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5 Best Field Hockey Sticks 2022 Reviews

Field hockey is a popular sport played in the United States, Africa, Europe, Asia, and many other countries. It’s a popular game that both males and females can play. In different fields, involving grass and artificial fields, we can play field hockey.

There are a lot of variations from where we can choose the best field hockey sticks. Using the accurate selection of a hockey stick with the appropriate skills in a hockey game can influence the performance of the player.

The field hockey sticks are extremely popular and essential for this fantastic sport, apart from the players and the ball. Various elements are used in the creation of a field hockey.

How to Choose the Best Field Hockey Sticks

There are some main features which you need to assure your stick has if you are going to buy a field hockey stick. The following are some essential features involve:

1. Selecting Your Stick Weight

As similar to the design of the toe, the weight of the stick should depend on the position. Usually, backs need approximately 24 ounces of a heavier stick. Players can select a twenty-one ounces’ average-size stick to handle offensive and defensive plays. Forwarding is often less than 21 ounces for a lightweight stick. For practising or playing, some players carry two sticks. You can select a stick for each position if you change your positions while playing with field hockey stick. Always bear in mind that you will necessitate to stock up on a range of field hockey equipment, involving gloves, cleats and shin guards.

2. Material

Usually, field hockey sticks can be made up of one of the following three types of material: carbon, fiberglass, and aramid. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Carbon: For advanced players, carbon is an excellent alternative. It has the hitting energy which you require to make a good shot even it is lightweight and durable. The disadvantage of carbon is that it’s visceral to manage and needs a lot of practice to be adequately equipped.
  • Fiberglass: For beginners, fiberglass is an excellent alternative where carbon is suitable for high-level payers. It’s much more resilient than carbon and far simpler to handle, making it best for anyone who wants to practice field hockey and usually, they are less costly.
  • Aramid or Kevlar: Aramid or Kevlar is stronger duty materials and they are simple to handle, such as fiberglass. They are specially designed to assimilate fluctuations. It ensures that it will not hit your arm, and your stick will be more powerful.


3. Bow Design:

There are 3 bow styles to select from, based on your choice, age and ability level:

  • Regular Bow: Typically, the regular bow is approximately twenty-two mm, with the most moving curve appearing right in the center of the stick, and it enhances the direction and strength, rendering it flexible for all field hockey positions.
  • Control Bow: Usually, the Control bow varies from 22-23 mm. The top of the bent comes lower to the toe, helping to raise and pull the ball with power, and this style of bow is built for more experienced players.
  • Late Bow: Late bow ranges about approximately 25 mm and curves nearly to the head. It provides the most support to elite players in guiding, moving, pulling, and executing aerials.

4. Your Position

Based on differing your position, you can need the type of field hockey stick. Usually, a forward would aim for a shorter stick to get the opportunity to dribble down the field and the potential to flick the ball on the offensive.

On the other side, a defender would go for a long stick to get a wider range and to push the ball farther down the field. Usually, forwards utilise the sticks which are light weighted, the midfielders use the medium weight stick, while the defensive positions use the heavy stick.

5. Stick Length

Which size is the best one for you?

Height of the Player Length
4 and under 28″
4’1 – 4’3 30″
4’4″ – 4’6″ 32″
4’7″ – 5′ 34″
5’1″ – 5’3″ 35-35.5″
5’4″-5’9″ 36-36.5″
5’10” & Over 37-37.5″

6. Toe Shape

The toe of the stick is the point of the curve which can influence how players strike the ball when holds it. Larger toes give a more substantial area to strike and receive the ball but decrease movement, while the smaller toes give more coordination but with limited strength.

  • Shorti: A classic shape is perfect for high speed, stick skills and close handle, and it has a shorter hitting range, and it is uncommon because of its usage. It’s perfect for strikers.
  • Midi: For beginners, these are most suited toe shapes. It can enhance the playing method and allow close control. While dribbling, these sticks are well-suited for midfielders or players who prefer to move the ball quickly.
  • Maxi: Maxi hockey sticks are used in a large surface area with excellent hitting power. These are best for drag flicks and injectors. It is great for reverse stick control. For defensive players, these sticks are well suited.
  • Hook: In the largest surface area, J shaped toe is used. It increases the ball control as well as excellent drag flicks. It is also used for reversing skills. These hockey sticks are perfect for grass surfaces in an upright style.

Top 5 Best Field Hockey Sticks


Grays GX1000 Composite4.7
Dragon Nemesis4.5
TK Platinum 1 Delux4.5
Grays GX7504.8
Cranbarry Breakaway5.0

1. Grays GX1000 Composite


  • Length: Varies from 35.5” to 37.5”
  • Weight: Around 545g
  • Material used: 60% of Carbon, 20% of Fiberglass, 20% of Kevlar
  • Type of Bow: Late Bow (24mm)

It’s a perfect option for an offensive player, providing you with a potent balance between flexibility and stability. This bow is perfect for obtaining more efficient control, and for used powerful shots. It is easily and efficiently pushing the ball across the field. It could be an excellent method to transform from learning the basics into professional playing if you are an average to advanced player.


