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19 Best Goggles for Night Skiing 2022 Reviews

The air is thinner and causes the cold weather at high altitudes. At these high altitudes, the snow is brighter because of the intense reflection of the sun. the weather at these altitudes are sensitive to the human eyes: the bright light reflecting off the snow and the wind that arises in high latitudes affect your eyes, tearing your eyes up and blurring your vision. It is also easy, at these altitudes, to have ice particles that are from the snow, twigs and branches into your eyes that are dropping from the trees.

Ski goggles, amongst many other functions that they have, are designed for the purpose of protecting the naked eye from the hazards that could take place on high altitudes and make your skiing experience enjoyable and not hindered by the effects of cold weather conditions.

There are different types of ski goggle lenses that have unique features, which makes them stand out from each other. The two common types of ski goggles, they are cylindrical lenses and spherical lenses.

The cylindrical ski goggle lenses curve end-to-end, from the right hand side of the goggles right up to the left hand side of the goggles. The lens of the goggles is flat between the nose and forehead. Cylindrical-lensed goggles are more affordable as they are priced lower than spherical lenses and work as well as any other adequate set of goggles. The flatness of the cylindrical goggles causes more glare and decreases peripheral image. Spherical lenses curves across the eyes and the face as well just as the cylindrical ski goggles and it further curves vertically.

Curved sphere-shaped lenses give a better outlying image and it further provides less falsification and less glare, however they cost of the goggles are higher than the average pair of goggles. The bigger the lens of the goggles, the better your outlying image will be when using spherical lens goggles. The image is better because of the emphasis on the visible light transmission and it is the amount of light that reaches your eyes when you are in high altitudes.

The Best Colour Lenses for Ski Goggles

Best Goggles for Night Skiing

The best colours for ski goggles vary according to when the ski goggles will be used. Simply put, the best colour for night ski goggles differ from the best colour for day ski goggles. The visible light transmission in the goggles perform their task based on when in the day or night the googles are being used.

Goggles that have a lighter tint on their lenses translate to a higher visible light transmission. This happens because of the  increased light that permits through the lens of the goggles. Yellow, gold, amber, green or rose-coloured tinits on goggle lenses provide an increased visible light transmission, therefore making these goggles best suitable for evening. Dark tints on ski goggles such as grey, brown and copper provide a lower or reduced visible light transmission. These colours are ideal for bright days. “What about clear lenses on goggles?” You may ask. Clear lenses fall under the category of the goggles that are best suited for night skiing.

There is always the option of interchangeable lenses that will allow you easily interchange the different coloured lenses on goggles to suit the weather as well as the time of day and night. The interchangeable lenses will allow you to have the right colour tinted lens to suit the correct or needed lens for the lighting. The best goggles for skiing are dependent upon the lighting of the environment in which the skiing takes place.

The Best Colour Lens for Night Skiing


Zionor lagopus ski snowboard goggles4.7
Zionor X ski snowboard snow goggles4.6
OutdoorMaster ski goggles pro4.6
STRATA Goggle Equinox-Mirror Lens4.8
Oakley flight deck ski goggles4.6
Oakley flight deck XM snow goggles4.5
Oakley men’s line miner snow goggles4.7
Spy Optic Getaway snow goggles4.7
Outdoor master OTG ski goggles4.7
Zionor X4 ski snowboard snow goggles4.7
Smith optics project adult snow goggles4.5
Bolle freeze ski goggle4.7
Bolle freeze ski goggle4.5
LianSan Anti-Fog Anti-Saliva Safety Glasses5.0
Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles4.6
DeWalt Goggle Concealer4.5
3M Personal Protective Safety Glasses5.0
SolidWork Safety Goggles4.8

The goggles that you wear in the night or when it is dark need to shield your eyes from ice, flying twigs or branches and snow when you are not able to have a clear sight of your surroundings. The dark night may provide for a skier to have a good view of where and how they are skiing but they will not see as clearly as they would have in daylight.

