10 Best Golf Driver For Distance 2022 Reviews

The golf driver also known as the 1-wood is the longest club in the bag, both in terms of the total length of the club, from the upper of the shaft to the base of the clubhead and the length of the distance. It has the longest shaft and the biggest head and its loft has the least amount of all the golf clubs {excluding the putter}. It is designed exclusively for playing the golf ball off the tee from the teeing section at the start of the golf holes, typically on par-4 and par-5 hole which requires multiple shots to reach the green. However, many golfers use it solely off the tee on a hole that is extended enough to need a good belt of the ball down the fairway.

A lot of golfers concentrate more keenly on the distance they strike the driver because longer drives result in shorter approach to shots.

The golf driver is usually the most complicated and difficult club to use for recreational and amateur golfers. As a matter of fact, many golf teaching professionals advise recreational golfers to give up 1-wood for 3-wood and 5-wood or hybrid to improve the launch angle and obtain better control of shot direction and target.

The golf driver is normally considered the most challenging club to hit with accuracy mainly because of its dimensions. It is also typically the most expensive club.

The standard driver for chap golfers has a shaft that is 43-47 inches long and head size of 380cc-460cc and a loft that ranges from 7-120. A modern driver head can be made from a variety of materials like graphite, titanium, steel or a combination of various materials. Composites of graphite are the most common shaft choice.

Understanding a Golf Driver

The materials, the loft and the size of the driver head are imperative in permitting you to hit your perfect shots off the tee and so is the length and flex of the driver shaft.

Back in the day, drivers were designed with wood and every one of them appeared the same. But nowadays, they are designed with varieties of materials and they come in various shapes and sizes.

Things to understand in a golf driver

Bigger is often better

Driver’s heads are a bit larger and bigger than those used in the past in order for them to have an enlarged sweet spot which permits the player to have better latitude in making excellent connection with the golf ball. Wooden heads are smaller than steel heads and because titanium has a lesser weight than steel, its head is even larger, giving a bigger sweet spot. Your choice based on the size of the head should depend on your capabilities. Usually, an intermediate player will make use of titanium driver’s enlarged sweat spot, whereas someone with a higher skill should select one that has a lesser striking area to gain control.

The Loft

The loft of golf driver is the position of the striking area of the driver and it has an effect on how you strike the golf ball. It is seen that the higher the loft, the greater the flight. Nevertheless, if you frequently slice the golf ball, you could decrease the propensity of the driver having fewer lofts but you will forfeit some distance. On the other hand, if you often hook the ball, you can select a golf driver with an improved loft.

The Shaft

When a player purchases a golf driver, he/she should note the length and flex of the driver’s shaft. Normally, a novice player who has problems with the swing speed or strength should select a driver with lots of flex in its shaft. Many golf drivers feature a shaft that is 44-inches long but there are still a few longer than that. Longer shafts result in longer distance but you will most likely sacrifice some precision in the process.

How to Increase Your Driver Distance

Every golfer wants to increase their distance with the driver. In this phase of the article, we will review how you all can increase your driver distance in very measureable and real ways on the golf itinerary.

The ways to increase your driver distance include:

10 Best Golf Driver For Distance Reviews

Learn high-quality Fundamentals

When your swing is fundamentally good, you will hit the ball mush farther. Many amateur and novice golfers or even low handicappers possess inefficiencies in their setup and it is costing them imperative yardage every time they play.

Features like poor weight transfer, an improper grip, bad posture and a soft left side at impact, excess hip turn, a swing plane that is very steep or very flat, will take away your control and driving distance.

You will find many definitive checkpoints for various phases of the golf swing that you can use to determine your own swing. If you strongly want to increase your driver distance and make your drives straighter, I advise you concentrate on this area first.

