10 Best Face Balanced Putters 2022 Reviews

The sport of golf is played widely all over the world. The players who play golf have an extensive golf kit that has a golf club for every purpose in the game. We have drivers, wedges, and putters. The drivers provide the initial, life, wedges continue the game of golf while the putter is used to put the golf ball in the hole.

The most amusing part of golf is that every aspect is equally important and so is every golf club. The people who play golf frequently knows how important it is to have good quality golf clubs in the game. Every golf club is important and therefore every person playing golf must buy a good golf club.

However, some people forget this golden rule and instead buy a mixed golf club. Many people will buy a good driver and wedge golf club; however, they will buy a low-quality putter. People who are a beginner to golf game believe that putter has lest importance in the game and that it is okay to have a putter of any quality. This belief is wrong and one must have putter of good quality as well in their golf kits. The putter comes in two variants and each of them has their specific role to play when it comes to golf.

In this article, we will tell you everything about the types of putter that exist in the market and also how you can select the best face balanced putter that exist in the market. Let’s start the article.

How to Buy a Best Face-Balanced Putter


The putter is a type of golf club that is used by the player when they need to put the ball in the hole. These have the role to provide a slight push to the ball so that it could go into the hole. There are several types of putter existing in the market however the main of them are the face balanced putter and the toe balanced putter. Each of these putters has a role to play in the game. Face balanced putters are used by players when they need balance in their shots.

If you are a player who needs a more balanced shot in the close range then you need to have the face-balanced putter. On the other hand, the toe balanced putter is used by people who play more arced putting shots in their game. Many people generally prefer to face-balanced putter, so in this article, we will be teaching you how to buy the best face-balanced putter in the game.

Many people will think that buying a good face-balanced putter will need lots of thinking and energy. However, this is not true. Anyone can buy a good face-balanced putter if they keep few points in mind These points will tell you whether a face-balanced putter is good for you or not. Let’s go over these points.


The first one is the length of the putter. One could say that it is the most important component of the putter. The putter will help you put the ball in the hole nicely only if it has the desired length. Never buy any putter that is oversized or undersized. They will cause you to bend more or less than the required size and will affect the power delivery required to pot the ball. The correct length putter will help to position correctly and deliver the small force required to post the hole with optimal balance.


The next thing to look out in the putter is the weight. The weight of the putter wielded should neither be optimal. Make sure to select a putter that has a weight which you can wield properly. Don’t buy a heavy putter as it will cause problems while controlling the putter and it will also prevent the person to drive enough energy and balance while putting the ball in the hole. So, keep an eye on the weight of the putter while buying them.

Head design

The next thing is the head design of the putter. Since you are buying a face-balanced putter, then the shaft will be parallel to the ground and the face of the putter will face the sky. Putter comes in a variety of head deign and they have different shapes and sizes. Make sure to select the head design of the putter as per your choice and also keep in mind the features that you are looking for while buying the putter.

Belly putter/long putter or not

The last thing to decide while buying a putter is whether you want a belly putter/long putter or not. This selection should be based on your game. We recommend you to use belly putter or long putter if you have the problem of tremor on your game. These putters will help to get rid of those problems easily. Belly putter helps to get anchored around your stomach and will help to provide more stability to the putter. They will help to provide great stability to the player while playing the game.

After all these things it should be easy for you to buy a good face backend putter. Just visits any sports shop and see the face-balanced putters they have. Have a good look at each of the putter and see if they have the above-mentioned points in the right position. If the answer is yes, then you can straight buy that putter else leave it. The putters can be purchased both online and offline. You can buy putter from many e-commerce websites. Buying from an online website will cost you less money and the putters will be delivered to you within a few days.

To make your task simpler, we have listed below our selection of the top 10 best face-balanced putters in the market. These have been chosen after detailed research and they have their buy ink given below. Buy them if you like the putter.

Top 10 Best Face-Balanced Putter

Best Face Balanced Putters

TaylorMade Golf Spider X4.7
Odyssey White Hot Putter4.9
Cleveland Huntington Putter4.7
Orlimar Tangent T1 putter4.5
Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL4.7
TaylorMade 2018 Spider Tour4.4
Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter4.5
Wilson Staff Infinite4.8
Pinemeadow Golf Regular4.7
Wilson Harmonized M Putter4.6

1. TaylorMade Golf Spider X

This spider X golf putter is a great option for professional golf players who play in big leagues. This is made from an in-depth analysis of the professional golf player.