The goggles should provide allowance for enough light to see the surroundings. Photochromic lenses are lenses that have an automation feature, which automatically changes the tint and level of coloured-tint of the goggle in accordance with weather conditions, lighting conditions and UV intensity. The stronger the sun and UV rays, the darker the lenses of the goggles should be. If the whether conditions are that of snowing or of an overcast nature, the lens of the ski goggles remains light. If the skiing is taking place indoors, the lens of the goggles remains light regardless of the intensity of the light. Ideal colours for ski goggles for the night include yellow, rose and blue. These colours are ideal for cloudy days. Clear goggles are good for night skiing as well.

These colours permit up to 99% of noticeable light to come through the goggles, thus permitting an individual to see the utmost amount of detail within their surroundings. The clear ski goggles allow the most light through the goggles while the yellow, rose and blue colours are most beneficial with seeing distinction and detail. Another colour that is good for goggles that are designed for night time skiing is light green.  Light green goggles convey the most value out of all the others colours. They have a principle advantage of having spherical lenses that provide a wide and continuous range of sight. The light green colour gives a high percentage of visible light transmission while providing an extra contrast.

1. Zionor lagopus ski snowboard goggles

These goggles are amazon’s choice of goggles for night skiing. It has adequate UV protection and anti-fog features. These are goggles that are suitable for men, women and youth customers. They are considered to be ski goggles that have optimised performance. The goggles have a solid durable lens with anti-scratch and smart ventilation system, providing full protection for the eyes as well as a clear view when skiing or snowboarding. The goggles are comfortable and warm and have an over the glasses design.


  • The goggles can be purchased at an affordable price and are of good quality.
  • The goggles do what they are designed and bought to do.
  • The visibility is excellent and the goggles do not fog up.
  • The wind does not get inside of the goggles and they can be worn over prescription glasses.
  • The goggles provide an excellent fit.


  • The goggles moisture up very easily and results to fog on the lenses.
  • They make and are subjected to water stains that are difficult to clean once they are on the goggle.

2. Zionor X ski snowboard snow goggles

These goggles have an over the glasses design and is suitable for men and women. The goggles have spherical detachable lenses with UV protection and anti-fog properties. The goggles are designed for safety and are compatible with helmets.


  • Big enough to cover the entire face and provide a big viewing radius.
  • Do not fog up under all weather conditions.
  • Stylish and are affordable.
  • Durable and flexible, thus perform well under tough conditions


  • The anti-fog layer on the inside of the goggles is very delicate.
  • The lenses in the goggles are difficult to remove.

3. OutdoorMaster ski goggles pro

These goggles are frameless and have interchangeable lenses that have a 100% UV400 protection. The goggles are designed for men and women. They are magnetic, have an over the glass design and have a universal compatibility.


  • The vision provided from the goggles is great.
  • Fit well with helmets, are inexpensive and are of good quality.
  • The goggles offer airflow from the ventilation system under the lens and through the helmet ventilation system.
  • The goggles are stylish and have been categorised as “good looking”.


  • The goggles are said to be ‘not the fanciest’.
  • They do not offer over the glass features.

The Best Colour Lens for Bright Days


Goggle lenses for bright days need to be polarized lenses because the polarizing filter of a lens primarily aims to decrease glare from the sunlight on snow or water. Mirrored lenses are beneficial for goggle lenses designed for bright days because they have a fractional or full lens coating on the layer of the outer lens. The result of this is the goggle lenses reflecting more light and consequently permitting less light into the lenses, non-mirrored lenses.

Dark colours on the tint of the goggle lenses are ideal for bright days. The dark colours include brown, grey and dark green.  Brown is good for bright days or sunny days because the dark nature of the colours lets in less light through the lens of the goggle. The colour grey blocks a high level and amount of light, if not the most light transmission, and maintains the detail in colour when skiing in these goggles. The dark green goggle tint absorbs light and is iconic for having light-blocking features.

