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10 Best Skateboard Knee Pads 2022 Reviews

Skateboard kneepads are protective gear that are provided for skateboard riders. As with every other sporting activity, it is important that protective gear is available and provided to prevent injury, keeping the skateboard rider safe and ensuring that the protective equipment is comfortable for the rider while serving its purpose.


Skateboarding is an impactful sport that is characterised by riding on a board of wheels and performing tricks while riding on the board. Riders range from beginners to experienced skateboard riders. The more experienced the skateboard rider is, the more advanced the tricks that they perform. The more inexperienced a skateboard rider is, the higher the likelihood that the skateboard rider will be injured as they trial and error new skateboarding tricks. It is important to have protective gear and skateboard kneepads because they provide protection for skateboard riders.

Many of the tricks that are performed by skateboard riders are performed on a trial and error basis until the tricks are mastered. You are bound to fall and experience impact as you go through the trial and error stages of performing skateboard tricks. The skateboard kneepads serve as a protective gear to protect your body from injuries that can be caused when you fall and experience impact. It is important to know and choose the best skateboard kneepads if you wish to have a long life in skateboarding.

Skateboards knee pads are crucial to the protection of the skateboard rider from wipeouts, impacts experienced from falling off a skateboard and falls. Any damage that has been caused to the knee is an extremely common injury in skateboard riding. The skateboard kneepads are important for skateboard riding to protect your knees when skateboard riding.

Skateboarders ride their skateboards at various speeds; some of the highest speeds being travelled when the skateboard is riding downhill. The faster the speed in any sporting activity, the easier it is to lose control and become prone to injuries. Skateboards are carried by wheels therefore, the surface that riders skateboard on is a contributing factor to the likelihood of injuries as well as the kind of injuries that a rider can endure.

Your body will be the most impacted and affected factor if you choose the incorrect skateboard kneepads. This will be discussed further in this article. The article will be evaluating the skateboard kneepads that are available on market against the essential requirements for skateboard kneepads. The evaluation will take place in the form of a discussion where it will engage on how to choose the best skateboard kneepads as well as the top 10 skateboard kneepads that can be found on market.

The article will include the features of each of the skateboard kneepads, underlining the pros and cons of each product with the aid of customer reviews. The frequently asked questions on the skateboard kneepads will be discussed with the intention to understand the fundamental concerns that customers have when purchasing skateboard kneepads on e-commerce platforms.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard Kneepads


Various factors have to be taken into consideration when purchasing skateboard kneepads. Each factor has been outlined and discussed below, aiming to provide a well-informed decision for customers before they purchase skateboard kneepads on any online and e-commerce platform.


Skateboard kneepads are sold in sets of two and are sometimes sold in packages. Depending on the budget of the customer, bulk buying guarantees longer protection where the customer does not need to go back to the shop and buying new skateboard kneepads should something happen to the purchased skateboard kneepads. Purchasing skateboard kneepads in bulk is advisable if you are purchasing them for more than one person. Parents who have more than one child who is a skateboard rider would benefit from buying them in bulk because it is cheaper than purchasing multiple pairs of skateboard kneepads.

Skateboard kneepads are priced for all consumer markets, namely: children, youth, mass customers and high-value customers. One can argue that when it comes to pricing, children and youth are dependent on their parents who reside in the mass and high-value customers segments.

Some skateboarding kneepads are catered for high-value customers in price, providing features that are beyond safety and comfort. Skateboarding kneepads that are designed for mass customers are limited to comfort and safety. The quality found in the skateboarding kneepads designed for mass customers may vary from good to not so great. The important thing is to establish what you genuinely need the skateboarding kneepads for and how much money you are willing to pay for it. Then you look for skateboarding kneepads that are within your preferred price range.

Understanding the difference between skateboarding kneepads and bicycle kneepads

Bicycle kneepads can be identified by their design, which is based on the kind of bicycle riding that a rider takes part in.

