10 Best Outdoor Volleyball 2020 Reviews

The best memories that I have of playing volleyball are periods of time when I have been on holiday with family or with friends and the holiday resort provides a volleyball net just outside of our chalets. Being the adventurous and always-looking-for-fun kind of people that we are, we had no rule book that we were aware of or that we were following.

We only had two rules and those rules were to make sure that you only touch the ball once when it was on your side of the net and that the ball did not fall on your side of the net. Teams were programmed to sabotage each other, hitting ridiculous balls with their hands fisting together to try make the next team drop the ball on their side of the net. It was fun and structured, but it also resulted to many wrist or finger injuries because our adventurous, fun and unstructured volleyball games were played with any ball that we could find, not a ball that was designed for outdoor volleyball.

Could we have saved ourselves from injuries had we used the best outdoor volleyball on the market? I do not know. But I know that however unstructured and adventurous our volleyball games were, it would have been safer for our hands and wrists to have used an adequate outdoor volleyball. Perhaps, it could have even saved my brother from that concussion he had when one of our unstructured volleyball throws landed a soccer ball on his head.

Volleyballs are designed and made to be fitting of the volleyball objectives. These objectives include the improvement of hand-to-eye coordination, human reflexes and balance. The teamwork and social activity aspect part of it is already achieved through the game being played, but the other listed objectives are driven by the manner in which the volleyball is designed to communicate with the mind in order to achieve the objectives.

The volleyball is a specific construction of balls that are used for tennis, badminton, basketball, baseball and handball, using the specially selected features from each of the balls to reach the goal of a ball that can provoke the mind through physical activity.


The game of volleyball consists of twelve players listed on a roster with the intention to indicate that the players may be on the field, six players playing on the court at a time while the other six rests. Three people will represent each team at a time on the volleyball field. In the event that the volleyball game is played on the beach, i.e. beach volleyball, two people will represent one team therefore having four people playing during a game.

The average time of a volleyball game is sixty to ninety minutes, awarding each player with an average of twenty to twenty-five minutes of game time. A volleyball game is concluded upon a team winning three games out of five possible games that would have been or could be played by two opposing volleyball teams.

Volleyball is played on numerous levels, namely: casual level, recreational level, school level and professional level. Each level is guided by rules, intensity and strict guidelines of what kind of ball to use during practices as well as during games. The importance of these rules and ball specifications are created to protect players against injuries, limiting injuries as far as possible.

Research informs us that volleyball injuries are the lowest injuries for all major and recognised sports across most platforms, it still remains that volleyball players are players that are at the most risk for traumatic and overuse injuries. Volleyball is characterised by repetitive overhead movements that include spiking, blocking and passing the ball using specific hand gestures and movements. These movements that take place during a volleyball practice or game commonly cause injuries in the shoulder, fingers and surrounding hand areas.

An incorrect ball used in a volleyball game accelerates the rate of injuries that can be sustained in a volleyball game. An incorrect volleyball forces body movement that will put strain on the rest of your body. If the ball is too heavy, for example, the energy that will need to be exerted from the body to control the movements required in a volleyball game will put strain on the lower back, ankles and fingers. The repetitive jumping activities will be forced and require more energy and effort from the volleyball players. An adequate volleyball is needed, no matter how casual the volleyball game is.


This article will take an explorative approach in discussing the best outdoor volleyballs. When analysing the outdoor volleyballs that are available on market, the article will list the ball’s features as well as the pros and cons of each outdoor volleyball, using the customer reviews to sort the pros from the cons. The article will then take a step further and categorise which level of outdoor volleyball are the advertised volleyballs most suited for based on the customer feedback for each outdoor volleyball.

The article will assess the important features that one has to take into consideration when buying or choosing the best outdoor volleyball. These features will be used to align with the outdoor volleyballs that are available on market, using the customer reviews and the frequently asked questions to guide an informed decision. Customer reviews are feedback points provided by customers who have already purchased the products and are thus providing feedback on the physical product versus what is advertised on the online shopping platform.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Volleyball


The above stated paragraphs have dedicated explanations of the environment which outdoor volleyballs are used and the reasons why specific requirements are non-negotiable when purchasing an outdoor volleyball. The below listed requirements make the outdoor volleyballs best because they perform the duties required of the best outdoor volleyball –on any playing field that volleyball takes place.