Develop Your Techniques for Big Drives

I know your setup and swing are fundamentally good but there are some adjustments you can make to get additional yardage. They are;

  • Take a bit wider stance than usual for a more stable base and to support a bit of additional resistance in the backswing.
  • Tip your right shoulder low a bit, place about 60% of your weight on you right side.
  • You can place the ball a bit forward and teed up a bit higher.
  • Support a big shoulder rotation in the backswing, ensuring the left shoulder comes over and crossways to the right knee cap and vice versa for a left-handed golfer.
  • Make sure you have plenty of resistance on your legs and hips. Don’t allow your knees to extend or flex excessively as you turn your back.
  • At the upper of the backswing, drive your body weight across by concentrating on your belt buckle. Feel as if you are rotating the belt buckle around like a wheel as fast as possible to face your aim.
  • Maintain an excellent timing and rhythm all through the swing because any deficit of balance will lead to poor strike of the ball.

Develop Your Strength and Flexibility

When it has to do with increasing your distance with the driver, improvements in your technique can match improvements with gold fitness.

For instance, if you have a problem with flexibility, you will tussle to make a complete shoulder during the backswing.

Similarly, with a lack of strength in your core areas like your abdominal muscle, hip complex and lower back, you will find it challenging to co-ordinate and control body movements when swinging a driver.

But if even though you have the fundamental fitness to make and control a complete golf swing at speed, it is seen that a program of golf exercises can help you with the following;

  • It can help enhance your average swing speed
  • It can increase your driver distance by 20-30 yards
  • It can improve your ball hitting accuracy and consistency
  • It can also reduce your general scores.

How To Choose The Best Golf Driver For Distance

Best Golf Driver For Distance Reviews

Size of The Head

The common belief is that the bigger/larger the head, the farther you will strike the ball, many players debate that a golf driver with a bigger head offers a larger sweet spot, as a result, it is trouble-free to have an off-center shot. They are correct but there are also golf drivers that have bulky heads which could obstruct many players. If you are a recreational golfer, and you often strike the ball lower than 250 yards away from the tee, search for a golf driver with over a 450cc head. You could strike a driver with a bigger head and strike the ball even farther but you might have to give up some precision.

The Accurate Shaft

There are three different shafts designed with various metals; the steel, titanium and graphite {as stated earlier}. Golf drivers designed with steel shafts are usually less costly and they weigh more than others golf drivers. If you are an intermediate player, purchase a driver designed with a titanium shaft or graphite shaft, this is because they weigh less and that will mean a greater speed and longer distance.

All three varieties of shaft feature five flexes. They are; women’s, stiff, extra stiff, senior’s and regular. If the golf ball travels lower than 200 yards, select a woman’s shaft, if your ball travels less than 225 yards, select a senior’s shaft, if your ball travels less than 250 yards, select a regular shaft, if you ball travels less than 275 yards, select a stiff shaft and if you ball travels less than 300 yards, select an extra stiff shaft.

Also ensure you select the proper length of the shaft. A lot of amateur golfers strike the ball using a long shaft in order to increase distance, at the same time, forfeiting accuracy.

The Driver’s Loft

For years, golfers selected golf drivers with the lowest amount of loft as it was believed that the lesser the loft, the greater the flight as they would strike the ball lower. In recent times, it is seen much differently. Your selection of loft is based on your swing speed. Stores with sporting goods should assist in figuring this out. If your standard swing speed is lower than 100 mph, select golf drivers with about 12 degrees loft.

Only purchase a golf driver with lower loft if you have a great swing speed, but never choose a driver with a loft lower than 10 degrees.

  • Also, select a driver that offers the trajectory that is most suited for your game. For instance, if you strike the ball low off the tee, you should purchase a driver with high trajectory rating.
  • Ensure that the driver possess a forgiveness rating that corresponds with the quality of the game you engage in. For example, if you usually strike tee shots that fail to spot the proverbial sweet spot, you should probably purchase a driver with maximum forgiveness rating. For many golfers, the best selection is a driver with the largest head that they can control.

