10 Best Golf Balls for Women 2022 Reviews

Women have a classified history in this field of sports but these triumphs are incomplete without weapon called best golf balls for women. Because any golf player is imperfect without, faith to win and that faith lies in the golf ball. And the nativity of best golf balls for women has been started from a first golf ball called Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept. This pioneered motif has given birth to the design of golf balls for women. And the indigenous Bridgestone golf ball is the reason behind the chain of golf balls for women.

The world is changing with every passing second and there is a fast-growing evolution in every discipline of life. With developing technology and multiply inventions there is also a considerable change of tide in the pasture of golf. The golf ball is considered to be a key to confidence for any golfer whether it’s men or women.

It has been professed that golf has been originated from a smack to hard rock by a tedious shepherd, and some believe that it has been invented from a Roman game called ‘Paganica’ which involves a stick and ball, although there is no verification of these mythical claims. But it has been evident that Babe Didrikson Zaharias was the first American woman athlete who has shinned his armor of victory in the field of golf in 1947 with the help of golf ball. From then woman Golf day has been celebrated on the 4rth of June every year.

How to choose the best golf balls for women?

10 Best Golf Balls for Women

Choosing the finest golf balls for a woman can be scary sometimes, because of the diverse range of its various types, styles, and brands. Therefore, choose that ball that can provide ultimate benefits in all prospects.  There is a wide criterion in a thorough selection of ball and everyone has a different viewpoint in this scenario. But, there are a few neutral ways through which one can easily pick the ideal ball for women.

Approach what is beneficial

Multiple ranges of models can divert one’s attention towards different approaches, and it is not bad to experience something new, but one has to stick with what suits one’s game in the best possible manner. Because sometimes a slight change in a spin can drop one’s chances of winning and changes it into failure. So choose that one which has already been a part of one’s practice.

Keep an eye on the trajectory

A perfect golf ball is what gives a high command to a soaring trajectory. So it is necessary to choose that ball that can bear a fast swing because the more distance the ball can cover the more one’s chances to be dominant in the game. So try to select the ball with dimple patterns, because they can lift more in the air due to their boundary layer.

Control is a key factor

It is to be said that woman spins slower than a man. So, in this regard accuracy and control is a key factor to keep in mind while choosing a ball. Control of the ball is what it all takes to turn over the game. Because putting and driving force at a ball during the spin is all in the hand of golfer.

A budget does matter

The price of a golf ball has significant importance because there is a marque of variation in this business with a slight change, although they all offer the same product with a range of prices. So a good golfer should have a catchy eye in this prospect. Because no everyone can pay the larger sum of amount for dozen of golf balls when one can get them at affordable costs and terms.

Appealing appearance

Women have this inspiring psyche that they can easily get attracted to something enchanting and aspiring. And in this game woman golfer should have his own unique choice to select a damping Design and color of her ball. Because these two qualities make a ball compelling for a woman golf player. Although it has been researched that green, yellow, pink, and white are the most chosen ones, but concerning the game intensity, it is been suggested that one should choose the black and white ball for one’s game because of their clear visibility in air.

Top 10 Best Golf balls For Women

Best Golf Balls for Women

There is a list of ten highly-rated and recommended golf balls for women.

Srixon Women’s Soft Feel Golf ball4.8
Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Prior Generation4.6
Volvik Vivid Golf Balls, Prior Generation4.6
Bridgestone Lady Precept Ladies Golf Balls4.5
Ball Couture Fashionable Golf Balls for Women Variety Pack, 1 Dozen4.5
TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls4.7
Golfdotz Majestic Butterfly4.7
Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls4.7
Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls4.6
Wilson Hope Ladies Golf Balls4.4

1. Srixon Women’s Soft Feel Golf ball

Product Description

  • This product belongs to a brand called Srixon. The color which makes it special and appealing is White.
  • The dimension of the pack is equal to 7.5L x 5.7W x 1.9H inches and the dimension of a single ball is 8.5L x6.1W x2H inches.


  • This ball has been highly rated on Amazon.
  • It is an ideal ball for every golfer, even though one has started or has been already powerful in-game.
  • It fulfills every player’s needs.


  • It possesses the quality of soft and lower compression core.
  • It can easily cover an excessive amount of interspace with powerful spin.
  • Its swing speed is 70+ miles per hour.
  • It has a newly specified dimple pattern which is helpful for aerodynamics.
  • It has characteristics to drive the game into a higher level and distance.


  • It is more radiant and hard from outside and more squashy and soft from inside.
  • Its hardness sometimes makes it out of control for players which is not a good sign in-game.

2. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Prior Generation

Product Description

  • The brand called Callaway is the manufacturer of Callaway super soft golf balls, prior generation. The pack comes with twelve no of items, it is made up of pure polyester. It can be available in several colors like pink, white, and optical yellow.
  • It is a more improved design of this company, it has specifically designed for women. The total weight of these balls is 0.64 Kilograms. The dimension of the ball concerning Length width and height is 5 x 4 x3 inches.


  • This ball has newly classified aerodynamics with a higher intensity to contour the distance and speed.
  • Its soft and lofty Magna feature probably helps to divert the spin in a straight fall.
  • Its multiple colors provide great visibility


  • Its simple pattern of the outer layer makes it less powerful to wedge a perfectly aligned compression.

3. Volvik Vivid Golf Balls, Prior Generation

Product Description

  • The brand name Volvik offers the production of these golf balls. It is made up of synthetic fibers. It comes with a diverse range of appealing colors like Pink, Yellow, Green, orange, red, and white. Its compelling matt finish makes it more vibrant for a player and enhances visibility.
  • The company has improved it with more fundamental features. The average weight of 12 balls is 0.52 kilograms. The size of this product is 6 x 4.5 x 8.1 Inches.


  • Their vivid colors are one of the main reasons to locate them in the field, players feel more enthusiastic while using it for their sport because its neon colors give more pulling to spin. Colors aside, it has more long and convenient drives to save strokes in the yard.
  • It strikes with a crystal clear projection. It is considered as one of the highest compression pulling balls.
  • Best product for a competitive game.


  • The flight of this ball is higher than a normal flight. So it is not so good for the one who already has a higher spin rate.

4. Bridgestone Lady Precept Ladies Golf Balls

Product Description

  • Bridgestone Golf Company located in the United States manufactures this product. It is one of the oldest and finest brands of Golf balls. The Urethane material makes this ball more demandable for players. It comes in various colors but pink and white ones are the most in command. It comes with a pack filled with one dozen balls.
  • The ultimate weight of a package is 1.4 Pounds. The dimension of a single ball is 5.52x 7.27 x 1.78 inches.


  • This model is specifically designed with moderate swing speed.
  • It is a highly recommended product


  • This ball undertakes a capacity of higher trajectory and slow spin.
  • It can easily cover a minimal distance range. Its softness makes it more firm during the game.
  • It has approximately 334 dimple designs which make it more favorable for the woman golfer. Even though this product is proved to be good for a handicapped woman.
  • Its lively color makes it more prominent in deep grass.


  • This is only Proved to be good for superior players, beginners can not handle its speed.

5. Ball Couture Fashionable Golf Balls for Women Variety Pack, 1 Dozen

Product Description

  • The Ball couture, extremely feminine brand for female golfers. This womanly product is a combination of plastic and rubber materials. It can be provided in a pack with twelve balls based on different colors and variations. It comes in four enthralling colors, these colors and designs make it different from others.
  • The total weight of the whole package is 0.63 kilograms with the beautiful packaging of a black box. It has a dimension of 5.2x 6.27 x 1.9 inches. Its unique size makes it more adorable.


  • While holding this ball, any woman golfer will feel like the number one player in the yard. According to its design and style, one can easily grasp this feeling that these balls are definitely for stylish women golfers.
  • This ball has 340 dimple patterns which make it more convincible for its higher pullup. The spin can be as faster as one wants it to be.
  • Its softness tells its accuracy. The variation of colors makes it more detachable for a viewer. One can perform very well while using these attractive balls.
  • It can be one of the best gifts to a beginner golf player.


  • Although they cannot be considered as novelty balls in a tough competition.
  • They are much better for fun playing. But their cute logos made them demanding among women.

6. TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls

Product Description

  • Kalea Golf balls are one of the highest-rated golf balls of TaylorMade They manufacture these balls with Urethane. It is well-known for its vibrant colors and power of resisting UV lights. It can be available in White, peach, pink, purple and black color. There come a dozen balls in a pack. This ball is considered as Uni-sex ball can be used by both man and woman.
  • These are hollow in weight, the maximum weight of the whole package is just 0.64 Kilograms. The total dimension of this ball is 7.4x 5.48 x 1.89 inches


  • This ball can easily enhance one’s golf game.


  • Its spin is very low and easy to handle but can reach up to a higher level. The compression core rate is considerably low to achieve an excessive range of height.
  • It is specifically designed for a woman.
  • It has almost 345 dimple patterns on the outer surface. This ball can cover more distance on a slight click.
  • Its soft sticky layer gives more comfort to the player while targeting high meadows of grass. This ball should be a part of the golfer’s practice kit.


  • Some times players face visibility issues while playing in high UV lights.

7. Golfdotz Majestic Butterfly

Product Description

  • An American company called Golfdoz deals with majestic butterfly golf balls. It is made up of special synthetic fibers, specifically chosen for their manufacturing. These balls come in white and black color with a beautiful patch of a butterfly on their outer layer.
  • Its partial dimension is 14.89 x 8.99 x 0.65 inches.


