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10 Best Hockey Skates for Wide Feet 2022 Reviews

Hockey is a game that is characterized by speed and bodily contact, consisting of plenty running, expert stopping and qualified twisting. Injuries can be caused by  hard bodily contact, unsuitable stretching and poor support in the hockey skates or shoes worn. Best hockey skates or shoes have to provide rational comfort and satisfactory support for actively taking part in the sport. People with wide feet have been said to buy shoes that are generally a size bigger than what they wear. This article will focus on the best hockey skates and/or shoes for wide feet through understanding the hockey game and its necessities for safe play.

Types of hockey

There are three main types of hockey, namely: ice hockey, field hockey and street hockey. Each of these hockey games are characterized by the physical nature of the hockey games as well as the speed in the hockey game. A satisfactory hockey shoe plays a vital role in protecting the hockey player from injuries while keeping the hockey player actively involved in the hockey game.

Field hockey

Field hockey can be and has been played on grass, a watered field, an artificial field, a synthetic field or an indoor-boarded surface. These are areas that can cause injuries internally (swelling, spraining of muscles or impacting bone structure in some way) or externally (scrapping off the skin, external swelling or cuts on the skin) on the body. The injuries can be caused by the constant aggressive contact between hockey players.

An ideal pair of hockey skates for field hockey must consist a tough grip, sufficient toe protection, ankle support and adequate cushioning. These requirements provide comfort for the feet – this is especially required for hockey players with wide feet.

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is recreationally engaged with in an ice rink at a faster pace and at a higer rate of bodily contact. The enhanced speed and more physical contact naturally leads to a higher probabilities of injuries, therefore resulting in a higher expectation of more support in equipment.

Hockey skates required for ice hockey are not too far off from the hockey skates required for field hockey. The objective requirements for the best hockey skates are comfortable soles, proper cushioning for extra comfort and support, and have to be a comfortable fit. Comfort in fit has to be engaged with extensively to find the best skates for wide feet.

Street hockey

Street hockey is more dangerous because its nature remains physical and fast-paced, however there is limited hockey support equipment that is used in the games. The rules are more relaxed than a controlled hockey game and the safe watching of the hockey players is not as prioritized as it would be in a controlled game.

Hockey shoes required in street hockey must prioritize comfort, ankle support and adequate support for soles. These skates can also be used for fashion purposes in that hockey skates have also seen an minor introduction into the fashion world, worn off the hockey field and sealing off a fashionable outfit. The hockey shoes worn for fashion purposes as well as for the street hockey games must ensure comfort for all kinds of feet, including wide feet.

In all areas that require hockey skates, the common needs for the best hockey shoes for all hockey players and for people who have wide feet are comfort. The comfort is particularly found in the cushioning of the hockey skate. This article will discuss the things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the best hockey shoes for wide feet. It will explore the top ten hockey skates available for purchase on Amazon.com alongside their customer reviews and frequently asked questions regarding the hockey shoes.

Choosing the Best Hockey Shoes for Wide Feet



The above stated paragraphs have dedicated explanations of the environment in which hockey shoes are worn and the reasons why specific requirements are non-negotiable. These requirements make the hockey skates best because they perform the duties required of the best hockey shoes –particularly for wide feet. When one chooses the best hockey shoes for wide feet, one has to ensure that comfort is not compromised and there is satisfactory support for one’s toes and ankles. The injuries that one can sustain from wearing the incorrect or sub-standard hockey skates, particularly in a hockey game, can be permanent.


Pricing is important to take into consideration when choosing the best hockey skate for wide feet. The driving factor of the amount of money one is willing to pay for a hockey shoe is solely dependent on what the hockey shoe will be used for: playing hockey or wearing the skate for fashion. If you are purchasing a hockey skate for fashion purposes, the principle requirement should be comfort. You will not be engaging in a high-speed and physical sport on a field populated with twenty-two hockey players. There is no need for extensive ankle and toe support, a good grip or comfort focused on soles. Size, style and durability will be your principle focus, as you will be wearing the shoe for its comfort, its style and your affordability of the pair of skates.

If you are purchasing hockey skates for actively playing the sport, pricing is as important as comfort and protection. Every athlete has specific requirements of gear that is required for active engagement in the sport as well as protection from injuries; hockey is no different. The grip is of the shoe is important, comfort – once again – is important, support for your feet is important, and the ability to perform in the shoes is essential.

Customer reviews

Frequently asked questions as well as customer reviews play an essential role in choosing the best hockey skates for wide feet. Customer reviews provide feedback on the product itself, i.e. the look and feel of the product, the pros and cons of the product, as well as advice on how to market and deliver on the product in future. The interaction between the customer and the Amazon.com platform can be seen and treated as a conversation that a potential customer eavesdrops on to make sure that they know everything that needs to be known about the product.

FAQs provide a platform for customers to ask questions regarding the product and the delivery of the product. The FAQ platform further provides an opportunity for customers to ask questions that some customers want to ask or had no idea that they had to ask. Most customers do not know what they do not know therefore, it is important to engage with the concerns of other customers. This information can be used as a contributing factor to a customer making a well-informed decision.

