10 Best Outfield Gloves 2022 Reviews

Greetings of the day, today I’m going to explain to you about the best outfield gloves so I will ask you to stay tuned so by the end of the article you will be able to gain more information about the gloves.

Before we start I would like also to explain to you that you will use these gloves mainly for a baseball game the game which has more fans in the USA, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.  Here are small brief about the game The baseball is very popular in those countries so they are playing two opposite team the pitcher from the first team will throw the ball which the other team will try to hit the ball by his bat so the other team has to concentrate and focus very well so he can hit the ball and the game will go around each team have 9 players that take a turn between batting and base-running.

so if you fan of the game so I will be explaining in my article about how to choose your gloves wisely which one of the main equipment you will be using for the game before you buy I will cover in the article also what is the best outfield gloves for you got it and start to play your lovely game.

I’m going to break down this article for you so you will be able to get what is the best choice you can make before you buy your gloves.

How to Select The Best Outfield Gloves

Best Outfield Gloves

  • When you will go to the website or market you have to look at which color you will like (black, gray, or brown) that is the main colors there are more if you wish.
  • Then you will have to check in which hand you will need.
  • choose your size according to your hand’s size because you going to use that while playing so it has to be comfortable to you so you will be enjoying your game.
  • if you will buy from a store then I will prefer to check into your hands how it will look like, but if you going to buy through the website then they will provide for you the return policy if I did not match your expectations that is why you will always have to buy from the trusted website.
  • you have to check the affordable price for you but you have to keep something in your mind when it comes to price therefore each person will prefer something is his mind a famous brand another person will look for quality other will check design other will consider the color first, in every store you will find many options for you to choose from I will be explaining that through the article so when you will go to check your gloves so you will have an idea which is good and suitable for you.
  • I think we have covered in the above topic now how to check your gloves according to your needs so in the next part I will be explaining what are the top 10 gloves to buy and that will be based on price, quality, and design.

The Top 10 Outfield Gloves

Rawlings RSB Adult Slow pitch Softball Gloves series 4.6
Wilson A360 12.5" Utility Baseball Glove4.5
Wilson A700 Slowpitch Glove4.8
Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series5.0
Louisville Slugger 2019 Xeno Fastpitch Glove Series4.7
Rawlings Select Pro Lite Baseball Glove Series4.8
Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Glove Series4.8
Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball/ Baseball Gloves4.8
Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series4.7
Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series5.0

1. Rawlings RSB Adult Slow pitch Softball Gloves series

For me as personal thought I prefer these gloves and here are the desperation makes these gloves perfect to use.

These gloves are made from a great quality of leather with a touch of unique design, so it will look perfect into your hand. The gloves can be used for both male and female which add more to the product to make a marvelous shape in the hands, once you will put the gloves on then you will feel ready to go right away for a match and when it comes to comfort then you have the best design that you will feel seamless feeling into your hand that add more to the gloves because that you have to concern the comfort for your hands.

Most of the athletes will prefer that brand since it going very fast in the market which adds more credit as well to the product.

Price is in high demand since it going very quickly in the market but if you has decided to go for that one so congrats you have made a great decision.


  • Great quality of leather
  • Affordable price
  • Soft in the palm


  • Choose your size correctly otherwise you will end up retuning the product.
  • Check in which hand you will use.
  • Not recommend for youth

2. Wilson A360 12.5″ Utility Baseball Glove

The second one comes to the list a Wilson A360 gloves which is made slightly different from the Rawlings ones here we are talking about more leather into the shape which helps  you to catch the ball easily the Wilson it  looks very simple in the design wise which adds more to the brand since they are some customers will prefer to make it simple so here is the one you will  adore it, I will always say to choose this gloves if you just new to the game and that is why the factory concentrate more into the palm side of the hand of which add more to the gloves with softer than you imagine to make you feel more comfortable while wearing.

The A360 gloves are much secured into your hand when you are playing the game.

The gloves are at a fair price in the market so I will leave you to decide.