  • First and foremost, the butterfly is not just sticky stickers on this ball it’s printed in such an expert way that a hard hit doesn’t affect its beauty. This ball is catchy, because of its dimpling pattern.
  • It can cover more distance and easily visible to a naked eye.
  • It is handier due to its softness. The versatile compression is a core result of a simple strike. This ball is recommendable for golfers, who are into this game.


  • Its visibility is very low and not best for cold temperatures.

8. Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls

Product Description

  • Chromax has given wild card entry with the production of these M5 Metallic balls. High flow Surlyn has been used on the outer core for more resistance and to bear cold temperatures. The company offers six balls in a pack with a diverse range of colors. Their vibrant matt is for what they are known among players. The material of these balls is extremely elastic.
  • It weighs only 0.34 kilograms with a dimension of 9.4x 5.98 x 2.89.


  • Its metallic property is worthy because of the wide range of dimpling patterns. The design goes from M1 to M5 having 302, 432, and 485 dimples.
  • Its compression rate is very high.
  • It can easily cover 90 yards of distance. Due to its high spirited color, it can be located easily. There are no of golfers who have won their games with Chromax M5 metallic balls. These balls can make one’s game more interesting and enjoyable.


  • Every ball has a different dimpling pattern and trajectory which is some times tough for players which one to choose and which one to avoid.

9. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Product Description

  • The sports equipment company called Wilson has been fabricating these golf balls for a woman. Many colors are available in this brand like blue, black, reddish-pink, and white.
  • It weighs very lite. Its dimension is 8x4x6 inches.
  • This golf ball is famous for its hot shady colors.


  • Wilson is one of the oldest brands of Golf balls. They have been manufacturing the best golf balls around the globe with no specialties. This ball has advanced rubber quality at its core. Its compression rate is more than 50.
  • Its dimpling pattern is an all-rounder. This is the best golf ball.


  • Its dimpling pattern is not so convincing.

10. Wilson Hope Ladies Golf Balls

Product Description

  • The Wilson Hope Ladies is one of the hottest products of Wilson’s for women. It is available in balmy pink color and made up of synthetic elastic fibers.
  • Its estimated weight is 1.4 pounds with a leverage dimension of 7.6×5.4×1.8 inches.


  • The Wilson hope golf balls create double excitement for every swing.
  • Its high powerful constructive quality produces an exact trajectory.
  • It is recommended for a new golfer. It is a price-friendly pack.
  • It’s pretty pink color is most demandable.


  • It can not be considered for high wind rates. This ball can easily lose its flight in fast air blows.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Golf Balls

Why woman should opt Golf?

Women are getting to be a part of every game then why not Golf. Above this golf is a very mesmerizing kind of game. It is considered to be the best exercise and habit for any person who belongs to any age, it’s the best way to skip all worries and problems.

Which is one of the best balls for woman Golfer?

Callaway, Srixon, Chromax, Titleist, TaylorMade, and Nike are the brands that have fully designed the best golf balls for women.

Can woman golf balls have the capacity to cover more distance?

Yes, best golf balls possess features to go further even with the slightest spark.

Woman golfer should use softball or hardball?

Women golfers can use both soft and hard balls for their game. Although, softballs have lower compression ability while hard balls have higher compression ability. Moreover, softballs can be better used by beginners and harder balls are for superior players.

Golf is Tough or easy for women?

A woman has a natural quality to handle everything. And sports of golf are not based on a dogma of tough or easy it is more of a game of confidence and faith.


10 Best Golf Balls for Women Reviews

Women in Golf are very rare because of its small market. Although, the Golf industry is evolving and growing with its networking every single day. More and more women are taking it as their career. There are plenty of campaigns that have been arranged by a different club to involve women in this game. This woman game is getting more social intention than ever. Because it’s an easy manner to mix a business into charm and pleasure.

This activity is getting common in Business cooperates during their dealing and international business trips. Every woman loves sports but a woman with a great sense of aspiration and sophistication has always been choosing this game for their fun activity. Several clubs in the whole world are changing the dimensions of their clubs just to make them more attractive for women. This game is one of the reasons behind the empowerment of women. Because this game is the best way to learn the business.

Most woman takes this game as the biggest challenge to them which leads them to choose the best ball for their Golf Kit. Golf for women is all about improving inner and outer abilities. Women having the best Golf balls gives her self-confidence, trust, resiliency, and endurance to become the best Golfer. But despite all these arrangements and efforts, there is only 25% of a woman from all over the world who are participating in this game.

Dear Woman Golfer to be,

Just to have the courage to choose the best golf ball for yourself is all it takes to become the best golfer. If you have read this Article and never played golf then this is your chance!

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