  • It combines strength with stability and durability
  • Suitable for making the transition to more advanced play.


  • An expert player might prefer a carbon-based stick completely.

2. Dragon Nemesis


  • Length: Varies from 35.5’’ to 37.5’’
  • Weight: Around 515-530g
  • Material used: 100% of Carbon
  • Type of Bow: Extreme low bow
  • Height of Bow: 24.75mm
  • Position of Bow: 205mm

It is a well-suited stick for excellent players. One of the most popular hockey sticks in the market is the Dragon Nemesis and it is created with 100% of carbon. These hockey sticks provide unbelievable power generation, and an integrated I-core shaft technology supports these sticks. Moreover, the ultimate low low-bow design does it suitable for those who want to perform advanced features of the game-like 3D skills, drag flicks and aerials. The Dragon Nemesis offers a tremendous amount of strength, helps with professional skills and allows excellent weatherliness.


  • It gives intense strength from stick to ball.
  • These hockey sticks are designed for the experienced player who wants to take on the tougher aspects of hockey.


  • These hockey sticks are not suitable for 3D or drag flicks.

3. TK Platinum 1 Delux


  • Length: Ranges from 36.5” to 37.5”
  • Weight: Around 520g
  • Material Used: 100% of Carbon
  • Type of Bow: 25mm (Extremely Late Bow)

These hockey sticks are perfect for controlling the ball. This hockey stick is well-suited for flickering the ball via the air and has minimum potential placement of the bow inside the directions and regulations. This stick is made up of 100% carbon, and that’s why these sticks are perfect for advance players.

If you want to enhance the power to hit the shots and skill of handle and pass the ball, then TK Platinum 1 Deluxe is suitable for you. Using this brand of the hockey stick, you can become a technical player.


  • These hockey sticks have a high ability to control the ball.
  • These sticks are specifically designed for aerial passes


  • These sticks are not suitable for beginners.

4. Grays GX750


  • Length: Ranges from 35” to 38”
  • Weight: 570g (Medium)
  • Material Used: 80% Fiberglass, 10% of Carbon, 10% of Aramid
  • Type of Bow: 20mm (Standard Bow}
  • Shape of Toe: Maxi

These hockey sticks are suitable for juniors. This hockey sticks are also ideal for younger players, available in a range of youth and junior sizes. This model is created by mulberry wood encased in fiberglass.

Because of mulberry wood, it feels natural when we hold it, and fiberglass coating makes it more powerful.


  • These hockey sticks design and well-suitable for junior-level players
  • This hockey sticks are perfect for beginners


  • These hockey sticks are not suitable for advance players

5. Cranbarry Breakaway


  • Length: Varies from 34” to 37”
  • Weight: Around 560g
  • Composition: 100% of Fiberglass
  • Toe Shape: Maxi

It is an entry-level stick with durability. Another perfect option for novice to intermediate players is Cranbarry Breakaway hockey stick, and it is created with 100% fiberglass. It ensures that you’ll be capable of knowing how to move the ball without a carbon stick’s unnecessary elasticity.

For learning the basics of field hockey, this stick gives the well-suited tool. The ball can bounce less off the stick because the fiberglass gives less friction. Advanced or elite players can use such vibration; you require an understanding of the basics using a fiberglass stick before moving on to a more powerful hockey stick.


  • Durability
  • This hockey sticks are perfect for beginners


  • These hockey sticks are not suitable for advance players


What are some of the best field hockey stick brands?

It can be complex to decide the best brand with so many different hockey stick. But, amongst the top-best brands of the field hockey stick, you will find Gray Surf Junior, TK Synergy, TK Platinum 1 Delux and Dragon Fury etc. stick.

What’s the first rule of buying a hockey stick?

The first rule of purchasing the best hockey stick is that there are no rules and regulations. For purchasing the best hockey stick is entirely dependent upon your height, weight, curve and position of your stick. It would be best if you used a stick which is suitable for you and the way of playing the game.

What features should | look for when buying a new field hockey stick?

There are several circumstances to examine while you are going to buy a hockey stick: Height, Weight, Price, Quality and Power. You also necessitate knowing about your playing ways and techniques to buy a stick that will help you play excellent using your skills. It would be best if you had the stick that well-suited for the player.

What are composite sticks made of?

In today’s market, composite sticks are built from Carbon, Fiberglass, Titanium, Graphite and Kevlar. Because of this lighter and more durable material, these sticks will be costlier than other sticks.



It is important to find the best field hockey stick, whether you are just taking part in the sport or you have been playing for many years. It might seem like a simple decision, but it can be difficult to shop for a field hockey. You can see a diversity of materials, sizes, shapes, and lengths of field hockey sticks. Your most suitable option would be to get acquainted with the features of hockey sticks if you are a beginner, and if you select the accurate hockey stick, then you’ll be able to enhance your performance.

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