjust to meet his/her needs. The product has a super feel and is durable due to the premium Pro Stock leather used in making it.

As many as the positive reviews, there were still some complaints. Here are some of the pros and cons.


  • Nice padding and awesome looking design
  • Adjustable strap to customize your fit.
  • Has Superskin which is way lighter compared to full leather.
  • Has angle cuts in the pocket preventing the ball from slipping making the pocket more receptive.
  • Leather design quality outlasts other brands in the market.


  • Takes longer to break in.
  • Extremely stiff and the pocket is not deep enough.

4. All Star Pro Elite CM3000bk Series

Colour: It comes in two colors; tan and black.

Details: The All Star Elite Cm3000bk has a stiff leather backing providing the mitt with the appropriate amount of support. It has a great feel due to the soft leather pocket giving the mitt an extra pop. The extended pocket increases its strength and support. It is commonly known and valued for its Japanese tanned steerhide for fast breakin and more life duration. The back design is smooth to provide easy adjustment and comfort.

The All star Pro-Elite Cm3000bk has a one year warranty.

The All Star Pro Elite is one of the best products on the market. It is praised by many but we can’t overlook the issues raised by some of the customers.


  • Has a deep pocket. Actually, it has the deepest pocket in the market.
  • Perfect quality and can pull a great performance for a long time.
  • Tough and more rigid than other brands so it offers more protection.
  • Added back leather lining to provide support.
  • Has soft pockets made of leather which have a great feel.
  • Has a locking tab to allow easy adjustment and improve comfort.


  • The only issue many were raising about the All Star Pro-Elite was the break in time.

5. Rawlings player preferred Adult Series

Colour: The product comes only in brown.

Details: The product is very easy and fast to break in. The product is made of fully grained leather to increase its durability and strength. The product has zero shock padding that reduces harm while enhancing the design style.

This product was recently reviewed by many customers and here are the merits and the demerits of acquiring it.


  • Perfect padding and comfortable.
  • More long lasting compared to other brands.
  • It is soft and breaks in easily.
  • Comes with fur around the adjustment strap increasing comfort.
  • Provides a sense of real leather smell and color.
  • Produces a nice pop when catching a ball.


  • The webbing and laces break within a short time.
  • The thumb side is bent outwards reducing the pocket size.

6. All Star Pro Advanced 33.5”

Colour: This product comes only in tan.

Details: The product is made of tan/black full grained leather to provide  enough support and more duration. The product has adjustable Vecro openings and extended pockets increasing efficiency in catching balls with an easily adjustable wrist strap. The product has closed webbing.

The All Star Pro Advanced was praised and reviewed positively by many customers who are purchase verified. Here are some of the pros and cons.


  • Excellent padding, high quality leather and adequate cushion reduces sting to increase focus.
  • The Vecro feature provides a wide area for adjustments.
  • Has a great feel and good hand protection.
  • The laces and webbing last longer.
  • Typically, the leather makes the whole mitt durable.


  • Main concern was the mitt being extremely stiff requiring much work load to break in due to the tough leather.

7. Rawlings Sandlot Series

Colour: The product only comes in black or dark brown leather.

Details: The product is considered one of the best in palm protection as it comes with zero shock padding. The product has fully grained oiled leather to provide more durability and offer more comfort. The product has a vintage look with professional styles too.

The Rawling Sandlot Series is one of the best mitts in the market. It was reviewed by many customers with others preferring it while some had issues concerning it.


  • The pocket is nice and deep to ensure ease when securing the pitched ball.
  • Excellent padding in palm and fingers offering ideal comfort.
  • Soft leather makes the mitt feel nice and more flexible for the player.
  • The glove looks good and is of decent quality.
  • It comes in almost completely broken in.


  • The soft fabric and leather used in making the mitt seems flimsy on the webbing.

8. Mizuno MVP Prime Series

Colour: The product comes only in black leather.