Top 10 Best Golf Drivers For Distance

Golf Driver



Product description

The TaylorMade SIM Driver is a reshaped sole model that offers more clubhead speed and improved aerodynamics at the crucial stage of the swing. The inertia generator positions weight at the extreme end for enhanced forgiveness and is tactically angled to lessen drag on the downswing.

It has a headcover and wrench and a speed inserted twist face. It has a progressively large face which provides golfers with the abilities to increase forgiveness and playability.


  • It becomes excessively long if paired with a good shaft for your swing
  • It is forgiving
  • It is also adjustable.


  • It has a small sweet spot.


Product description

The Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver provides an excellent combination of high MOI and low spin. It has a neutral bias and a 450cc head with an adjustable 2g and 14g weight to upgrade ideal launch and spin. It features a new artificial technology designed Flash Face SS20 that has a thinner face across a more expensive area which permits ultra-fast ball speeds.

It has a high strength FS2S Titanium face, which provides maximum speed, forgiveness and spin performance. It also features two internal jailbreak bars that connect the sole and crown, stiffening and stabilizing these points on impact.

It is designed with Triaxial carbon fabric {TC2} which upgrades high MOI for better accuracy, longer distance and maximum performance on mis-hits.


  • It has excellent ball speeds
  • It is workable but it maintains good forgiveness
  • It has a relatively low spin that can really increase distance
  • It has a sleek and more compact appearance


  • For golfers that struggle to get height of their shots and strikes can possibly have a bad time.


Product description

The Titleist TS4 Driver is an ultra low spin driver which offers excellent ball speed. It uses a low, forward CG position to deactivate spin and generate a straighter ball flight. Titleist TS4 Driver is the ideal driver for you if reducing spin to strike longer drives is your aim.


  • It has a low spin which could be perfect for some golfers
  • It has maximum amount of adjustability to get dialed in
  • It has a great sound.


  • It is not very forgiving
  • It has a small head which may not be suitable for everybody


Product description

The Ping G410 LST Driver delivers a lower spinning technology in a smaller and faster shape with increased forgiveness. It is designed with a movable weight technology that permits golfers to modify the driver’s CG location by positioning the weight in one of the three locations; fade, draw and neutral to fine-tune their ball flight. At 450cc, it has a more rounded, pear-shaped titanium structure with a face that lays slightly open and a score line pattern that entrap the impact area at address. It has a low and stable spin of 200-400 rpm and a high MOI. It also has a fully machined T9S forged face for greater ball speed.


  • It has an impressive performance
  • It provides low spin without any need of sacrificing any level of forgiveness


  • It is difficult to control dispersion.
  • It accumulates tee marks on the sole easily.


Product description

The Callaway Mavrik Driver is a fast driver that features an all-new cyclone aero shape for the purpose of reducing drag. The Callaway Mavrik Driver is fueled with the latest A.I. designed flash face SS20, which enhances fast ball speeds across an extra costly area in each loft and model.

It has a new face design, which is constructed with FS2S titanium, an extremely strong material that weighs 6g lighter than the normal titanium to promote maximum speed, spin robustness and forgiveness. It also has two internal Jailbreak bars that connect the sole with crown to promote fast ball speed, and the extensively lighter carbon present in the driver permits you to redistribute weight for higher MOI.


  • It is excessively long
  • It is forgiving
  • It delivers classically straight shots.


  • It is a bit chunky
  • It is not really good with distance control


Product description

It has a freshly designed T-Bar speed Chassis, which is lighter and stronger to endure high speed collisions and impact and provide spectacular feel and stability. It is designed with a 360 carbon wrap which cover about 50% of the entire club body, giving stiffness to the chassis at the same time saving 25g of discretionary weight. It is also designed with a CNC Milled Infinity Face-The Power Zone-The face which is the engine of the driver and the basis of the speed.