It provides the best stability and alignment all due to the head properties, it also has the true path alignment system embedded in it that helps to easily put the golf ball in the hole. It improves the accuracy of the player greatly by helping them to pot the ball in the pit with a slight effort. Special attention has been granted to the head of this golf putter so that it can deliver easy finish in the game. This golf putter is only available in three length options that are 33’’,34’’ and 35’’. Make sure to select the height that is closest to your preference.


  • X-Philosophy provides better stability and balances while hitting the ball.
  • X-design of this golf putter helps to maintain the balance and also improve the accuracy of the player greatly
  • The balanced head which provides great shots at the smallest force
  • Made out of durable and long-lasting metal, enforced with steel technology
  • The heavy head frame incorporates for more power shot at less raw strength


  • Costly. The price of this face-balanced putter is very high because it is developed for professional players only.
  • Not suitable for golf beginners.
  • The length option for the golf putter is limited.

2. Odyssey White Hot Putter

Odyssey White Hot putter is developed to deliver the best performance that is demanded by the professional golfers. This putter has been reengineered to develop a more improved sound, feel, and impact on the golf ball. The noticeable part of this golf putter is the laser milling insert cutting process which was used to achieve the tight tolerance for the best performance on the field. The forgiveness rating of this golf putter is also high which is a good sign. Also, the responsiveness on the strike across the face for this golf club is very high.


  • The golf club is made from the durable and long-lasting material which helps to deliver the best performance on the golf field.
  • Improved sound on hitting the golf ball due to re-engineered design of this golf putter
  • High responsiveness and forgiveness rating
  • Provides more accuracy and stroke consistency
  • Variety of style available for this series of the golf putter
  • Variety of shaft styles available.


  • More suitable for the professional’s golfers rather than the beginner’s golfers

3. Cleveland Huntington Putter

Cleveland Huntington Putter is one of the few putters existing in the market that are optimized to help in perfect putting of the ball in the last pot. This putter is optimized to provide distance on each hit, even if it mishits the golf ball. The speed optimized face technology used in this golf putter helps to achieve this feat. The putter also helps the ball to roll over in the linear line due to the diamond CNC milling pattern on this golf putter. The CG of this golf putter is optimized with the help of weight distribution. This provides stability and accuracy while putting the ball in the hole.


  • Provides significant distance after very putt even if it’s a mishit
  • Diamond CNC pattern on this golf putter helps to provide a soft feel and also helps to pull the ball through the line.
  • CG of this golf putter is balanced through the head to provide more stability and accuracy after each hit.
  • Made from durable and long-lasting material.
  • High forgiveness rating of this golf putter.
  • Good for both beginner and professional player on the golf field


  • The style and color option of this golf putter is limited.

4. Orlimar Tangent T1 putter

Orlimar Tangent T1 putter has a better forgiveness rating than many other golf putters in the market. The additional forgiveness rating of this golf putter has been due to the high MOI design on this golf club. The golf club is made out of the best material which not only gives it a polished finish but also helps to increase the durability and longevity of this golf club.

To ensure that the hands of the golf player stays ahead of the putter, this golf putter has neck holes called the Plumber’s neck holes. The golf club provides a greater impact on collision with the ball due to the soft TPU face insert. To improve the alignment of this golf club, this golf putter has a Bi-alignment sightline. What does this mean? It means that this golf club can be used both by a left-handed person as well as a right-handed person. Another impressive feature of this golf putter is that it comes with a free headcover.


  • THE high MOI design of this golf putter helps to increase the forgiveness rating of the golf club.
  • Plumber’s neck holes added to this golf putter
  • Can be used by both left and right-handed player
  • Comes in two color variety option.
  • Free headcover is given along with the face-balanced putter
  • Improved feel with the impact due to the soft TPU
  • Economical cost of this golf putter is also a plus point


  • The main drawback of this golf putter is that it comes only in one length. There isn’t any length option to choose from with this golf putter. If the golf length satisfies the length demanded by you, then you can use it without any problem, otherwise, you need to look for another golf putter. The given length of this golf putter is 36’’.
  • Another drawback of this golf putter is its selective shipping. The golf club can only be shipped within the USA countries. Players from other countries cannot order this golf club from amazon. However, you can look for it at any local sports shop.

5. Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL

Pinemeadow golf putter is one of the few golf putters that is developed to provide better stability and accuracy when putting the golf ball in the hole. If you want a balanced golf putter that isn’t expensive and can be used by beginners, then you should check the Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL golf putter.

These golf putters have a perfect balance of height and weight. The accuracy of this golf putter is also high. This golf putter also has a headcover included with it which helps to protect the head of the golf club from any dust or dirt particles. The golf club is for both left-handed and right-handed players and can be used by both easily. The consistent face insert that is used in this golf putter helps to keep the ball nice, smoother, and rolling. It also helps to avoid any skipping of the golf ball. The length fo this golf putter is 34’’ and it doesn’t come in any other size apart from the given one.


