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10 Best Rollerblades for Beginners 2022 Reviews

Rollerblade beginners differ in age and the ages of new rollerbladers range from toddler age to adults. Rollerblade beginners may be prone to injuries because they are walking on wheels. The most important gear to have when you are rollerblade beginner is safety gear and possibly safer rollerblades. This article will engage on what the best rollerblades for beginners are, taking into consideration the rollerblading experience as well as things to take into consideration when choosing the best rollerblades for beginners. The top ten best rollerblades for beginners will be listed and explored against their features and customer reviews.

Safe rollerblades are protective gear that are provided for rollerblade beginners. The most immediate assumption is the pair of rollerblades that have four side-by-side wheels as opposed to wheels that form a narrow line beneath the rollerblades. It is important that protective gear is available and provided to prevent injury, keeping the rollerblade beginner safe and making sure that the rollerblades are comfortable for the rider while serving its purpose.

Rollerblade activities are impactful activities that are characterised by riding on shoes that have wheels and racing or tricks are performed while riding on the wheeled-shoes. Rollerblade riders range from beginners to experienced rollerblade riders. The more experienced the rollerblade rider is, the more advanced the tricks that they perform. The more inexperienced a rollerblade rider is, the higher the likelihood that the rollerblade rider will be injured as they trial and error new rollerblading riding speeds and rollerblading tricks. It is important to have rollerblades that can accommodate a rollerblade beginner while allowing room for the beginner to learn more regarding the rollerblade activites.

Numerous tricks that are performed by rollerblade riders are practiced on a trial and error basis until the rollerblade riding and rollerblade tricks are mastered. It is imperative to know and choose the best rollerblades that are designed for beginners if you wish to have a long life in rollerblading.

Safe rollerblades that are designed with protective and supportive gear are vital to the protection of the rollerblade rider from wipeouts, impacts experienced from falls and injuries that could be potentially sustained from losing control on rollerblades. Rollerblade riders ride on their rollerblades at different speeds; some of the highest speeds being travelled when the rollerblades are being rode with downhill. The higher the speed in any sporting activity, the easier it is to lose control and become prone to injuries. Rollerblades are carried by wheels therefore, the surface that riders rollerblade on is an underwriting factor to the likelihood of injuries as well as the kind of injuries that a rollerblade rider can endure.


The human body will be the most impacted and the most affected factor should a rollerblade beginner choose the incorrect rollerblades. A further discussion in the article will detail the best things to take into consideration when choosing the best rollerblades for beginners. The article will be evaluating the rollerblades that are available on market, going through the product description and the customer reviews available on the selected rollerblades. The frequently asked questions on the rollerblades will be discussed with the intention to understand the essential distresses that customers have when purchasing rollerblades on e-commerce platforms.

How to Choose the Best Rollerblades for Beginners


Several factors have to be taken into consideration when purchasing rollerblades for beginners. Each factor aims to provide a well-informed conclusion for customers before they purchase rollerblades on online shopping and e-commerce platforms.


Rollerblades are sold in pairs as expected from any pair of shoes. Rollerblades are priced for all consumer markets, namely: children, youth, mass customers and high-value customers. They also cater for all levels of living standard measurements, accommodating all beginners across the customer markets.

One can argue that when it comes to pricing, children and youth are dependent on their parents and or guardians who exist in in the mass and high-value customers segments. Some rollerblades are catered for high-value customers in price, providing features that are beyond safety and comfort. Rollerblades that are designed for mass customers are limited to comfort and safety. The quality found in the rollerblades designed for mass customers may vary from good to not so great. The important thing is to establish what you genuinely need the rollerblades for and how much money you are willing to pay for it. Then you look for rollerblades that are within your preferred price range.


The general advice is that all rollerblade riders wear rollerblades that provide protective and supportive features for their protection, particularly when the rollerblade rider is not an advanced rollerblade rider.