  • It is lightweight
  • It delivers great speed
  • It provides stability
  • It absorbs impact


  • It has a high-pitched sound that may not be suitable for everybody.


Product description

The Titleist TS3 Driver is designed with a SureFit adjustable sole weight, which gives players the option of several weights and also put more or less weight on either the toe or the heel, depending on their preference. It has a thin crown that permits weight to be distributed somewhere else in the driver head to optimize aerodynamics for greater speed. It has also has a thin face of 0.35mm which results in increased ball speed and longer distance.

The Titleist TS3 Driver delivers longer and more consistent tee shots for golfers of every level. If you are searching to purchase a driver that delivers great distance and accuracy when on the tee, the Titleist TS3 Driver is the ideal option.


  • It has a low center of gravity which ensures superior performance
  • The Titleist TS3 Driver has high moment of inertia
  • It is designed with SureFit moveable weight that makes sure the driver is adjustable
  • It is suitable for all kinds of golfers


  • It has a lower sound compared to other TS models
  • It is less forgiving


Product description

The TaylorMade SIM Max Driver provides a lock in top-level of speed and forgiveness during your game. The speed injection process is structured to increase ball speed, distance and performance at or close to the legal limit. It is also designed with a Revolutionary Twist Face mechanism which helps to utilize face curvature with corrective face angle on off-center hits for the reduction of side spin and for straighter shots. It has an A 2-degree Loft Sleeve which enables optimized face angle and loft and lie customization for perfect trajectory and spin.

It is modeled with a multi-material construction which allows weight to be placed in the head, whereby reducing the CG and increasing the MOI/forgiveness.


  • It allows for great distance
  • It is forgiving
  • It is not expensive


  • It is not adjustable


Product description

The Ping G410 Driver guarantees better performance during your game. It is designed with a movable weight and trajectory tuning technology that delivers modified performance for professional and low handicap players. The movable weight system helps control the center of gravity for a precision ball flight. It also has a dragon fly design, which has been re-engineered to the inside of the driver’s head for improved and enhanced aerodynamics in a cleaner appearance at address.


  • It delivers maximum forgiveness
  • It can be used by both elite players and low handicap players
  • It offers an improved aerodynamics


  • It is high pitched and might not be suitable for all players
  • It has large turbulators that can be intrusive for golfers that prefer a cleaner appearance at address.


Product description

The TaylorMade SIM Max Driver is designed for speed and distance. It has an asymmetric sole construction and a powerful new inertia generator which are combined to optimize aerodynamics and speed at the most crucial stage of the swing. It also has a Twist Face technology.

The inertia generator places weight at the extreme end of for enhanced forgiveness and it is tactically angled to reduce drag on the downswing. It offers adjustable weight and personalization to optimize the driver to individual trajectory and face angle preferences, ranging to +/-2o loft change.


  • It is very forgiving
  • It has a huge face and sweet spot.


  • It might excessively bulky for some golfers
  • It is expensive.


Best Golf Driver For Distance

When Do You Use A Golf Driver?

Drivers are usually used on par-4 and par-5 golf holes. Professional golfers can also use drivers from the ground to arrive at long par-5 with only two shots. But these shots can be difficult and are not ideal for all players.

How Do I Measure a Golf Driver’s Shaft Length?

Measuring a golf driver length and shaft length can be done by using a tape measure or measuring stick. To do these, position the driver in a playing pose, and then measure the length from end to grip, butt end to the middle of the club face. This is the whole length of the driver. To get the shaft length, measure the length from the butt end of the grip to the hosel connection.

It is necessary to measure and adjust your shaft in order to have a better swing speed, ball speed and also maximum distance.


This article will explain to you all you need to about golf drivers and golf drivers for distance. It is written to give you a descriptive knowledge and understanding of the importance of purchasing a good golf driver and it will also guide you when purchasing your golf drivers. I hope it is helpful enough to the readers and the golfers looking to purchase a golf driver.

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