  • Simple design with comfort leather and inexpensive price.
  • Very flexible and soft


  • Quality is medium I would say.
  • Does not have finger hole

3. Wilson A700 Slowpitch Glove

The third one in our today list the A 700 Wilson gloves, to choose this one you have to be a person who loves the blonde color for me I do like that one it is made with soft palm leather with full of grain cowhide leather that makes the gloves looks pretty in the hands softer to throw the ball through the game the good reason for you to buy this gloves it has a multi option so the basic one which into the game second use that if you living in somewhere with snow or cold weather then you make the best choice and that is why is made from grain cowhide to make warmer from inside.

Price is a very affordable price as well so I will recommend the glove for who likes to make his hands comfortable.


  • Great blonde color with full-grain leather.
  • Worth for the money


  • Very solid in the first use
  • You will feel warm and you will be sweating sometimes

4. Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series

The Wilson A 2000, I will start with the price that gloves are quite expensive since the leather is used to make this one is a premium quality of leather that adds more to the amount that you will pay when you will decide to buy that one.

When it comes to colors this glove has serval of colors and even more combined colors than the others most of them come in plain colors which add more the amount you will pay.

The gloves are made with a great design, shape, very comfort and soft when it comes to league most of the athletes like to use it since it will be very easy for them to throw the ball over and it will keep their hands always dry also help them to perform more into the game the great thing that you have to consider before buying this glove that you will not buy any other one minimum of 6 years. And that because it is lasting for a long time so you can even use on daily basis and you have peace of mind that you invest your money invaluable item and it will never disappoint you.


  • Great quality of leather
  • Great shape for all your needs
  • Long lasting minimum 5 o 6 years


  • It will require breaking in upon arrival
  • Quite expensive for the price wise

5. Louisville Slugger 2019 Xeno Fastpitch Glove Series

This type of gloves Louisville I will recommend for a female athlete since it had made from a foam wrist lining and patterns, for my preference I will choose the white and blue color it is a very unique design shape with very soft foam palm to make it more fitted into your hands.

The gloves made from line leather easy for breaking in when you will be during a match if you are a man and would like to but the Louisville gloves then your hands have to be small size so it will suitable and comfort to your hands.

Price- wise the gloves are at a fair price in the market so you can buy yours as soon as a possible and happy game.


  • Recommend for catcher
  • Fair price with great quality


  • Highly recommend for female players
  • Look after of the laced since it quite hard in the beginning

6. Rawlings Select Pro Lite Baseball Glove Series

The Rawlings glove is a very popular one you will find since it mostly youth player they are using that style it comes it serval of colors which made the gloves quite nicer.

The Rawlings are made from lacing leather which made the gloves looks prettier as I mentioned above that it prefer for the youth players who is new for the game from age of 6 to12 years old, who are inspired by their favorite game and athletes they would like to play it so this will be a great glove for your hands.

if you pitcher so this will be your gloves soft in the palm fitting into the hands and will never made your hands sweat  gloves will always keep your hands dry and that because of the finishing of the design so go and get your ones and unbox the gloves and go ahead for the match.

Price is quite expensive in my opinion but if your kids are going to play the game continuously then I’m sure you will get great quality for what you will pay.


  • Great for youth with very soft leather
  • Final touch is very good


  • Try to do breaking in in proper way so will last for long
  • Check your kids size probably

7. Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Glove Series

The sandlot is mostly recommended for men who is playing the game for a long time and that because of the full-grain oiled leather that the gloves are made from it has also a touch of vintage design which made the gloves more efficient to use if you going to play in league with your neighborhood team, gloves are very famous in the market so it will be easier to get yours, it is going to be fitted to your hands but that will help you, even more, to throw the ball over. The leather is used to make your palm dry while playing it has the ability also for zero shock palm for your extra secured so you playing and have peace of mind that you are wearing good gloves.

You have to check your size wisely because in this design are so fitted into the hands so if you did not get your size you will not be able to enjoy using it.

Price comes at affordable prices since you will find it easily in the market go and get yours now and start the match.


