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10 Best Sneakers For Flat Feet 2022 Reviews

Flat feet, also known as ‘fallen arches’ is a positional malformation in which the arches of the feet crumple, making the sole of the feet to completely come in contact with the ground.

Individuals with flat feet have extremely low to no arch, which makes the feet rest flat on the ground.
The arches of the feet provide a spring to the strides when an individual is walking and aid allotment of body weight across the legs and the feet. The makeup of the arches of the feet influences the individual’s walking posture. The arches need to be pliable and firm to become accustomed with pressure and various kinds of surfaces.

In cases of people with flat feet, the feet tend to coil internally when they are standing or strolling. Some people with ‘True flat feet’, their feet roll inwards also when they are sitting.

Majority of people with fallen arches have no symptoms but some people encounter various symptoms that basically depend on the extremity of the condition.

Symptoms Of Flat Feet

The most frequent symptom of flat feet is ache and tenderness in the feet. It may occur as a result of damaged and injured muscles or attachment of ligaments. Applying pressure or overworking the knee and hip may bring about pain in the joints. Also, abnormal stress can result to painful joints. These stresses are possible when the ankles twist.

Pain commonly affects the following regions of the leg:

1. The arch of the feet

2. The calf

3. The knee

4. The lower leg

  • One or both feet would feel taut.
  • Flat feet could also bring about an asymmetric distribution of body weight. This may lead to your shoes wearing down unequally and faster than usual, mostly on one side and it could result in additional injuries and damages {Especially when they are not the best shoes}

Causes Of Flat Feet

Some common causes of flat feet include:

  • It could manifest as a result of genetic factors; Flat feet may pass on from parents to children through the genes.
  • Feet and ankle injuries.
  • It could be as a result of weak arches; this means that the arch of the individual maybe visible when the person is in a sitting position but flattens on the ground when they individual stands.
  • It can also be caused as a result of dysfunctional and ruptured or weakened posterior tibial tendon. The tendon is principal structure of support for the arch of the feet, constant use of the feet can lead to weakening of the posterior tibial tendon which can result to flat feet. Also, when the tendons become inflamed {Tendonitis} or tear as a result of overuse, the damages can lead to flat feet.
  • It is also caused by nervous diseases and muscle diseases such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy.
  • Another health condition that might lead to flat feet is tarsal condition. This condition makes the bones of the feet to fuse together abnormally, resulting in rigid and flat feet.
  • People are more likely to develop flat feet when they are obese or when they have diabetes. Flat feet can also be developed during pregnancy.
  • Lastly, flat feet can also develop as a result of developmental disorder that may occur during childhood or arises with age.

Children/infants may frequently appear to have flat feet but that does not mean they will always it. As a matter of fact, the arch is typically present but in the process of formation. Most times, the extra fat on the infant’s foot may conceal the arch but it develops normally with time. However, a child could have flat feet as a result of a fault in the bone development or other underlying condition.

As much as I would love to discuss further on the diagnosis, complications and treatment, I have to move on the actual subject.

10 Best Sneakers For Flat Feet Reviews

What Are The Best Sneakers For Flat Feet?

How do you discern a good pair of sneakers?

There is literally nothing like a perfect sneaker or shoe {especially when you have flat feet}. But a good pair of sneakers made for individuals with flat feet is lightweight, comfortable and well fashioned for the purpose of managing the condition. A good pair of sneakers should have cushioning in the forefoot and heels to absorb your body weight with each stride.

Bearing in mind the fact that putting on close-fitting shoes may result in flat feet, it is recommended to make use of loose shoes which provide comfort and relief {but not loose enough to create discomfort}. Using wide-fitting shoes will permit relaxation of feet and easing up as the walls of the shoes are not squeezing and exacting excess pressure on the feet.

Purchasing the right pairs of sneakers to help you through your daily routine and lifestyle may seem to be overwhelming, especially when you have flat feet but that does not mean you can’t go about your day like every other individual.

How To Choose The Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

How do you determine the authenticity of a pair of sneakers when you have flat feet?

How do you know what pairs of sneakers are best for you?

What do you search for in a pair of sneakers when you have flat feet?

Getting the best shoes to fit your feet is an important area of one’s life, especially in situations of flat feet. Individuals should bear in mind several considerations before purchasing the shoes they would use for their day to day activities. People with flat feet need pairs of sneakers with proper support to help distribute their body weight and support the arches of the foot.

When you walk into a store with the intention of purchasing the best pair of sneakers or model of shoe that would be the best fit for your feet, how do you know that it is the ideal pair for you?