4. STRATA Goggle Equinox-Mirror Lens

These goggles are curved and their fit are suited for comfort as well abundant image in an open field. The goggles have a dual-layered face foam to soak up sweat and vapour to keep the sweat and vapour away from the eyes. The product has an anti-fog feature, is scratch a resilient lens for undamaged image and its silicone-coated straps that keep the goggles in place.


  • The product is flexible and seem to have been made well.
  • They are trendy and stylish, fit perfectly and are comfortable.
  • Great quality for a great price.


  • The goggles are not of high-end value
  • It pinches the nostrils enough to be make wearing the goggles uncomfortable.

5. Oakley flight deck ski goggles

This product has an inserted frame and does not have glass lenses. The frame of the goggles is rimless and subtle, giving augmented visibility and has improved helmet compatibility with most prescription glasses. These goggles provide an all-day comfort due to its triple-layered foam that provides moisture.


  • The tint looks great, has durability and is of good quality.
  • The goggles are stylish, have great colours and they provide the best field view.


  • The prism lenses of the goggles are too light for the sun, and they fog up during wet and stormy days.
  • The goggles do not have good usefulness and functionality.

6. Oakley flight deck XM snow goggles

The goggles have a subtle frame that have compatibility with most prescription glasses. The rimless frame design functions to increase the visibility and helmet alignment. The goggles guarantee all-day comfort through the triple-layered foam around the face, characterised by the extended polar fleece outline on the goggles.


  • They are a great product that fits well around the head and on the face.
  • The lenses of the goggles are perfect, comfortable and provide an excellent exterior vision.


  • The goggles get moisture inside the goggles, resulting to the goggles fogging up badly and becoming difficult to use.
  • The colour of the lenses in the goggles is off.

7. Smith

The goggles are mystic green in colour and have multiple available lenses. The lenses available have a technology that provides for a clear vision. The fit is a medium fit and is responsive to fit the frame. The fit of the goggles is further supported by the dual-slide strap adjustment.


  • The goggles are the right size, have been described as “great goggles” and are an affordable dual lens pair of goggles.
  • They provide good visibility and have excellent quality.


  • Cleaning the lens of the goggles when dirty results in tiny scratches.

8. Oakley men’s line miner snow goggles

The frame of the goggle is discreet, is compatible with prescription eyewear, and its chassis adjusts to your face for comfort in all weather conditions, including cold weather conditions. The product increases visibility and helmet compatibility, providing an all-day comfort due to the triple layer foam and polar fleece lining. It is fifty millimetres wide with adjustable straps.


  • The goggles look and feel is as it is advertised on Amazon.com.
  • The product looks nice (i.e. is stylish) and they provide good visibility.


  • Not the best quality for goggles.
  • It is not as comfortable as some of the cheaper goggle options that are available and the goggles fog up very easily.

The Best Ski Goggles for flat lightGoggles for Night Skiing


Flat light is when you stand on a mountain and everything you see from that view looks white. It seems as if a strong cloud is covering your view yet there is snow gusting around the environment that surrounds you. The visibility of the individual is not up to an adequate standard. It is said that  going down the mountain in such weather conditions can be tremendously overpowering. When everything appears to be white from the view from the mountain, it becomes enormously challenging to see things that may be in or on the mountain; as well as things that appear to be very far ahead of you.

Two factors are responsible for flat light. These factors include an overcast sky. An overcast sky showers out the light from the sun. The second factor is heavy snow or winds that carry the heavy snow. There is no proven or tested way to fully lessen the lack of visibility that flat light causes. The adequate pair of goggles contributes towards bringing forward the detail that lacks due to the flat light that has occurred.

The lens technology for flat light is designed to increase the contrast that rests in sight. The technologies are chromopop and prizm.  Goggles with chromopop and prizm technologies are ideal for flat light because they create visual conditions that permit your eye to have the ability to see a greater amount of detail. This is done by sifting out unwanted colours that are known for working against the eye’s ability to see fine details. The chromopop and prizm technology further enhances the wanted colours that will embellish the finer details.

