10 Best Driver for Beginners 2022 Reviews

The first mention of the term Golf was written as ‘Gouf’ in 1457 on a statute found in Scotland that might have derived from the term Goulf meaning ‘to strike or cuff’. For an expert player, the golf game can be a great game in the world, however, for amateurs, the game may appear mysterious and complicated. In this article, I am going to explain the tips and tricks to choose the best driver for beginners and to unravel the uncertainty about the golf game.

The Spirit of the Game

Driver for Beginners Reviews

Unlike the other sports, most of the golf game can be played without the supervision of a referee. Interestingly, the game needs integrity among the players, while following the Rules. Every player should follow good conduct and disciple, showing courteousness and sportsmanship at all times, while competing.

Golf is a game that is played using one ball and a conventional of metal sticks known as Clubs (usually 14 sticks), which resemble an uncanny version of hockey sticks. Each player needs to play with his ball and set of clubs. The game is played in a large-size unshaped ground that is spread up to 200 acres. While most of the outdoor games are played between two teams, however, in golf, each participant plays against his strengths or weaknesses, called a handicap.


Let me explain about the things to look for before buying the best driver. Clubs are the gears to hit the ball in the golf game that has three parts; the Head, the Shaft, and the Grip. As per the rules, a player can carry fourteen clubs to the game. Wood is a large-headed, hollow club that is useful to hit long shots. Essentially, the player uses the woods when he is about 175 yards away from the green.

The importance of a driver among the other clubs is to provide trajectory, control, and distance while hitting the ball placed at the tee, while a tee is a stand to place the ball before elevating it off the ground to a specific height and distance. Every successful round in the game begins with a powerful tee shot for which a suitable driver is inevitable.

The drivers are predesigned to cover the longest distance and it is used for up to 5 tee shots. Moreover, drivers are the longest club with the lowest loft among the other clubs you have. Essentially, the driver is one of the clubs that the player must have before entering the game.

Usually, drivers come with a large clubhead, a good-sized sweet spot, and forgiveness. While drivers have a large striking area, a player has the option to choose from a range of sizes. However, 460 cubic centimeters is the maximum permissible size that is also the suggested size for an amateur player to get more forgiveness while playing off-center hits. Nonetheless, the drivers of smaller clubhead like 420 cc and 440 cc are recommended to make a better shot. Skilled players often choose the driver of a smaller clubhead for its effectiveness while playing the cut shots.

Choosing the Best Driver for Beginners

Best Driver for Beginners Reviews

Choosing the best driver is very essential for an amateur golf player because it will help him to hit the best tee shot. This will enhance their handicap faster, making the game enjoyable. Before a few years, drivers used to be very creepy. Whereas the of the modern days are easy to swing, rather forgiving and will allow the player to hit the ball at the tee to an incredible distance.

Certain drivers are specially crafted for expert players to play their ultra-fast swing speeds shots that the amateur players cannot play. These drivers come with smaller heads, less forgiveness, with more versatility.

Therefore, the best driver for beginners should work for them and should still benefit when they improve their skills. However, the question here is to find the appropriate driver at par with the skills of the player, his swing capacity and style.

Nowadays, the modern driver heads are made of metals such as titanium or any other complex metals. Clubheads that are made of titanium make it light-weighted, long-lasting, and strong allowing the player to make a rapid swing covering a longer distance.

On the other hand, clubheads made using complex lightweight materials such as carbon in the backside of the clubhead decreases the overall weight of the driver. Clubheads made using titanium and complex materials are meant for producing ideal speeds. Clubheads made using titanium with tungsten increase the perimeter weight of the club.


Conventional driver shafts are usually made using metals such as graphite, titanium, or steel. While the drivers with steel shaft are the heftiest, however, they are available at a lower price. Drivers with graphite or titanium shafts are usually light-weighted which allows the player to improve the swing and speed of the ball, resulting in an enhanced distance.


Shafts come with a wide range of flexes to impact the distance, accuracy, and trajectory of the shots. Different types of flexes include stiff, extra stiff, regular, senior, ladies, and tour.


