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10 Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves 2022 Reviews

Softball is slowly gaining a large audience for itself. The sport is becoming popular and many people nowadays play this sport seriously. Several young people are attracted to this sport and many of them want to have a career in this field.

Many people are nowadays starting young playing this sport at the age of 10 years old. They want to pursue a good career in this field and become star idols one day. To help them become so, they need great mentors and great softball kits. The former is easy to find while the latter can be quite hard to find. People can easily find a great coach or mentor for their child; however, they may not be able to get the best softball kits for their child. This isn’t limited for kids, but even the adults can have a hard time getting a good softball kit for their game.


The softball kits consist of bat, ball, gloves, and shoes. Out of these all the softball gloves are the hardest to find. It’s not that there are not good softball gloves available in the market, it’s just that it takes good eyes and good skills to get baseball gloves. There are planet good softball gloves available in the market however people aren’t to find them. They instead go on for a low-quality softball glove that they find good looking and within their price range. However, this is not a good option as a good softball glove will help to provide necessary protection to the player and will also help to improve the throw and catch skill of the person. Therefore, the person needs to pick up the best softball glove that you can find and use it for your game.

As we told you there are good softball gloves available in the market, all you need is the knowledge to identify these softball gloves and select them. In this article, we will provide you with the knowledge that will help you get the best softball gloves for your game. We will teach you all the techniques that will let you select the best slow pitch softball gloves that exist in the market. Without further delays, let us see how you can buy the best slow pitch softball gloves easily.

How to Buy Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves


Before buying any softball glove, the main step which comes is the identification of the softball gloves. There are certain steps which you should follow and certain points which you should remember before selecting a good softball glove. Whenever you pick up any softball glove, look at the features of those softball gloves and they will tell you whether the softball glove is better for you to not. If it’s better than you can go ahead and buy it, else you can move on to the other glove. What are the features that you should look into a softball glove? Let’s see them all.


The first thing that you should look into is the material of the softball glove. Is the softball glove made out of good material or is it made from a bad material? If the glove is made out of good material then it means that it will last longer and is durable. If it’s not, then it means that it will break down easily and could need replacement after some time. It is suggested that you should go for a durable and long-lasting baseball glove. You should prefer a glove that is made of good material. The most common raw material for a baseball glove is leather. Make sure to choose a glove made from good quality leather.


The next thing comes the size of the glove. You can say that this is the most important part of the glove that you should check. Check if the glove you have selected fits for your role in the game or not. Check if it fits on your hand or not. Never buy a glove that is too loose or too tight on your hand. This can cause serious discomfort while playing the game and it will affect your performance. A good size glove will help you to easily catch and throw the ball when needed. It will help you to polish your skill and will cause you a lead amount of discomfort. select the glove size according to your hand size.


The next thing to look out is the webbing of the glove. Ever noticed that in a glove, the index finger and the thumb part are tied together. This is done through the webbing. The reason it is done is to ensure easy catch by the player. The webbing can be done by two methods. Either it can through laces or by a patch. Webbing done through lacing is called open webbing while the other type of webbing is called closed webbing.

In the game of softball, there are infielders and outfielders. The position of the player in the game can determine which type of webbing they should choose. If you are an infielder then you should open webbing. This is to ensure easy and fast throw between the players. If you are an outfielder, then you should prefer the closed webbing. This will allow you to easily catch the ball and will also help you to get an extra grip.

Back part

Similar to the webbing part, the back part of the glove is also carved like the web part. Either it can be open or closed. There is a reason why this is done and you should select one type of back depending upon your position in the game. The open back glove is useful for players who want a larger range of movement. This is usually preferred by the infielders. The closed-back glove helps to provide more support to the wrist and this is more preferable to the outfielder. Therefore, select the back part of the glove as per your choice.