They have a low-profile foam kneepad that is without straps for cross-country and lightweight mountain biking. This is intended to be discreet until needed and they do not get in the way of a good bicycle pedalling while still offering protection for the knees. These bicycle kneepads can be worn all day for uphill and downhill bicycle riding.

The low-profile foam kneepads are preferred for mountain biking as well, this time with strict requirements that they fit well, allow the knees to breathe well and the kneepads should not rub against the knee. Kneepads that offer protection, ease of changing out the pad trumps are ideal for endure mountain biking.

Freeride mountain biking kneepads require only protection. The general requirements for bicycle kneepads include an engineered foam, a plastic shell, and non-Newtonian materials.

Skateboard kneepads require their unique features that differentiate them from bicycle kneepads, even though most people categorise them as kneepads that look the same.

They are made up of cloth material that is stretchy that can cover your entire knee, consist of an adjustable Velcro and  the cap of the knee area of the kneepad has to be foam or a plastic shell – this is intended to protect your knee from any kind of impact. The skateboarding kneepads should not restrict any range movement and should not be too tight as your ability to bend your knee should not be restricted.


The kind of skateboarding you do

The general advice is that all skateboard riders wear skateboard kneepads for their protection, regardless of the level and kind of skateboarding that you do. Beginners should have kneepads to protect them from the falls they will encounter in their learnings and attempts to get comfortable with the skateboard. The skateboarding that beginners generally do is very basic.

Advanced skateboarders ride more adventurously and perform more trial and errors on new tricks. Some skateboard riders ride as a way of a lifestyle therefore their kinds of skateboard kneepads have to have a stylish element added to it.

The different markets play an essential role as well. Children will be attracted to more colourful and playful skateboard kneepads. Feminine people have a generic preference of safe products that have a feminine touch towards it. Masculine people have a generic preference for masculine styled skateboard kneepads.

The most important feature of all is the feature that protects the knee from impact which is a feature that should be present in all styled skateboard kneepads as this is what every kneepad grows from and capitalises on.

Frequently asked questions and customer reviews

Frequently asked and customer reviews are customer interactions with e-commerce platforms regarding the advertised products. The bigger truth about products and customer experiences are mostly found in what customers have to say about the products – particularly if they have purchased the product already. Frequently asked questions propose questions that are not highlighted in product information and marketing campaigns and customer reviews provide feedback on the product quality, look and feel of the product, and the experience of the product.

What happens when you choose incorrect skateboard kneepads?

The type of protection that you need for skateboarding will not be sufficient. The injuries will be greater and the impact may hurt your body internally and externally. While protection will still be provided with the incorrect skateboard kneepads, the kind of flexibility required in skateboard kneepads allows for easier and free movement while providing protection. If that allowance is not provided, it does not provide the sufficient allowance for skateboard learning and skateboard development. It becomes too uncomfortable and makes the skateboard rider prone to falling more, making the possibility of injuries higher.

The Top 10 Best Skateboard Kneepads


Triple eight KP pro professional skateboarding kneepad set (pair)4.5
Triple eight park skateboarding pad set4.5
Triple eight saver series kneesaver kneepads4.5
G-Form Pro X2 kneepad4.5
Pro-Tec Street Gear Jr 3 Pack4.9
Triple eight KP22 heavy-duty skateboarding kneepads4.5
Pro-Tec street knee4.5
Triple eight covert kneepads4.5
187 killer pads4.5
Bodyprox protective kneepads4.6

The products below will be discussed in accordance with the customer reviews available on the reviews, categorising the reviews under pros and cons of the listed products.

1. Triple eight KP pro professional skateboarding kneepad set (pair)


The product consists of an EVA memory foam, has a neoprene butterfly closure and the kneepads have top elastic strap wraps. The sizes are fit for kids, youth and adults. They are available in small fits, medium fits and large fits. These kneepads are considered to be top of the line skateboarding kneepads. They have a high-density, impact-resistance knee cap


  • Best blend of minimal bulking with maximum protection.
  • Attribute to the knees firmly due to ergonomic shape.
  • These kneepads are highly recommendable for action sports where knee protection is necessary.
  • Soft material inside performs as a decent cushion.


