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8 Best Inline Skates for Women 2022 Reviews

Be it the 80s when they came into being or the 90s & 2000s when they prospered into being centre’s for recreational activities or a prime focus for sports like ice hockey in general, inline skating & skates have never been out of business.

And with exclusive bike paths available along with side walks, inline skating for woman has transformed into a great cardio & endurance building workout.

An average 125 pound person burns as many calories while doing inline skating as much as running 12 miles. Practically, while pushing your legs towards the sides during inline skating, you strengthen the gluts more than what normal running does. This is all the more reason to shift your workout regimen towards Inline Skating.

The inline skates selection depends on various parts like Cuff, Boot, Frame, Wheel Size, brakes, bearings to name a few.

It also depends on the kind of companies like Rollerblade or K2, which you can choose from.

Choosing the best inline skates for women


Choosing the best inline skates for woman depends on a number of key body parts of a skate skeleton. This ranges right on top from the Boots, fabric of the liners in the boot, the boot cuffs, frame, the wheel material & wheel size, brakes and eventually the bearings of the skate.

1. Boot

In terms of design of the boot, women inline skates have wide forefoot & a comparatively narrower heel on the backfoot. The middle portion of the boot would be slightly higher to ensure comfort & adaptability of the terrain. The go to boot fabric for woman would be soft rather than the hard shelled boot fabric for ensuring higher permeability of air.

2. Liner fabric

Various fabrics are available for fabric of the liners inside the inline skates boots. The include leather, vinyl & mesh. The fabrics inside the liners ensure right balance, structure & breathability. Stitching is another important parameter when deciding the liners. Basic liners use only one type of stitching. Greater the quality of the liner, greater the combination of stitching utilized. Double Stitching has various advantages like increasing the overall shelf life of the inline skates to providing the right balance while skating to a longer distance.

If you plan to use your skates for more than 2-3 years, it is advisable to go for memory fitting & heat moldable liners. In the memory fitting liners, the liners contour to your feet pattern & as you continue to use them,the pads will slowly take the shape of your feet.

In the Heat Moldable type, the liner is removed, heated & then placed on the foot.This liner is the closest custom fit solution to your feet as you can get in an inline skate.

3. Cuff

Boot cuffs provide flexibility & balance to the ankles while skating for ensuring swift lateral movements by the skater. They come in either carbon or hard plastic.

Carbon Cuffs provide a higher proficiency in skating and thus promote greater performance. These decrease the overall weight of the skates thus ensuring greater efficiency and also increase flexibility making it easier to maneuver on curves. The Hard Plastic Cuffs are mostly used in skates used for recreational activities.


4. Type of Closure Systems

There may be more than 1 type of closure system on a skate. These may vary depending on the type of straps, laces being used. A skate may have more than one type of closure system.

  • Ratchet Straps
  • Traditional Laces
  • Quick Lace System
  • BOA Lace System

5. Frame

This is the most important factor in the selection of a pair of inline skates.

A better frame would be of a higher price point because a frame is the fulcrum around which an inline skate body rests & its stability is of paramount importance. There are various ways to ensure that you are paying for the best frames at the most equitable price.

The quality of a frame can be judged by its weight, durability. The longer you can skate without getting fatigued, the better would be the frame of the skate. Hence, the most crucial parameter is its lightweight. The frames that are made of aluminium or an alloy of aluminium-carbon would further reduce weight and increase strength of a skate.

Plastic Frames

The most basic type of frame used in skate making is the plastic type. They are the least expensive to make & are lowest in terms of durability. They are not as stiff as aluminium or carbon frames.

Alloy Frames

These are an intermediate between Plastic & the highest quality of Carbon Frames. These are relatively not vulnerable to revolving under tension as compared to plastic frames, these are much more long lasting due to the aluminium usage. This also leads to an increased effiency as compared to plastic frames.

Carbon Frames

These frames have the composition of carbon & aluminium which lends a greater overall stability, durability & reduction in weight, thereby, making them an ideal combination for advanced inline skating. They also boast of an increased hardness as compared to plastic or alloy frames.

A frame which is more stiff has lower flex and lower amount of movement, thereby reducing loss in energy transfer from the skater to the wheels of the skate. This allows farther skating by increasing the efficiency of the overall skating process. This also helps a skater to skate faster & in a much more smoother fashion.