Rollerblade beginners should have protective rollerblades to protect them from falling  they may be encountered in their learnings and attempts to get comfortable with the rollerblades. The rollerblading that beginners generally do is very basic. Advanced rollerblades ride more adventurously and perform more trial and errors on new tricks. Some rollerblade riders ride as a way of a lifestyle therefore their kinds of rollerblades have to have a stylish element added to it.


The different markets play an essential role as well. Children will be attracted to more colourful and playful rollerblades. Feminine people have a generic preference of safe products that have a feminine touch towards it. Masculine people have a generic preference for masculine styled rollerblades. The most important feature of all is the feature that protects the riders from impact, which is a feature that should be present in all styled rollerblades as this is what every safety rollerblade grows from and capitalises on.


Frequently asked and customer reviews are customer relations with e-commerce platforms concerning the advertised products. The bigger truth about products and customer experiences are mostly found in what customers have to say about the rollerbloads – particularly if they have purchased the product already. Frequently asked questions suggest questions that are not highlighted in product information, marketing campaigns and customer reviews offer feedback on the product quality, look and feel of the product, and the experience of the product.

What happens when you choose incorrect rollerblades?

The type of protection that you need for first time rollerblading will not be sufficient if the accurate support is not provided in the rollerblades. The injuries will be greater and the impact may hurt your body internally and externally. While protection will still be provided with the incorrect rollerblades, the kind of flexibility required in rollerblades allows for easier and free movement while giving protection. If that allowance is not provided, it does not provide the sufficient allowance for rollerblade learning and rollerblade development. It becomes too uncomfortable and makes the rollerblade rider prone to falling more, making the possibility of injuries higher.

Top 10 Best Rollerblades for Beginners


Roller Derby Vtech/Cobra Inline Skates with adjustable sizing for kids, teens and adults4.5
Roller Derby Girls’ ION 7.2 adjustable inline skates4.8
FireStar Youth Girl’s Roller Skate4.9
Roller Derby Stryde Girl’s adjustable inline skates4.9
Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger 5.2 adjustable inline skate4.9
Chicago Boys Sidewalk Roller Skate4.7
Chicago Girls Sidewalk Roller Skate4.7
K2 Skate Youth Raider Pro Inline Skates4.9
Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pto XT Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate4.6
5th Element G2 – 100 Adjustable Girls Recreational Inline Skates4.6

The products below will be discussed in accordance with the product features and customer reviews that are available, categorising the reviews under pros and cons (in accordance with the suitability of the rollerblades for beginners) of the listed products.

1. Roller Derby Vtech/Cobra Inline Skates with adjustable sizing for kids, teens and adults

These rollerblades have adjustable sizing that is controlled by a button, accommodative of children and adults. The rollerblades are lightweight and the design is styled to accommodate casual and recreational rollerblade riding. The rollerblade boots are easy to put on as they are easy to take off, and safety is guaranteed  due to the triple buckle closure.


  • The wheels of the rollerblades run smoothly
  • The boots of the rollerblades support the ankles very well
  • The style and available colours of these rollerblades are great
  • The quality of the rollerblades is good
  • These are ideal for beginners


  • The brakes of the rollerblades do not work well
  • The shoes do not have a long lifespan and falls apart very quickly

2. Roller Derby Girls’ ION 7.2 adjustable inline skates

These rollerblades have an easy push button that functions to adjust the sizing of the rollerblades, providing comfort and support through the deluxe comfort liner and power strap.


  • They are perfectly adjustable and this makes them to be a great fit around the feet
  • The shoes are very sturdy
  • The wheels of the rollerblades roll very easily and this making riding in these rollerblades smooth and effortless
  • The rollerblades are very comfortable and they have a good grip
  • The rollerblades are easy to put on


  • The cost replacing the wheels on the rollerblade is very expensive

3. FireStar Youth Girl’s Roller Skate

These rollerblades have a sport shoe design with a Velcro and a lace closure around the rollerblade boot. The shoes are lightweight with a comfortable fit and support.