  • Durability
  • The fasteners smashed and left the hard shell unattached to the rest of the kneepad.
  • The plastic shield can be thicker.

2. Triple eight park skateboarding pad set


The product has a heavy duty EVA memory foam. It has a high-density and impact-resistant knee cap. The kneepads consist of a neoprene butterfly closure and have top elastic and bottom webbed adjustable straps.


  • It is a good product for a decent price.
  • Good fit.
  • Great value.
  • Comfortable


  • The product is too small in all sizes.
  • It has a short lifespan.
  • The straps fail after a few months of use.

3. Triple eight saver series kneesaver kneepads


The product is an ergonomically designed kneepad and has a shock-absorbing feature and aired EVA foam. It is wide and has secure elastic straps with hook and loop connectors. These knee caps have high-density and are impact-resistant.


  • They fit big people
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Good for ladies


  • Only for a casual skater
  • The quality is not high

4. G-Form Pro X2 kneepad


The product has protective features. It is flexible and lightweight and the knees are able to breathe while fitting in the product.  The product has a secure fit and it is waterproof.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Lightweight kneepads
  • Good quality


  • Cheaply made.
  • Incorrect sizing – this is a slight contradiction towards the product being comfortable and breathable.

5. Pro-Tec Street Gear Jr 3 Pack


The product has a neoprene backing, full wrap hook and loop fasteners and the kneepads have a stretch lycra interior with upper and lower support straps.


  • High quality for the price
  • Safest youth kneepads
  • Good deal


  • The kneepads are said to be too small

6. Triple eight KP22 heavy-duty skateboarding kneepads


The product has a heavy duty EVA memory foam, a high density as well as impact-resisting kneecaps. The kneepads have a neoprene butterfly closure and are wide.


  • Fit well
  • Hold up to a beating
  • A customer highlighted that this product held strong during a nasty wipeout
  • Good knee protection for large protection
  • The kneepads are solid
  • Convenient to put on


  • The velcro started to break
  • The fit is bigger than expected/too large
  • Inner strap is too tight
  • Fitting is not secure enough for small legs

7. Pro-Tec street knee


The product has neoprene backing, has full wrap hook and loop fasteners. The kneepads have stretch lycra interior.


  • Comfortable
  • Protective
  • Hold well after taking some falls
  • Great quality
  • Lightweight
  • Non-abrasive


  • Smaller than expected/too small.
  • Sizing is off
  • Straps fell off.

8. Triple eight covert kneepads


These kneepads are designed for skateboarding and mountain biking. They have an easy pull on design. The kneepads fit well under clothes and have an EVA padding. The product is flexible and non-restrictive and it is considered to be a slim knee protection gear.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to slip on
  • Good for relaxed riding


  • Short lifespan
  • Bad sizing

9. 187 killer pads


The kneepads have dual density foam as well as a lock-in cap system. The product is lightweight with fast drying interior lining, has a seamless interior finish and a three-panel construction.


  • Good kneepads
  • Comfortable
  • Good on the knees


  • They look like a duck
  • Size is too small
  • Short lifespan
  • Big size

10. Bodyprox protective kneepads


The product does not take up your whole leg, it has durable padding and the kneepads have flexible fabric. These kneepads are said to have a better grip than most kneepads and they have an ergonomic design as well as a non-slip feature.


  • Amazing product
  • Comfortable
  • Saves knees for a great price
  • Flexible


  • Uncomfortable
  • Become flat quickly
  • Less protection


Frequently asked questions are unstructured conversation that customers initiate with e-commerce platforms. The customers insist of understanding the product as best as possible prior to buying it. they provoke questions regarding product information that is not easily or readily available on product marketing initiatives as well as product information. The frequently asked questions regarding skateboard kneepads on Amazon.com are grouped below with an explanation of what the grouped questions allude to.

