10 Best Hard Court Tennis Shoes 2022 Reviews

Tennis is a racket sport which is either played for competition or for recreation. There are four types of tennis courts namely clay court, grass court, carpet (synthetic turf) and hard court. The different types of courts have their unique characteristics which affect the tennis match differently and thus the players have their own favored court. Depending on the type of a court, a player will also find it necessary to choose some types of shoes that will give him/her the desired results in the field.

Putting all our focus on hard courts because they are the most common worldwide, a tennis hard court is made of concrete or asphalt. In order for there to be a rally, players are required to apply the forehand stokes, the ground stroke and the lob as they try to put up with either the topspin or the backspin of the ball. Given that the friction is high on hard courts, the player is likely to suffer lower extremity injuries. The speed of the game is high because the ball bounces relatively fast therefore a player needs to choose appropriate shoes by considering cushioning, stability, the outsole and fitness in order to match with the condition of the game.

How to Choose the Best Hard Court Tennis Shoes

When you are playing on a hard court tennis venue, the following factors are necessary to consider when choosing the appropriate shoes for the sport:

The kind of a tennis player you are

There are two kinds of players, the “serve and volley” and the “baseline” players. If you are the “serve and volley” that is, you tend to move closer to the net after you serve and then you try a volley after, choose a shoe with a toe cap. The toe cap will help prevent your toes from hurting when you drag your feet or it can also offer abrasion resistance. If you are a “baseline” player that is, you remain at the same back position after serving, choose a shoe with a durable sole because the friction with the hard core surface is high.

Consider the outsole

Hard courts are demanding when it comes to durability of the outsole given that the surface is hard therefore, it is advisable to choose a shoe with herringbone style outer sole.

Cushioning material

Given that the game is high speed, cushions that offer more flexibility and are lightweight help catch up with the speed of the sport. Therefore, EVA (Ethel-Vinyl Acetate) cushion in the midsole which is a manmade material considered to be foam is the most appropriate.


Lateral support and stability

Given that tennis sport involves more of side by side movement, a shoe that will support your feet during hose movements is important. Therefore in this case, you can consider looking for a heavy shoe that is more stable. An example is a shoe with PU cushioning.

Your foot type

In order to know your foot type, take a wet test, that is, wet the sole of your foot and then step on a flat surface. Remove the foot and then observe the shape of the foot putting focus on the area between the ball of your foot and the heel. If you see a large gap, it means your feet are supinated therefore look for more flexible shoes. If there is no gap, it means your feet are pronated therefore buy a stabilizing shoe, if the shape is in between supinated and pronated, it means you have neutral feet therefore you can try any shoe. The importance of knowing the foot type is so as to ensure that the shoe fits for more comfort when playing.

Top 10 Best Hard Court Tennis Shoes

Tennis Shoes

Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes4.6
New Balance Men’s Mc806 and Women’s Wc806 Tennis Shoes4.4
ASICS Women’s Gel Game 74.5
Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce Tennis Shoe4.5
HEAD Men’s Revolt Pro 3.05.0 - Best Choice
K-SWISS Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoes4.8
Mayzero Shoes4.5
Babolat Men’s Jet Mach II all court tennis shoes4.5
ASICS Gel-Challenger 124.7
ADIDAS Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 34.8

1. Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

For all of us that want to enjoy the game, talk about the comfort and flexibility, we need to look for this shoe. When using it in a sport, you will realize that even if your feet expand due to the heat caused when playing, the shoe provides breathability that helps your feet to cool thus bringing the comfort for it has a mesh tongue.

Full-length Phylon midsole provide lightweight cushioning which ensures flexibility. The shoe comes also with a durable outsole as necessary when playing on hard court tennis ground. The shoe has added layer material on the toe area that protects the toe from rubbing off the ground. Unfortunately this amazing shoe is men’s only so women are disadvantaged when it comes to the nice experience it brings. Nike being one of the producers of sport wears, and having tried various products from them, I have come to love what they bring to the market so in case you need a hard court tennis shoe you need to look for this shoe.


