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10 Best Headphones for Skiing 2022 Reviews

Skiing is one of the most exhilarating sport with enjoyable experience. Looking for fun while enjoying your favorite track and going downhill is surely a lot more thrilling experience for a seasoned skier rather than listening the echoing sounds with noises produced by snow or wind while skiing. Right headphones make such experience livelier, where a good song can elevates your mood in snowy wonderland. Skiers would love to spend more time in this paradise with playing their favorite number of Rock, Blues, Pop, Hip-hop, Heavy Metal or Soul music.

Such experience requires the selection of perfect headphones that is compatible with their ski helmets. Skier should feel comfortable with the structure as these headphones are placed inside their helmets. Many Skiers think to carry their regular at-home pair that is not recommended. It is not just about the music but also to live the moment fullest. Nowadays, market offers many options when it comes to headphones. But, all depends on personal choice. Some chose earbuds due to using regular helmets. However, skiing has the vigorous actions because of which earbuds could fall off.

On the other hand, headphones provide the option to go with regular helmet by wearing it at back of the neck. Such headphones are conveniently wearable by just placing the chinstrap of helmet. Nowadays, Skiers have multiple options in selecting the best-suited headphones by a bit of trial.  The trial offers skiers best positioning with most comfortable fit.  This latest guide helps you in making the suitable selection of headphones, as one product is not appropriate for every skier. Each skier has its own personal preference along with numerous factors in judging the type of headphones.

Categories of Skiing Headphone

Compatibility with helmet requires the precise speakers with compact design that covers entire earpiece with thin and slim structure. Such device has the potential to offer high quality of sound output with excellent control level over playlist and feature of answering/rejecting the calls. The most trending types of skiing headphones are,

Wired or Wireless

In market, wired headphones are available in majority that offers a thrilled listening experience with great sound effect.  Skiers can place such gadget safely inside their jacket with in-pocket feature. The headphone wires can simply wear via inside of clothing that become helpful while skiing down the slopes and take risky turns. Such headphones have rare chance to fall or slip-off in the underneath of snow. However, few skiers go for wireless one as these are Bluetooth enabled with tangle free cables. Wireless headphones can only work until these are charged. Therefore, it is recommended to take extra rechargeable batteries for longer use.


Such headphones are available in compact and light forms. These are easily fit with ski helmet and place inside the ear without any discomfort. Although, it completely shut all the ambient sounds, so that skier could not hear the voices of its fellow partner that may cause the accident. Such are so small in size that could easily fall off or lost.


Skiers mostly preferred these one as such are equipped with a loop/hook that placed perfectly behind the skier’s ear comfortably. Over-ear ski headphones can easily place inside the helmet to make it best fitting design without even touching the ears.

Wrap Around

Such are the most preferable one with most comfort and deliver the excellent sound output. Only one problem is that skiers found issue in proper fitting with ski helmets. In case if skiers fall, then such device can lead to injuries. So, only expert skiers can mostly opt for this design.

How to Choose the Best Headphones for Skiing

10 Best Headphones for Skiing Reviews

The comfort level of each skier is different from others. This section mentioned some of the key criterion while making the decision to purchase well-suited Skiing headphones.


Skiing is an adrenaline rushing adventure that needs a high energy level. Such force requires the best fitting tool regardless of your speed and distance. In-ear headphones deliver the best services when it comes for fitting option.  Overall, it is about to best compatible with helmet without losing the grip at the time when skier gain the speed.


Preference of each skier is different. Some found comfort in wired/wireless headphones, while other opt for wrap around headphones. Many of them go for in-ear or over-ear design choices. It’s just matter of skier’s choice on earpiece.

Sound Quality

Skiers always made their choice on high sound quality. As for the safety, skier should know about what is happening around when skiing with fast speed. Hence, the best-suited headphones offer the rich as well as powerful sound with the presence of ambient voices.  Safety comes always first with focus feature. In-ears headphone offers the worst while open back designs deliver the best performance.


Skiers always go with comfort when choosing the best ski headphones. Such device could not be distracting by fitting well without damaging the hearing capability or causing sore ears.


