7 Best Futsal Balls 2020 Reviews

The failure to acquire the best Futsal balls for games or practice can be costly at the long run since prevention is not just better but also cheaper than cure hence the need for procurement of quality and durable futsal balls for gameplays and/or practice.

Futsal Balls are the focal point of any match be it friendly, professional, tournament, even training, but trying to find a quality product can be difficult. Nobody ordinarily would want to purchase something that is going to fall to pieces or is not what you need in the first place. Don’t bother anyway, I have got you covered! I have sorted through many balls for days and have pushed them to the limit to find some great choices on the market based on some factors which are listed below and via this way you do not have to go through the painful annoyance of what an unreliable ball can bring.

It would also interest me to state categorically here that futsal balls are not like any other balls because of the high techniques and the hard surface courts that are used in the gameplay, therefore, purchasing the best of futsal balls is key to the success of the gameplay.

All the balls in this list are  considered to be of very high quality and are recommended when considering a Futsal ball for practice or gameplay but the list came up based on these vital factors/parameters which  include:

  • Durability
  • Perfect Weight
  • Ideal shape/Circumference
  • Reliability
  • Visibility
  • Affordability
  • High Quality
  • Material and the type of bladder used
  • Size of the ball
  • Density

Top 7 Best Futsal Balls


Select Futsal Super Ball - White/Blue/Green, Senior5.0
Nike Maestro Ball -White-Blue- Black PRO5.0
Puma Futsal 1 Fifa Quality Pro5.0
Under Armour (Futsal -Magnetico 495)5.0
Senda Rio Premium Training Low-Bounce Futsal Ball4.7
Baden Futsal Low Bounce Practice Ball4.4
Mikasa America Futsal Ball Low Bounce Soccer Ball-Size 44.4

1. Select Futsal Super Ball – White/Blue/Green, Senior

The futsal super is simply the games masterpiece. It’s a 5-star rated ball, FIFA approved and also the official match ball of USA futsal. It has a 1.9 mm PU synthetic leather cover which gives the ball ideal speed conditions and excellent durability. This hand-sewn 32-panel-technology ensures optimal bounce and playing characteristics with a 2-year warranty.

Other features that made this round leather material stand tall amongst others include but not limited to; Very high quality: a futsal ball of the highest quality for practices, professional matches and tournaments.

It’s important to note that Select Futsal balls comes in a deflated form and therefore requires pumping before usage. This is a great choice for any team and it’s also cost-effective since it comes with a 2 years warranty and more importantly, very durable. Please, go and pick up one or more for yourself.

2. Nike Maestro Ball -White-Blue- Black PRO

Its second place on our list is no coincidence since is a ball of the highest calibre. The Nike Maestro Soccer Ball gives a unique touch and control for the small-sided game. Its visibility is of no doubt since it features a high-contrast graphic to make it easy to read the ball. The durable and exceptional design is textured for perfect ball control.

Other outstanding features that made this ball to cole this far in this list include; it’s hand-sewn construction that is durable and abrasion-resistant. The textured casing(its design for visibility) provides a great touch for ball control. It also tallies with the official Futsal ball size and weight. The young and the adults can play the beautiful round leather game because of the uniqueness that comes with Nike Maestro Ball.

This traditional 32-panel design with a tuned, low bounce bladder for excellent control on the court is highly recommended for any lover of the game, get this product for yourself and you won’t regret the choice.

3. Puma Futsal 1 Fifa Quality Pro

The Futsal 1 Fifa Quality Pro from the PUMA brand is another choice not to neglect. PUMA has been known over the years to be very efficient in their productions and this one is no different. It’s of the highest quality as the rating also denoted.

The colour is PUMA White -Shocking -Orange -PUMA Black and of size 4. This well-textured cased round leather material is designed for perfect visibility to the players and also of good density for perfect ball control.

This vibrant, unique ball is hand-stitched for durability. Its 32 panels of premium synthetic leather encase a butyl bladder for lower bounce and excellent ball control.

Futsal 1 Fifa Quality Pro is a great choice for anyone and therefore strongly recommended for its a highly sort after product with high durability.

4. Under Armour (Futsal -Magnetico 495)

Futsal – Magnetico 495 is also an outstanding ball from the Under Armour brand. It’s a 5-star rated ball with well-textured casing for both visibility and good ball control. It’s actually a great choice for anyone. It comes with an exceptional feeling with high durability.

Other incredible features of this awesome ball include; Solid PU Cover for superb power transfer patented hybrid construction for ideal shape retention. It’s also of low rebound bladder for authentic Futsal rebound. The Futsal ball has a Size of 3.

Do you want an outstanding Futsal ball, here’s the answer? It always delivers.