  • Offers stability because the shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Mesh tongue provides breathability
  • GDR outsole provides durable traction
  • It has a lightweight cushioning that provides flexibility
  • The additional layer of material on the toe area protects the toe against abrasion.


  • The rubber sole is a bit heavy thus reducing the flexibility

2. New Balance Men’s Mc806 and Women’s Wc806 Tennis Shoes

New balance is known for producing a variety of tennis shoes and their products are improving in quality all the time, New balance mc806 is available in different sizes; it is lace up shoe which helps the user to adjust in order to get the fit required. They have considered the lovers of the game both men and women and brought a quality product in the market.

The shoes are lightweight which is offered through the absorb cushioning. The C-CAP midsole offer stability and protect the feet from impact with the rough hard court surface. The shoes have lightning dry liners which keep the feet dry when playing.  However, the toe cap may not fully protect your toes from rubbing off the ground.


  • Offers comfort through the lightning dry liner
  • Absorb cushioning and the C-CAP midsole ensures that there is stability and flexibility because the cushion is lightweight


  • Protection of the toes is not guaranteed as the shoe may not have a toe cap.
  • There may be high friction between the outer sole and the hard surface therefore higher chances of injuries.
  • Though the shoe has a dry liner, it would be better if breathability is facilitated.

3. ASICS Women’s Gel Game 7

It appears to be one of the best hard court tennis shoes. The technology used in making the shoe ensures that there are fewer injuries and also in case of an injury, it ensures that the player can still continue using the same shoe.

First, the forefoot GEL cushioning system ensures that the impact between the feet and the court surface is reduced. Secondly, ortholite sock liner manages moisture and enhances breathability  The other unique thing about ASICS products is that they come with removable sock liner that helps accommodate a medical orthotic in case of an injury to the leg. The cushioning of the midsole uses EVA technology that causes the shoe to be lightweight.


  • EVA technology offers lightweight shoes that provide flexibility needed when playing on a hard court.
  • The removable sockliner helps accommodate a medical orthotic in case of an injury
  • The rubber sole is not rough thus reducing friction
  • The impact the feet makes when getting into contact with the court is reduced
  • The shoes are in various colors

4. Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce Tennis Shoe

The shoe has perforations that enhance breathability and airflow that is necessary due to the expansion of the feet when playing.  It has a toe cap that protects the toes mostly necessary to the ‘serve and volley’ players. The rubber sole protects the feet during the lateral movements. It has removable insole, and low-top shaft ensures stability of the player.


  • It offers stability
  • Seamless bootee with geofit provides comfort and fit.
  • It has a toe cap which protects the toe against rubbing off the ground
  • Bounce provides comfort throughout the day


  • It is more lightweight therefore durability is not guaranteed.
  • The shoe is less comfortable because it is only made up of synthetic material

5. HEAD Men’s Revolt Pro 3.0

It is a new product in the market but a quality product with “TPU wings” that enhance lateral stability. The upper mesh is combined with PU durability frame that provides both breathability and protection. Drift defense technology protects the toes and forefoot through Drift Defense technology. A higher heel offers additional cushioning that protects the feet against the impact with the court. The outsole hybrasion + rubber ensure traction and durability. The product offers additional cushioning that protects the feet against court traction.


  • It offers breathability
  • The toes and forefoot are protected
  • Additional cushioning ensures that the impact of the court on the feet is minimized
  • It is durable


  • The shoes may be heavy as it is high heel

6. K-SWISS Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoes

The shoes, just like many other shoes are made of synthetic material which offers breathability and lightweight. The ortholite sockliner also adds to the breathability advantage of the shoes. The shoes are made of druggaurd rubber which is durable, keeps the feet dry and also enhances flexibility.


