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10 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes 2022 Reviews

If you have never owned any gym equipment before or you are looking to add a well deserving item to your collection, then a recumbent bike is just for you. What sets it apart from a regular exercise bike is the fact that it is a low-impact bike so less strain is being put on your joints and lower spine compared to other cardio workout machines such as the treadmill, which in turn makes for a great cardiovascular workout. With nothing holding you back, you are able to complete intense training to ensure you receive excellent catabolic levels during your workout sessions. You can also achieve this by using it as a precursor to other workout routines. How would you know which recumbent bike to choose when shopping online? In the following review, we will show you what to look out for when choosing the best recumbent bike on the market today.

Top 10 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

When looking for the best recumbent bike, there are many things to consider which include comfort, build quality, outstanding features, versatility and of course value for money. We have listed 10 of the top models, in no particular order.

Schwinn 2704.5
Diamondback 910SR4.3
Nautilus R6144.5
Exerputic 400XL Folding4.7
Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB47084.6
Sole Fitness R924.9
Schwinn 2304.7
Xterra SB2. 5R4.7
Marcy ME 7094.7
ProGear 555LXT4.5

1. Schwinn 270

The Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is the latest offering and currently the best in the Schwinn reclining collection. Like other recumbent bikes, the Schwinn 270 allows for easy mounting with no bar restricting you from the seating area as with regular upright exercise bike variations. The Schwinn 270 has been designed for home use with family in mind as it comes available with up to four independent user profile settings. It’s low-impact design makes it comfortable and safe to use for anyone, young or old.

The recumbent bike comes with 25 electromagnetic resistance levels and 29 programmable workouts. It also has a wireless or grip heart rate monitor displayed on a dual track LCD window. The seating allows for forward and aft settings and has a a netted back-rest for ventilation supporting up to 136 Kg weight capacity with the bike itself weighing in at 46 Kg. Extras include USB data transfer to the Schwinn Connect website and MyFitnessPal for comprehensive fitness tracking, three speed fan, dual speaker and an accessory tray.

The bikes flywheel weighs in at 7.7 Kg which is good for lower body toning but not intended for use with intense level training. For that purpose, you would require a recumbent bike with a much more weighted flywheel which gives increased resistance training perfect for outdoor bikers.


  • Weight: 46 Kg
  • Dimensions: 33cm x 170cm x 68cm
  • Resistance levels: 25
  • User weight capacity: 136 Kg

Today you will find that the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike still remains a worthy addition to the series. A user mentioned that the bike might not be suited for very tall people but this isn’t anything major.


  • Easy to assemble with step-by-step directions.
  • 4 profile settings and 29 programs
  • Very comfortable seating
  • Goal tracking system with automatic turn-off function
  • High speed weighted flywheel with silent operation


  • Display needs more customisation

2. Diamondback 910SR

Those looking for a bit more weighted resistance in their training will definitely love the Diamondback 910SR. Designed for outdoor bikers and sportsman alike, the recumbent bike comes with 32 levels of resistance to get your heart really pumping. It also features a frictionless eddy brake system which dampens sound created by the moving parts.  The Diamondback 910SR comes with 32 programmable workouts and can be easily set via the on-board consoles Quickset one-touch programme keys.

The bike has quite a sturdy build, and can support weights of up to 147 Kg and offers fore and aft adjustable saddle positions and a reclinable backrest. You can keep track of your stats with a Polar heart-rate monitor that wirelessly connects to your chest-strap (not included) to ensure that your heart-rate is on par with your workout. The Diamondback 910SR also comes with additional extras such as multi-speed cooling fans, twin speakers, bottle holder and tablet docking station. Your session data is displayed on a full colour LCD screen.


  • Weight: 68 Kg
  • Dimensions: 162cm x 23cm x 127cm
  • Resistance levels: 32
  • User weight capacity: 147 Kg

The seating on the Diamondback 910SR could be better but all in all it’s a great bike with features such as QuickSet keys for easy programming.


  • Large bright screen
  • Solid steel components with magnetic flywheel
  • Quiet and frictionless
  • 32 exercise programs
  • Sturdy with adjustable fan and bottle holder


  • The device holder needs work
  • Not the best option for recovery from injury

3. Nautilus R614

The Nautilus R614 comes with all the quirks you would expect from a quality recumbent bike, but one that is priced to suit your pocket. Virtually a clone of it’s sister product the R616, it comes with the same features except that it’s missing a wireless heart-rate monitor and 5 less resistance levels. The Nautilus R614 is perfect for whoever seeks recumbent bikes for the purpose of comfort and training in a more natural position.

The Nautilus R614 comes with 20 levels of resistance, of the electromagnetic kind (ECB) and the most quiet available on the market and also features 22 programmable workouts. You can keep track of your heart-rate on a DualTrack two LCD display and the contact pulse grips. The bike can support weights of up to 136 Kg and was designed with a one-piece steel frame which lends to it’s well-rigid build.

The vented seat allows for fore and aft adjustment and the Nautilus R614 also includes features like a cooling fan, built-in speakers, water-bottle holder, media rack and transport wheels.