  • Provide a perfect balance between length and weight of the golf putter
  • Alignment toll included int his golf putter so that it can be used by both right-handed and left-handed players
  • Comes with a headcover
  • The cost of this golf club is low and it is also suitable for beginner players.
  • Offset holes included in this golf putter that helps to keep the ball along the straight line.
  • Pinemeadow grip added for better holding of this golf club


  • The durability of this golf club isn’t high. The golf club has good durability however it doesn’t last long.
  • The length of this golf putter is fixed and it doesn’t come in any other size.

6. TaylorMade 2018 Spider Tour

The main feature of the TaylorMade spider tour golf club is that it is made to increase the forward roll of the ball and also control the distance of the ball. With this golf club, a person can hit the golf ball easily with a slight amount of force to engage it in motion. The sound and feel of this golf club are enhanced due to the vibration damped PU foam embedded in the golf club. The golf club provides better alignment due to its unique square shape.


  • Increase distance control with each hit
  • The durable and long-lasting golf putter
  • The unique square shape is given to the golf club for better alignment
  • Steel shaft finish


  • The size option of this golf club is limited. It is available in one size i.e. 38’’. If it suits you, then you can buy it.

7. Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter has a semi mallet putter that helps to increase the accuracy and control of the golf club. The grip size of this golf club is high which makes it easy to hold. The microinjection face insert used in this golf club also helps to increase the feel and sound of the golf club. Overall, this golf club is a good choice if you are a beginner who is learning how to play golf.


  • Durable and long-lasting putter
  • Large grip size
  • Variety of style types available for this golf putter


  • Fixed length of the golf club.
  • Not highly durable or long-lasting.
  • Overpriced

8. Wilson Staff Infinite

The main feature of the Wilson Staff infinite is the double milled face that is used in it. This feature boosts the roll, distance control, and consistent impact of the golf ball. The counterbalance technology that is used int his golf ball also helps to bring the balance point of the golf club closer to the hands f the person. The finish of this golf putter is amazing and it adds a great finish to the golf putter.


  • Consist of the double milled face
  • Bi-alignment system included
  • Counterbalance technology used in this golf putter to keep the balanced point constant
  • Better look and finish


  • Length of the golf club is fixed
  • The Colour or style option of the golf club is also limited.

9. Pinemeadow Golf Regular

Pinemeadow golf regular putter is a durable and long-lasting golf putter that is good for beginner players. Beginner players who have a lot to learn in the golf game can use this putter to gain all the experience and skills necessary in the game of golf. The cost of this golf stick is less while the accuracy and forgiveness rating of the golf club is also better than many golf putters in the market. The grip of the putter is made from the Pinemeadow grip which provides a better grip to the golf stick.


  • Made from good raw material which helps the golf putter to last for a few months.
  • Economical and best for beginner players
  • Provides good accuracy and roll to the golf ball.


  • Not much feature included in this golf putter for which it could be used by professional golfers.
  • Not highly durable, however, it can last for a few months easily.

10. Wilson Harmonized M Putter

Wilson harmonized M putter is of the same series as the harmonized putter from the Wilson series. These golf clubs are durable and long-lasting. They have a large grip size and have multiple density area that helps to deliver good end shots in the golf game. The grip of this golf club is designed by Wilson and it provides comfort and stability while being held by the player. The putter is of the style Mallet type and the flex of this putter is counterbalanced.


  • Larger grip size of the golf putter.
  • Multiple density area included in the head of the golf putter
  • Style of the golf putter is a mallet-style
  • Made from steel which is durable and long-lasting
  • Comes in the perfect price range and is more suitable for beginner players.


  • Limited size, color and style option with this golf putter
  • Only available in the right-hand orientation.



What should be the size/length of my putter?

Choosing the correct length of the putter is easier than it seems. If you are selecting the putter offline, make sure that the length of the putter fits between your posture and the ground. The normal posture while hitting the last ball is hips out, back in. Make sure the length fits perfectly between your hand and the ground. If you re selecting the putter offline, then most putters are available in the range of 34’’ to 52’’. To measure the length of the putter, get in the posture while playing with the putter, and measure the distance between the arms and the ground. This is the desired length of the putter that will be required by you.


A good face-balanced putter will help you to easily achieve the best final shot in your game. The putter will help you to provide more balance in the last shot and will help you to end your game well. The putter selection is an important part of the golf game and we hope that this article will help you to select the best face a balanced putter available in the market easily.

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