6. Wheels

There are different materials used in inline skates. One is plastic which is mostly used in children’s skates. This is highly prone to breakage and cracks. The most common material used these days is Polyurethane which is much more durable than plastic in skates.

Larger diameter wheels are mostly used in racing skates as they are used for higher speeds. Smaller diameter wheels provide greater response time in terms of time required from acceleration to deceleration of skates.

Recreational Skates

This type of skating typically has wheel diameters ranging from 76 mm-90mm. 90mm wheel diameters will be used for people who are moving at faster speeds. These skates, therefore, would be closer to 76mm in wheel base rather than 90mm.

Speed Skates 

This type of skating typically has wheel diameters of 90 mm and higher.

Aggressive Skates

This type of skating requires very small wheel diameters; mostly, the size is 56mm.

7. Bearings

The part of the skate which decides the ability of the skate to reach fast speeds and also the relative smoothness of the ride on the inline skates is the bearing.

This is the interface between the wheel and the non moving frame. It also reduces the friction between the wheel and the frame.

This is normally rated using the Annular Bearing Engineering Council (ABEC). They have five levels of rating from ABEC1, ABEC 3 ,ABEC 5, ABEC 7, ABEC 9. The efficiency of the bearing increases with the suffix number & lower the effort required for a longer rolling.

Hence, please don’t discount the roll of the right bearing when buying the right inline skates.

Top 8 Best Inline Skates for Women

Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women’s Inline Skate4.7
K2 Skate Womens Alexis 80 Pro4.8
Roller Macroblade 100 3WD Women’sFitness4.8
Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness4.8
Rollerblade Macroblade 80 ABT Women’s Adult Fitness5.0
"Under Armour"  K2 Skate Women’s Alexis 84 Pro4.9
K2 Women’s Alexis 80 BOA5.0
K2 Skate F.I.T 80 BOA5.0

1. Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women’s Inline Skate

This skate is ideal for skaters who have just started. It can be used for exercise & fitness, it offers good stability & control, it is a beginner skate for women at a very good price.

It has a supportive shell that provides comfort and the right balance for the feet.

The comfort liner has a snug fit with a very efficient closure system with buckles & strap.

It has a very durable frame design & a wheel diameter of 80 mm with ABEC 7 rating on the bearings. The wheels are smooth & the skater feels much safer than compared to regular roller skates. These skates do not hurt the ankles & they are an ideal pair for anyone who wants to learn with the brakes on the right rollerblade.


  • Fit Pefectly, best skates for beginners and intermediates


  • The cuff is strong but could have been softer

2. K2 Skate Womens Alexis 80 Pro

This skate is one of the best skates for those women who want to start skating for fitness & women who are intermediate skaters.

It is high on performance and at the same time inexpensive. This skate has a patented softboot technology having a stability cuff for iffering right amount if stability and balance. This skate has an antimicrobial footbed which boasts of an arch like support that ensures that there is nopain in the foot while skating. It has ABEC 5 bearing rating ensuring a smooth ride on rough pavements. The wheel diameter is 80 mm. These skates are easy to put on due to the BOA Closure system. Above all, these skates allow further customization of the frame.


  • Great durability, Soft Boot, Smooth Bindings


  • Upper part of the boot is sometimes tight for people who are on the heavier side

3. Roller Macroblade 100 3WD Women’sFitness

This skate is designed for experienced women skaters and racers. This skate has cuffs on the higher side of the boot for superior lateral support. The engineered mesh leads to breathability of the fabric. The 360 degrees mesh wraps around the feet, thereby elevating the skating experience.

The high performance liner of the macroblade 100 3WD has padding in the tongue and ankle areas for more comfortable skating. The supreme 100 mm wheels ensure a good grip,speed and maximize the roll. The SG9 bearings reduce the wear and tear and ensure maximum speed.


  • Great Fit,work well for both long & short distances,Perfect for Intermediate Skating


  • Online chart for size not accurate,Requires extra power to get going

4. Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness

This skate is designed as a recreational beginner device. If learning to skate is your priority,then this skate with insurmountable support,comfort and control at a value for money are your go-to skates. It has a secure closure system which when combined with a monocoque frame lowers the centre of gravity and hence provides a better balance. The wheel diameter is 80 mm. The SG5 bearings have the option of upgrading to higher performance wheel as and when the skater proficiency is increased. This skate is a smart choice for casual skaters at an entry level price segment.