When one chooses the best outdoor volleyball, regardless of the kind of volleyball that will be played, one has to ensure that safety or protection from injuries is not compromised and there is satisfactory support for one’s fully body that commits in every volleyball match. The injuries that one can sustain from using the incorrect or substandard outdoor volleyballs, particularly in a competitive volleyball game, can be permanent.


The first factor to take into consideration is the size of the of the volleyball that you wish to play with. There are different sizes of volleyballs and these sizes are designed to accommodate different age groups. Volleyballs that are designed for toddlers differ from volleyballs designed for teenagers. Just as volleyballs designed for teenagers differ from volleyballs designed for adults. These different sizes also affect the style of the volleyballs. Volleyballs that are designed for toddlers and teenagers would have more colourful artefacts on them compared to the designed for adults where the volleyballs would not be as colourful but rather more professional in look and feel.


The second factor to take into consideration is the purpose you are purchasing the volleyball for. An adequate outdoor volleyball will be suitable for casual or recreational volleyball playing. It has fewer specifications compared to a volleyball that is required for a professional volleyball game. If you are purchasing a volleyball for casual or recreational purposes, stylish yet adequate outdoor volleyballs would be better than professionally looking outdoor volleyballs.



Price is also an important factor to take into consideration. Volleyballs created for casual purposes, recreational purposes, children and school level volleyball are far much more affordable than professional and Olympic-used volleyballs. The school level volleyballs can be bought in bulk for adequate practice due to its affordability. Professional volleyballs are more expensive because of the compulsory quality that is required from the volleyballs.


The manufactures are also a good guide in buying good outdoor volleyballs. Manufacturers that are known for designing outdoor volleyballs are usually the first port of call to look to when purchasing an outdoor volleyball. Manufactures that are known for making volleyballs will make volleyballs that range from casual and affordable volleyballs right up to professional and luxurious volleyballs. These manufacturers also cater for volleyball games that take place on various platforms or terrains such as indoor volleyballs, outdoor volleyballs, beach volleyballs and Olympic volleyballs.

Customer reviews

Frequently asked and customer reviews are customer interactions with e-commerce platforms regarding the advertised outdoor volleyballs. The superior fact about products and customer experiences are largely found in what customers have to say about the products – particularly if they have purchased the product already. Customers who have purchased outdoor volleyballs will have constructive and informative feedback regarding the products, bringing their feedback forward through reviews and the questions that they will be posing to online shopping marketers.

Frequently asked questions propose questions that are not highlighted in product information and marketing campaigns and customer reviews provide feedback on the product quality, look and feel of the product, and the experience of the product. These are important factors because they either challenge or confirm the product description provided on the online platform.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Volleyballs

10 Best Volleyball Reviews

Wilson Soft and Super Soft Play Volleyball4.7
Wilson Cast Away Volleyball4.9
Tachikara Institutional Quality Composite Leather Volleyball4.9
Molten Flistatec Volleyball4.8
Molten Recreational Volleyball4.6
Wilson OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball5.0
Molten MS240-3 Light Touch Volleyball4.6
Tachikara Volley-Lite Additional Colors (EA)5.0
Baden Lexum Composite Game Volleyball4.9
Vetra Volleyball Soft Touch4.7

The volleyballs below will be discussed in accordance with the customer reviews available, categorising the reviews under pros and cons of the listed products.

1. Wilson Soft and Super Soft Play Volleyball

This volleyball has been identified as a best seller. Its design is a respectful construction of panel machine sewing with a rubber bladder that is intended for air holding. The ball has soft play technology and a soft play technology.


