6 Best Golf Driver for Beginners 2022 Reviews

To be a successful and professional golfer, its hugely crucial to have the right golf driver to beginner with. The golf driver selection process should not only be informed but also a detailed one too. To achieve this one should do wide research on the field.

This where the internet will become of help to you, find the pricing to the beginner driver, and compare them against the elements they pair to help you make an informed decision. Also, you can compare the pricing of the same golf driver from different available platforms selling the item to pick the one which you find valuable and economically too.

Also, take your time during the selection process don’t be in any rush, make sure you properly research on the product and have all the details about it before you can decide on whether to buy or not. The sheer volume in the market on golf clubs is enough to confuse anyone thus you need not be in any hurry. Depending on both your ability and budget, buying a new golf driver can be a significant investment, so it’s very vital to do some homework and be informed about it to aid you in making a wise decision. Take time before you can take ant step and learn more about it and you will be glad afterward on the decision you made.

The name should not overshadow your judgment. If you are fun to some professional this can confuse into making wrong and uninformed decisions thus it is wise to ignore the name at all cost and be guided by the available fact about the product you want to acquire. All you need to do is use your favorite models but also consider seeing other available brands to get the balance right. With the advancement of technology, many golf manufacturers tend to target different players and use them as their brand ambassadors. Generally, in approaching this you need to focus on the clubs that cater to your needs and not the name. After all, it’s your score that counts.

Best Golf Driver for Beginners

Top 6 Best Golf Driver for Beginners

TaylorMade Golf M5 Driver (460cc)4.6
TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron4.7
Ping G25 Driver 10.5 (TFC 189 Stiff)4.8
Ping G30 SF Tec Driver 10 (TFC 419D REGULAR)4.5
Cleveland Golf Men's, CBX Wedge5.0 - Best Choice
Callaway X Hot Iron Set4.8

1. TaylorMade Golf M5 Driver (460cc)

This type is an all-round choice, and it also features mostly at the top list mainly due to its flexible loft. It is not only suitable for beginner golfers but also good for more experienced players depending on their ability levels and the existing conditions. This type is suitable and it is available all in one club. The most common advantages include its lightweight, adjustable loft and it’s built for speed among many other capabilities accuracy and more so it’s a beginner-friendly. However, TaylorMade Golf M5 Driver (460cc) to has another side in the sense that it lacks thrills option and also has lower durability.


  • Lightweight
  • It has an adjustable loft
  • Design major for speed


  • Lacks thrills options
  • Has a lower durability

2. TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

This kind of driver in the favorite pick for most people due to the presence of a huge sweet spot which is exactly loved by many. TaylorMade is the most recommended golf driver for the beginners. It has a couple of advantages which include its large sweet spot, adjustable loft great design, and its use by pros. However, its high cost discourages most from purchasing it. This type of driver is considered to be an older model among other types of recommended beginner golf drivers in the market. Based on the available fact on any product has the client you will be able to tell on the kind of the driver that is best fit for you to buy and start practicing with.


  • Has a large sweet spot
  • Designed with a flexible loft
  • Used by professionals


  • It is expensive

3. Ping G25 Driver 10.5 (TFC 189 Stiff)

It has outstanding features that are suitable for a learner to start with. It has a large sweet spot to help cover up for the inaccuracy of the beginner. Hitting long golf shirt is imperative for any golfer, that goes without saying. However, it is also important to on point and accurate off the tee, thus this type of driver (Ping G25) is the best option because of its large sweet spot and a great loft. For these reasons, it’s enough to affirm that the Ping G25 Driver is high on the list among the most preferred types of best beginner golf drivers. Apart from its large sweet spot, Ping G25 also has a great design and it’s also a leading brand. Also, Ping G25 is preferred wide because of its 12-degree loft option.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Great design
  • Ease to use
  • Distance


  • Expensive

4. Ping G30 SF Tec Driver 10 (TFC 419D REGULAR)

This special kind of beginner golf driver is a major great for slicers and thus it’s very special and highly reviewed for any beginner. Slicing is the hardest skill to master and thus its a must learn things among any beginner at the early stage. With this one needs to learn how to grip a golf club or use a technique that will correct the golf slice. This king of golf driver allows for forgiveness in case of any mistakes thus it’s so convenient to have as a beginner. Some of its advantages are the fact that they are great for reducing slices, are great for distance, are lightweight, and also offer a great feel. This type is a must-have driver for any beginner.


  • Lightweight
  • Offer great feel and sound
  • Design for reducing slices
  • Great feel
  • Accuracy and forgiveness


  • Bottomline

5. Cleveland Golf Men’s, CBX Wedge

The other recommended kind of a golf driver is Cleveland Golf  Men’s, CBX Wedge, it’s popular because of its deep face inspiring confidence at address with also a quality shaft. A beginner will appreciate a larger deep face; this will give you forgiveness across the face. when starting, we do not always strike the ball at the center. Cleveland driver has tried to maximize the chance when you hit slightly off the center, as the beginner often do. This is the most like event to occur always as one starts to train as a golfer. With this type, you will be able to attain distance and reasonable levels of accuracy.

It is considered the largest and deepest club face of any driver in golf sporting field. However, this kind of golf driver also has some of these cons which include significant investment, this type of driver is quite expensive. Discretionary mass savings positioned for an important rise to MOI, resulting in more speed.


  • Wide dual-v sole
  • Cavity back design
  • Feel balancing technology is used


  • Players who prefer low bounces may be left wanting

6. Callaway X Hot Iron Set

Callaway X Hot Iron Set by one Callaway is another highly rated type of golf driver for the beginners. The driver is famous for its features such as having a long, fast, and forgiving loft which is more suitable for any trainee to start using it. This driver is designated majorly for fast ball speeds and more distance. Callaway X Hot Iron Set has a great feel and a satisfying sound.


  • Long, fast & forgiving loft
  • Designed for fast ball speeds and more distance
  • Great feel and satisfying sound
  • Predictable
  • Look
  • Playability


  • Lack of feedback
  • Everyone wants to hit them

Best Golf Driver for Beginners


In summary, the best golf driver for a beginner as explained in detail above, explains the different kinds of golf drivers and the specification of each driver as they are designed. Above well-explained points are the key factors to contemplate when searching for the best golf driver for beginners.

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