10 Best Multifilament Strings 2022 Reviews

If we would ask you what’s the most important thing you require to play tennis? Then the obvious answer would be racquet. The racquet is the foremost condition one must have if they wish to play tennis, and necessary to hit the ball in the game. The racquet is one’s main weapon in the game of tennis, therefore every tennis player must take care of their main weapon. A good racquet can last for years without breaking or wearing out. However, the strings of the racquet may get worn out after a few games. They can require complete replacement after some time.

There are many brands available in the market that manufactures strings for a tennis racquet. However, are they all worth buying? The answer is no. Most of the people would buy any available tennis string for their racquet. This is bad as it could seriously affect the game of the player and can even prove to be a fatal error in their career. Using a bad tennis string or incorrect tennis string can be very bad for a person, therefore they should spend considerable time deciding what type of string they should have for their racquet. Picking up a good and durable string is very important for their player and their game. It will help the game of the person to improve.

There are different types of string that a person can use for their racquet. Each type of string has a specific purpose to serve and is built for a type of player. So, the player must choose the correct string for their racquet. If they choose the correct string, it would improve their game significantly. Many players are unaware of this and they choose the wrong string for their racquet which ultimately dulls their skills. Now let’s see that are these types of strings that exist in the market:

  • Natural Gut: Original type of string that exists in many racquets
  • Synthetic Gut: This string is for all-rounder player.
  • Multifilament: This string is much like the gut string and can be used instead of a natural or synthetic gut string. It is also for all-rounder players.
  • Durable polyester: These are specially designed for people who break the strings of their racquet while hitting the ball hard.
  • Multifilament Polyester: These are for people who want greater power in their shots but with fewer side effects on their arms.

In this article, we will teach you how to select the Best multifilament String for your racquet that will help to improve your game greatly. Let’s start the article.

How to Choose the Best Multifilament Strings

10 Best Multifilament Strings 2020

Multifilament strings are for all-rounder players. Such a player is used to hitting power shots while maintaining a great amount of control over the ball. These strings are highly elastic and can snap back after the impact of the ball on the racquet. One should not think that buying any multifilament racquet will be best for their racquet. This is not the case. There is any factor that governs the multifilament string, about which one must know. They must choose multifilament string keeping all those things in mind. This will help to improve the game of the person.

Multifilament strings are highly durable and can last for a long time without wearing out. Many players choose multifilament strings since they are better than natural gut strings and are longer lasting. However, one question which arises is how to choose the best multifilament string for my racquet? To do so, one must know about the factors which result in the quality of the multifilament strings. These are:

  • Material
  • Construction
  • Thickness
  • Type of gameplay

These are the factors one must check before buying any multifilament strings. These are very important if you want to improve your gameplay in tennis and also if you want to take care of your tennis string.

The material out of which the multifilament string is made up of and the construction of the multifilament string will decide the durability of the string. These will decide how long the string will last. The thickness of the string will decide the elasticity of the tennis racquet and the power output as well. Lastly, these multifilament strings are mad for all-rounder players. There are multifilament strings that are suitable for power shot players, while there are other multifilament strings that are suitable for control players. What type of gameplay you play is also important while selecting a good multifilament’s string? By keeping in mind four points you can select a good multifilament string that will be good for your racquet as well as your game.

Many multifilament strings are available in various sizes. The usual range consists of 15-19. The difference here is that the 15 one is the thickest while the 19 one is the lightest or thinnest one. What effect it has on the gameplay? As the number increase, the power and the spin of the ball increases while the control durability of the string decrease. OS very few people uses 15 or 19 size string. Instead, they prefer to have the in-between size so that they get moderate power, comfort, spin, and control in the ball. This also makes sure that the string remains durable.

To simplify your takes of selecting the multifilament string, we have listed below the 10 best multifilament string for your tennis racquet. These are selected by keeping in mind all the above factors and we hope you can select one of them which will be best for your racquet and gameplay.

Top 10 Best Multifilament Strings

Multifilament Strings

Head Rip Control4.6
Wilson NXT Control4.5
Wilson Revolve String4.6
Wilson Sensation 6604.7
Head Lynx4.8
Head Synthetic Gut PPS4.5
Solinco Hyper-G4.8
Yonex Rexis Tennis5.0
RPM blast Rough4.5
Tourna Quasi Gut4.9

We have selected 10 multifilament strings for you that we think would be best for you and your racquet. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. Head Rip Control

Manufactured by Head company, this multifilament string is for people who play for control as well as power. It is for people who want maximum power on their shot but they don’t want to lose control over the ball. If you are such a player, then this multifilament string is one for you.

It is made out of polypyrene technology that provides maximum power and control to the player. The standard size of the string is around 40 feet while the thickness is 1.20mm. The weight of the string is 18 gram which is very light and hardly adds to the weight of the racquet. It is available in 3 sizes 16,17 and 18. The 18 one is the lightest and if you want maximum power and control then you should choose 18 for your racquet.