The normal weight of a club driver would range from 275 grams to 310 grams; however, some drivers can even weigh 265 grams. Players often benefit from a lightweight driver that can cover the longest distance. Therefore, there are efforts to manufacture lightweight club drivers that can enhance the speed of the clubhead.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph of this article, the driver is the longest club you carry. While drivers used by the male players would be 45 to 48 inches, the drivers used by the female players are often between 43 to 44 inches. However, the length of the club driver depends on the comfort of the player and its overall control.


The loft is the clubface angle ranging from 8 degrees to 15 degrees, which impacts the distance and trajectory of the shot. Depending on the swinging capability of the player, he can choose from the following range of angles:

Player’s Swing Speed

(Miles per Hour)

Desired Loft Angle
Below 60 14 to 15O
60 to 70 12 to 13 O
70 to 80 10.5 to 11.5 O
80 to 90 9 O to 10.5 O
Above 90 Lowest Angle

Remarkably, the ball-flight is directly proportional to the loft of the club; the lowest loft = the lowest ball-flight & trajectory. Significantly, new players expecting to make a high ball-flight will often choose a loft that has a higher angle, while an expert player often chooses a loft of lower angle.

Adjustable Drivers

An adjustable club driver allows the player to tailor diverse features such as:

  • Hosel: This feature allows the player to elevate or lower the loft when the loft is very low or very high from the tee so that the player can improve his accuracy of the ball flight. The player can also adjust the lie to impact while hitting a draw, and to make it versatile for the right-handed and left-handed players.
  • Gravity: With this feature, the player can move the weights, which is adjusted on the sole of the driver allowing him to adapt the club to hit a fade, neutral, draw shot.

Top 10 Best Drivers for Beginners

Callaway Men's XR 16 Driver4.7
Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver5.0
TaylorMade Men’s M2 460cc Driver4.6
Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver4.8
Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver4.7
TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver, UST Mamiya Helium 5 Shaft4.8
Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver4.8
Cobra Golf Men's 2019 F-Max Super-lite Driver5.0
TaylorMade Golf M5 Driver (460cc)4.4
Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver4.5

1. Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver

Callaway XR 16 is specially designed for maximum ball speed and swing speed, wherein the XR stands for Excellent Racing at Rapid speed. They have cherished the driver with all essential ball speed qualities from the original XR and included little more by working with Boeing to make the crown even more aerodynamic.

Callaway XR 16 is more forgiving than its earlier version with a larger head-shape, a high moment of inertia, and a low and deep center of gravity. The thinner and lighter face with R-MOTO technology assures an enhanced ball speed. According to the statements of some players with 17-handicap and 18-handicap, who tried hitting hit a series of shots using Callaway XR 16, the very first thing they came across is the improved sound quality and feel off the face. Both were very sweet and you can practically feel the ball pinging off the face. Expert players assure that they have got a few up towards 150 mph covering a distance of 260 yards. despite their uneven ball-striking, there wasn’t a single drive that carried less than 200 yards.

The XR 16 is certainly going to appeal to lots of novice and expert players as it performs exceptionally well when struck right out of the middle.


  • Rapid ball speeds achieved with added distance.
  • Outstanding audibility: remarkably, the sound slightly dampens on mishits, which is excellent, because this is the area to give a hint to the player that he made a mistake.
  • Changeable face bias, hosel, and loft adjustments. The option to change the face to a draw bias is an ideal feature, which has been a common issue with the players.
  • Exceptional forgiveness and accuracy with a huge sweet spot.
  • Appearance: the matte finish and unique graphics continues to appeal to its fans;


  • Higher spin rate: although its spin rate is brought down considerably, yet it is not as low as other drivers. Spin is an issue for players of a certain level. Some shots get lost in the wind; however, the margin is very slim.
  • Poor workability: XR 16 cannot offer all things to all players. It gives up the ability to work the ball.
  • Not everyone can agree with its graphics.

2. Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver

Designed to attain maximum distance and enhanced forgiveness, achieved by its center of gravity zone weighting system, and speed channel face. Its E9 zone face structure and crown zone weighting can attain a large amount of flexible weight placed low and back of the club head. Engineered using the MyFly8 technology, which allows the player to select from 8 regulating trajectory and loft settings from 9 to 12 degrees, with which the player can cover maximum distance while maintaining the trajectory.

Speed channel face: well-structured channel around the edge of the face thins the wall structure for an enhanced ball speed. With the use of the crown zone weighting technology, weight from the crown is removed to relocate low and back in the head for a low deep center of gravity.


  • Distance: Produces the longest distance compared to other competitor brands.
  • Forgiveness and Accuracy: While the Fly-Z XL provides enhanced forgiveness, the Fly Z+ is specially designed for expert players.
  • Audibility and feel: Very bright and booming effect.


  • Spin: Too much spin, focusing on forgiveness. However, the Fly Z+ offers low spin, especially for expert players.
  • Clubhead: While the clubhead size is the main plus point, some players may feel that the clubhead to be very big and may feel it while they play swings.

3. TaylorMade Men’s M2 460cc Driver

An exceptionally forgiving and long driver enabled by its inverted cone technology and increased moment of inertia. Excellent center of gravity assures improved ball flight and trajectory allowing the players to turn over tee shots very easily. One particular plus point is its effect in both audibility and feel, providing more than essential feedback on both off-center and center strokes. A blend of solid structuring and aesthetic appeal results in an easy club to hit for most players.

Its Geocoustic technology provides enhanced coverage of distance and forgiveness. The driver also comes with a new Speed Pocket, providing enhanced flexibility than its predecessor. Improved head vibration for an exceptional sound due to its external sound ribs on the sole.


  • Distance: The brand is famous for its exceptional distances, and this M2 460CC lives up to that reputation by being one of the longer models.
  • Feel: It is the best feeling driver TaylorMade has ever produced.
  • The feedback given by M2 460CC hits are excellent, letting the player understand where he missed the shot.


  • Specially designed for expert players: the M2 460CC is meant for professionals and high-level amateur players with single handicaps.
  • Relatively straight shots: it is hard to curve the balls with the M2 460CC.

4. Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver

Wilson has blended different design features and made the face 0.5mm thinner to increase ball speeds. Improves moment of inertia on the D300 to make the driver more forgiving on off-center hits.

The D7 hosel is 5mm longer that helps to balance out the head more. There is an option to adjust the lie very easily using a notch in the hosel, which is essential in cast clubs.

The D7 appears much better and it is going to have a great appeal from the players. Head weight is just 192 grams due to the use of advanced materials and simple structure allowing great ball speeds to cover maximum distance. Dynamic launch control makes it the best driver for beginners.


  • Advanced power holes across the set
  • Aesthetically appealing clubs
  • Nicely weighted and easy to swing irons
  • Good size and comfortable grip
  • Available in both steel and graphite shaft options
  • Offers excellent feel with high-end materials, and it also offers faster ball speed and longer distances.


  • Not very good for beginner or high handicap players
  • Could be cheaper for a set of irons
  • There are complaints about missing irons in the set
  • Not available in grip sizes

5. Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

The Launcher HB Turbo Driver promises more ball flight off the tee for avid players looking for higher, straighter, and longer drives.

The model assures all the standard forgiveness, at the same time helps those who tend to miss the shot to keep the ball in the fairway.

The contemporary driver equipped with a new variable face, promises a higher center of gravity over a larger area for increased ball speed and distance.

The redesigned structure decreases the center-of-gravity by 2.2mm, which enables a lower center of gravity position, while the ultralight hosel relocates the weight to low and deep for more forgiveness and a higher launch.


