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5 Best Hockey Sticks 2022 Reviews

Gaming and sports are very essential part of our lives. They help us to maintain our health and fitness. Nowadays, the games are more civilized and carried out in a stiff competitive environment. Hockey is similarly included in those games which are being played globally at high level.it is a game in which two sides compete against each other trying to negotiate a ball or a puck into the opponents goal with the aid of a hockey stick.

In ancient times hockey was being played on grassy ground but now it is being played on artificial turf. The pace of the players is very brisk. The rules and regulations are quite cultured. In the beginning the recreation (game) was played in two halves comprising 40 minutes each. On the other hand nowadays it is further divided into quarters i.e. Quater1, Quater2, Quater3, and Quater4. Hockey is basically a game which involves great techniques and strategies by the contender.

Hockey is literally an outdoor sport which involves great zeal and enthusiasm. It is a game which involves great speed and energy by every single member of the team. There are 2 main elementals of this game stated as ball (puck) and hockey stick.

Brief History:

Here is a brief history about hockey sticks:

The annalist believe that they hockey stick be may have been derived from Mi’kmaq tribe vernacular Americans who resided in the Atlantic Canada round in mid1800’s. The high quality sticks are being manufactured from Birch and horn beams trees and the stick at the first was exclaimed as mic mac hockey stick.

How To Choose the Best Hockey Sticks

5 Best Hockey Sticks Reviews

There are three main care qualities of a hockey stick that a contender must analyze while selecting the best one i.e. stiffness, lightness, responsiveness.

Parts Of Hockey Stick

Let us have a brief intro about the hockey stick. The main parts of the hockey stick are

  • Grip
  • Handle
  • Shaft
  • Head
  • Toe


The resistive grip is the conclusive all rounded class of strap, it gives substantial jurisdiction for a player’s left hand which restrains the crumple and the gradient of the stick by the embellished indents in the peak the strap. The bottom half of bit of tac to give plenty of control when needed.


Handle is the main part of the stick that is used for the stability and a bit of control over the stick. At this part the player places their non-dominating hand when playing.


It is the control division of the stick, it is used to command practically all movement of the stick. It is malleable in order to permit players at contrasting levels of control while handling passing and shooting with the aid of hockey stick.


Toes allow the player to turn the stick over the ball. Short toes also promote control, balance and maneuverability.

After getting to know about the hockey stick the question which arises in my mind is that how should a contender choose the best hockey stick?

In this article I am going to tell you about the core qualities of a hockey stick that should be kept in mind during the selection for the best hockey stick. There are three main core qualities of a hockey stick i.e. stiffness, length, weight, lightness and responsiveness.

1. Stiffness

The stiffness of the hockey stick is basically the strength of force which a stick can endure while shooting. It is the pressure which a stick bares when a player hit the ball or puck which great force.

2. Length

Having a stick that is the correct size will help you execute your skills. Ideally your stick should come up to your hipbone but it actually depends upon personal preference of the contender. A contender must decide whether he/she is comfortable while playing with a longer stick or a shorter stick. Generally the length of the stick ranges from 24”-38”. For general information:

  • A longer stick is used to enhance the reaching power.
  • A shorter stick is used enhance the handling ability of the stick.

An athlete must select the stick according to his/her playing style. Length of the stick is a very major component as it assist the player to play comfortably. If a player chooses a stick against his recreation style he/she may face difficulty during the game. Hence, the selection of a stick with desirable length is very essential for the contender.

3. Weight

The weight of the stick is quite important as it helps the player to play with ease. It also depends on the personal preference of the player. Hockey is a game which involves a lot of running and it’s easy to run fast with a lighter stick than to run with a heavier stick. Actually there are two types of player in the arena the attackers and the defenders. Usually the lighter stick is adopted by the attackers and the heavier sticks are adopted by the defenders.

4. Toe Shape

The toe of the stick is the extent of loop and can influence how contenders wallop the ball (puck) and steer the stick. Smaller toes supply more nimbleness but curb the power while larger toes gives a larger surface area to pound  and derive the ball but lessen the motion. There are many types of toe shapes i.e. shorti, midi, maxi and hook.

Top 5 Best Hockey Sticks

Best Hockey Sticks Reviews

Franklin Sport Nhl Team Mini Player4.7
Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick4.7
Stx Ice Hockey Surgeon4.8
Franklin Sports Nhl Sx Comp 10104.6
Franklin Sport Nhl Power Fusiom Street4.3

1. Franklin Sport Nhl Team Mini Player

Franklin sport NHL team mini player is a great hockey stick which provides with great features. It has a multi-ply poplar shaft. The stick made up of Birch wood. The birch is high quality vinyl wrapped. It has a fused shaft/blade construction. It also includes the full coverage vinyl graphic wrap feature. All sticks are featured with authentic color logos. It’s a great set for the beginners. They can learn the basics of this challenging sport easily.


  • It’s a complete set and is specially designed for the beginners. It helps the toddlers to learn the basics of the hockey. It’s a great article for knee hockey.it can easily be functional inside the house as well. It has an easy assembly with a quick setup.


  • It is easily breakable. It can only be used by the beginners.

2. Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick

Mylec eclipse jet flo stick is an amazing article for the hockey contenders. The stick is composed of synthetic material. It has an amazing 43’ inch solid shaft with is a great drive way stick it offers great comfort ability to the player within the court. It is highly demanded by many people.