  • Provides great power and control over the ball.
  • Highly elastic to deliver power shots.
  • Good for all-rounder player who play power as well as control shots.


  • Suitable only for all-rounder player. If you play only power shots or prefer only control over the ball, then you might not want this multifilament string.

2. Wilson NXT Control

This multifilament string is for players who want control over the ball. If you want to control the spin, swing and the direction of the ball, then this string is for you. It provides maximum control to the player, however, the power in each shot decreases slightly.

It is made up of polyester and polyamide fibre which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. The length of this string is 40 feet which are standard while the standard size is 16gauge. Keeping in mind the reputation of the Wilson’s we can be sure over the quality of this string. It will surely help people who have control type gameplay and will help to improve their skills. The string is available in sizes of 15,16,17 and 18. The 15-gauge string will provide maximum durability however if you want to have a feeling toward the ball, then the 18-gauge string is the one for you.


  • Good for player who want good control over the ball.
  • Long lasting string and is highly durable.
  • Increase the spin, swing in the ball.


  • Not for power or all-rounder player.

3. Wilson Revolve String

Another production of the Wilson company, this multifilament string is designed to provide control, power, and comfort to the person. When hitting a power shot, the person may times may need to exert raw strength and sometimes they even need to have rapid arm movement for exerting control over the ball. This sudden arm movement can cause injury or discomfort to your hand. This string was developed to tackle this situation.

It provides a great deal of power and comfort to the person without causing any distress to the person. It adds to the spin in the ball and also provides a great deal of power without using the raw strength of the person. The string is made up of polyester and is 40 feet in length. The standard with of the string is 17 gauge, however, it is also available in 15,16 and 18 gauge. The 15 one provides durability to the racquet, while the 18 one provides the feeling to the person. It is also available in 3 colours of white, black, and orange. If you want to have power, control, and comfort in your racquet and game, then you should choose this string.


  • Provides excellent comfort to the person.
  • Prevents arm injury.
  • Provides good power and swing in the ball.


  • The power control trades off is quite large. To provide maximum comfort to the person, the power generated and the control over the ball is not as much as provided by other strings.
  • Not for power or control only players.

4. Wilson Sensation 660

Wilson’s brand is well known for manufacturing the strings as well as the racquets for the tennis player. This time, they have focused on the comfort of the player. This multifilament string is designed for players who want comfort while playing their tennis game. These are developed for people who can work on the power and control factor in their game, however, they don’t wish to feel any discomfort while playing the game. this multifilament string provides maximum comfort to the player.

It is highly elastic and is made up of nylon fibres. It is a 16-gauge multifilament string with a length of 40 feet. One can also choose other gauge levels of 15 and 17 as per their wish. The high elasticity of the nylon fibre provides easy bounce-back of the tennis string without hurting the arm of the payer. The main drawback of this string is that the person needs to use more raw strength for power delivery and they need more skill to control the ball as per their wish. Other than that, it provides amazing comfort to the person.


  • Provides comfort to the player by helping them not exert sudden arm movement.
  • A suitable choice for people wanting both power and control in their game.
  • Made up of durable and long-lasting nylon fibre.


  • Too use power in the serve or return, the player needs to use a significant amount of their raw strength.
  • Power control trade-off is high.

5. Head Lynx

The Head company is well known to produce a tennis string for the racquets. They provide all sorts of tennis racquets for all sorts of players. This time they have brought an amazing multifilament string for control players. Head Lynx is a string made to provide great control over the tennis ball.

It provides the power control trade-off, however, in the end, the control over the ball provided by this string is amazing, it is made up of composite material one of them being polyester. It provides great control over the tennis ball and it also helps to develop the control skill of the tennis player, and it has a 16-gauge width and is 40 feet in length. This string is designed for players who are more focused on their raw strength to deliver power rather than using the properties of their racquet.


  • Provides greater control over the ball.
  • Made up of durable polyester which last long and gives best control performance.
  • Perfect for players who want control over the ball.


  • Not for people who want power in their game.
  • Power control trade-off is very high.
  • Player need to have great raw strength to deliver more power to the ball.

6. Head Synthetic Gut PPS

Another string manufactured by Head, these multifilament strings are best for people who want a balance of power and control in their game. These strings provide power and control in the game easily.

The high elasticity and tension provided by them generate enough power output when hitting the ball. These strings provide great power and control over the ball. It is made up of nylon core wrapped by thicker multifilament. These help to build a durable and strong multifilament string that can be used for a long time. Weighting over 17g and over 40 feet in length, this string is designed to provide comfort as well as control to the user. It is available in 16 and 16L gauge size.


  • Provides a balance of power and control in the game.
  • Highly durable and long lasting.
  • Strings have highly elasticity in them which adds more power to each rebound ball.


  • Only suitable for all-rounder players.