The Top 10 Hockey Shoes Coupled with Their Pros and Cons

Young hockey player woman with ball in attack playing field hockey game

Adidas performance mundial team turf soccer cleat4.9
ASICS women’s gel-rocket 8 volleyball shoe4.9
ASICS women’s gel-tactic 2 volleyball shoe4.9
Saucony women’s versafoam excursion Tr 13 road running shoe4.7
Saucony men’s s20475-1 trail running shoe4.6
ASICS women’s upcourt 3 volleyball shoes4.9
ASICS women’s gel-rocket 9 volleyball shoes5.0
ASICS women’s gel-tactic volleyball shoes4.5
Adidas kids’ ligra 6 volleyball shoe4.9
ASICS gel-lethal MP 7 women’s running shoes4.7

1. Adidas performance mundial team turf soccer cleat

This pair of shoes is available in black with white synthetic outlines. The Adidas performance mundial team turf soccer cleat is 100% soft leather with an upper finish that is both suede, providing flexible movement when taking part in activities. It has lightweight cushioning, consists of a lace closure and rubber soles. These shoes are big in their design cut therefore, the generic advice is that customers should purchase a smaller size than their actual fit.


  • The pricing of the shoe is affordable therefore, a larger portion of the consumer market can afford the pair of shoes.
  • This pair of shoes is said to be a pronounced field-style shoe.
  • It provides support for the lower leg and the foot therefore, it is an ideal pair of shoes to wear when experiencing lower leg and foot pain.
  • These shoes are good for wide feet.


  • It does not have a long lifespan.

2. ASICS women’s gel-rocket 8 volleyball shoe

This pair of shoes is synthetic, has rubber soles and its cushioning weakens shock when impact takes place. It is an ideal pair for shoes for beginners and transitional court players.  These shoes are not recommended for outdoor use. Customers who intend to buy these shoes should buy a half-size bigger than their normal size.


  • The pair of shoes can be purchased at an affordable price.
  • A great grip is a powerful feature in the shoes.
  • Customers have specifically stated that the shoes can be used for indoor hockey.
  • The shoes are generally great shoes for the court.
  • This is a product that has good quality.


  • These shoes do not come in wide sizes

3. ASICS women’s gel-tactic 2 volleyball shoe

The ASICS women’s gel-tactic 2 volleyball shoe is synthetic, has rubber soles and gives ideal comfort for the feet by further allowing them to breathe within the shoe. The shoe features the ASICS signature trusstic system technology, which causes a reduction in the weight of the sole yet maintains the structure of the shoe.


  • The pricing of the shoe is affordable therefore, a larger portion of the consumer market can afford the pair of shoes.
  • Customers have underlined that the cushioning of the shoes is light.
  • The shoe itself has a lighweighted feel on the feet.
  • It is a fits the feet perfectly with rubber soles.
  • The shoes are good for gym activities and running on various kinds of surfaces.


  • These shoes do not come in wide sizes therefore they do not accommodate wide feet.
  • The pair of shoes has minimal support around the arch area of the foot.
  • The shoe is said to be stiff around the toes, which is not ideal for actively playing hockey.

4. Saucony women’s versafoam excursion Tr 13 road running shoe

The shoe has rubber soles and consists of supportive edges that lock your foot into place and protect your foot trail remains and shock. The Saucony women’s versafoam excursion tr13 road running shoe has important cushioning, rough grip and hardwearing protection. This pair of shoes is big in size therefore customers have advised that potential customers should buy a size smaller than their normal size.


  • The pair of shoes have been described as comfortable.
  • It has great traction and is of good quality
  • The big nature of the shoe’s size implies an accommodation of wide feet.


  • Conversely and contradictory to the shoe being of good quality, it is a shoe that does not hold up and generally runs out quickly.

5. Saucony men’s s20475-1 trail running shoe

The shoe’s look and feel is in both fabric and textile with rubber soles. This pair of shoes has grid technology and a tough rubber sole. The The Saucony men’s s20475-1 traiil running shoe has additional protection and robustness through its secure upper.


  • The pair of shoes can be purchased at an affordable price.
  • Good product.
  • It has a good grip, is comfortable and has an excellent cushion.
  • This pair of shoes is a best seller.


  • The shoes are too big. This may be an indication of the shoe being accommodative of wider feet.
  • The netting of the shoe is said to be thin and there is minimal cushion in the shoe.

6. ASICS women’s upcourt 3 volleyball shoes

The fabric of this shoe is synthetic. It is a contemporary ASICS design that provides feet comfort and feet support. It has a removable sockliner, allowing for a orthotics replacement when needed. General and consistent advice to customers regarding this pair of shoes is that customers must buy a bigger size than their normal shoe size.


  • The shoe has been identified as a best seller.
  • It is an affordable shoe (which may be a significant factor to the shoe being a best seller).
  • The shoe is comfortable including features such as a comfortable and spacious toe box and ankle protection.


  • Affected athletes’ knees
  • The shoes forms and rubs blisters.

