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10 Best Lacrosse Mesh 2020 Reviews

When I think about a lacrosse game, I think about the film “Wild Child”… a team of girls running across a field with the goals of scoring a goal through the nets. The greatest element of it is the spirit of the team and the best lacrosse equipment such as the best lacrosse mesh.

Lacrosse is a sports that is a strategic combination of basketball, soccer and hockey. It can be played by any gender as well as any age group, it is a sport that is commonly played in the United States, and there are some countries such as South Africa that have never played lacrosse. It is a highly athletic sports that requires plenty of running and strategic measuring of getting a lacrosse ball into the lacrosse mesh and using the mesh to score to the ball through the nets.

There is a lot of contact that can be expected in lacrosse because it is a sports characterized with high speed and skilled passing. It is important to ensure that the correct lacrosse mesh is used because it could dangerous to play with an incorrect lacrosse mesh. The lacrosse mesh is used by every lacrosse player on the field, regardless of the position that an individual plays on a field. The feel of the mesh differs based on the position you play: some positions require a hard mesh and some positions require a soft mesh.

The article will develop this further by providing information on how to choose the best lacrosse team. The article will also detail the top ten lacrosse mesh available on market, detailing their product descriptions as well as their pros and cons based on the customer reviews provided. A further detail on the products will be the frequently asked questions regarding the top ten lacrosse mesh, inviting further conversations regarding the lacrosse mesh.

Choosing the Best Lacrosse Mesh


The lacrosse mesh is a very important part of equipment that is needed for a lacrosse game to take place. It is an important part of the head as well as a very important part of the pocket. It is principally the item or form of equipment that a player can score a goal with.

Kind of mesh

The first thing to consider is the kind of mesh that you need, i.e a hard mesh or a soft mesh. It is said that a good lacrosse player can perform very well with almost any kind of lacrosse mesh, hard or soft mesh alike. The soft mesh is leveled up faster than the hard mesh. The soft mesh catches and cradles the door better in a lacrosse game, therefore providing better control of the lacrosse ball. The hard mesh is more durable than the soft mesh, making shots hit a lot harder and the ball bouncing off the lacrosse mesh (hard head) a lot easier than it would on a soft mesh.

At face value, it is easy to say that beginners should use the soft headed lacrosse mesh and advanced lacrosse players should use the hard head lacrosse mesh. But, there is the preference option that has to be taken into consideration as well as what the player’s hand would be most comfortable with.

Be aware of the diamonds that the pocket of your lacrosse mesh forms. The diamonds in the pocket of a lacrosse mesh are the hole that are shaped like diamonds. The diamonds are designed to impact the speed at which a ball takes off from the lacrosse mesh as well as the support that the lacrosse mesh is most likely going to provide for a ball. Fewer diamonds results in the ball taking off at a higher speed from the lacrosse mesh due to the mesh being applied more quickly. More diamonds in the lacrosse mesh result to better support. The choice that has to be made in this regard is one of ball speed versus ball support.


The shooting strings and the v-strings of the lacrosse mesh should be analysed to the satisfaction of the customer. Shooting strings absorb water, making the lacrosse mesh able to effectively function in rainy weather and still perform adequately enough to shoot goals.

The quality of the shooting strings have a direct relationship and impact on the goals scored from the selected lacrosse mesh because shooting strings are the key to an adequate ball release from the pocket of a lacrosse mesh. The shooting strings are adjustable and can be adjusted to the comfort of the player. The v-strings are made from the shooting strings and the v-shape that is formed with the shooting strings holds the ball and releases it with and at a faster pace.


The prices for lacrosse mesh vary based on the brand that you purchase. There are preferred, trusted brands for lacrosse mesh, and the prices will vary based on the packaging of the products. Some lacrosse meshes come in packages that have added features while others come as a single product. This affects the price. There are brands that sell high quality or mimic the quality of expensive meshes but at a cheaper price.

Customer reviews

Customers who have purchased lacrosse meshes will have helpful and informative feedback regarding the products, bringing their feedback forward through reviews and the questions that they will be posing to online shopping marketers. Frequently asked questions propose questions that are not addressed in product information and marketing campaigns and customer reviews provide feedback on the product quality, look and feel of the product, and the experience of the product. These are important factors because they either challenge or confirm the product description provided on the online platform.