Best ski headphone should light in weight with the requirement of less frequent adjustments. Big or bulkier earphone can be uncomfortable when carried out all day long. No one wants to wear heavy accessory while doing the skiing, as skiers need to downhill travel with rough slopes. It takes high speed where every weight counts.


The headphones need to be tough and good water resistance as to work under extreme situations. High-quality earpiece should be capable enough to tolerate the shaken conditions (snow or wind) under the helmet without any breakdown as skiers may go through the accidents, falls or crashes during skiing.

Ease of use

Best headphones should have the features of control panel that offers the advantage of answering of rejecting the calls while skiing. It should be handy and have the option to switch the songs according to mood with volume control feature.

Active Time

Long chargeable earbuds are always the most favorite for all skiers. Such offer a long runtime or hours of playtime without the need of frequent battery change or any recharge.


Skiers have the options of wide range in price of earbuds. Skiers always prefer the high quality earpiece, no matter what cost of it is. Few skiers go for cheap option when they do not care about high tech or long lasting feature.

Top 10 Best Headphones for Skiing

Best Headphones for Skiing Reviews

Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop in Headphones4.8
Outdoor Technology Bluetooth Helmet Audio Headset for Wireless Music in Helmet4.4
BE Headwear Bluetooth Headset- Drop in Headphones4.4
Chips Ultra Wireless Helmet Audio4.4
Freedconn TCOM-SC Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom with FM4.6
BCELIFE Bluetooth Beanie Hat Wireless 4.04.8
Yideng Bluetooth Headset4.5
HeadSound V5 True Wireless Earbuds Headphones4.3
Senzer H3 Wired Headphones in Ear Earphones with Mic Volume Control4.2
Avantree E171 Sports Earbuds Wired with Microphone4.7

1. Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop in Headphones

If someone looking for premium balanced sound with high definition then this product is perfect for you to play your favorite tunes. This audio system has the premium chip set of wireless Bluetooth 5.0 using 40mm Drivers. It produces deep bass with dynamic sound and great adjustable features. Some of the extraordinary features include crisp hand free calling where skier simply needs to press button twice that activates the Google assistance for further instructions, universally compatible with all kind of helmets including Burton, Anon, Bolle, Giro, K2, Poc, Smith etc. and intuitive design with hassle free operation. It offers the 10 hours playtime with sweat resistant characteristic and operable up to -4 ºC i.e. 24 ºF.


  • Double press operation to get connected with Google assistance for making call or changing playlist.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Universal compatibility with all kind of major helmets
  • Easy to fit
  • Small pads with clear sound
  • 10 hours playtime
  • Operable under extreme temperatures as -4 °C/24 °F


  • Few skiers found problem in cord i.e. being a bit short according to few helmets.

2. Outdoor Technology Bluetooth Helmet Audio Headset for Wireless Music in Helmet

Another trending Audio headset that has the helmet compatibility by including Chips 2.0 with 40mm drivers. Such device is famous for its two-button adjustable control panel with glove-friendly volume changing option. It has the Bluetooth 4.0 profile with built-in microphone and a2dp arc working up to 32 feet. It can use voice assistance service (Google/Siri) and take calls while pausing or playing the tracks. A single charge is enough for 10 hours of playtime without any need of rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Easily functional under extreme snowy condition (-4 ºC/ 20 ºF) with sweat-resistance.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy to fit
  • Adjustable control panel with large buttons
  • Wired input option along with Bluetooth wireless
  • Long playtime
  • Phone call support with in-built microphone


  • Trouble in proper listening under breezy conditions
  • Difficult the availability of 3.5 mm charging adapter

3. BE Headwear Bluetooth Headset- Drop in Headphones

If you are looking for the latest design then this product is for you. BE headset includes G3 Tech Bluetooth 4.0 system with 30 mm speaker drivers as ultra sound speakers. In addition, it has the origami acoustics with durable design and in-built microphone for voice command feature. It truly offers a powerful experience with 9 hours of playtime. It can be easily compatible with other helmets and operable with skate, dirt or full face types.