  • Promises a competitive and very off-the-rack presentation and cost-effective.
  • Its draw bias will help slicers find additional fairways.
  • The external and internal weight decrease relocated low and deep for enhanced launch and more forgiveness.
  • Easy to use and swing
  • User-friendly head
  • Suitable for those who struggle with a slice


  • It has a Loud and high-pitched sound that won’t appeal to everyone.
  • It requires some improvements in adjustability.
  • Not suggested for higher swing speeds
  • A very loud noise would take some time to get used to.
  • Offset address position may not be suitable for some players

6. TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver, UST Mamiya Helium 5 Shaft

A raised crown and sole in the SIM series of club drivers reduces drag and improves airflow to the swing. While raising it also enhances aerodynamics, it comes with a trade-off in the form of higher protection to the center of gravity. Its inertia generator placed low and back with a heavy steel weight at the rear of the driver which moves the center of gravity projection very low, optimizes launch conditions, and enhances moment of inertia allowing the player to attain more forgiveness.

It is a driver with no tradeoffs; SIM is fast, forgiving, helps favorable launch conditions, and has the hottest faces in golf.


  • Slightly larger face area when compared with the standard drivers.
  • Its revolutionary design makes the aerodynamics to go to the next level.
  • Aerodynamically adjusted to achieve the best swing motion with the least wind resistance.


  • The price tag may put some players off

7. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

The Flash Face SS20 design is blended with an FS2S Titanium face, to achieve 6-gram lighter and a strong material, which maximizes ball speed while making it sturdy enough to stop the face from collapsing at high clubhead speeds. One of the significant features of this model is different flash faces.

Its Jailbreak technology and the T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown in the heads enhances ball speed. With its lighter head, weight can be distributed evenly to increase the moment of inertia and forgiveness.


  • Two compatible weights to attain maximum draw configuration and maximum forgiveness.
  • Extremely sturdy material
  • 6 grams lighter than conventional titanium to attain the maximum speed, forgiveness, and robust spin.
  • Remarkably lighter carbon crown allows the player to transfer the weight for a higher MOI.


  • The price tag may put some players off

8. Cobra Golf Men’s 2019 F-Max Super-lite Driver

To achieve the perfect blend of speed and performance, the driver is an offset one, which comes with a forged E9 face that coordinates with the highly forgiving back and heel weighting to achieve the best speed and enhanced performance.

This model includes both 3 and 5 fairway woods, and they have a fast and more forgiving face and weighting that delivers some high towering shots irrespective of the lie.

With the lo-profile and perimeter-weighted irons, the player can attain greater distances and better launch conditions. Besides, the irons have progressive hosel lengths and offset with a deeper undercut cavity.

The finest quality cart bag is an added advantage to this set, making it easy to carry the clubs. Besides, the bag has many compartments for additional storage.


  • Lighter and comfortable grips
  • Progressive hosel lengths
  • Easy to hit set for novice players. (Best driver for beginners)
  • Pleasant appearance and finishing.
  • Comes with headcovers
  • Lightweight and forgiving club structure.
  • Ideal for novice players to intermediate players.
  • 6-gram lighter clubhead
  • 5-gram lighter shaft
  • 7-gram lighter grip that yields 18 grams in weight-saving performance
  • Achieves unrivaled distance, forgiveness, and launch for enhanced swing speeds.


  • Shafts could be of better quality
  • Not designed for expert players
  • Grips leave behind a residue
  • The price tag may put some players off

9. TaylorMade Golf M5 Driver (460cc)

TaylorMade has designed the M5 face to be outside of the guidelines and dialed the face back to the point where it falls within allowable guidelines. Another prominent factor is that every driver is individually tested before launching them in the market. So, the players can expect exceptional responsiveness if they have issues with their distance.

Yet, some players could undergo certain small issues. However, The M5 driver offers an increased speed of about 1.5 miles per hour. So, the players should keep in their mind while they make up their mind to go for the M5 driver.


  • A new cutting-edge aesthetic structure
  • Tremendous ball speeds and distances
  • A more forgiving driver than its predecessor
  • More fine-tuning with maximum adjustability.
  • Best suggested driver for the players with a faster swing speed allowing them to reduce spin.


  • Speeds are slightly muted.
  • Not the best driver for novice players.

10. Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver

Its 360-face cup technology blended with variable face thickness assures enhanced ball speed, therefore, even the novice players can get the confidence they long for to perfect their performance.

It is completely redesigned, promising the latest in technology. Remarkably, the inclusion of urethane microspheres could be a complete game-changer for certain golfers. The soft material in the club head absorbs vibrations to enhance the feel of the driver, giving golfers the perfect feedback on their shots, without reducing the face.

Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver is determined to attain the maximum distance, ball speed, and playability. This is the best driver for beginners to save some points of their play instantly.

Certainly, this is the club driver to give confidence and can be suggested as the best driver for beginners.


  • 25% lighter Jailbreak bars
  • Jailbreak bars join the sole to the crown of the club, making the structure very sturdy to deliver high energy to the ball, which increases the speed.
  • Has a range of shafts to choose.
  • Choice of sub-zero model for players who want less spin.
  • Best driver for beginners
  • Triaxial crown promotes lightweight
  • Adjustable loft and lie
  • Increased forgiveness and high moment of inertia.


  • It’s extreme stability and sturdiness makes it difficult to identify mishits
  • Lack of sliding feature
  • No adjustability of the center of gravity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Driver for Beginners

What is the standard Length of the shaft?

Answer: 45.75″ Club Length

Do the drivers come with steel shaft?

No. Steel shafts are not in use now. Modern drivers come with graphite shafts. If you are a beginner, or if you cannot play fast swings, then you should go for a shaft with a normal stiffness.

How to swing a driver for beginners?

  • Begin with a large standpoint with the front heel.
  • Put your weight more on the back leg.
  • Tilt your back to bring the right shoulder lower than the left (vice versa for left-handed players)
  • Push the clubhead from a low angle.
  • Shift your weight to the backfoot.
  • Swing the driver downward in a smooth stroke.
  • Keep your feet flat and shift your weight to the front foot.
  • Keep the arms extended as much as better while swinging.
  • Raise and turn the back foot only after you hit the ball.

What is the difference of regular flex to senior flex?

Regular flex is meant for the players with average swing speeds, while senior flex is suitable for slower swing speeds.

Which driver is most forgiving?

Cobra F-Max Offset Driver

  • Efficient slice fighter
  • Light-weighted
  • Covers incredible distance

Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 Driver

  • Worth for your money
  • Covers incredible distance
  • High launch trajectory

Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Driver

  • Cost-effective
  • Off-center strikes come back to the center
  • High Launch angle
  • Straight hitting

What is MOI?

MOI is the abbreviated form for ‘moment of inertia’, means the amount of head-twist during off-center hits. Higher MOI ensures more forgiving, more accuracy, incredible distance.

What’s the difference between the red shaft and a blue shaft?

The red shaft is lighter and its launch angle is higher; the blue shaft is slightly heavier and has a mid-launch.


10 Best Driver for Beginners Reviews

I hope this article on the ‘Best Driver for Beginners’ is of great help to you. Remarkably, this article is less about suggesting to buy (or influencing you to buy) any specific brand, but it is more about buying a forgiving club with the loft and other configurations that are appropriate and best for the amateur golf players. Hopefully, the info given in this article for shafts, lofts, and flexes is useful for the novice players.

If you do have any queries or you need any clarification, just leave a comment below and I shall update this article with the relevant info and get back to you with an answer. If you are a novice to the golf game, then certain info, terms, and technical specifications used in this article might overwhelm you. In such a case, kindly message me to let me explain the same.

Unsurprisingly, new products are being launched in the market as the technology gets improved every now and then, and the golf game is not exempted from such advancements, which has both good and bad impacts.

Although such advancements can improve the game, however, they can also make the task of getting familiar with the game more challenging for the amateur golf players. That means, when you start understanding the existing product, something new arrives in the market and as a result, you get disoriented.

Finally, there a wide range of drivers available in the market, which may bewilder the novice players. Choosing the appropriate driver that suits the nature of your game is very crucial to attain improvement in your game.

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