Details: One thing noticeable about this product is the professionally made laces with good craftsmanship. The product is made of bio-soft leather  providing a soft exceptional feel. The  product has a premium look with a perfect logo.

The Mizuno MVP Prime Series is recognized as one of the best manufactured Mizuno products. The product has been approved by many customers who left many reviews. I have highlighted some of the positive and negative reviews that will help you to choose carefully.


  • Made in a professional pattern which has an expensive feel.
  • Excellent padding on the outer side of the hand.
  • Incredibly high quality leather.
  • Ideal comfort due to the soft leather used in making it.
  • The mitt has high utility levels, protection and


  • There is a large gap in the webbing which may allow a fully pitched ball to slip through.

9. Rawlings R9 Series

Colour: The product comes only in black.

Details: The product is made up of an all leathered shell with pro-style patterns providing support and durability. The product has an additional padding sleeve to provide more comfort. It has a nice feel due to the added pads on the back finger lining.

Rawlings R9 proved impressive as by many customers. The Rawlings product continues to leave many people in awe due to its nice features. Here is a summary of the review, both positive and negative.


  • Great feel since it is supersoft on the inside.
  • Padding is excellent thus increasing protection.
  • Provides ideal comfort.
  • Breaking in does not take long.
  • Good and deep pockets that enable securing of the ball.
  • The mitt has long term durability.


  • Poor leather lacings that wear out quickly.
  • The leather used is heavy.

10. Wilson A2K series

Colour: The product comes only in Black/Blonde, Black/Blonde/Grey, Copper/Black, Walnut/Black and many more combinations of colors.

Details: The Wilson A2K Series has rolled dual welting to maintain the shape and for a fast break in. Wilson serves in providing most pro baseball league mitts and products. The product is fine up to the least particle hence providing a flawless mitt.

The Wilson A2K Series is praised for its consistency. Reviews made on the A2K Series made the product reach a 5 star rating.


  • Lasts longer and also breaks in faster than regular mitt brands.
  • High quality padding
  • Leather used is of high quality and fine grained.
  • The palm has double construction to stabilize the pocket.
  • Handy in scooping the ball of the turd.


  • The laces wear out within a short time period.



What size catcher’s mitt should I use?

The best size of the catcher’s mitt may depend on your age. The mitt is measured relative to the circumference of the glove to cover the entire catching area. For under 7 years, the best size is 29.5 to 30 inches. 8 to 10 years should try 30 to 31 inches. For 11 to 13 years, the most appropriate size is 30 to 34.5 inches. Above 14 years should try from 32 to 35 inches.

What catcher’s mitt do the pros use?

With the likes of Jonathan Lucroy and Stephen Vogt being top Pros in the game, many companies have endorsed their various logos to be advertised by the pro players in the MLB league. The major companies being Rawlings, Mizuno, All Stars, Nike and Wilson.

What size catchers mitt should a 12 years old use?

For a 12 years old, the best mitt size should be from 32 inches to 32.5 inches. The mitt should fit perfectly. Otherwise, if the mitt is large, you may opt to go half an inch lower.

What is the best youth catcher’s mitt?

The wide range of mitts in the market may bring about confusion while choosing the best mitt. The top rated youth catcher’s mitt in the market as of 2020 is Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s mitt. It is available in 32.5 inches.

Do pro catchers wear knee savers?

Knee savers have long been believed to add some knee stress. Honestly, about 47% of the starter catchers use the knee savers. The Pros use these to add on protection to their knees.

Best Catchers Mitt


The future of the catcher’s mitts depends on these models mentioned. The companies have proven impressive and are the top ranking in the market in terms of sales and quality. We can agree for a fact that the products are slowly pushing other brands out of the market as we often see the logos of these mentioned products being worn by the Pros of the MLB top league. Choosing the best catcher’s mitt can influence your agility, accuracy and also offer more protection while you play. Therefore, the right decision will take you a step further in improving your skills and perfecting your career.

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