10 Best Putter Grips 2022 Reviews

Golf is often called a game of gentleman and it is widely played all over the world. The golf consists of clubs and balls. The player needs to put the golf ball in the hole using the golf clubs. There are different types of golf clubs that exist in the market, however, the one that is mostly used during the golf is the golf putter. It is widely used to put the golf ball in the hole.

The putter is an important golf club just like other golf clubs and it is important to take proper care of it. The grip of the putter is the place where you hold the putter and it is an important part of the putter. Many people tend to ignore the grip of the putter and just go on to play with the putter usually. This is not a good habit and the grip of the putter should be changed once it gets old or worn out. Different companies are making good golf putter grip in the market and you can select one easily. However, there comes a problem here that many people aren’t aware of how to select the best putter grip for their golf putters. If you have the same problem, then fear not. We have written this article to help people like you.

In this article, we will tell you everything that you should notice before paying a putter grip and after you have learned them all, you could easily buy a good putter grip for your golf putter as well. Let’s start the article without any further due.

How to Buy Best Putter Grip

Best Putter Grips

Several putter grips exist in the market however the main task is to select a good putter grip. If your golf putter has a good grip, then it will affect your game. Many people aren’t aware of this and so they continue to play with worn out putter grips.

A good putter grip will allow you to hold the golf putter more easily and will also help you to shove some stroke easily in the game. A good putter grip isn’t difficult to find and with some tricks, one can easily find out a good putter grip, a good putter grip has many noticeable features that one can see and decide whether they want to buy it or not. If you want to buy a good putter grip, then all you need to do is look at some features of the putter grip and you will be able to decide whether to buy it or not. Let’s see what these features are and why you should consider them while buying the putter grip.

  • Sizing
  • Nature of the grip
  • Quality of the grip
  • Price of the grip


The first feature to notice is the sizing of the putter grip. It won’t be wrong to say that the size of a putter grip is one of the most important features of the putter grip. The size of the grip can determine various things such as the wrist movement of a player, grip pressure, and also the comfortability felt by the player. Therefore, one should keep in mind the size of the putter grip before buying any Make sure to self the grip size that suits your putter club and hands. No need to rush over a buy any grip size that comes to your hand.


The next feature is the nature of the grip. By Nature of the grip, we meant to say whether the grip is soft or hard. The nature of the grip will determine the material from which it is made. The rubber grips are soft while the other putter grip has a harder grip. This overall will determine the quality and comfort of the player. Make sure that the person is experiencing full-on comfort with their grip nature. This will affect the performance of the player while playing the game.

Putter Grips


The next feature is the quality of the putter grip. These are also an important feature of the grip. The quality of the grip tells us many things about the grip. It tells us whether the grip will last long and whether it is durable or not. Make sure to select the grip that is made form good raw material. These putter grips will last long and will not wear out easily. Also, it is good to spend money on a durable and long-lasting putter as these will last long and will require no constant replacement.


The last feature to look for is the price of the golf putter grip. Sure, any people will think that it is better to buy an economical putter grip and refuse an expensive putter grip. However, this is not always right. Sometimes it is good to invest some extra money to buy a better putter grip that has more features.

However, before buying any putter you should look at all of its features and then look at the price tag. If you feel that the features of the putter grip are low compared to its cost, then you should consider the grip to be overpriced and shouldn’t buy it. However, if you think that the price is considerable and the features offered by the grip are high, then you can buy it if your budget allows.

Using the above points, you can easily pick on a good putter grip form any local sports shop. You can even visit the online website such as amazon and buy a putter grip form there without any problem. To help you easily find a good putter grip we have listed our selection of the top 10 best putter grip that exist in the market. You can select one from the list and buy it from Amazon or any local store. The below-given putter grip has been listed along with their amazon link and you can buy the putter grip easily from there.

Top 10 Best Putter Grip

10 Best Putter Grips Reviews

SAPLIZE golf putter4.4
SuperStroke 3.0 Putter Grip4.8
SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Club4.3
ODYSSEY White Hot Pro Putter4.7
SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.04.9
SuperStroke Traxion Pistol4.8
SuperStroke Flatso 2.04.9
Winn Dritac4.8
Winn X pro4.8
Winn Excel4.9

1. SAPLIZE golf putter

The SAPLIZE golf putter grip is a goof putter grip, to begin with. It has many noticeable features that make it a good choice for many people. The main feature of this putter grip is the material from which it is made up of. The putter grip is carved out of EVA foam which makes it comfortable to hold and also increase the durability of the putter grip. To prevent the slipping of the hands, this putter grip is imbued with anti-slip features and a unique boomerang shape embossing pattern that will help to provide more traction and grip to the player. The grip has an upgraded tape embossed in it which is ways to remove and easily activated by the help of a solvent. This grip is good if you want a non-slippery grip that provides a great deal of traction.


