7 Best Driver Shafts 2022 Reviews

Gary Player says: “A good golfer has the determination to win and the patience to wait for the breaks”.

Golf is a game that pulls in people from each age pack generally people who are near their retirement or getting a charge out of after-retirement time. Along these lines, if one needs to play golf or have a one on one match with one’s mate, he ought to have a respectable data about the devices used in this game. Did you understand that the speed and precision of your swing depend by and large upon the flex of your post? Every player who isn’t joking about their game, ought to consider affiliate’s trade golf shafts. Here we will help you with having a partner for the driver shafts used in golf to make it easier for you to pick the best shafts for your play.

Shafts are made with various lengths, flexes, kick focuses, loads, and force properties. Furthermore, shafts can likewise be tipped to change their presentation and emotions. To pick the correct shaft for the club is all piece of the objective of giving you consistency.

The query emerges, “What are the specs that the driver shafts must have so as to mark them as THE BEST SHAFTS?” Fundamentally, the best driver shaft must have the accompanying highlights:

  • It ought to be amazingly intense and moderate with pleasant length and consistency.
  • It ought to advance a high dispatch plot for a tall ball trip with the delicate landing.
  • It ought to have an entirely decent feel and reaction all through the swing, particularly at sway.
  • It ought to make separation effortlessly as the shaft supports swing speed a few MPH.
  • It ought to have an extraordinary flex with the capacity to get the show on the road off the clubface with speed and edge.

Top 7 Best Driver Shafts

We will review the top 7 best driver shafts available on market.

Project X New LZ Steel Iron Shafts Set5.0
Project X New Even Flow White T1100 6.0 75g Driver/Fairway Shaft Stiff Flex5.0
Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro Orange 60 Ready to Play w/Grip & Tip Choice5.0
Project X HZRDUS Black 75 Driver Shaft - Ready to Play by Tour Shop Fresno5.0
Fujikura Ventus 5 Senior Shaft + Callaway Epic Flash/Mavrik Tip + Grip5.0
Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue 45 Senior Shaft + Ping G / G30 / G400 Tip + Grip4.5
UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft Set (Choose Flex and Quantity) .370 Parallel tip5.0

1. Project X New LZ Steel Iron Shafts Set

This item is by Project X. The Project X New LZ Steel iron shaft merges Stacking Zone Advancement. The arrangement of the post urges players to achieve a; to some degree; higher ball flight and increasingly imperative responsive feel from their iron shaft. Another colossal component of New Errand X LZ shaft is the “variable divider development”.

The butt and tip area of the shaft is strengthened by this innovation to keep up consistent steadiness at any swing speed with great feel and absolution. The LZ profile makes the shaft more player-accommodating and conveys a visit level execution to players with differing swing speeds.


  • The slanderer midriff of LZ shafts permits smooth feel without trading off execution.
  • LZ Technology helps players to move 7% progressively viable to long shots.
  • Weight of the shaft redistributed to give extreme dependability.


  • LZ ultra-lite iron shafts models are not available under 110-grams.

2. Project X New Even Flow White T1100 6.0 75g Driver/Fairway Shaft Stiff Flex

This product is by Project X. The product dimensions are 7 x 5 x 48 inches; 1.35 pounds. This shaft partners with high swing speed players and first-class golf players. New Even Flow White beautifully blends the feel of the Even Flow family with better vitality move and greater steadiness. This shaft will fit well with the golf players that affect the reaction of the previous Even Flow shafts, be that as it may, battle to dial in their precise dispatch and turn profiles.


  • The flexibility of this shaft will speak to a wide scope of golf players and practically all club head speeds.
  • It keeps up the ‘even’ twist profile that players love with touchy separations and more control through effect.


  • Players with forceful personalities may support profiles with a stiffer-tip structure in drivers when originating from the case.
  • This shaft might be accessible in cutting edge fitting area and might be hard to demo or test.

3. Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro Orange 60 Ready to Play w/Grip & Tip Choice 5.0

This product is custom manufactured by and sold exclusively by Tour Shop Fresno. These are the new post-retail shafts that are “Prepared to Play” out of the crate with connector sleeve and grasp introduced. Simply include your head and go hit it! The head wrench is not included. Tour Shop Fresno is an authorized dealer offering Shaft manufacturer’s warranty and guaranteed manufacturing workmanship of the assembly. The TENSEI Pro orange is reasonable for dynamic players It has an outrageous tip firmness alongside the balanced approach which offers adaptability to high swing speed players. It is comprised of carbon fiber and its tip segment is imbued with MR70 carbon fiber empowering lower force and expanded dependability. This shaft has a low launch, low pin feature (liked by the high profile golfers), and high kick point. It has a standard playing length of 45.5 inches (request changes).


  • Ultimate control is accomplished by a firm tip plan.
  • Counterbalance design is a masterpiece of TENSEI CK Orange Pro.
  • A huge number of flexes and weights are available.
  • Highest swing speeds provide incredible club-head stability.
  • Incredible feel from delicate butt-section.