Wrist adjustment

Coming on to the next feature we have the wrist adjustment of the glove. The softball glove needs to fit the wrist of the player while polygon the game. If the wrist adjustment of the player is loose, then the softball glove will come out often while playing the game and this will pose a problem to the player. To prevent this, you should have a proper wrist adjustment to your glove. There is various wrist adjustment provided to the player. The most frequent one is the Velcro strap one and D-ran wrist adjustment. However, there are lace-up and buckle wrist adjuster also available to the player.


The final thing to notice is the break-in of the glove. A fresh baseball glove from the factory is very stiff and cannot be used by the player directly. Earlier they use to break-in the baseball glove manually to make it more flexible. However, this has changed now. Now, some gloves are pre-break-in from the factory and this helps the player to directly use the baseball glove. Make sure to select a glove that has the pre-break-in feature available in it. It will save you time and energy.

Top 10 Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves


Rawlings Renegade Softball Glove4.8
Franklin Softball Glove4.6
Rawlings RSB4.7
Rawlings Sure Catch4.9
Mizuno MVP Prime4.7
Franklin Sports Windmill4.8
Mizuno Premiere4.8
Worth XT Extreme4.8
Rawlings Player preferred4.8
Miken Pro4.5

1. Rawlings Renegade Softball Glove

This softball glove is designed to keep all the requirements of a player in mind. The unique feature of this softball glove is that it is made for both infielder and outfielder. This glove is designed so that a player could use it standing at any position in the game.

The size of this glove is 13 inches which and it has a basket web design. Another good thing about this softball glove is that it comes pre-break-in. The softball glove can be used by the player after unpackaging and it helps the player a lot. Speaking of the material of this glove, the glove is made out of durable and long-lasting material that makes it last long and tough. The comfort of this glove is also high and it prevents any serious injury to the player.


  • The softball glove is made for all the players. Any infielder as well as an outfielder.
  • 13-inch glove size makes it an ideal fit for most of the players
  • Basket web design helps to provide balance and it also helps the player to provide speed and agility to the player
  • Lightweight, durable and provides comfort to the player
  • Available for both right and left-handed person
  • Extra cushion and padding help to protect the player’s hand easily.


  • The main drawback of this glove is its cost. The cost is high and this prevents many people from buying this softball glove. They tend to choose gloves below this one price range due to its cost.

2. Franklin Softball Glove

Franklin Softball glove is another good example of a cost-effective softball glove. This glove is made out of synthetic leather that is durable and long-lasting. The glove is available in many styles and color variations for an easy pick. The glove is adjustable and is also comfortable. The player won’t feel any discomfort while wearing this glove.

The good feature of this softball glove is that it has deep pockets that help to get rid of any injury chances. The body of this glove has deep pockets which help the player to easily catch and throw the ball to other players. The durability of this glove is also high and it lasts very long when compared to other softball gloves. These gloves come pre-break-in so the player can use them instantly.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Adjustable and easy to wear.
  • Open back and this glove comes in both open and closed webbing
  • Variety of style and colors available
  • Pre-break-in
  • Made from synthetic leather
  • Deep pockets to protect from any injury


  • The sizing of this softball glove can be an issue. People find it difficult to get proper size softball gloves of this series. This is one of its main drawbacks.

3. Rawlings RSB

The Rawlings RSB glove is made for the adult softball players. They have many features that are suitable for adult players and which benefits such players. These softball gloves are designed for pro and advanced adult softball players. They are made from high-grade leather that makes it durable and long-lasting.

The main noticeable feature of this glove is the utility of this glove. The glove is designed so that it could be worn on any position in the game. Outfielder and infielder can wear this glove without any problem. The glove has perfect balance, softness, and comfort. The cushion added into these gloves helps the player to remain protected from the fastball. It has an open back and closed webbing style. To is available in different styles and orientations. The glove has a Velcro strap that allows adjustable fit into every player’s wrist.