  • Stable connection with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Quality sound across different frequencies
  • Good battery life
  • Sweat resistance
  • Voice activated commands
  • Control panel with hands free operation
  • Budget friendly


  • Cheap quality feeling
  • Small control buttons

4. Chips Ultra Wireless Helmet Audio

This product is well suited for those who want a wireless device. The Chips Ultra suited with most of the helmet types with excellent battery life of 16 hours (at mid volume) and 2 hours of charging time. It offers a 40 mm speakers with glove-friendly control and in-built microphones that is ready to accept the instructions via digital assistance system (Google/Siri). Skiers can skiing freely without any tension of tangled wires. It has the latest IPX5 water resistant feature.


  • Easily compatible
  • Long battery life
  • Great sound quality
  • Preferred by most of the skiers
  • Easy communication


  • Some security issues
  • Need good memory to remember as single-button operation

5. Freedconn TCOM-SC Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom with FM

Skiers always looking for a fast pacing tool that can go with their speed. Freedconn TCOM-SC headsets are perfect for them as an advanced Intercom system that is compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 protocol. It has the multipurpose options as call hang up, call answer/reject, call out, last number dial, automatic call receive etc. It is perfect for professionals or businesspersons who wants to keep in touch with their clients or family members. It supports audio transfer with advanced noise control system equipped by noise suppression and DSP technology to deliver crystal-clear voice during high speed. In addition, this product offers a longer battery life of up to 8 hours with standby time of 3000 hours. Came up with LCD screen, so you can use this product with other transport system.


  • Well-suited for all types of helmets
  • Easy installation feature
  • In-built FM radio
  • Support all smartphones
  • Bluetooth intercom range of 800 m


  • Trouble in listening music during fast speed
  • A bit sloppy

6. BCELIFE Bluetooth Beanie Hat Wireless 4.0

A great product to connect easily with any Bluetooth device in seconds. Offers a wide range of connectivity up to 33 feet (10 m) with simple call answering/rejecting options. Skiers enjoy the experience of HD Stereo and loud music with latest noise reduction technique, crystal-clear high notes, dynamic mid-range, balanced super bass and advanced digital sound. No tension of ear buds fall-out or tangling wires. Easy USB recharge facility with long battery life of up to 8 hours of playtime with 1-2 hours of charging time and standby of 60 hours. Passive noise cancellation feature with simple operating buttons.


  • Comfortable
  • Advanced control panel
  • HD stereo
  • Passive noise reduction technique
  • Good battery life


  • Few skiers found the size of hat a bit smaller
  • Speakers sown into the model
  • Microphone catches background noise

7. Yideng Bluetooth Headset

Best product to support fast speed pace up to 75 mph (120 km/h) with Bluetooth Intercom 3.0 + EDR feature to catch good communication signal. Most of the skiers found this model easy to install with sweat/water resistant property. Carry the remarkable range of up to 1000 m with headset Intercom mode. Skiers have superior music-listening experience, high definition audio, noise suppression technology with DSP echo cancellation feature. Equipped with several powerful functions as Wireless Streaming Music (A2DP), Bluetooth hand free operation, FMJ radio, GPS and automatic phone call feature to make skiing more enjoyable. Better battery life of up to 8 hours with charging time of 3.5 hours and standby mode of 10 days. It can work under extreme weather conditions of 14°F – 131°F (-10˚C – 55˚C).


  • Fast pace compatibility, speed up to 76 mph
  • Suitable with some half face and all full face helmets
  • HD audio
  • High Bluetooth range up to 1000 m


  • Few skiers found the model design tight
  • Few skiers satisfied with phone call clarity but have some issues with music sound quality

8. HeadSound V5 True Wireless Earbuds Headphones

Skiers who want the hassle free operation, then product is for you. HeadSound True Wireless Earbuds are featuring the great design; deliver high audio quality, great comfort calls and sweat resistant operation. You don’t need to worry as it offers a 25 hours of playtime with portable charging case and rapid charging feature. Beginners should opt for this product as they faced a lot of accidents and fall out. It offers them the tangle free operation, so that they don’t need to worry much about the wires. Furthermore, compact design works great as it perfectly fits in ear at complete duration. Skiers got attract towards its classy design and compactness with great performance.


