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10 Best Grip Basketball Shoes 2022 Reviews

Indeed the world of sports which include the manner of running and skipping have revolutionized the shoe industry. Basketball is exactly the same game which have caused revolution in the shoe industry for about 30 years. Appraisers from all over the globe explore for the best grip basketball shoes that prevent their body from plummet. Basically the motive of the best grip basketball shoes is to permit the player to run and jump in a comfort zone without falling and getting injured.


Basketball is a diversion that includes great energy and strength. The player experiences many jerks and convulsions and to overcome them he/she must have strong grip with the ground. Best basketball shoes offer such resistance that help to endure such hauls. A shoe industry is laborious (determined) to come up with a shoe that perfectly suits their client’s requirements. Every single athlete within the arena must wear a shoe that offers best adhesion to the hauls specified during the game.

These provide great protection against deadly injuries. Earlier till late 70s there was no such concept of games and sports as the world moved towards modernity it enhanced its exploration. Every single field began to expand and flourish its new ideas and techniques. They began to develop their own industries to make best outfits for the players and so did the basketball shoe industry. Basketball grip shoes are important as they not only increase the performance of the player while making sharp cuts, immediate lands and long jumps but it also provide great protection from serious gouges during the recreation.

There are many shoe industries which are employed in making best basketball shoes for their clients. In an atmosphere full of various alternatives, it is strenuous to sort out the best one.

Now the question arises how to select the best grip basketball shoes?

Ankle Support

Ankle support is a salient feature in the selection of basketball shoes .As it assists the player in making wide fluctuations while rushing and skipping across the arena. Most of the players go for the high top as it provides utmost ankle support while some go for mid top and low top which literally depends upon basketball playing technique. It prevent contender’s ankle from twisting.


Traction is the core quality of the grip shoes which averts the player from stumbling and getting bruised while making sharp moves across the arena. A basketball contender must have strong hold with the ground to maintain equilibrium while running swiftly. The sole of shoe plays the primary role in the conservation of resistance. It should be composed of high quality rubber which firmly sticks with ground and retain the balance while making steady moves otherwise the contender may fall on his face. Hence the selection of shoes which offer great traction is fundamental for a basketball player.


The weight of the best grip basketball shoes also depend upon the basketball recreation style.

  • Light weight

The contenders being all-rounder’s must attire light weight shoes that help them with the sudden fast reflexes along with flexibility that endure to make sharp moves without hesitation.

  • Heavy weight

The contenders at the power forward position must attire heavy shoes in order to create strong grip with the court which provides maximum stability.


The athlete must measure his foot size from an athletic shoe store. Generally, it is recommended for the basketball contenders to have little space in their shoe (about a thumbs width) for a safe diversion.

After looking at the basic terms and conditions the next question that arises in the contenders  mind is which shoes offer the best traction in the arena where he/she  have to make sharp wide fluctuations?

The answer to the question is simple as I have mentioned some amazing top 10 basketball articles;

Top 10 Basketball Grip Shoes

Grip Basketball Shoes Reviews

NIKE KD-134.2


Adidas harden step back is a shoe which is enlisted among the best quick responsive shoes. They have great quality sole and have variety of colors and designs.


  • They provide super adhesion and remarkable ankle support to player’s feet which helps the player to play in reliable solace (comfort) zone. They have magnificent material composition which admire the viewer’s eye, they have soft cushion sole which increases the comfort level for the athlete.


  • Some people don’t go for them as they provide with caged cushioning.  Another demerit of this article experienced by most of the people is that the shoe is hard to clean and easily picks a lot of dust.


Nike Air force 1 07 is a shoe which presents great traction and are available in variety of bold colors.


  • The non-marking sole of Nike Air force 1’07 comprises of high quality rubber which offers great resistance to the contender making sharp moves in the arena. It is reasonably budget friendly. It provides great comfort level that soothes heel along with stronger ankle support. They have a diverse color range which attract the people towards it.


  • Some patrons often complain about them for being heavy. They also carp it as it is difficult to clean and catches up the dust quickly.


Reebok royal Bb4500 hi2 is a shoe which although is difficult to find but is signed up among the best resistive and responsive shoes.


  •  They are fantastically pleasant with soft sole that furnish great traction. It is made of insubstantial sole. They are durable shoes with spectacular ankle support. It provides with great breathability that always keep the foot fresh and dry.


  • Clients often reject these fantastic artefact for being a little narrow.


Nike Air force 1 low is mostly recommended by the contenders for its great construction and solid material composition.


  • This piece of article is normally endorse by the basketball experts as they offer great traction and ankle support to the contenders while making wide fluctuations in the arena. People admire these shoes for their high comfort ability. These shoes are easy to clean as well. Hence, a large amount of appraisers from all over the globe go for it.


  • There soles are hard to clean.


Beita high upper basketball shoe offer magnificent tolerance of the slippery court and grips the ground firmly. It have great traction with magnificent durability and help the player in the maintenance of steady equilibrium.


  • Beita high upper basketball shoe consist of soft cushioning sole which helps the player to the play with ease and protects ones heel. It’s quite comfortable. It can be reasonably affordable. It is composed of imported rubber sole which helps the player to maintain balance. They are water resistance shoes that attracts a large amount of clients towards it.


  • These shoes are difficult to clean and takes up the dust easily.


Adidas own the game wide basketball shoes are entitled among the best basketball grip shoes that offer super resistance power along with variety of colors and remarkable designs.


  • These shoes furnish us with great level of comfort and offer magnificent traction in the court. They provide great ankle support. People admire them for their soft cushioning. These shoes help the player from falling on his/her face while making sharp cuts.