  • The colours are fun and suitable for children and teenagers
  • The wheels are situated such that extra support is provided for new rollerblade riders
  • These are ideal for beginners


  • The rollerblades are not adjustable
  • The sizing chart is not a true reflection of the sizing of these rollerblades
  • They are a tight fit around the feet and they make the rollerblade riding experience painful

4. Roller Derby Stryde Girl’s adjustable inline skates

These rollerblades are adjustable, therefore accommodating more than one size.


  • The design of the rollerblades is great and the colours of the rollerblades are bright and accommodative
  • They are a good fit around the feet
  • They are comfortable and supportive to first time rollerblade riders
  • The rollerblades are affordable


  • The quality of the rollerblades are not great

5. Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger 5.2 adjustable inline skate

These rollerblades have a moulded cuff that provides for support and ease as well as an adjustable feature to provide comfort.


  • The rollerblades and their wheels provide for a smooth ride
  • The shoes are last long
  • They are of good quality
  • The rollerblades are sturdy


  • The rollerblades are cheaply made

6. Chicago Boys Sidewalk Roller Skate

The rollerblades are synthetic and it is strategically made for gliding, providing support on the feet during sidewalks. The shoes are built for stability and control, containing oversized wheels and a high impact adjustable chassis.


  • The shoes are affordable
  • They are great for children and rollerblade rider beginners
  • The rollerblades are comfortable and supportive


  • The quality of the wheels are poor
  • The shoes provided no grip or stability
  • The sizing of the shoes are not true to the sizing chart
  • The entire design and make of the shoes is plastic

7. Chicago Girls Sidewalk Roller Skate

These rollerblades are classic and are strategically designed for all-round skating. It provides stability and control and provide for comfort.


  • The rollerblades skate very well on most surfaces
  • The lifespan of the rollerblades is long
  • It is ideal for beginners and intermediate rollerblade riders


  • The rollerblades brake easy
  • The sizing is not accurate
  • The rollerblades are of poor quality

8. K2 Skate Youth Raider Pro Inline Skates

These rollerblades are easy to put on and are easy to take off. The double frame on each of the skates provide a shock and vibration absorbing feature that keeps the rollerblade rider balanced while riding. These rollerblades provide adequate support, flexibility, comfort and reliability on the rollerblades due to their make up and high performing wheels.


  • The rollerblades are comfortable
  • The boots of the rollerblades are well adjustable
  • These rollerblades work well for beginners and intermediate riders
  • The quality of the rollerblades is good


  • NA

9. Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pto XT Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

These rollerblades have been described as ideal for beginners. The features of these rollerblades, such as the supportive shell, the comfort liner and the bladerunner wheels, provide comfort, control and stability for the rider as they utilise these rollerblades.


  • The rollerblades provide a smooth ride
  • It provides adequate control during sharp turn and immediate stops
  • The rollerblades are easy to put on
  • The rollerblade boot is comfortable as it has significant padding
  • A customer has stated that these rollerblades are perfect for beginners


  • This pair of rollerblades is too expensive
  • The wheels of these rollerblades are not good for concrete

10. 5th Element G2 – 100 Adjustable Girls Recreational Inline Skates

These rollerblades are considered to be perfect for rollerblade beginners because they are comfortable and provide ease when learning to rollerblade or grow your rollerblading skillset. The rollerblades have adjustable sizing and allow for enough speed as an individual learns how to skate. The rollerblades are lightweight and have a safe closure consisting of a buckle, a Velcro strap as well as laces.


  • The rollerblades are great and are affordable
  • Their adjustable feature is ideal and allow for a perfect fit
  • The rollerblades are easy to put on
  • They are of good quality and are perfect for learning


  • The quality of the rollerblades is bad

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are unstructured discussion that customers start with e-commerce platforms. The customers hold on understanding the product as best as possible before buying it. Customers probe questions regarding product information that is not easily or readily available on product marketing initiatives. The frequently asked questions regarding rollerblades are grouped below with an explanation of what the grouped questions commonly allude to.

Questions regarding the: The material and design of the wheels of the rollerblades, where the rollerblades can be worn, the kind of material used on the frame of the rollerblades and the weight or mass of the people who would be able to skate in these rollerblades.