7. Solinco Hyper-G

There are many times when a player demands more control over the ball rather than having more power in their shots. These players can use Solinco Hyper-G strings for control output. These strings are designed to channel more spin in the ball. These strings add on to the RPM of the ball and provide extra spin upon each hit. Made up of co-polyester strings, these strings are designed to provide spin and power to the ball. The amount of power delivered by them is less when compared to other strings however they focus more on the spin of the ball. These strings are of standard length i.e. 40 feet and it has a width of 16L gauge. The one which we are selling here is of green colour. It is available in 16, 17,18,19, and 20 Gauge size.


  • Great control over the ball.
  • Adds extra spin to the ball.
  • Built of co-polyester strings which provide more spin to the ball.
  • Durable and long lasting.


  • Not for power shot players.

8. Yonex Rexis Tennis

These multifilament strings are new in the market. They help to increase the power of a person shot while maintaining the comfort level to its best, they are highly elastic to provide greater rebound power to the ball. They are made with the help of FRF which stands for Fusion of Resin Filament which helps the multifilament string to become more durable and elastic. It improves the condition and quality of the strings which results in greater power in each swing. The great elasticity of this string makes it perfect for people who want more power output in their swings. This string should be your first choice according to us if you want a good power output in your game.


  • Provides comfort and power to the player.
  • FRF coating provides more durability to the strings.
  • Allows player to play power shot easily while using minimum raw strength.


  • Not suitable for all-rounder or control type players.
  • Even though the elasticity of these strings is high, the tension is quite low.

9. RPM blast Rough

RPM blast developed a multifilament string to help people who like spin their ball much. Those players who are more concerned about spinning their ball and making it difficult for their opponent to hit the ball should use these strings. The composition of this multifilament string is made out of co-poly multifilament. It has a slick surface that helps to grab the ball and add extra spin to it which is desired by the player. It helps the person to add more spin to the ball and play more wide shots in the game.


  • Best choice for player who want more spin in each shot.
  • Highly durable since it is made out of co-poly multifilament.
  • Slick surface adds on more spin to the ball.


  • Not suitable for power or all-rounder player.
  • These strings make the racquet unsuitable for power-delivery.

10. Tourna Quasi Gut

Tourna has been manufacturing multifilament strings for ages. They manufacture strings that are durable and great at the performance. The one we have here is Tourna Quasi Gut multifilament string that helps to add power and comfort to the games. These strings are coated with SPL coating that helps to add 12% extra power to each string. So, if you want power in your shot, you might want to use these strings. They are highly durable and also resistant to notching. They last long and are made up of elastic fibre. The SPL coating also adds up 40% extra durability to the string.


  • Best strings available for providing power to the racquet.
  • Extra power and extra durable strings.
  • Long lasting string that doesn’t wear out easily.


  • Not for control or all-rounder players.
  • It cannot provide control over the ball.


How often should I change my Racquet Strings?

After you have played many games with your tennis racquet, the string will lose elasticity and tension. This will affect your gameplay greatly. To avoid this, you can replace the string on your racquet. If you are a regular player who plays tennis regularly, then we recommend you change the strains of your tennis racquet after one month. If you play less frequently, then you should change the strings after every 3 months and if you play randomly, then changing the tennis string after 6 months would be more than enough.

How should I change the tennis racquet strings?

The string is wounded on the racquet in a criss-cross manner and it could be quite difficult for a person to change it. If you want to do it yourself, then there are many YouTube video online which can teach you how to change the strings. This will help you to change the strings easily. Else you can ask somebody experienced to do that for you.

 Best Multifilament Strings

What would happen if I choose to wring string for my racquet?

Let’s say that you are a power player that hit power shots. The string on your racquet is designed so that it will provide you with maximum elasticity and tension. Now, if you choose a control multifilament string and use it on your racquet, then the control string won’t be able to deliver the much power, elasticity, and tension to you as compared to the original one. This will lead you to hit less powerful shots and this will hurt your game. Therefore, choose your strings carefully and according to your gameplay.

Many strings size have L written in them such as 16L or 18L. What does this mean?

The L words after the number specify the word light which indicates that the size in between the two. For example, many strings have sizes such as 16,16L and 17. Here 16L refers to the 16.5 sizes. It means that the width is between 16 and 17. The 16 one usually has a width of 1.25mm-1.30mm while the 17 one has a width of 1.20mm to 1.25mm. The 16L will have the width in between the 16 and 17 one. The string width has a lot of importance while selecting the string, so it must be made sure that the person or player could select the best string for themselves.


10 Best Multifilament Strings

In the end, we would like to say that the tennis racquet is an important asset to the player and the player should manage it properly. He/she should take care of it and change the strings regularly. Choosing a correct string for your racquet is equally as important as selecting a good racquet for your tennis game. Many people miss this point and they aren’t able to draw out their full skill while playing the game. Hence, Select the best string according to your game as it will help you to improve your game and also help you to get the best result in the game. Rest, make sure to practice hard as, in the end, it all comes down to your practice and hard work.

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