The Top 10 Lacrosse Mesh


Warrior Coloured Hard Mesh4.8
Performall Sports Sail Lacrosse Mesh Kit Semi-Soft5.0
Ninjalax Sensei 2 Semi Hard Lacrosse Mesh and Complete Stringing Kit4.6
Ninjalax Sensei 2 Lacrosse Mesh Semi Soft Mesh and Complete Stringing Kit5.0
Performall Sports Sail Lacrosse Mesh Semi-Soft White and Ball Stop Stringer Pack5.0
Warrior Player’s Hard Mesh Pocket String Kit – Attack/Defence (one size)4.5
East Coast Dyes Goalie HeroMesh 12D4.7
ECD Lacrosse Vortex Mesh Complete Kit4.8
Ninjalax Sensei 3 Lacrosse Mesh and Complete Stringing Kit4.8
LBS Lacrosse Player Mesh Pocket String Kit4.5

1. Warrior Coloured Hard Mesh

This mesh is available in one size and in eight colours, namely: black, navy blue, neon green, neon pink, orange, red, royal blue and yellow. The product is said to be one of good quality and it is created for outdoor sports recreation. The customer feedback and reviews, however, are listed below, categorised under pros and cons of this particular product.


  • The mesh came out great when attached to the head for lacrosse sticks.
  • It keeps the pocket together very well.
  • It consistently throws the same way.
  • The mesh holds up very well, especially in wet weather.
  • The mesh has great colour choices that customers are enjoying.


  • Customers have not complained about the product nor have they provided any negative feedback.

2. Performall Sports Sail Lacrosse Mesh Kit Semi-Soft

This product is a package consisting of lacrosse equipment essentials, one of them and the key product being the lacrosse mesh. This package includes, amongst other features, a sail lacrosse mesh semi-soft that is sixteen inches long and has ten diamonds across the mesh. The lacrosse mesh is durable, lightweight (giving it high strength and low weight) and hydrophobic. The make-up of the lacrosse mesh consists of high performance fibre that is used in competitive fishing and sailing industries, having low water absorption, low elasticity and a low stretch. The mesh is water resistant and is relatively affordable.

3. Ninjalax Sensei 2 Semi Hard Lacrosse Mesh and Complete Stringing Kit

This mesh is designed for high performance and provide ease to stringing together your lacrosse stick. This product, even though a small number of customers has evaluated it, seems to be a good lacrosse mesh.


  • The product is of good quality.
  • The stringing worked out very well.
  • The mesh is flexible enough to work with.


  • NA

4. Ninjalax Sensei 2 Lacrosse Mesh Semi Soft Mesh and Complete Stringing Kit

This lacrosse mesh is designed for high performance.


  • The mesh is easy to string together.
  • The pockets of the mesh provide better control in a lacrosse game.
  • The price is affordable and the product is of good quality.


  • NA

5. Performall Sports Sail Lacrosse Mesh Semi-Soft White and Ball Stop Stringer Pack

This package includes, amongst other lacrosse necessity features, one sail lacrosse mesh that is semi-soft and is sixteen inches long. This mesh’s diamonds populate across the mesh, keeping the mesh durable yet lightweight and water resistant. It is a high performing lacrosse mesh that is created for low water absorption, superior UV protection and low elasticity.

6. Warrior Player’s Hard Mesh Pocket String Kit – Attack/Defence (one size)

The product is designed for defence and attack players in a lacrosse match.

The questions posed regarding this product enquire on the product being waterproof and if the product comes with everything that has been displayed in the picture. The customers want to have a full picture of the look and feel of the product, understanding the conditions that the mesh will survive under and the specifics of what the customer will receive upon purchasing the product. From the responses, we learn that the product comes with everything that is displayed in the picture. We also learn that the product is more water resistant than it is waterproof.


  • The mesh has long shooting strings, which is appreciated by the customers.
  • The mesh works well with lacrosse sticks’ heads.


  • The mesh is too stiff to the extent that there is difficulty in getting the mash apart.