Mostly, individuals with flat feet require special guide when considering the best shoes for themselves reason being that it is often difficult to choose the shoes or sneakers that best fit them.

Things to consider when choosing or purchasing your pairs of sneakers.

  • Level of comfort
  • Straight last
  • Compatibility
  • Functionality
  • Support
  • Control
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Suppleness and limberness. Etc

10 Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

Level Of Comfort

Comfort is the ultimate goal of purchasing a pair of sneakers regardless of the category or model of the shoe, it is the most important factor when searching for the best pairs of sneakers. Coupled with the model and characteristics, you need to get the accurate measurement {Length and width} of your feet.

Straight Last

A sneaker’s last shows the structure of the mold of the sneaker itself. Sneakers consisting of a straight last will have less than a curve on the sole. In this fashion, the permit more room for the flat feet to move easily, which may be significant for many individuals to preclude pain and injury.


The compatibility of the shoe towards the feet also matters, it is important to observe whether the sneakers you put on are compatible or not. If the shoe isn’t highly compatible with your feet, you will hardly get maximum performance and functioning.


Every shoe is designed for special purposes and function, the level of functionality and execution must be impressive and remarkable.


In regard to the verity that flat feet affect the walking posture of the individual, it is advisable to purchase sneakers that influence your movement and help in motion control. The sneakers will provide a sturdier platform for the feet to reduce its overall movement.


Shoes are fashioned to provide special support for people with flat feet. Shoes with additional and firm support can help recompense the absence of arch in the foot and prevent injury while exercising. Also sneakers with metatarsal support aid the forefoot, relieving pain and pressure at the metatarsal arch. However, some individuals find it uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Additionally, there are orthotics {shoe or heel inserts} which could be helpful in managing the flat feet condition such as; heel pain, arch pain, all round foot discomfort, plantar fasciitis, etc.

Best orthotics and arch support include:


  • Superfeet Green TTF Footbed

It is high density foam with manmade sole. It has EVOLYTE carbon fiber stabilizer cap which reacts to compression, springing back to its normal form. It consists of an impact pad that disperses impact for an easier ride. It has a heel cup, which cradles soft tissues to help absorb impact and shock and also reduce fatigue. Lastly, it contains an advanced MOISTUREWICK that help control odor and keep your sneakers fresh.

  • Powerstep full length orthotic shoe insoles

It is 100% anti-microbial polyester. It is 7.0” high and 14” wide. It is designed for comfort and it has a moderate level of cushioning. It provides a full length total support. They are recommended by podiatrists to alleviate and avoid pain in the feet connected with planter fasciitis, arch and heel pain or discomfort and metatarsal pain.

  • Running, walking arch support relief flat feet cushioning orthotics replacement sneakers inserts

It is flexible and comfortable. It has elastic memory foam insoles which can absorb shock and impact. It has cushioning that relieves feet soreness. The arch support alleviates stress and pressure on the foot. It is also fashioned to fit all kinds of footwear e.g. canvas shoes, walking and hiking shoes, athletic shoes etc. It is suitable for walking on hard surfaces, cross training and so on.

  • Plantar fasciitis feet insoles arch support orthotics inserts relive flat feet

It provides lasting relief, the arch support enhances leg and foot alignment, it improves comfort and helps lessen stress and pain triggered by flat feet, bunions, arthritis and probably diabetes. It offers relief from Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis.

It also has deep heel cup designed to maintain and correct foot positioning, it also protects your heel from extreme shock and impact when walking or running.

Other models of insoles arch support include:

  • Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Inserts With Arch Support
  • Tiestra Memory Foam Insoles For Women Plantar Fasciitis
  • Pcssole Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts Insole For Flat Feet.

You can purchase custom orthotics that are designed specifically for your condition or models that are more generic but frequently less expensive.

Moving on, the best sneakers for flat feet are the sneakers that provide optimum performance and functioning when in use. Now let’s check out some of the shoes we have for you.

Top 10 Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

Sneakers For Flat Feet

Skechers Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneakers4.8
TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes Casual Mesh-Comfortable Work Sneakers4.6
Keds Women’s Champion Canvas Sneaker4.7
Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe4.5
Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker4.9
Easy Spirit Women’s Bobs Plush-peace & Love4.6
Ryka Women’s Devotion plus 2 Walking Shoe4.5
Xpressive-Contemporary Cloudfoam Running Sneaker4.7
Rockport Men’s M7100 Milprowalker4.5
LUGZ Men’s Clipper Sneaker4.6

1. Skechers Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneakers

Getting ready for an exercise can be a workload, but Skechers Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker can get you faster into the game. It is an athletic and sporty walking shoe fashioned for men.