  • Made from a comfortable and durable EVA foam which provides comfort to the hand.
  • A lightweight grip that doesn’t add on to the existing weight of the putter.
  • Anti-slip features added on to the grip that helps the player to hold the putter more tightly and easily.
  • The upgraded tape used in it that activates easily with the help of the solvent and also is easy to remove.
  • The embossing pattern improves the traction and grip of the player.
  • Economical and fair priced when seen on price vs features basis.
  • Available in a variety of colors.


  • The main disadvantage of this putter grip is its selective shipping. The company selectively ships this putter grip to all over the world. The person must check for their country before selecting this putter grip. If the company doesn’t ship it to your country, however, you still want it. You can visit any local sports shop and find this putter grip there. The price may be high, but you will get what you want.

2. SuperStroke 3.0 Putter Grip

The SuperStroke putter grip is a good example of a durable and long-lasting putter grip. This putter grip is made for the rubber which adds on to the durability of the putter grip. The rubber material of this grip is imported therefore it is safe to assume that it is of high quality.

The outer layer of this rubber grip is made from the tacky polyurethane which makes it immune e to easy wear and tear. There have been super stroke technology used in this rubber grip which helps to keep the consistency up in a player. The grip of this putter is non-slippery due to the cross-traction surface texture that has been added on to it. The grip is lightweight and it gives the maximum feel to the user who uses it. It is a good putter grip that is used widely in the world even by professional golfers.


  • The rubber interior of this grip makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • The outer grip helps to add more durability to the grip and also makes it immune to easy wear and tear.
  • `Lightweight grip that doesn’t add on to the weight of the putter
  • Cross traction surface included in this grip prevent easy slip of the putter in times of need.
  • Variety of color options available in this gripping series.


  • The grip can be considered fairly over-proved if you consider its price and the features it provides. If you look hard you may find a good putter gip at a price below this one.
  • The comfort provided by this grip isn’t high. The rubber grip along with the outer layer may cause some discomfort to the player who is using it.

3. SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Club

SuperStroke Traction tour golf putter grip has an excellent Traxion control. This helps to increase the feedback and also increase the tack. The X-shape treads in the high sensory area of the grip helps to increase the feel and also helps to improve the grip of this putter grip.

This grip is unique in construction and it is multi-layer. This improves the performance of the grip and also helps to increase the features of the grip. The grip has a rubber core or inside which helps to stability to the golfer while the outer tacky layer of this grip offers a good grip to the player. The taper control technology that is used in this grip helps to even out the hand pressure in the hands of the player and also helps to improve the swing speed of the person. This grip is good for a person who still has a long way to go and also for those who want a good Traxion control in their putter grip.


  • Excellent Traxion control offered by this grip.
  • Made from durable rubber core on the inside and tacky outer layer which helps to provide both durability and superior grip to the player.
  • Taper control technology used in this grip which helps to increase the swing speed of the player and also even out the hand pressure of the person.
  • Another good feature of this grip is the spyne technology used in it. It helps to properly place the hands of the player to the repeatable hand position. This helps to easily square out the face of impact in the golf.
  • Available in the color range of White/Red and Gray.


  • The sizing option of the grip can pose a problem to the players. Some people face sizing options when they buy this grip so make sure you keep that in mind.
  • The rubber grip is hard and this can provide some discomfort to the players who use soft grip for their putters.

4. ODYSSEY White Hot Pro Putter

The ODYSSEY white hot pro putter grip has a great feel and traction, something that is desired by many players. The putter grip is lightweight and so it doesn’t add on to the existing weight of the putter. The grip and the Traxion control of this putter grip are of good quality and it helps to add feel to the player hands. The core of this putter grip is around .580’’ in diameter which is quite thin when compared to other putter grips existing in the market. The putter grip is available in many colors such as Red, Black, and white. It is lightweight and weighs only 69 grams in weight.


  • Putter grip which adds on more traction and control when added on to the putter.
  • Available in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • Thin diameter which helps in easy gripping.
  • Anti-slip feature added on to this grip which helps to increase the traction of the grip and also helps to add on the extra grip to the putter and also prevent unwanted slipping of hands from the putter.
  • The lightweight putter grip doesn’t add any extra weight to the putter and also helps to make the swing of a person easier.


  • The moan disadvantage of this putter grip is that it is not much durable and long-lasting. The putter grip is made from low-quality material which makes it less durable. The main drawback of this grip is that you need to change it frequently if you buy it.

5. SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0

SuperStroke Mid slim 2.0 is another example of good quality, thin putter grip. The putter is made from tacky polyurethane outer layer which makes it durable and long-lasting. The grip and feel provided by the outer layer are also amazing and it helps to add feel in the putter. The main difference between this golf putter grip and the one discussed earlier above is the width. The Super Stroke Mid slim is slimmer in size however that does not the quality of this grip or the features provided by it in any way.


  • Superior grip added to provide more control.
  • The durable and long-lasting grip that needs less frequent replacement.
  • Lightweight and slim.
  • Various color options are available with this putter grip.


  • The main drawback of this grip is its cost. It can consider expensive by some people; however, it isn’t overpriced at all. The features provided by this grip along with its price make a perfect fit.

6. SuperStroke Traxion Pistol

SuperStroke Traxion pistol has a unique parallel design that helps to minimize the grip pressure exerted by the player hands and it also helps to increase the consistency in the game of a player. The player can hit a more accurate shot due to the improved design of this putter grip. Another noticeable feature of this putter grip is the new Traxion control and the outer layer of this grip which adds more feel to the player. The enhanced surface texture design of this putter grip helps to increase the feedback.


  • Unique parallel design that helps to minimize the grip pressure.
  • An advanced surface texture that enhances the feedback of the person.
  • Advanced Spyne technology used to help in easy hand positioning.
  • Made from synthetic material which makes it quite durable and long-lasting.


  • The weight of the putter grip is higher when compared to another putter grip. This may produce some difference while wielding the putter.
  • Can be considered expensive and over-priced.

7. SuperStroke Flatso 2.0

The outer layer of the SuperStroke Flatso 2.0 is made from the tacky polyurethane which helps to add more feel and grip to the putter grip. The grip pressure of this grip is evened out due to the consistent stroke added in it. The feel of this grip is maximized due to the EVA foam which is used to construct it. This helps to increase the footprint area in the grip.


  • Durable and long-lasting grip.
  • No taper technology used in it to provide consistent stroke and even grip pressure.
  • EVA foam provides more durability and long-lasting to the grip.
  • A larger footprint to even out the grip pressure.


  • Sizing can be a problem with this grip.

8. Winn Dritac

This rubber putter grip is another example of a good grip that helps to increase the durability and long lastness of the putter grip. The no-slip or anti-slip feature added in this putter grip also helps to save the grip from slipping out of the hands. The best part of this grip is that it could be used in all weather conditions without harming the quality or texture of the grip in nay ways.


  • A large variety of color option available
  • Made for rubber which increases its durability and lastness.
  • Comfortable and anti-slipping putter grip.
  • Can be used in all-weather condition


  • The hardness of this putter grip can be an issue for some players.

9. Winn X pro

The most noticeable feature of the Winn X pro is the grip shape paddle which helps to increase the grip. This lightweight putter grip helps to provide more control and accuracy to the player using it. It is more suitable for the beginners in golf who also need to change the grip of their putter frequently. It is also available in a large variety of color options from which the person can choose from.


  • Lightweight and easy to use grip.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • The sizing of this putter grip is no issue since it comes in a variety of sizes. consult the size chart to get the one suitable for you.
  • Fair priced and economical.


  • Not highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Suitable only for beginner golfers and not professional ones.

10. Winn Excel

The Winn Excel putter grip is best for dry matches to play. The putter grip has various features such as anti-slip grip, Traxion control, and shock-absorbent material that makes it an ideal play for beginner golf players.


  • Tacky outer grip material for better grip.
  • Unmatched quality and performance on a dry day.
  • Shock absorbent material used in the construction which comes in handy.


  • Not highly durable or long-lasting.


What is the best type of putter grip which could be used by the beginners?

Since you are a beginner, in this case, it would be better to use an oversized putter grip to improve your game. The main reason for this is weak stabilizing muscles in your body and also the low accuracy of yours while putting the ball. As you play golf and gain skills, the body will adapt to them and you will gain more accuracy and stabilizing muscles. The oversized putter will help to improve the accuracy of the player’s ad will also subside the stabilizing muscle factor in the player.

Is it better to get thick putter grips for your golf putter or thin grips?

The answer to this question depends upon several factors. One can decide whether they need a thick grip or thin grip based on their gameplay. If you want a square clubface and also have no problem limiting your wrist movement, then you can buy a thick putter. However, if you need to control the distance control int eh golf game, then you need to get a thin grip for your game.


10 Best Putter Grips

By the use of the above points, one can easily buy a good golf putter for their game. These golf putter will help to increase the gameplay of the professional golfer and will also help to half the gameplay of the beginner players. All you need to do is replace your golf putter grip and practice hard to become a good golfer.

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