  • The article is specifically engineered to reduce wind resistance. The stick allows the air “flo” through the holes freely so you can shoot harder and faster. It is a light weight stick which is suitable for the attackers.it aids the player to run swiftly with ease in the court. The stick is available in variable colors and designs. It offers magnificent stiffness. The stick is highly sturdy to bare shoots by the other contenders. It has rounded corners/ straight side walls. It has mid kick flex point with a durable wood shaft made up of high grade kiln dried hard woods. The grip is sanded smooth wood finish (no clear coating). It has street flex.


  • Mostly people face problem while getting the desired length of the stick. This is hard to find.

3. Stx Ice Hockey Surgeon

STX ice hockey surgeon it is one of the great hockey sticks that offers great wind resistance, stability and comfort to the player. It has an ultra high balance point which amplifies the feel and play ability of the stick. There is a silver streak i.e. an innovative, new material injected providing a most stable and durable structure to the stick. The shaft gives an increased surface area, maximizing the hand control points and increasing control on the stick.


  • The stick offers quite quick response to the ball or puck. It provides with great stiffness that maximizes the load capacity when required, it provide a great grip to the contenders hand and prevent it from angular twisting. It has a magnificent capability to endure the powerful strokes by the athlete. The article provides with spectacular durability. There is an extra grip on the blade for better puck control that makes quicker release of every type of shot.


  • It is an expensive article and is not easily affordable. The slap shots are felt hard with a strong release.

4. Franklin Sports Nhl Sx Comp 1010

Jump down the pew and get organized to struggle with this NHL 1010 Street Tech 40 youth street hockey stick from Franklin Sports! Its multiply shaft is assembled with an amalgam of birch and poplar woods, while metallic graphics gives it an efficient style. It also reports a replaceable blade constructed from vented high-impact polymer material.


  • Having multiply shaft give it a high resistance and stiffness. By having such smoothness in playing it is highly recommended and demanded by the contenders


  • Due to high demand by the contenders is highly expensive and heavy weight cannot be handled by all the players.

5. Franklin Sport Nhl Power Fusiom Street

The Franklin Sports NHL 1040 Power Fusion 48” Youth Street Hockey Right Shot Stick is perfect for your next game of street hockey. This stick features a multi-ply popular birch shaft, a high impact rigid ABS. contenders find the blade to be too flimsy — it’s by no means as stiff as a wood or composite blade. Makes it very hard to shoot accurately or powerfully blade, fused shaft and blade construction and a natural ABS blade.


  • The multi-ply birch and poplar shaft is fused to the rigid ABS blade, which is designed to take high-impact hits. It has Multi-ply poplar/birch shaft, High-impact rigid ABS blade, fused shaft/blade construction, Natural ABS blade.


  • The stick lacks color and variety of alternative styles. It has heavy weight due to which it lacks responsiveness.


Best Hockey Sticks

There are many questions that comes to an individual’s mind regarding hockey sticks.

Function Of A Hockey Stick:

The most common question that comes to a viewer’s mind after getting to know about hockey is that what is the function of the hockey stick?

A hockey stick is basically a sport equipment used to drive the ball or a puck into the opponent’s goal. It is used to drag, push or pull the ball by the contender.it is used to hit, strike, steer, and launch and stop a ball/puck. The main purpose is to move the ball into the goal.

Mechanism Of Hockey Stick

After getting to know about the function of a hockey sticks one finds a query related to its mechanism. So the next question is that how a hockey stick works?

The answer to this question is quite simple when a hockey stick collides with a puck, the puck squashes slightly and the stick bends due to the force on the stick. The force on the ball or puck is equal to the force on the hockey stick but acts in opposite direction. As a result the puck speeds up and the stick slows down. The ball or a puck usually have high velocity and to overcome such enormous speed the stick must be strong enough to endure such exclusive shoots.

Desirable Length Of The Hockey Stick:

Mostly contenders ask a question about the desirable length of the hockey stick i.e. what is the desirable length of the hockey stick?

There is no fixed limit range for the hockey stick to be adopted. It totally depends upon the player’s recreation style and comfort level. It depends upon the personal preference of the contender.

Fixation Of A Broken Wooden Stick:

Often people ask about remedies to fix up a wooden stick. It is very renown question among the hockey world that how can you fix a broken wooden stick?


Hockey is a game being played internationally at high level. Individuals admire such games which involves great strength and energy. Hockey is a game in which the contender has to run hysterically through the court. Hockey stick is the main elemental of this game, a contender has to drag a ball or puck into the opponent’s goal with an aid of hockey stick.

A hockey stick should have strong grip so that the player may hold it tightly while rushing through the arena. The most vital property of a hockey stick is that it should provide a strong wind resistance that would help the contender to reach the ball or puck vigilantly without any delay.

There are many industries which are willing to manufacture the best of all the hockey sticks but none of them have succeeded to come up with a stick that gives you a 100 percent efficiency. But there are many sticks developed that give you the maximum efficiency. An athlete must look forward for a stick with his/her desirable length. The weight of the stick must be kept in view during selection. In the end I will conclude by saying that the best hockey stick selection can help you win a magnificent match!

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