7. East Coast Dyes Goalie HeroMesh 12D

This product is semi-soft and the fibres are fully waterproof. The lacrosse mesh can survive under any weather conditions. The shapes create well-shaped diamonds, with added texture to create increased feel and control.


  • The product is well praised by the customers about how great they are.
  • The lifespan of the product is long.
  • The product delivered exactly as promised.


  • The product was flimsy and not as thick as one would prefer from a lacrosse mesh.

8. ECD Lacrosse Vortex Mesh Complete Kit

This mesh kit features an ECD vortex semi-hard hybrid lacrosse mesh stringing. The string provides for the customer to weave a mesh of a hybrid nature and the hybrid weave is weaved in seamlessly and strategically, ensuring that the diamond shapes enhance the dynamic mesh that will come out of these strings. The mesh produced from these strings is lightweight and weatherproof, easy to use and will survive under any weather conditions.


  • The product works very well.
  • The product has very good ball control.
  • The kit is overall a great product.


  • NA

9. Ninjalax Sensei 3 Lacrosse Mesh and Complete Stringing Kit

This lacrosse mesh product is described as “everything you need to restring your stick”. It is a high performing lacrosse  mesh that consists of three shooting laces. The product is equal to the hero and string king mesh and is available at a cheaper price.

The asked question under this product is one of clarity regarding the mesh being hard or soft. The customer requires specifications on the feel and function of the mesh. The response provided specifies that the lacrosse mesh is semi-soft.


  • The mesh has a good pocket.
  • The quality is that of string king and it is afforded at a lower price.


  • The product arrived with a missing piece, specifically the head screw.

10. LBS Lacrosse Player Mesh Pocket String Kit

This product, unlike the other listed lacrosse mesh products that have been listed above, are the strings that are actually used to put the mesh together and make it fit on the lacrosse stick. The strings are available in different colours. The shooter laces, shooting nylon and the sidewall strings come together to compile the lacrosse stringing kit. This is another way to look at lacrosse meshes, providing you with an opportunity to create your own using the lacrosse strings to create your own lacrosse mesh.


  • The strings are strong and they do not break.
  • These strings are easy to use as well as easy to thread through the head of the lacrosse stick.
  • The strings hold up very well.
  • The colours are bright and attractive.


  • The quality is minimal.
  • These strings produce a narrow head of lacrosse mesh on the lacrosse stick.

Key similarities and key differences in the lacrosse mesh

The key similarities and the key differences are extracted from the provided product information of each of the listed lacrosse meshes.

Key similarities

  • The lacrosse mesh coming in a package with other lacrosse necessities.
  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • The mesh being able to survive in water.
  • The mesh being created from high performance fibre.

Key differences

  • The availability the lacrosse mesh in different colours.
  • Able to survive in all weather conditions.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • The mesh being bought as string and having the mesh being built from the lacrosse string.


The lacrosse mesh is a lot better than the traditional pocket that was preferred or regularly used in lacrosse games. The traditional pocket is still used in some lacrosse games but this article has discussed in various parts of conversations regarding lacrosse meshes because the lacrosse mesh is better than the traditional pocket. The lacrosse mesh includes benefits such as the stick stringer repairing a mesh pocket faster and easier than a traditional pocket and a hard mesh is not sensitive to the weather changes that may be unfavourable for the traditional pocket.

The customer reviews, as limited and minimal as they are, have provided comments that lacrosse meshes can be differentiated into three, namely: lacrosse meshes for people who prefer soft mesh, lacrosse meshes for people who prefer hard mesh and lacrosse meshes for professionals who perform well with any kind of mesh. The lacrosse mesh requirements therefore have to differ in the manner in which they cater for the different players.

The frequently asked questions and the customer reviews help possible consumers to examine through the available product information or product description and get to the core of who can use the actual advertised product. These moreover provide extra information that will guide people to buy their lacrosse meshes for the lacrosse games. If you use the frequently asked questions and customer reviews as one of the guides to buying products, potential buyers will be able to know the difference between the available lacrosse meshes that are available. The frequently asked questions for lacrosse mesh are minimal to non-existent.

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