5. Senda Rio Premium Training Low-Bounce Futsal Ball

This high-quality ball is the official ball of U.S. Youth Futsal. It’s made of 32 hand-stitched panels of premium synthetic leather. The hand-stitch of course ensures durable performance. As a matter of fact, all Senda balls are fair trade. It’s been known that no one uses more advanced materials or construction techniques than Senda. The implication then is that you get products that play better and last longer than anyone else in the industry.

Other outstanding features of this ball include: low bounce texture, smaller six, official Ball Partner of U.S. Youth Futsal and Fair Trade Certified.

Its really a product to beat, get it and enjoy the long-lasting effect.

6. Baden Futsal Low Bounce Practice Ball

It could be played by both young and adults. Baden Futsal Low Bounce Practice ball is a unique model from Baden brand, it could serve for both outdoor and indoor game purposes.

Other great features of this product are; low bounce(as the name implied) – Increases one’s performance and ball control on the Futsal field/court because of this awesome feature. The precision – Each of these balls is handsewn so as to ensure each panel is sewn together with precision and accuracy.The Performance – This ball is made of premium PU casing and this advanced PU cover material gives you a more ideal flight and excellent control. This ball is also USFF approved – Therefore it meets U.S. Futsal specifications and finally, the bladder is reinforced – The butyl bladder gives maximum air retention and durability

For optimal performance, additional inflation may be required. Ball pump not included but this is optional anyway.

What else do you want in a Futsal ball? This is simply a unique package and it’s highly recommended.

7. Mikasa America Futsal Ball Low Bounce Soccer Ball-Size 4

The Mikasa America Futsal Ball Low Bounce Soccer Ball-Size 4 model of Futsal ball coming from the Mikasa brand. It’s no gainsaying to say that this ball is ranked among the best in the current market. The size 4 ball is ideal for players and comes with a good circumference and weight for practice and tournaments.

It is made from a good synthetic leather that can put up with kicking, bouncing, abrasion and regular use. It has a good filling for proper density to bounce and looks very stylish and colourful for better visibility which is a great advantage for the gameplay of which the colour markings(yellow, red and green) are its a major factor for the incredible visibility and of course, helps the players to have better handling of the ball. The well-tailored ball is of high quality, handles great on the court and is easy to maintain and sustain its integrity for a long time.

The Mikasa Futsal ball made this list because it really deserves to be here, makes a great choice in procuring a high-quality Futsal football and go have a happy ending.


Futsal Balls

Why is Futsal so great?

Futsal is more of a preparatory ground for nurturing great players in that it’s the ultimate game for helping players to develop skilful and creative tactics, foot skills, and ball control. Futsal is a fast-paced and exciting game, it’s structured in such a way as to develop players that think quickly on the field and perform well under the pressure of a fast-moving game. All the players are involved in the team play and are constantly swapping positions.

What equipment is required to play Futsal?

Apart from your team uniform, balls, runners or Futsal shoes are the only other requirement.

How long does each season run for?

Futsal seasons usually run for 15 weeks, plus 2 weeks of finals.

What are the benefits of playing Futsal?

Futsal is a great way to keep fit whilst additionally improving your soccer skills and ball control. Starting a team could also be an awesome way to keep in touch with friends in a fun atmosphere. Incredibly, this can all be done without the normal club commitments that an outdoor soccer team requires.

Are our soccer balls different from the Futsal ball?

Soccer balls are usually used indoor and outdoor, they have bladder filled with air and come in a variety of sizes designed for each age group. Futsal balls on the other hand are typically used indoor, are weighted due to a bladder filled with microfibers and come in either senior or junior sizes. Futsal balls have 30% less bounce than soccer balls and of course, heavier than the soccer ball.

Why the 32-panel design?

In 1962, Eigil Nielsen discovered that 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons made a perfectly round ball. The 32 panels allow for with the most predictable bounce and straight flight and this explains while most Futsal balls make use of the 32-panel design.

What are the different standards of Balls?

FIFA Quality Pro: This is the highest quality of soccer balls. Balls must meet specific criteria to qualify for this standard and it’s usually based on weight, circumference, sphericity, loss of pressure, water absorption, and rebound.

IMS (International Match Standard): Balls must also meet criteria for weight, circumference, sphericity, loss of pressure, water absorption and rebound.

NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations): For balls to qualify for this standard, it must meet specific criteria based on the circumference, weight and outer casing.

Is a warranty usually offered?

All Futsal balls do not come with a warranty but some do. Moreover, If a product has a warranty it is usually listed in the description of the product. Therefore, you can check that out.


Finding the best Futsal ball is dependent on many things the most important of which are listed in this article. You need to be informed to make a wise decision, and this article was written specifically for that purpose(information), to inform you on matters concerning Futsal balls(both the criteria to look out for, the top 10 in the market and the frequently asked questions about Futsal balls). After reading this article, you are in a vantage position to make a good decision. Don’t forget to share this best Futsal balls list with your co-players, co-worker, friends and family.

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