7. ASICS women’s gel-rocket 9 volleyball shoes

These ASICS shoes are of a fabric make and lacing closure, consisting of rubber soles. Its cushioning system provides shock-absorbing support for the feet and the toes. It is a lightweight shoe with adequate cushioning in the footbed.


  • The shoe is affordable in price and rightfully so, it has been identified as a best seller.
  • It is a comfortable shoe with features such as a spacious toe box.
  • The shoe is of good quality and has a sense of style because customers state that the shoe “looks great”.
  • It is a shoe cut and style that is true to its size.


  • The shoe has medium width therefore reasonably accommodating big feet, not entirely.

8. ASICS women’s gel-tactic volleyball shoes

The fabric and rubber soul pair of shoes have breathable mesh lining with a comfortable footbed. The ASICS trusstic system technology assists in controlling the twisting of the foot and its gel technology in the heel area gives shock absorbtion. The shoe is designed for indoor courts and has features that reinforce strength for athletic movements.


  • The shoe is a best seller and is afforded at a reasonable price: the pricing is catered towards mass customers.
  • The shoe is comfortable and is a superb fit on the feet – even for wide feet.
  • Feet are safe and comfortable in these shoes when playing aggressive sports (including hockey).


  • The colors on the shoes wears away quickly.
  • The pair of shoes lacks cushion on the sole (to provide support) and does not provide protection for scruff

9. Adidas kids’ ligra 6 volleyball shoe

This pair of shoes is designed for children between the ages of 8 and 12 years. It is a shoe with a synthetic sole, mesh lining and lace closure. These are Adidas genuine shoes with 100% other fibres and tough aidwear outsole. Customers are advised to buy a size bigger than their normal shoe size when purchasing this pair of shoes. It is a pair of shoe that has a small shoe style cut and will be uncomfortable if you buy a smaller size or a fitting size.


  • It is a product of good quality and has been described as “cute” – this is a fitting description for a product that is designed for children.


  • A stiff shoe that does not last long.

10. ASICS gel-lethal MP 7 women’s running shoes

The ASICS gel-lethal MP 7 women’s running shoes are available in white with a further look and feel of synthetic coupled with mesh. These shoes are lightweight and are regarded as both bendable hockey shoes with the well-needed protection and traction, as well as comfortable running shoes.


  • The pricing of the shoe is affordable and can be afforded by the mass consumer market.
  • The shoes are comfortable field shoes that are highlighted to be great for field hockey.


  • NA

Frequently asked questions

Two child field hockey players. Attacker in blue jersey dekes defender in white

The frequently asked questions are essential because they address the things that we do not know that we do not know as customers. Product owners and marketing practitioners are not generous with extensive information regarding products. While product owners remain knowledge specialists about the products that they put out in the market, most products are best learned about through experiencing the product.

The best hockey skates and shoes for wide feet are not explicitly spelled out on the Amazon.com e-commerce platform. FAQs assist in pulling together information that will lead to the selection of the best hockey shoes for wide feet.

The frequently asked questions regarding hockey shoes or skates for wide feet are grouped as follows:

  • Questions around shoe sizes, where the shoes can be worn, the weight of the shoes, the condition of the shoes in different environments, whether or not the shoes stretch over time, how the shoes fit on different feet and what else the shoes can be used for. These questions interrogate the experience of the shoes. Customers want to know how their investments in the shoes will benefit their feet over a long period of time.
  • Questions around the removable insert inside of the shoe, how the shoes accommodate orthotics, arch support and the toe box found in the shoes. These questions are aimed at understanding the look and feel of the shoes beyond the provided pictures on Amazon.


ASICS seems to be the ideal brand for shoes that provide the kind of comfort, support and luxuries that hockey shoes require. The ASICS brand, together with the Adidas brand, cater for wide feet even if it is on a small scale. Overall, there are not a lot of hockey shoes or shoes with characteristics that support hockey players that are designed for wide feet. The shoes exist at a minimal, nevertheless. There are not many shoes that explicitly cater for big and/or wide shoes therefore indicating that shoes are designed with the mind-set of people with wide feet being outliers.

The common features of the top ten shoes that have been listed and discussed in this article is:

  • The shoes have strong elements of comfort. The comfort may come in different forms but the most common one is the cushion provided in the shoes.
  • There is countless advice provided on multiple shoes that a bigger size be bought because a fitting size or a smaller size will cause discomfort, and in some cases, blisters and sore knees.
  • The shoes have an adequate grip that is required for a good performance in a hockey game as well as protection from injuries that can arise due to the impact between feet and surface.
  • The shoes are generally affordable in pricing. It is clear that the shoes are designed for the mass of consumers.



There are differences that make one shoe stand out from another. The differences include ankle protection as well as toe room in the shoe that supports, provides comfort and protects the toes.

There is an overall minimal focus on style or fashion statements that are found on the shoes. The shoes are evidently not created to be fashion clothing items. Investments that designers invest in creating hockey shoes, particularly for wide feet, focuses on suitable comfort, required support and adequate grip for the surfaces in which the shoes are used.

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