The easy, Persistent slip-on structure and padded design makes the sneaker feel as comfy as a pair of slippers, with memory foam insoles molding to your feet’s distinctive shape. Exclusive flex sole midsoles also absorb shock during your daily strides. Generally, Skechers men’s equalizer persistent slip-on sneakers provide you with one of the best feeling during your daily tasks.


  • It is made of textile and has a synthetic sole
  • It has smooth faux leather accents and a breathable mesh upper
  • It consists of a shock absorbing midsole
  • It has an elastic gore paneling and round toe
  • It has a Flexsole lightweight midsole and flexible treaded outsole
  • It has a slip-on design as stated earlier and a padded collar.


  • It is extremely comfortable
  • It is easy to slip on
  • It is light weight
  • It is durable and has a wide fit.


  • It might run too big
  • It could be easy to slip off if it is too big.

2. TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes Casual Mesh-Comfortable Work Sneakers

This special walking shoes designed by TIOSEBON features a mesh upper, an elastic topline, a pigskin insole and MD outsole. It has been known to deliver high quality performance and comfortability. Here are some features, pros and cons.


  • Lightweight: It weighs only 142g, it has a sock-light fitting
  • Elastic and soft shoe mouth: it is designed with an elastic topline for easy on and easy off. It is fit fashioned
  • Grip: it is not skiddy, excellent traction
  • It has a beautiful design
  • It is easily washable
  • It has a damping latex insole
  • It also has a breathable leather lining


  • It is breathable and delicate
  • It has an exceedingly affordable price
  • It is highly breathable and lightweight
  • It is easy to carry around
  • It is also wear resistant


  • It has poor ankle support
  • It has nominal padding around the collar Keds Women’s Champion Canvas Sneaker

3. Keds Women’s Champion Canvas Sneaker

Keds women’s champion canvas sneaker has been on the crown choice for women’s canvas and leather sneaker ever since 1916. It offers flexibility and breathability.


  • It is 100% canvas and it has a rubber sole
  • Its shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch
  • It consists of a classic canvas upper
  • It is a four eyelet lace-up sneaker
  • It has a soft breathability lining
  • It is flexible.
  • It has a textured rubber outsole.


  • It provides arch support
  • It has classic silhouette
  • It offers a comfortable and supportive cushioning


  • It has a narrow fit
  • It has Durability issues.

4. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

The Rockport men’s eureka walking shoe is a Ridgefield collection, which is constructed to deliver comfort combined with an everyday casual look so never have to consider compromising. Stability and comfort are provided to the feet by the extra padding present in the midsole, collars and tongue of the shoe. The shoe comes with a replaceable innersole giving the optimal comfort and flexibility.


  • It is 100% San crispino
  • It is constructed with an imported leather material and it has a rubber sole
  • The San crispino design delivers heel stability and additional flexibility
  • It has rubber outsole pads, which provide durable grip on various surfaces
  • It has a flexible leather upper material which provides a casual appearance and excellent comfort.
  • It has a rugged surface
  • It is made of mesh fabric


  • It has latex foam footbed that cushions the feet and helps alleviate feet fatigue
  • Its rugged surface grants it an elegant appearance that suits a several kinds of outfit.
  •  It is designed with high quality imported materials that you don’t have to be concerned about wear and tear problems
  • It can be used for a long period of time
  • It gives the feet an accurate fitting and maintains the feet in a correct posture
  • The inner lining is creased with the mesh fabric, which makes sure your feet remains cool and dry, giving your feet a clean and odorless environment.


  • The upper leather is not as soft and supple as it is meant to be.
  • The toe width is not roomy enough and that could be a problem to some people.

5. Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker

It is a women’s shoe constructed with durable combination uppers and a lace-up front closure for a secure fit. It has a detachable super cushioned Cloudfoam insole and a durable rubber outsole. It has been seen to provide optimal performance and functioning.


  • It has a step in Cloudfoam that provides comfort
  • It has a round with a lace up closure.
  • It is made of a rubber outsole and a textile lining.
  • It is also made with 100% other fibers
  • It has a polyurethane-coated leather upper to provide durability
  • The platform is approximately 0-3 inches.


  • It has a rubber outsole that helps provide excellent tractions
  • It is very comfortable
  • It has a perfect combination of performance and support


  • It takes a few matches to be able to break in.