9. Spy Optic Getaway snow goggles

The goggles have an anti-fog dual-lens function as well as anti-scratch protection. The product has an ergonomic design with foam layers and untested scoop airing system. The snowmobile goggles are compatible with helmets.


  • The product is of awesome value, is stylish and has a simple design.
  • The goggles do not fog up and are ideal for freezing temperatures.


  • The goggles are nothing fancy.

10. Outdoor master OTG ski goggles

The design of the goggles fit well over glasses and are suitable for adults as well as the youth. They have an excellent anti-fog lens features that are provided by the dual—lens technology that is coated. The goggles are safe, reliable, have UV protection and have a universal compatibility with helmets.


  • The goggles were kept clear all the time during a skiing adventure.
  • They are lightweight, look very nice and has thick and soft padding.
  • They are good goggles for an affordable price and they fit very perfectly.

11. Zionor X4 ski snowboard snow goggles magnet dual layers lens spherical design anti-fog UV protection

These goggles are a high performance anti-fog goggles that have UV protection and magnetic lens technology. The lenses are replaceable for different terrains, including light conditions. They are safe and solid.


  • The design is great and is made of good quality.
  • The goggles are a great product for a pair of one-lens goggles.
  • The goggles are a brilliant product with interchangeable lenses.


  • The strap that holds the goggles together came undone and the glasses fell off.

12. Smith optics project adult snow goggles

The goggles are a medium fit product that is compatible with helmets. The goggles are ultra wide an have a single-layered foam around the face.


  • The goggles are great in flat light.
  • The goggles fit well and are considered to be a great product.


  • The goggles were not a compatible fit with a skiing helmet.
  • Moisture and fogging gets into the goggles easily.

13. Bolle freeze ski goggle

The goggles are designed to ensure a great vision, great comfort and is equipped with an anti-fog lens. It has a double lens that is PC clear.


  • One of the customers described the goggles as perfect and good for the money.
  • The goggles are good for the slopes as they stop fogging in these conditions and are comfortable.


  • The goggles scratches easily.
  • The goggles fog up within thirty minutes of wearing them.

The Best Ski Goggles for Low Light

Top 19 Best Goggles for Night Skiing Reviews

Low light is most present in conditions such as snow at dawn, dusk and a full snowy day. The issues surrounding low light is because most people ski under these listed conditions and these kinds of conditions cannot be skied through with normal ski goggles.

The visible light condition has to be significantly high in ski goggles for low light because a high visible light transmission is ideal in low light conditions. The ski goggles have to have large lenses because large lenses provide an outstanding visibility as well as abundant outlying vision. A nice feature to have is the anti-fog coating as well as an outstanding ventilation system. The ski goggles have to be durable. Skiing in low light conditions is more dangerous than skiing under normal conditions.

The conditions of skiing in low light include a bumpier rather than a peaceful ski on the mountain. The ski goggles worn under such conditions need to be goggles that can stand up to bumps, falls, snow, wind, and water. Ventilation is important in goggles that are designed for low light conditions. Visibility is an absolute must and the ventilation ensures minimal fogging up.

14. Dewalt DPG82-11CTR Concealer

These goggles are clear, i.e. no tint on the lenses, and they have an anti-fog feature that is designed to ensure that the goggles do not fog up when customers are wearing them. The clear goggles are referred to as “Xtra clear” and this feature is deliberate protection against fogging. The goggles have an elastic headband that helps with the adjustable features of the goggles, designed to give an adequate fit. The lenses have a hard coat; the hard coated lenses function as a protection measure for the goggles, protecting them against scratches. The goggles are adjustable, provide a comfortable fit and have ventilation channels that provide breathability and protection against fogging.


  • The goggles provide full eye protection for an individual.
  • The seal around the goggles ensure an adequate fit around the eye area.
  • The goggles provide a spectacular peripheral vision.


  • When the goggles are fogged up or are filled with dust and water, it is almost impossible to wipe them clean.