  • Weight: 38 Kg
  • Dimensions: 165cm x 71cm x 127cm
  • Resistance levels: 20
  • User weight capacity: 136 Kg

The Nautilus R614 is a well made bike with a solid structure, great user settings and can handle weights of up to 136kg. This one is the exclusive version in the series which could explain why different bolts were used in the seating area.


  • Fitness test and custom settings
  • 22 programs with 20 resistance levels
  • DualTrack visual display
  • 8 heart rate monitor controls
  • Easy startup with smooth flywheel


  • Assembly could be complicated for some users

4. Exerputic 400XL Folding

Exerputic presents the 400XL Folding which is the most ergonomic in it’s range. What you are getting here is an improved model which also focuses on space efficiency and cost. The collapsible bike can support weights of up to 136 Kg and even though it is a foldable model, the bike does come with horizontal fore and aft seat adjustment. This does offer variation in the user height allowance, but would not come recommended to much taller athletes or users alike.

The Exerputic 400XL comes standard with a contact pulse grip heart-rate monitor which can be viewed on the LCD console as well as other fitness related info such as speed, calories burned and distance traveled. There are 8 resistance levels available which is fed from a double-drive transmission and flywheel which allows for a silent and stable workout. Light and easy to move around the bike weighs in at only 19 Kg.


  • Weight: 19 Kg
  • Dimensions: 83cm x 48cm x 116cm
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • User weight capacity: 136 Kg

The compact Exerputic 400XL made it’s way into our list because of it’s functionality. An excellent edition to your home gym.


  • Accurately balanced flywheel
  • 8 Magnetic resistance controls
  • Silent performance
  • Foldable and light
  • Desk bike compatible


  • Instructions in German
  • Not for hardcore exercise

5. Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4708

If you are looking for a recumbent bike that trains both your upper-body as well as you lower-body, then the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4708 Cross Training recumbent bike is just for you. With moveable handle bars and 8 levels of pedaling resistance ensures a synchronous body workout. This low-impact exercise bike can support weights of up to an impressive 158 Kg and the bike itself weighs in at 43 Kg when assembled. The recumbent bike comes with an over-sized cushioned backrest and seat for extra comfort and features horizontal adjustability.

The digital display will give you some basic workout functions such as speed, time, distance and calories. Other functions of the monitor include Multifunction Countdown where you get notified that the session is complete by an alarm sounding off at the end of the chosen countdown. The display also gives you your BPM reading from the pulse sensors on the hand grips.


  • Weight: 43 Kg
  • Dimensions: 152cm x 65cm x 132cm
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • User weight capacity: 158 Kg

Have a bright day with the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4708. While the name is a mouthful, it’s a well received recumbent bike suited for most types of users. Most of all it’s quite affordable.


  • Large comfortable seat
  • 8 levels of magnetic tension
  • Heart-rate pulse sensors
  • Strong sturdy frame
  • Great Price


  • Assembly instructions could be more detailed
  • Lacking adjustable arms

6. Sole Fitness R92

The R92 comes in as the most affordable recumbent bike in the Sole Fitness range. Sole Fitness are known for their attention to biomechanics as they have designed the R92 to alleviate stress on the rider’s feet and joints. The R92 has a magnetic resistance flywheel with 20 variable resistance levels. The bike has a good quality build and the aluminum coated steel frame can support weights of up to 136 Kg.

The system comes with 10 workout programmes which comprises of two heart-rate controlled programmes, 6 standard programmes and 2 user defined programmes. The R92 also includes the chest-strap for wireless heart-rate monitoring however it does have manual pulse grips available. It includes a water bottle holder, speakers, bluetooth, fans and transport wheels. The R92 also comes with a lifetime guarantee on the frame.


  • Weight: 69 Kg
  • Dimensions: 144cm x 76cm x 127cm
  • Resistance levels: 20
  • User weight capacity: 136 Kg

The Sole Fitness R92’s design would fit into any gym or home which makes it stand out from most recumbent bikes. The performance of this bike is phenomenal making it a great choice for all users.


  • Integrated fan with nine-inch LCD screen
  • 2 heart rate monitor programs
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • Perfect for recovery from injury


  • Slight squeak on lower resistance levels which is basically unnoticeable

7. Schwinn 230

The Schwinn 230 has received top customer reviews for comfort, stability as well as performance. The Schwinn 230 also comes in as the most affordable in it’s range. What your getting in this model is an adjustable saddle with lumbar support, 22 programmable workouts which include two fitness tests and two profiles for separate users and a magnetic drive with 20 levels of resistance which can be set digitally via the console which boasts a large LCD display. The Schwinn series promises to offer the best in recumbent bike technology.

The Schwinn 230 weighs 37 Kg and just like it’s big brother the 270, it can support weights of up to 136 Kg. It comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a quality recumbent bike such as a three speed cooling fan, bottle holder, speaker system with mp3 port and a mobile device ledge with USB charging.