  • This volleyball has extra padding and thus is more suitable for children and casual volleyball players
  • The ball has a solid construction
  • This volleyball is ideal for outdoor volleyball games
  • It is durable


  • This volleyball does not hold in air for long
  • It is not a ball that is catered for a soft play

This volleyball is best suited for beginner and casual volleyball players.

2. Wilson Cast Away Volleyball

This volleyball is a replica of the Wilson that is used in the movie titled Cast Away. Its size is the official ball size for volleyballs and its covering synthetic leather is top quality. The durability of the ball is supported by the sewing of the ball.


  • It is a good buy because of its feature on a popular film that some customers seem to like
  • It does not hurt the wrists of the volleyball players
  • The face painted on the ball provides a personal feeling and interaction between the ball and the customer


  • The quality of the volleyball is relatively low
  • It is a hard ball and can cause unforeseen injuries to customers who are not mindful of the mass of the ball

This volleyball is most suitable for casual and recreational volleyball players.

3. Tachikara Institutional Quality Composite Leather Volleyball

This volleyball is solid and has an adequate quality compound. It is available in the official volleyball size and official volleyball weight and is available at an affordable price.


  • It is an ideal indoor volleyball
  • This ball performs at a high level in volleyball games
  • It is the highest value for its price range
  • This ball is soft enough to not hurt arms/hands therefore making it ideal for new volleyball players


  • This volleyball is better suited for indoor volleyball games as opposed to outdoor volleyball games
  • This volleyball feels cheaper and has a much cheaper look compares to other Tachikara balls
  • This ball does not hold air for longer than three hours in a volleyball game

This volleyball is best suited for indoor volleyball games, school level volleyball and beginner volleyball players.

4. Molten Flistatec Volleyball

This volleyball is the official volleyball used in the United States of America that has stable technology and is designed for optimal performance. This volleyball is designed for indoor use. The description advises that additional inflation may be required upon purchase.


  • The ball has a good grip
  • The volleyball has adequate mass and feels good in the hands


  • The ball has to be inflated numerous times in a volleyball game
  • The ball is heavier than a typical volleyball
  • It is designed for indoor volleyball as opposed to outdoor volleyball

This volleyball is best suited for indoor volleyball games.

5. Molten Recreational Volleyball

This volleyball is machine stitched and is fit for both indoor volleyball games and outdoor volleyball games.


  • The volleyball is good to be played with on multiple levels of volleyball as well as multiple terrains
  • The impact on the arms is easier and not harsh
  • It is a good product for a good price


  • The ball does not remain pumped for an entire game
  • The ball still impacts the arms painfully

This ball is adequate for outdoor play on a professional level and school level.

6. Wilson OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball

This volleyball has colour flows and graphics that allow for an easy enhanced ball tracking on the volleyball field. It has a superior spin detection feature, allowing for immediate reaction from volleyball players during a volleyball game. This volleyball is built for the beach and beach volleyball play.


  • It is a good outdoor volleyball
  • The volleyball is made up of good quality.


  • The ball is easily duplicated and there are knock-off versions being sold at a terrible quality

This volleyball is most suitable for casual volleyball games.

7. Molten MS240-3 Light Touch Volleyball

This ball is designed for volleyball players aged twelve and under. It is a machine stitched product with and very soft cover that is lightweight and intended for indoor as well as outdoor volleyball.


  • It is the best volleyball for a beginner child
  • The colour is cute and targeted at children
  • The feel of the volleyball is very soft, suitable for children’s hands
  • The quality of the volleyball is good


  • The lifespan of the ball is not long

This volleyball is ideal for children who are beginner volleyball players.

8. Tachikara Volley-Lite Additional Colors (EA)

This volleyball has a soft synthetic cover, is lightweighted and is designed for indoor volleyball.


  • It is a volleyball that is well-suited for small children
  • It is soft and not heavy, very manageable for people who occasionally play volleyball
  • The volleyball is made up of good quality and is a durable product
  • The ball is lightweight
  • The volleyball is affordable


  • The volleyball does not hold in air and thus does not stay inflated for a full volleyball game

This volleyball is ideal for new beginner volleyball players as well as casual volleyball players.