6. Easy Spirit Women’s Bobs Plush-peace & Love

It is a classic model with advanced comfort, it has soft woven canvas fabric upper in a slip-on casual design with stitching and overlay accents. It also constructed with memory foam and insole and a rubber outsole.


  • It has a slip-on casual alpargata flat design
  • Its heel is ¼ inches long
  • It is made of high stretchy fabric panel for easy slip on fit
  • It has an arch pillow on its insole for additional support
  • It also has a flexible rubber crepe textured traction outsole.


  • Comfortability
  • Durability
  • It has an attractive design.
  • It has a shock absorbing midsole


  • It has a poor arch support
  • It wears out quickly.
  • It has poor cushioning

7. Ryka Women’s Devotion plus 2 Walking Shoe

Ryka women’s devotion plus 2 walking shoe is a freshly updated devotion plus, which features a modish gradient print and technology to support your every stride. It provides optimum comfortability and breathability. The Ryka women’s devotion plus 2 walking shoe provides all performance and comfort in an upgraded style. The lightweight shoes are designed for hybrid training and fitness walking, giving your feet a perfect fit.


  • It has padded collar and tongue
  • It has traction sole
  • Its outsole is made of rubber
  • It has a mesh and a synthetic upper
  • It also contains a lace-up closure and a padded footbed.


  • It is designed with a moderate arch support which is good for medium and high arches
  • It is made of lightweight material which makes it the shoe good enough to work all day.
  • It has several unique designs


  • It might have durability problems
  • It could be a small and narrow fit for some people
  • Toe box might too wide
  • It is not ideal for trail running or hiking

8. Xpressive-Contemporary Cloudfoam Running Sneaker

Xpressive-contemporary Cloudfoam running sneakers are shoes featuring a freshly upgraded EVA heel pad in the midsole for overall cushioning. They are important in the affordable class and they are usually the first choice. Combining with the modern knit style, the shoe delivers a mature appearance and cushioning. This shoe is designed with running 3-stripes on the sides as well as additional cushioning at the heel region.


  • It is 100% synthetic and textile
  • It has a bootee-style collar for a sock-like fit
  • It has a synthetic sole and a lace-up closure
  • The heel measures 2cm
  • It has a comfortable textile lining as well as 3-stripes under the mesh window
  • It has also has a detachable insole
  • It is designed with a Cloudfoam ultra sockliner for supreme comfort and lightweight cushioning
  • It has a bootie-style collar and a mesh tongue


  • It is a nice classic fashionable shoe
  • Excellent traction
  • It has tremendous construction quality
  • It delivers great cushioning.


  • It wears quickly
  • Flexibility is poor

9. Rockport Men’s M7100 Milprowalker

The Rockport men’s M7100 Milprowalker fits the globetrotter in everybody and offers what it means to go extra mile. It delivers a wide base of support to the heel and the forefoot. It guarantees consistent comfortability no matter how far your journey might be. The model delivers exceptional and optimim performance.


  • It is leather-made
  • It has a comfortable feature
  • It has a padded collar which helps protect the feet from excessive rubbing.
  • It is designed with a footbed EVA which corresponds to the shape of the feet for a personalized fit and cushioning.


  • It provides optimal comfortability
  • It has an elegant style
  • It protects the feet from bruises


  • The arch support is poor
  • It is low key

10. LUGZ Men’s Clipper Sneaker

It is a slip-on clipper, which features a breathable canvas upper for ultimate comfort. It is easy to put on and it a stylish appearance. It also features a clean silhouette and low profile and it can be paired with whatever you put on.


  • It has a rubber outsole and textile lining
  • It is designed with a faux-leather collar patch
  • It traction sole is durable
  • Its side panels are elastic
  • It has a padded footbed and a round toe


  • It has an elastic goring on either side to provide a flexible fit
  • The durable cotton drill lining present in the shoe offers a soft feeling on the skin
  • It machine washable and easy to wash
  • It also has a breathable textile


  • They may have a small fit
  • It wears easily and quickly.


Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

How do I purchase the best kinds and models of sneakers if I have flat feet?

To know the best models of sneakers that is ideal for you when you have flat feet, my best advice for you is to see a specialist. But other ways to find out about them is to go to a good and reliable store. You can also search on some websites like Amazon.
Also, this website offers you the best kinds of shoes that would be perfect and safe for your use.


Without the proper support and comfort from your sneaker/shoe, you may experience tired and sore feet after your daily routine. The perfect pairs of sneakers vary depending on the factors and features. While some deliver support, some offer good tractions. Individuals with flat feet looking for the perfect pair require trying out several models.

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