Sleeve or open

Questions regarding the product being sleeve or open; the target audience of the advertised product; what the product is made up of; and where the product is made: These questions are engaging product owners and marketers on the look and feel of the product. The customers want to understand what the actual product will be like once they have it with them and whether or not it is of the promised quality with the adequate lifespan that customers expect from skateboard kneepads.


Questions regarding the flexibility/range of the motion in the product; the quantity of kneepads in the packets; the products ability to fit underneath clothes; the kneecaps of the product falling off easily; and what the product can be used for or what other sporting activities can use the same kneepads: these questions are interrogating the experience of the kneepads once the customer starts using them.

Customers want to understand how the product will be on their bodies once the product is in use, not only focusing on what the product will look like upon arrival. The customers are also trying to establish the extent of the quality and the extent of the lifespan of the product, i.e. when can the customers expect the product to start falling apart.

Size and measurement

Questions regarding the size and measurement of the product as well as the availability of the sizing chart: these questions are interrogating the size of the product, ensuring that the product is not too big or not too small. Some of the customer reviews have complained about the sizing of the skateboard kneepads being misrepresented. Most customers rely on sizing charts to point out the best size for them.

These questions further hold the e-commerce managers accountable for any misrepresentation of the product sizing, ensuring that they guide customers towards buying the correct size. The correct size could include buying a size smaller or buying a size bigger. There is also an underlying question of the design cut of the product.

The most popular labels for skateboard kneepads available on Amazon.com are Triple-eight and Pro-tec. Triple-eight, in particular has more than fifty percent skateboard kneepads listed on the Amazon.com platform as well as on the top ten skateboard kneepads that are listed in this article. This means that Triple-eight caters for all consumer markets and their products range from necessity to luxury. Most customers would look at the products advertised by the Triple-eight label and find them to be most reliable as there would be more information available regarding the Triple-eight products.


The principle similarities that the skateboard kneepads have include, but are not limited to an EVA memory foam, a neoprene butterfly closure, elastic strap wraps, high-density and impact-resistance knee cap as well as stretchy material.

These are evidently the benchmark features that provide the protection and comfort needed for skateboard kneepads. These are the features that are aligned to the skateboard kneepads requirements and are the absolute minimum of what the kneepads should have. The differences between the skateboard kneepads can be considered to be luxurious features that separate the mass customer market from the high-value customer market.

The customer reviews have further provided comments that skateboard kneepads can be differentiated into three, namely: skateboard kneepads for beginners, skateboard kneepads for casual riders and skateboard kneepads for advanced or competitive riders. The skateboard kneepad requirements therefore have to differ in the manner in which they cater for the different riders. The requirements for beginners and children will differ from the requirements for advanced or competitive skateboard riders. Likewise, the requirements for leisure skateboarding differs from the requirements for professional skateboarding. The importance of frequently asked questions and customer reviews is further emphasised.

The frequently asked questions and the customer reviews help potential buyers to sift through the available product information and get to the essence of who can wear the actual advertised product. These further provide excess information that will guide people to buy their skateboard kneepads for the appropriate use. If you use the frequently asked questions and customer reviews as one of the guides to buying skateboard kneepads, potential buyers will be able to know the difference between luxury kneepads and necessity kneepads. Furthermore, information will be provided on kneepads for beginners, kneepads for casual riders and kneepads for advanced and competitive skateboard riders.


Finally, it is essential to know that there are kneepads available for various sporting codes, cycling kneepads being the closest to skateboard kneepads. It is important to know the difference between skateboard kneepads and cycling kneepads because this feeds into the consequences of purchasing the incorrect kneepads. The difference lies in the detail. There is only one pair of kneepads on Amazon.com and that is observed in the article that is said to be used for both mountain biking and skateboard riding. It is important to have the correct kneepads to secure the adequate support, comfort and protection when skateboard riding.

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