  • Pro shops and retail shops both have limited for demo.
  • This shaft is expensive regardless of whether you need to purchase a recycled shaft.

4. Project X HZRDUS Black 75 Driver Shaft – Ready to Play by Tour Shop Fresno

This shaft is by Project X HZRDUS Black 75. These shafts are “Ready to play” right out of the box. These Project X driver shafts come with Golf Pride MCC New Decade Black/Black Standard grip installed.

This shaft is for forceful and solid golf players. It can adjust to the hardest swinging players. It gives diminished dispatch and lower turn by the strengthened area. Low turn shafts are ideal for players who need more control during driver swings low dispatch. Its stiffer midriff gives improved control and greater dependability.

Main features are Flex – 5.5 – 6.0 – 6.5; Length (in) – 45.5; Weight (g) – 75; Torque – 2.9; Tip – 0.335; Butt – .600; Spin – Low; Launch – Low.


  • The high kick point gives longer shots from incredibly low spin.
  • A thick mid-section gives better stability.
  • It can deliver more noteworthy force and reaction at extremely high swing speed.
  • It is appropriate for players with speedy advances.


  • It has a lackluster showing at low swinging velocity.

5. Fujikura Ventus 5 Senior Shaft + Callaway Epic Flash/Mavrik Tip + Grip

This product is by Fujikura.

It is a uniquely amassed graphite shaft with grip introduced. With Callaway OptiForce shaft adapter. It is designed to fit a wide range of Callaway drivers. The pole will be all set right out of the crate. The pole is sliced unequivocally to the producer’s standard length. The heaviness of the thing is 1 pound. As per the clients’ surveys, it is actually an extraordinary shaft straight, strong contact, and longer structure the tee. The pole feels smooth despite the fact that it has a marginally stiffer tip to bring the direction and turn down.


  • It has an amazingly steady tip area with no unforgiving or board feel.
  • 70 Ton carbon fiber in Ventus shaft is 150% more grounded than T1100g material utilized in different shafts.
  • The weaving of lighter fiber cause shaft gentler and jelly smooth to feel without giving up exhibitions.


  • Fujikura Ventus shaft may not give a gentler criticism like a firmer inclination driver shaft.
  • Players looking for a mix of ultra-lower dispatch and turn are probably going to pick a higher curve point shaft.

6. Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue 45 Senior Shaft + Ping G / G30 / G400 Tip + Grip

This product is by Grafalloy. This shaft has been engineered and designed by a launch monitor. The shaft is built on patent-pending ‘Dynamic Torsional Stability’ to gain excellent stability and control. It is a graphite shaft with grip, installed with the PING G30 adapter. It’s ready to go right out of the box.

This pole is definitely sliced to the producer’s standard length. It is perfect for increasingly slow controlled swings and diminishes the chance of snares or cuts. Its overly additional lightweight gives sped up. The tip responsive structure of Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue 45 improves the dispatch point to augment separation.


  • LMT (Launch-Monitor-Tuned) Technology.
  • SC (Speed Coat) Technology.


  • There is no specific bad side of this shaft.

7. UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft Set (Choose Flex and Quantity) .370 Parallel tip

This shaft is by UST Mamiya. Recoil Technology gives more prominent consistency, separation, and direction control. It likewise gives ideal spring impact in the dividers of the pole and progressively proficient vitality move to the ball for expanded speed and more prominent separation. Higher damping gives a better extension of material to increment damping rate for better feel on mishits Recoil 760/780 shafts are designed to provide maximum control and distance for all golfers through the latest in design and material.

Recoil is the first-ever shaft to introduce ZT9 technology to give a boost to the golfer’s performance.


  • Composite construction suggests less stress on hands, wrist, and elbow joints.
  • The shaft has low torque which offers improved chance scattering.


  • The in house process takes additional time making the shaft somewhat expensive.

Buying Guide

All driver swings are unique and there are such a significant number of choices on the ebb and flow advertise. Shafts are made with various flexes, kick focuses, lengths, force properties, and loads and shafts can likewise be tipped to change their presentation and feel.

To search for the right shaft for your driver resembles exploring a minefield. Numerous golf players skip the venture of getting fit into the driver shaft and buy reseller’s exchange shafts without conference.

Golf players purchase explicit shafts for different reasons. Some purchase since they simply got notification from a pal that a specific shaft is great or possibly some need to play the well-known shafts. Purchasing a pole since another person utilizes it resembles purchasing a size 45-long coat since that is the thing that their companion wears. To purchase a pole that isn’t directly for you may demonstrate counterproductive to your game.

In this article, I would assist golf players with a couple of rules and general standards to fit themselves into the correct driver shafts. I can’t make a specific proposal since I have never observed you swinging however the factors here can assist you with getting into the correct wheelhouse.