  • Weight: 37 Kg
  • Dimensions: 162cm x 70cm x 127cm
  • Resistance levels: 20
  • User weight capacity: 136 Kg

The Schwinn 230 recumbent bike doesn’t shy away from giving you an all round great workout. The padded bars do get worn out over time so look out for that.


  • Ventilated seat for contact comfort
  • 20 levels of tension
  • Dualtrack LCD with bold visuals
  • integrated heart monitors
  • Well positioned padded bars


  • Only 2 profiles can be saved
  • No fan speed settings

8. Xterra SB2. 5R

The Xterra SB2.5R comes in as a formidable challenger to other more popular recumbent bikes currently out there. It’s rugged design and excellent features makes it a good choice to consider when looking for the best recumbent bike. The features include 24 workout programmes, 24 levels of resistance received from a 10 Kg flywheel, a fore and aft padded seat for comfort and a backlit display for working out in low lighting conditions. Your heart-rate is monitored via contact pulse grips however the wireless chest-strap could be purchased separately.

The comparatively well-priced recumbent bike does not have the any of the extras you would normally expect such as a bottle holder or on-board speaker system, however it does serve it’s purpose when it comes to a great cardio workout and is also well-suited for heart patients.


  • Weight: 53 Kg
  • Dimensions: 126cm x 34cm x 61cm
  • Resistance levels: 24
  • User weight capacity: 136 Kg

Built sturdy, the Xterra SB2. 5R holds it’s own with a sleek design and straightforward control panel. Some users claim to get inaccurate heart rate readings while others do just fine, hmm, I think it’s a keeper.


  • Create 12 presets
  • 24 challenging tension levels
  • Clean and silent flywheel rotation
  • Front wheels for easy movement
  • Good foot support


  • No water bottle holder
  • No on-board speakers or fan

9. Marcy ME 709

If you are looking for comfort and support and just a little more control in your pedaling, look no further then the Marcy ME 709. It features counterbalanced pedals which are perfectly weighted to ensure a much smoother ride. The Marcy ME 709 is designed with seniors in mind as it comes with a walk through design, padded seating and a 14 gauge steel frame. It has 8 magnetic resistance levels controlled via a tension knob and a fore and aft setting.

The LCD computer display is large enough so that you wouldn’t need to lean in and displays info such as time, speed, distance, calories and an odometer.


  • Weight: 27 Kg
  • Dimensions: 141cm x 62cm x 96cm
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • User weight capacity: 136 Kg

A simple looking yet easy to assemble recumbent bike. The Marcy ME 709 will get the job done. The bike won’t help you win any gold medals but is still a champion in our eyes with a great price.


  • Easily adjustable tension knob
  • Check your distance and calories burned
  • Handlebars made for endurance
  • Special foot holders enhances support
  • Built with knees and back in mind


  • Only 8 Resistance levels
  • No advanced functions

10. ProGear 555LXT

The ProGear 555LXT brings the simplicity of working out at a gym to your home. The bike allows for a goal setting via it’s onboard computer so that you can achieve the best possible cardio workout. The bike is able to support weights of up to 113 Kg and has 14 levels of magnetic tension resistance. It has a “Quiet Drive” belt system for noiseless training and a wide screen LCD which gives readings such as speed, distance, time, odometer, calories burned and RPM.

The ProGear 555LXT provides it’s user comfort with a fully adjustable padded seat and back which provides support to your lower back during long workout sessions.  It includes a water bottle holder and a built in mobile device holder. The only thing missing from this great machine is a heart-rate monitor.


  • Weight: 32 Kg
  • Dimensions: 124cm x 56cm x 109cm
  • Resistance levels: 14
  • User weight capacity: 113 Kg

The balance between price and function makes this bike quite a steal. Users have found the ProGear 555LXT recumbent bike to be both light and easy to assemble.


  • Easy to relocate
  • Cushioned back and saddle
  • Strong and sturdy
  • 14 levels of tension
  • Tested for peak performance


  • Stride is slightly grainy


10 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Reviews

Are recumbent exercise bikes safe to use?

A recumbent exercise bike is safe to use for both young and old. The bike features a more comfortable sitting position with a backrest making it a safe and effective way to workout. Suitable for users with neurological conditions due to it’s low-impact design the recumbent bike reduces pain and assists in building strength, especially for those who are rehabilitating from an accident.

What is the difference between a recumbent bike and an upright?

An upright exercise bike is similar to a road bike in that it’s pedals are positioned below your center of gravity, as with a recumbent bike the pedals face forward allowing for a much more natural workout position by reducing tension on the joints.

Can I lose weight on a recumbent bike?

Of course! By pedaling regularly on a recumbent bike you are able to lose 500 calories a day. That equates to 3500 calories a week with 3500 calories being the equivalent to losing 0.45 Kg of body weight.


Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

It is clear why recumbent bikes have become popular in gyms and fitness clubs and is definitely a great edition to your home gym by amplifying the gyming experience altogether. If you need to start a training regime ordered by the doctor, it would be a good idea to invest in one and we hope that this review has helped you in choosing the best recumbent bike.

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