  • Designed for pro league softball players
  • Utility glove that can be used by both outfielder and infielders
  • Made from high-grade durable and long-lasting leather
  • Velcro strap provides accurate fitting for every player
  • 90% pre factory break-in
  • Lightweight and cushion provides greater balance and protection
  • Variety of styles available


  • Colour choice is limited
  • Velcro strap may become worn out after some time.
  • Not suitable for a beginner player.

4. Rawlings Sure Catch

Rawlings Sure catch is another example of a good baseball glove that is cost-effective and also of good quality. The baseball glove is made from synthetic leather that helps it last longer. It is durable and can last for several years. This glove is also a utility glove that can be worn by both infielders and outfielders.

The size of this glove is also designed so that players can get the correct fit and can play the game easily. The Velcro strap provided at the back of this baseball glove provides an easy fit that helps to keep the baseball glove at its place. These gloves are durable and they have all leather shell and padded finger lining. These are added to provide the best balance, comfort, and quickness to the player. The glove has a softshell that is designed to support people and also help them to catch the ball more easily.


  • Ideal for children between the age of 4-11
  • Utility glove which can be sued by both infielder and outfielders equally
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 100% pre factory break-in makes them an excellent choice
  • Basket web pattern and open backs also provide the necessary advantages to the player


  • The wrist adjustment of this glove is not very good

5. Mizuno MVP Prime

Mizuno company is one of the few companies that also think for female players out in the world. To aid those players, they have designed the MVP prime series. These gloves are gender engineered to be of more sue to the female players.

A good feature of these gloves is that they are suited for professional level players. They have laces that are similar to the ones offered in professional gloves. The soft leather that is used to make these softball gloves helps to increase the comfort, fit, and performance of this glove. The bio leather makes this glove durable and long-lasting. The closed webbing of this glove helps the players to easily catch the ball and also helps in throwing of the ball. The Velcro strap of this glove helps to easily lock the glove down the wrist and provides easily wrist adjustment.


  • Best for female players who play a softball game
  • Professional level lacing included in this glove
  • Easy catch and throw provided by the closed webbing and open back glove
  • Bio soft leather used in the glove makes it more durable and long-lasting
  • Available in various sizes and color
  • A perfect balance of throw, comfort, and catch.


  • The break-in time of this glove is high.

6. Franklin Sports Windmill

If you think that the above-given gloves e all costly and you want a good softball glove that is less costly, then the franklin sports windmill series is for you. These gloves are economical and can be compared to the best gloves that exist in the market.

The main feature of attraction is the `lightweight mesh design that helps to give the maximum comfort and stability to the player. The adjustable wrist and size of the glove provides a good fit for the player hand and also provides comfort while being worn. The softball pocket used in this glove helps the player to catch the incoming ball more easily and also provide a feel while catching the glove. These gloves are better for the young player who is starting new to the sport of softball and have a lot to learn. They can fully utilize these gloves and improve their skills easily with the help of these gloves.


  • Lightweight mesh design helps to provide comfort and quick throw in the game
  • the adjustable wrist provides a suitable fit to the player
  • Soft pocket in the glove provides easy catch to the player
  • Great for young and beginner players.


  • Not much durable and long-lasting. The raw material from which this glove is made is not good enough
  • Long break-in time required for this glove
  • Velcro strap turns to worn off quickly
  • Not suitable for professional adult players.

7. Mizuno Premiere

Mizuno premier slow pitch softball gloves are good gloves that can be used by any beginner player. The glove has all the features that can be used or are needed by any beginner player. The noticeable feature of this glove is the palm lining of this glove. It helps to prove durability and comfort to the hands of the player. The leather glove is durable and lasts longer than many other softball gloves in the market. The wrist adjustment of this glove is also good because of the power lock wrist. It provides a superior grip around the wrist of the player and helps the glove to stay place for long hours.