  • Looks vintage which is add more to the quality
  • Looks elegant in the hands
  • Easy to find the stores


  • If you are a person sweating very fast I will not recommend that gloves
  • Recommend only for men use

8. Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball/ Baseball Gloves

The Rawlings is made for kids from 5 to 9 years old it is in high demand of selling that because it has all the requirements that you need for you beloved kids from the color you will prefer to the weight of the gloves are different from what we have mentioned above and that is technical because it is for kids when they decided to make the shape they implements safety, reliable option that makes the gloves very quick selling. What else you will need you got safety, weight, comfortable then I guess that you have now known which gloves you are going to buy for your kids.

Price is so cheap in the market and that is because they care about the game and they would like everyone to play so now it is your turn to go and buy your kids gloves and let them start to kick off-ball.


  • Great for kids who is 4 years old
  • Very soft leather
  • Inexpensive price


  • Quite difficult of fitting
  • Didn’t come with ball

9. Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

The Mizuno is one of great quality that you will find in the market it is designed for fastpitch, it is made from java leather that leather is famous leather that they are using for boots especially in Europe they have designed the gloves with high performance so it is going to last for a long time, for the shape and design so they Mizuno looks marvelous into the hands and the leather will help your palm to remain dry so you will simply throw the ball nicely and enjoy your match.

Price is a similar price to the other brands we mentioned above it may be a little higher but again will say so you will pay for great quality of leather so don’t hesitate to buy the Mizuno gloves.


  • Great quality of leather
  • Very popular brand in the states


  • Female players prefer
  • In the beginning will be little stiff

10. Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series

Our last brand we will be covering for the article of today, I would like to introduce the Wilson A2k gloves that have triple leather than all the other gloves we covered above so the price of that one is really expensive they have dual welting and that helps the gloves to last for a long term. And will make your wrist more flexible as well The Wilson is well known between the league players so who would not like to wear something that players are using while they playing.

Some of the players even recommend that one for the fans since they have all the ability for their need in the match

Shape and designs are quite nicer as well for me I like the black and saddle color looks so nice to go ahead and try yours now you will find it in the store or the website just again I will let you know that the price is quite expensive but don’t think twice buy it and take my word that you going to enjoy the game.


  • Great quality of leather
  • Long lasting but you take good care of it
  • Famous brand in the league


  • Quite expensive but you pay for your hand’s use
  • Stiff in the first use


10 Best Outfield Gloves 2020

What is an outfield glove?

An outfield glove also called Rawlings glove that baseball players are using you can use to catch the ball the more you invest in your quality of the material the more it will take last with you. Choosing your gloves is not all about your size choose the one you will feel comfortable while you wearing.

Which is the glove fit for you?

Choose a glove is not easy you need to choose what is fit to you and easy to use and  which position you play for example if you playing infield we suggested to use 11 ¼ inches and find the glove with a shallow pocket for easy to catch the ball in or out. For outfield who play as pitches better to use the long one which is 12 to 12 ½ inches with the nice deep pocket and wide for them it they feel comfortable to put there and hand and watch the ball. Choose gloves to think what is the best quality that it will take longer and give you great performance.

How to choose glove size based on age?

  • 3 years to 6 years old all position size 8.5 inches to 10 inches.
  • 7 years to 12 years old infield position should be 10 to 11.5 inches, outfield 11.5 inches to 25 inches and for 1st base 11.5 inches to 12 inches
  • 12 years above 1st base 12 inches to 13 inches, infield 11.25 inches to 12 inches and for outfield 12 inches to 12.75 inches

What are the most expensive gloves?

The  most expensive gloves called Bill Doak- is a Rawlings primo the most expensive baseball glove ever made its cost $4000 its Italian leather  , handmade they consider so many things make this glove up to standard from the shape, design and leather, even the material they choose properly before they make and it  is all handmade finishing.


Outfield Gloves

Now we have covered most of the questions which is most of the customers who are new to the game will be willing to know so please feel free to go through what I have mentioned above I’m sure you will get all your answers and concerns.

And please I would like to highlight one thing that be careful and take your attention especially if you just start the game wear all the safety stuff to protect yourself from any harm read and watch videos that will improve your skills and if you have a private coach that will improve your skills, even more, practice is the key of success so study well so you will end up with good the result.

In the end I would like to thank everyone who makes the effort to read the article and I wish that you enjoyed my words and explanation of the outfield gloves so now you are capable to choose your gloves and you have the vision now from where you will start.

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