9. Baden Lexum Composite Game Volleyball

The volleyball is durable and has a soft touch feel. It is the official size and weight of a professional volleyball.


  • The ball holds up very well
  • Good quality
  • The ball has a nice finish and is soft


  • The ball is very hard on the hands

This volleyball is most suitable for club volleyball games played outdoors.

10.Vetra Volleyball Soft Touch

This ball is made up of quality materials, has innovative designs and is multifunctional. It is a durable ball that is of official size and weight.


  • The ball is of good quality
  • The ball is durable
  • It is a good product for an affordable price
  • The volleyball is easy on the hands and wrists


  • The ball is not ideal for outdoor volleyball games

This volleyball is most suitable for professional, club and school volleyball games.



Frequently asked questions are fruitful because they are thought-provoking points and conversations being brought forward by customers who have used the online shopping platform and have experienced challenges with products that were purchased online before. Frequently asked questions are best utilised and analysed when grouped. The groupings of the questions help in developing common themes to discuss what customers need to know and aim to understand prior to purchasing the best outdoor volleyball for the customer.

Set one of the frequently asked questions enquire on where the balls can be played with (indoor or outdoor), the size of the ball, whether or not the ball comes inflated, the feel of the ball (soft or hard) and how as well as where the balls are made.

These questions investigate the specifics of the outdoor volleyballs beyond the advertised look and feel of the volleyballs. It is important to engage on the specifics of the volleyballs’ features to understand the extent to which the volleyballs can be used and, more importantly, whether or not it can be used for outdoor volleyball activities. Customers need to have a strong view and idea about the kind of experience that they will be having with the products that they will be purchasing online.

E-commerce platforms do not provide the face-to-face contact experience with a sales assistant where you are able to participate in on the product. In an ordinary shop, an expert on volleyball products will be able to inform you on the best features of the product as well as the challenging features of the product. You would even be able to ask what kind of volleyball games can be played with the various and available balls and an expert would be able to detail that answer for you. On online stores, you need to engage on the FAQs section and ensure that you purchase the product being satisfied with the knowledge that you have on the product beyond what is available on marketing platforms and product packaging.


The second set of frequently asked questions engage Amazon.com on the return policy should the customers not be satisfied with the physical product, the popularity of the product on the online shopping platform, the kinds of ball pumps that can be used to pump the balls and the most suitable target market for the advertised balls.

More questions engage Amazon.com on the delivery options of the product, the ability of the ball to travel on different modes of transport, shipping costs and extra features that the balls may come with. These questions are specific to the service delivery and pertain to the quality of service that Amazon.com will provide when delivering the product and should the customers not be satisfied with the delivered products. These questions are more technical and are specific to Amazon.com in relation to the advertised products.

The customer reviews have further provided comments that volleyballs can be differentiated into three, namely: volleyballs for beginners, volleyballs for casual or recreational players and volleyballs for advanced, competitive or professional players. The outdoor volleyball requirements therefore have to differ in the manner in which they cater for the different players. The requirements for beginners and children will differ from the requirements for advanced, professional or competitive volleyball players.

Likewise, the requirements for indoor volleyball players differs from the requirements for outdoor volleyball players. The importance of frequently asked questions and customer reviews is additionally emphasised.

10 Best Outdoor Volleyball Reviews

The frequently asked questions and the customer reviews help potential buyers to examine through the available product information or product description and get to the core of who can use the actual advertised product. These additionally provide extra information that will guide people to buy their volleyballs for the volleyball games. If you use the frequently asked questions and customer reviews as one of the guides to buying volleyballs, potential buyers will be able to know the difference between luxury volleyballs and necessity volleyballs. Furthermore, information will be provided on volleyballs for beginners, volleyballs for casual and occasional players and volleyballs for advanced and competitive volleyball players.


Finally, it is essential to know that there are volleyballs available for various volleyball gaming platforms. It is important to know the difference between volleyballs for indoor games and volleyballs for outdoor games because this feeds into the consequences of purchasing the incorrect volleyballs. The difference lies in the detail.

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