These questions are engaging product owners and marketers on the what the physical product looks like as well as the expectations to have regarding the physical product. The customers want to understand what the actual product will be like and how it will work once they have it with them and whether or not it is of the promised quality as stated on the online shopping plan.

Questions regarding the: The insoles and the extent to which they are adjustable, the breaks that allow for adequate breaking in the rollerblades, the minimum and maximum speed that the rollerblades can go

These questions are questioning the physical experience of the rollerblades once the customer starts using them. Customers want to know how the rollerblades will be on their feet once the product is in use, not only focusing on what the product will look like upon arrival. The customers are also trying to establish the extent of the quality and the extent of the lifespan of the product, i.e. when can the customers expect the product to start falling apart and for how long the rollerblades will assist beginners.

Questions regarding the: The sizes of the rollerblades as well as how the adjustable features relative to the sizing of the product

Some of the customer reviews have complained about the sizing of the rollerblades being misrepresented. Most customers rely on sizing charts to point out the best size for them. These questions further hold the e-commerce managers and directors responsible for any misrepresentation of the product sizing, ensuring that they guide customers towards buying the correct size. The correct size could include buying a size smaller or buying a size bigger. There is also an underlying question of the design cut of the product.


I started rollerblading when I was a teenager and completely loved it. My parents did not have money to buy me new rollerblades for every phase of my rollerblading journey so I only had one opportunity to choose a pair of rollerblades. I had to make a decision between choosing rollerblades for beginners and figuring out how I would rollerblade once I became good at it, and choosing rollerblades for advanced riders and figuring out how to learn how to rollerblade first.

I chose the latter and got myself a nice pair of stylish rollerblades that I could not use on my own for a year, I had my elder siblings hold me on each side of my body as I learned how to move in the rollerblades. It was characterised with a lot of falling but very little injury. I became relatively average at rollerblading: i.e. I can move in rollerblades but I am unable to perform tricks – not even one single trick.

When I started working though, I took up ice-skating. I thought to myself, “If I could rollerblade, I could certainly skate on ice”. That was a big mistake. That ignorance to the skills needed for each for of moving on shoes that did not have rubber or solid soles resulted in me having a badly injured knee. Not only did I slip and fall on the ice, but I was skating with advanced people and caused them to fall and injure themselves, three of them falling on my leg and injuring my knee and ankle.

The work that needs to go into advancing into anything should not be underestimated, rollerblading included. There are different phases of learning how to do things for a reason, particularly in activities that require a physical commitment of the body. Rollerblading can be dangerous and limiting if not done correctly. If you, as I did, choose rollerblades that are not suited for beginners, you could potentially retard the growth that you could have in rollerblading.

I learned how to rollerblade and remained average because I could only learn how to walk in rollerblades, nothing more. It is easy to assume that something is easy if you put your mind to it. That ease does not come without injuries and further consequences on your body.

The most popular labels for rollerblades available on Amazon.com are Roller Derby. This means that Roller Derby caters for all consumer markets and their products range from necessity to luxury. Most customers would look at the products advertised by the Roller Derby label and find them to be most reliable as there would be more information available regarding the Roller Derby products.



The rollerblade requirements therefore have to differ in the manner in which they cater for the different rollerblade riders, from advanced riders to beginner riders. The requirements for beginners and children will differ from the requirements for advanced or competitive rollerblade riders. Likewise, the requirements for leisure rollerblades differ from the requirements for professional rollerblading. The importance of frequently asked questions and customer reviews is further emphasised.

The most common feature in the rollerblades is the adjustable sizing features that aims to provide a perfect fit for the rollerblade rider. There are arguments regarding the quality of the rollerblades for more than one pair of rollerblades. The explanations could vary from how often customers wear the rollerblades to the genuine lack of good quality rollerblades. Each product is experienced differently therefore, the frequently asked questions and customer reviews are an assisting guide towards understanding the products prior to purchasing the products.

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