Following is the list of things you should take into consideration while buying a shaft:

  • Length
  • Torque
  • Weight
  • Kick Point
  • Flex

Best Driver Shafts Reviews


The length of the driver shaft essentially changes how the golf club feels however it likewise influences strike point. A more drawn out shaft causes a less reliable strike on the face and the golf player will in general hit the ball nearer to heel. Then again, a shorter shaft causes a progressively reliable strike design demonstrating the sway area on the toe.

The golf player’s careful distance, consistency, physical size, swing speed, ball flight, and feel inclinations are for the most part the essential angles that goes into finding the correct driver shaft for them. Without experiencing an expert fitting, experimentation can assist them with deciding an agreeable and powerful length for them.


Higher torque measurement means a shaft can twist more easily while lower torque measurement means a shaft has a greater resistance to twisting.

Briand says that:

“Torque plays more into feel than anything else”.

The lower torque shaft has a ‘stiff” feel whereas a higher torque shaft has a ‘whippy’ feel.

When all is said in done, players with a fast or the individuals who snare the ball incline toward the low force shafts through slicers and moderate pleasure-seekers lean toward a higher force shafts. One should remember; nonetheless, that various golf players burden and discharge the club in various habits. In this way, while evaluating various shafts, one should take a gander at execution and know about their feels. On the off chance that the pole just feels wrong, or the ball speed and scattering are off; it’s most likely on the grounds that the pole isn’t directly for them. They ought not to put it all on the line.


One should not look over the weight of the shaft while choosing one. In the event that the pole is heavier, all things considered, the golf ball flies low and with less speed. What’s more, in the event that it is lighter in weight, the ball will in general fly higher and turn more.

In spite of the fact that swing speed gets less influenced by the heaviness of the pole however the lighter shafts can build the conclusion rate.

Kick Point

A high twist point will bring down the ball flight and a low curve point will raise the ball flight. This marvel works unfairly. Along these lines, in the event that somebody will in general have a great time flight that is excessively high, he/she should search for the poles that have a high kick point. One should realize that varieties in shaft tipping and length influence the structured curve purpose of the pole.


It is the most important factor in the shaft because it affects direction and distance. All in all, a driver shaft that is too solid makes the shots dispatch excessively low, with low pinnacle statures and too little turn. In actuality, a frail shaft may make shots sin excessively, augment scattering examples and fly excessively high. Flex is a rating of a golf club shaft’s capacity to twist during the swing.

One should use one’s current driver shaft as a baseline. If someone’s shots tend to be lower, and with little spin; he/she should try a slightly softer flex. If their shots are shooting up, they should try a stiffer flex. If someone is caught between two flex, he can tip a softer flex to make it stiffer in the tip section. To achieve this, a club builder cuts a proton of the top end of the shaft so that it plays stiffer. This is known as “tipping” a shaft.

Tipping a shaft changes the bend point and it is an irreversible process. So, one should know the purpose of tipping one’s shaft. Shaft Deflection Board and the Frequency Analyzer are the two effective methods of measuring flex.


7 Best Driver Shafts Reviews

The weight and flexibility of the shafts play a vital role in the golf club and of course, the success and failure of the shots played with those clubs. The following are the frequently asked questions about the driver shafts used in golf. So let’s dive in.

Do golf shafts “wear out” or Become More Flexible with Long Term Use?

The playing attributes of a pole don’t get influenced by its drawn-out utilize except if and until the pole is harmed i.e., no rusting/pitting or crimping of steel shafts, and no delaminating or chipping of a graphite shaft.

Will graphite shafts suffer from damage or degradation if exposed to high or low temperatures?

No! Be that as it may, the bond among shaft and club head can corrupt in heat. The honesty of the pole doesn’t get influenced by the adjustments in temperature yet exorbitant warmth can influence the obligation of the pole to the club head. The purpose for it is, the club head is stuck onto the finish of the pole, and high warmth can debilitate that paste bringing about the breaking of the bond between the two.

What can I do to hit the ball higher?

Weakening (increasing) the loft of the club has a major effect whereas using a lower kick-point shaft has a minor effect.

What can I do to hit the ball further?

Check the loft and lies on your club, use a lighter weight shaft, and reduce the stiffness of the shaft.

What can I do to hit the ball straighter?

Check the loft and lies on your clubs, use a heavier shaft, check the shaft’s alignment and use a stiffer shaft.


7 Best Driver Shafts

Golf is no straightforward game and it could take a long time to get great. To be acceptable in this game one ought to have a colleague about the gear/instruments utilized in it. Each golfer needs to have the best driver shaft. Along these lines, one should purchase a pole that consummately accommodates one’s feels, physical size, and swing speed. The poles referenced above are the best shafts accessible on Amazon.

This article gives a complete outline of various golf driver shafts concentrating fundamentally on their specs, appraisals, upsides, and downsides. The purchasing guide portrays quickly how one can pick the best driver shafts. The questions that may emerge in your psyche with respect to golf driver shafts have been shrouded in the FAQ segment.

I trust this article will assist you with getting a driver shaft of your decision that really meets your requirements and requests.

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