  • The rubber used is durable
  • Rubber offers flexibility
  • The shoes keep the feet dry
  • The rubber outsole can be replaced once it wears out


  • The shoes are heavy
  • The outsole that enhances friction between the shoe and the court may wear out faster

7. Mayzero Shoes

The company mostly specializes on kid’s shoes but I have experienced a product that is hard court and also can be use in all the activities like running. It has a durable leather outsole which provides grip and stability. It has an anti-collision and strong toe cap that protects the toes and the forefoot from scrapes. The lace-up closure is adjustable for an easy fit. The shoe has a mesh upper which enhances breathability.


  • The rubber outsole enhances durability
  • The forefoot and the toes are protected when playing
  • Breathability and stability are enhanced
  • Can be used in various sport activities
  • Compared to the prices of other shoes, it is more affordable


  • Not available for the sole purpose of tennis unless it is kid shoes.

8. Babolat Men’s Jet Mach II all court tennis shoes

It has all the characteristics of a hard court tennis shoe. The outsole of the shoe is made up of rubber which enhances stability. The mid sole is made of EVA cushioning that ensures that the shoe is lightweight for flexibility purposes.  The 4 straps of stiff mono threads lead to a unique fit.


  • The straps ensure that the shoe fits uniformly
  • It ensures stability
  • There is flexibility


  • Breathability which is essential for comfort is not guaranteed
  • May not be durable
  • The toes and forefoot are not well protected

9. ASICS Gel-Challenger 12

The shoe is available for men, women and kids. The outstanding characteristic is the removable sock liner that helps in accommodation of a medical orthotic in case of an injury to the feet. The shoe is stable, has a manmade fabric that provides the lightweight required for flexibility. Rearfoot and forefoot cushioning system reduces shock during impact.


  • The shoes are lightweight
  • The feet are protected during impact
  • Moisture is managed which keeps the feet dry
  • Removable sockliner gives accommodation for the medical orthotic in case of an injury

10. ADIDAS Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 3

For the lover of Adidas who are known for their contribution in the production of sports attire, the series of Adizero tennis shoes will help them find their preferred shoe. One of the best in the series is the Adizero Ubersonic 3 that provides protection to the toe. It is lightweight to cater for the flexibility due to the speed in the hard court ground and also has a durable sole.


  • It is stable
  • It is lightweight
  • Available in different colors


  • The forefoot and the toes are no protected
  • The synthetic sole may wear out quickly


Can hard court tennis shoes be used on clay courts?

Hard court shoes have almost all what is required for the clay courts. They have lightweight to ensure stability, they are the most durable due to the demand of the concrete, when it comes to cushioning they are well cushioned to give the feet comfort and lateral support. Having these important characteristics needed for all the tennis shoes, you can use hard court shoes on clay.

What makes hard court shoes unique?

Hard courts are a balance between clay and grass courts. They offer durability and stability required when playing on clay courts and also offers flexibility and lateral support needed for the grass courts due to the speed of the sport. Therefore being able to serve these purposes makes the shoes different.

When is the time to buy a new pair of tennis shoes?

It depends with how frequent you play. The shoe will definitely wear out when used many times. Also when you feel that your shoe doesn’t give you the comfort and the traction as before, then to avoid hurting your feet find a new shoe.

Can one wear hard court shoes on grass courts?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, hard court shoes have comprehensive characteristics that offer the quality needed for all types of courts. But, one is not supposed to use grass courts shoes oh hard courts.

Can one wear extremely light shoes oh hard court?

Lightweight shoes are necessary because they offer flexibility which is crucial when playing tennis. However, extremely light shoe mean that the midsole is not well cushioned to protect the feet from the impact with the ground and also durability of the outsole is not guaranteed so extreme light shoes are not the best choice.



Tennis is a worldwide game played by both men and women, and children. There are hard court shoes specially designed for each group and some can be used by both men and women. Hard courts being the most common, it is important to choose a pair of shoes that will offer durability, flexibility, stability and lateral support that is required when playing tennis on the hard court.

It is also important to understand the key things you should look at when planning to buy a pair of tennis shoes to use on a hard court surface.  This article is meant to give you a few guides that you should follow when choosing a tennis shoe either for you or for your loved ones.

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