  • Soft palm lining provides great support and comfort to the player
  • Long-lasting and durable softball glove
  • Suitable wrist adjustment provided by the glove
  • Variety of sizes available for every player
  • Durable and can last long without any damage


  • Break-in time of this glove is very high
  • Not good for an advanced player
  • The glove is expensive and many people consider it overpriced.

8. Worth XT Extreme

If you are a professional softball player and are looking for a professional softball glove, then your search can end at the worthball XT extreme softball glove. These gloves are designed for professional players who play softball at the competitive league.

The design of this softball glove is made such that it provides a pure game feel to the player. The short break in time of this glove makes it the right choice to play in the competitive league. The durability of this glove is outstanding and it lasts very long on proper usage. The custom fit of this softball glove provides easy fit on to the player and the superior wrist adjustment binds the glove to the hands of the player. The comfort that is provided by this softball glove is also high and it has helped many players to easily play the game without any problem.


  • Built for professional players
  • Short break-in time
  • Superior fit and best wrist adjustment
  • Lightweight and durable softball glove that is made from XT extreme leather
  • Long-lasting performance and maximum support provided by the glove


  • The main drawback of this glove is that it is somewhat expensive and therefore only select people can buy it
  • Not suitable for beginner and intermediate softball players.

9. Rawlings Player preferred

If you play softball for fun purposes and are not sure whether to pursue it as a career or not, then you can buy the Rawlings player preferred softball gloves. These gloves are designed for people who play softball as recreational sports. These gloves have many features that make it a good choice for selection.

The main feature of this glove is the zero-shock padding provided in this glove. The zero-shock palm padding provided in this glove helps the player to get full protection from the glove. This makes the player catch the ball without getting any injuries as well as vibration. The fitting of this glove is also good and the wrist adjustment of this glove is also high class. The webbing of this glove is made such that both infielders and outfielders can wear it without any problem.


  • Zero shock pam protection provided by this glove
  • Quick, easy and adjustable fit provided by this softball glove
  • Velcro strap provided by the company provides an easy and comfortable fit
  • Long-lasting and durable softball glove
  • Utility glove that can be used both by infielders and outfielders
  • Easy and short break-in time of this glove is also a good feature.


  • The sizing of this glove can be a little confusing so take time before selecting the right size for yourself.

10. Miken Pro

Miken Pro gloves are good for professional softball players who want good and long-lasting softball gloves. These gloves have many features that make it the right choice. The full-grain leather of this glove makes it durable and long-lasting. The custom fit provided by the glove along with the good wrist adjustment is also a plus point against this softball glove. These softball gloves also have an impact reduction padding that absorbs the impact while catching the ball.


  • Suitable for professional players
  • Long-lasting and durable softball glove
  • Impact reduction and thick cushion helps to protect the hand from any damage
  • Custom-fit and good wrist adjustment


  • Expensive as hell. This softball glove is probably the costliest softball glove that exist in the market.
  • Not suited for beginners.



What is the difference between softball glove and baseball glove?

There is not a huge difference between a softball glove and the baseball glove. The two of them are pretty much the same and many players play their softball game using a baseball glove and vice versa. However, there is a thin line of difference between these two gloves. The baseball glove has a size of around 9 inches while the softball glove has a size of 10-11 inches. Since the softball glove is large, this means that it will have a deeper pocket that the baseball glove.

What should be the size of my softball glove?

The size of your glove will depend upon your position in the game. For example, if you are an infielder, then your glove size should be 11-12 inches while if you are an outfielder, then the optimal glove size for you is between 12-15 inches. However, your hand size also matters, so make sure to measure your hand size and select the glove size based on both your hand size and position in the game.



A good softball glove is a necessity for your game. It will help you to improve your game and will also help you to become a better softball player. Many people who search for good softball gloves end up buying worthless or overpriced gloves that are not apt for them. We hope that the hard work we have spent writing this article will help you to select the best slow pitch softball glove for yourself. Also, make sure to practice hard and continuously polish your skills in the game. This will take you ahead and will ultimately get you what you deserve.

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