  • Good range
  • Portable charging case
  • Good battery with 25 hour playtime
  • Rapid charging mode
  • Sweat resistant
  • Great design
  • Easy to fit
  • Bluetooth compatibility


  • Disconnection issues
  • Not preferred by many skiers due to comfort option

9. Senzer H3 Wired Headphones in Ear Earphones with Mic Volume Control

Senzer H3 has universally catch the eyes of all kind of skiers. It delivers incredible audio features with sweat proof operation. High design quality with compact design as well as strong wires compatible with any type of helmet. In addition, volume adjustment options and built-in microphone features are available. Good for professional skiers. Easily installed and good grip with your ears during fast speed.


  • Customization fir
  • Adjustable volume control panel with in-built microphone
  • Compact design
  • Very handy
  • Great sound quality
  • Smartphone compatible


  • Issue with tangling of wire at sharp/tough turns
  • Stronger mic needed

10. Avantree E171 Sports Earbuds Wired with Microphone

Best ergonomic design that perfectly fit with your ears as it comes into three different sizes. Secure fitting option with well-balanced audio features. This product offers solid bass with the option of multi-functional in-line control. It has wide compatibility with all kind of 3.5 mm enabled devices without any distortion or sound spread. This is the best option for those who are looking for a good and compact headphone without disconnecting the bank.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable cord
  • Great sound quality
  • Risk free operation during accidents
  • Comfortable fit
  • In-built microphone


  • Call quality is not the best one
  • Easily plug out during tough falls
  • Big for smaller ears


Best Headphones for Skiing

How the headphones are compatible with Skiing helmet?

Just place your earbuds over your ears before wearing the helmet’s chinstrap up. In case of over-head headphones, such can be wearable along the neck or latch tightly in place. In last, you need to pull the chinstrap so that it covers the headphones tightly without any disordering.

How do I pair my Bluetooth headphones with Android phone?

Bluetooth headphones have the option of single on/off pressing switch. When it goes “ON”, headphones show blinking of light that is ready to connect with the smartphone. Next step is to turn on the Bluetooth mode from notification menu where the icon of Bluetooth is visible. Just tap on it, then it will show the available devices nearby the device. Just press the option and pair with the new device in seconds.

What is the method to check whether headphones are water resistant or not?

If headphones shows the IP rating higher than seven on ingress protection rating then it is water resistant.

What are the key criteria for buying the correct pair of headphones for Skiing?

In the presence of multiple options, the most preferred features by a Skier are universal compatibility with helmet, battery time, in-built mic, sound quality with noise cancellation technology, adjustability and Water/Dust Resistance.

Do the wrap up headphones feature the Aux port to link the smartphone manually if batteries die?

Yes, such products also provides the feature of additional portable battery source in spite of excellent battery life.

Do such headphone models are compatible with older versions of iPhones?

All the Bluetooth enabled device headphones can be easily compatible with any versions of smartphones and iPhones.

Are those headphones water resistant?

Yes, all skiing headphones have the water resistant property but you cannot use them while swimming.

Do such headphones can connect two smartphones at the same time?

No, each headphone can pair up with one mobile phone at a time. You need to disconnect it the first one in order to make connection with second one.

Do such headphones have the option to plugin only with headphones instead of speakers while travelling on highway?

No, there is the no separate customization of microphone and earphones. It requires the close wearable of headphones to your ears and the microphone to the mouth for getting maximum signals with high sound quality on highway.

Can such products are compatible with motorbike or other fast speed system helmets?

Yes, most of them have the feature to get well with all type of helmets when the person riding too fast. Such products are working well with other modes and can deliver great sound quality without any noise.


Headphones for Skiing

In the availability of a wide range of choices. The selection of product totally depends on personal preferences. Some Skiers are professionals and always preferred to connect with their clients and family members. Therefore, they always opt for wireless/wired headphones. While, youngsters or beginners go with the design or classy look. Therefore, they opt for in-ear designs of headphones. This article guide highlighted the details of the best available options in market. We hope you get the best product according to your requirements.

Good Luck!

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