  • They are a bit tight but can easily loosened with play. People hope that its erection quality could be a bit better.


There are many versions of under armour lockdown but among them the most recommended and better traction shoes are under armour lockdown4. It’s the most suitable updated version of under armour lockdown series. It provides with maximum grip strength.


  • This article is primarily wide feet friendly which offers remarkable traction and an excellent ankle support along with the heel lockdown. It offers a lot of comfort. The reason for which people usually admire these shoes is that there are a plenty of colors and designs for this article.


  • The thing which people don’t like about its stiff material composition. It lacks the durability and can take 1 to 2 days to fit in.

8. NIKE KD-13

Nike KD-13 provides the world of basketball shoe industry with an articles which offers best friction and resistance within and outside the court. The article is present in many bold colors with remarkable designs.


  • These shoes are mostly recommended for all round performers consequently have light weight which offer great picking power along with fantastic resistance within the court. They are quite comfortable due to their high quality soft rubber sole. Their comfort ability attracts the client towards it. Their magnificent traction within and outside the court adds pros to iits beauty.


  • Clients often suggest that the material could me more premium.


Nike air Marvin low is another great article presented by the NIKE industry. This article is also enlisted among the best basketball grip shoes due to its remarkable traction.


  • These are durable shoes with great quality. They have very stiff heel along with good padding. They offer an outstanding traction and stable ankle support to the player in the arena.


  • People usually face trouble with the size of the shoe. Mostly find it a little narrow and some find it wide feet friendly.


Under armour curry 3 is the best recommended article regarding the best traction basketball shoes. Appraisers from all over the globe search for such an article with great resistivity.


  • These shoes are generally embraced by the players who are quick responders. These provide with excellent death grip. They have a sticky sole which tightly stiffs with the ground. They offer high level of comfort zone.


  • The heel requires times to fit in. The sole that offers resistance gets effected due to dust. The shoe easily picks up the dust. The shoe sole is hard to clean.


Best Grip Basketball Shoes Reviews

Traction Helps Basketball Players:

A very famous question among the people while considering basketball shoes and traction is that how traction is helpful for the basketball players?

The answer to the question is quite simple as the resistance between the shoes of contenders and the ground prevents the player from falling down after making sharp cuts through the edges. If a player wears a slippery shoe which offer no traction he may fall on his face and get injured. Hence, traction prevents such injuries.

Basketball Shoes As Outdoor Shoes?

People usually ask if they could use their basketball shoes as simple outdoor shoe ?

I personally don’t think that it is logical to wear a sport shoe as a simple outdoor shoe while regarding to ethics. But specifically I will mention that basketball shoes must not be used as simple outdoor shoes as it may damage its sole when it comes in contact with solid concrete as a result the shoe might lose its efficiency of resistance. The court surface is specifically designed with such material that endure the resistance of the shoe. Hence, it is clear that basketball shoes cannot be used as simple outdoor shoes.

Preferred Shoes For Basketball Players:

Individuals interested in basketball recreation often query about which type of shoes should they prefer while selecting the best basketball grip shoes?

The response is quite easy that the shoes which provide you with great traction, resistance and grip with the ground are to be adopted. The shoe must have desirable sole with soft cushioning. The weight of the shoe depends upon your basketball recreation style. It’s not important that which brand do you prefer the merit is that what’s the durability and material composition of the shoe. Make sure that the shoe fits you comfortably and does not damage your foot and heel.

Basketball Shoes And Leaps:

A very principle question comes to my mind that whether basketball shoes let you jump higher than the normal shoes?

The answer for sure is YES! The basketball shoes allow you to jump much higher than the normal sandals you casually wear. The basketball shoes have their sole designed in such a way that let you push the ground a bit harder and lift your body a higher as you bounce with stronger force.

Increase Traction Of Basketball Shoes:

A very common query among the basketball contenders is that how can they increase the shoe traction?

  • Use traction spray.
  • Add salt and glue mixture
  • Spray soles with hair spray
  • Try ice grips.

Basketball grip shoes are essential for all the players no player no matter which position or style them have adopted. Traction is basically the shoe power to bare the sudden jerks experienced by the player. In today’s world every single sport has its own level. Similarly basketball is a very famous sport that is being played at a very high level around the world.

Every shoe has its own different tread pattern, there is no absolute shoe that offers 100% efficiency. Every tread pattern gives its best result of resistance. If a style which includes cots, jerks, sharp moves along with high jump then the phenomenon traction is quite important for you which is provided basketball shoes.

In today’s era where the world is full of competition which requires excellent strength, struggle, support, energy, dedication, hard work, mental and physical fitness one should have the best outfit to bare such rivalry.

A contender must clearly check if the shoe is true to his/her size as it matter a lot while playing a peaceful game. The comfort level increases the performance of the athlete within the court. The resistance forbids the player from falling and getting injured in the court. The weight of the shoe puts an addition to the comfort level. Flimsy shoe let the contender run with speed and it increases the picking power of the player as well. No shoe has been constructed so far which offers maximum resistance every company works at best to construct a shoe which gives the best upshot.


10 Best Grip Basketball Shoes

The society that encourages sports and games must have some solid outfits that prevent the players from injuries while playing. Basketball is a game which involves sharp cuts and wide fluctuations by the contenders in the arena. The players must wear strong best grip basketball shoes depending upon their basketball playing techniques. Traction is the property that should be present in the shoe of every basketball player regardless of his/her position within the court. Traction is basically the resistance present between the shoe of contender and the ground which avert the player from falling. Basketball is a fiery game which on its whole depends upon the shoe grip!

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