15. LianSan Anti-Fog Anti-Saliva Safety Glasses

These goggles have UV protection, HD qualities for viewing and a blue light blocking function. Although the goggles are said to be designed for me, they have unisex features that drive a perfect fit without any slipping when the goggles are on the face.. They keep the eyes safe from direct, immediate as well as peripheral threats using a strong polycarbonate wraparound structure. The anti-fog and anti-glare features provide for better visibility. The goggles are further blue light above and beyond the double coated and untinted lenses.  These features ensure a minimal to no fogging up at all as well as optical distortion, ensuring that individuals can see at all times when wearing these goggles.


  • The goggles are very stylish.
  • The lenses have a plastic make up but have a glass appearance, providing a very clear vision.
  • The goggles appear to be stylishly nerdy as they have a secret projection.
  • The goggles do not fog up.


  • The sides of the goggles as well as the bottom of the goggles do not fit against the face like the top of the goggles does.

16. Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles

These goggles have clear and anti-fog lenses. The headband is neoprene and has coating that is bonded to the lens to ensure anti-scratch and anti-static properties. The goggles have UV protection features as well as indirect ventilation systems that minimise fogging. The goggles ensure protection for the eyes from splashes, mists, and dust.


  • These goggles seal well and do not fog up.
  • The goggles allow for breathing to take place.
  • The actual face cover of the goggles provides a great experience.
  • The product is affordable has great ventilation.


  • The goggles are not suitable to wear with and over prescription glasses. The lens of the goggles puts pressure on the prescription glasses, increasing discomfort of wearing the goggles.
  • Strap is a plastic rubber

17. DeWalt Goggle Concealer

These goggles are clear anti-fog lensed goggles with an elastic headstrap that functions to give a comfortable and easy adjustable fit. The clip attachment feature allows for the lens to be easily replaced in the goggles when need be. The goggles have a built-in ventilation channel, ensuring added fog control and adequate ventilation.


  • The goggles are made up of good quality, a good price, and good eye protection.
  • The peripheral vision is excellent in these goggles that are also considered to be stylish goggles.


  • The goggles stretch easily.

18. 3M Personal Protective Safety Glasses

The lenses of the goggles have ensured safety above all features and are available in different colours. The product has pressure dissemination technology that allows the goggles’ temples to logically adjust to individual head sizes. The goggles have anti-scratch coating that is designed to assist in protecting the lenses from scratches, nicks and scrapes that can become distractions while wearing the goggles.


  • The product fits very well on the face.
  • The anti-fog and ventilation features ensure that the fog created clears out quickly and effectively.
  • The product has adequate elasticity and flexibility.


  • The goggles have a tendency of fogging up.
  • The hinges of the goggles break easily.
  • The goggles are uncomfortable and their lenses are made up of cheap plastic.

19. SolidWork Safety Goggles

The goggles are a universal fit, the lenses are clear and are described to be coated and fog-free. The product has adequate anti-scratch features, sits comfortably on the face because of the component mix of its contact surface. A different coating on the lense makes the goggles predominantly scratch-resistant externally and fog-free internally. The different coating further protects the eyes from harmful UV rays. Its panoramic design ensures that the entire field of vision is always in view while your eyes are protected from all sides.


  • The goggles are comfortable and give a tight seal around the eyes.
  • Buying these goggles is very affordable.
  • The goggles are comfortable and lightweight, fitting comfortable over prescription glasses.
  • The goggles do not fog up.



Goggles are an essential part of any activity that takes place in weather conditions that require goggles to be worn. The are ideal for all weather conditions and environments because they provide ultimate protection for individuals, especially for the eyes, and minimise fogging up around the eyes while maximising UV protection for the eyes.

This article has discussed the important aspects of goggles, providing examples of ideal goggles, for different condition, available on Amazon.com to illustrate the important features of goggles under the listed conditions, regardless of where you will be making use of the goggles. The aim has been to assist each reader in understanding the importance of goggles and assist potential buyers to make the best informed decision when buying the goggles. While there are multiple similarities in each of the goggles, there are key differences that separate the adequate goggles from the ideal goggles for night skiing, skiing during the day, for flat light and for low light.

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