  • Perfect for cardio workouts,Smooth Ride


  • No Hard Outer shell in boots

5. Rollerblade Macroblade 80 ABT Women’s Adult Fitness

This skate is designed for casual inline skating & includes ABT Brake System.It is for woman looking for an entry level skate with superior quality. It has a very secure boot structure & a mesh which provides a lateral support. The aluminium frame helps in improving performance by adding a lot of durability and power transfer. The wheel diameter is 80mm and the SG5 bearings help in benefitting the speed as the skater proficiency increases. The ABT Brake system is height adjustable and also cuff-activated which allows the skater to slide the brakes forward and ensure all the wheels are on the ground. The brake is on the right but can be switched to the left. This skate is upgradable to 84 mm wheels for greater speed.


  • Smooth and Fast,Perfect Fit,Very Sturdy


  • The skates are less breathable, Feet get hot, Lace system is awkward (quick latches would have been preferred)

6. K2 Skate Women’s Alexis 84 Pro

This skate has a speed lacing system which gives an ideal fit with just a single pull stamped aluminum frame. This lends a superior efficiency and minimal weight to the skate. It has four 84 mm wheels which roll on ILQ 5 Bearings under each skate which ensures a smooth and non bumpy ride at all times. It has a softboot which is held by two straps. The stamped aluminium frame provides efficient energy transfer from the Stability Cuff.


  • Perfect Fit,Antibacterial lining on the boot,Very Stable skates


  • No Cons

7. K2 Women’s Alexis 80 BOA

This skate has a speed lacing system which makes it easier to put on and race off. The stability plus cuff helps to lend a lot of support to the ankle and foot. It is built with K2’s F.B.I Frame which helps in absorbing road vibrations and helps youngsters to get acclimatized to skating. This skate has 80 mm wheel diameter and ABEC 5 rated wheels which gives it the perfect combination of safe speed and right spin.


  • Lightweight,Great for higher speeds,Easily removable


  • The skates are less breathable,Nor good for wide feet

8. K2 Skate F.I.T 80 BOA

This skate is so versatile that it can help you to start skating or take your skating to the next level.It offers the K2 Stability Plus Cuff for increased support & giving them more confidence to feel more stable. The BOA closure system allows you to tighten and loosen the boots with a simple twist of a knob on the boot.

It is built with K2’s F.B.I Frame which helps in absorbing road vibrations and helps youngsters to get acclimatized to skating. The wheel size of 80 mm and ABEC 5 ratings are the perfect combination of safe speeds and right amount of spin. The stability plus cuffs provide the right amount of reliability and comfort at the same time.


  • Sufficient Ankle Support,Perfect Fit,


  • Brake not as stable,Not advised for heavier people



I wear a shoe size 6, should I get a size 6 or 7?

This run true to shoe size and have a standard width fit.

Is the Brake Detachable?  

Yes, you can remove the brake. Also the skate comes with instructions & a hardware tool to do so.

What does “mm”and “A” mean on the wheel sizes?

The “mm” is the size in millimeters & “A” is the hardness on the wheel. The higher the number “A”,the harder the wheels.

I am a size 8.5 in sneakers. Should I get an 8 or 9?

The size 9 will fit well. You can always get an aftermarket foot bead to custom the fit if needed.

Are these skates  good for dirt and construction zones?  

These skates are not designed for any kind of off road, dirt, or built up areas. Due to the larger wheels they will ride smooth on relatively on rough pavement but are designed for paved surfaces only. We do not recommend using them in dirt or any unpaved situation. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Whats the difference between rollerblading & inline skates?

The term rollerblading is only derived from the company name rollerblade. With that being said,both rollerblading & inline skating is the same thing

Can I move the brake from right to the left?

Yes, absolutely. You can also have them on both if you buy a second break pad although that’s not recommended.

Are laces better or buckles?

There is really nothing called better here. It depends on the tastes and personal preferences. Laces are less expensive and the pressure distribution is even. However, buckles are faster to put on and are more durable. The buckles,however,are more expensive & can cause uneven distribution of pressure.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have gone through each product in detail, deciphering the performance and design, the best pair to be selected would depend on the 3 most important aspects-comfort, quality & value. And according to these three key symbiotic factors, it’s the Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT that is the Editor’s Choice for the best women’s inline skates.

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