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10 Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet 2022 Reviews

Snowboarding is a sport that involves sliding down a snow-covered hill on a snowboard. The caliber of snowboarding gear you equip determines the satisfaction and pleasure you’ll gain, snowboarding.

Be that as it may, due to more advanced issues like the varying sizes of people’s feet, some may find snowboarding much easier and enjoyable than others. If you really want to get the best out of snowboarding, you need to purchase the best snowboard boots that suit the size of your feet. This is particular to people with wide feet, as they are most likely to experience discomfort in their snowboarding activities. But before jumping right into the best snowboard boots for wide feet, it is crucial to be aware of what a snowboarding boot consists of. A snowboard boot consists of the following:

  • Liner
  • Backstay
  • Internal Harness
  • Tongue
  • Zonal Lacing
  • Eyestay
  • Articulating cuff
  • Air pocket
  • Outsole

How to Choose the Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet


Choosing a pair of snowboard boots is an important decision for every snowboarder, as it influences their snowboarding experience. Therefore, having the best fitting boots help to guarantee memorable performance and ultimate comfort. More crucial to your experience, however, is possessing knowledge of how to select the best snowboard boots for wide feet, as not all boots will fit anyone with wide feet.

First, it is essential to ensure that the boots fit snugly while still giving your toes room for flexibility. Sometimes, it may take days for the boots to fit you comfortably, but the right boots will feel good right from the beginning. In a case where there is discomfort, however little, it means the boot is not your size.

Secondly, the best snowboard boots for wide feet have good heel hold. The purpose of this is to ease forward flex on the trail. If the heels are continuously rubbing the inside of the boots, the usual result is that they develop blisters. You also want to go for moldable liners, as this means that they can be custom made to fit your feet as perfectly as possible.  Regardless of foot width, it is best to go for a boot with a heat-moldable liner which can be molded at the store.

It is usual for the palms and toes to produce more sweat than other parts of the body during a snowboarding experience. As a result of this, materials made of cotton should be avoided so as not to have a damp sweating foot, which will lead to discomfort. Equally important is the footbed to be used. This is mainly determined by the terrain you will be riding on. Rides involving places like a park as well as backcountry require more shock absorption than other areas.

When it comes to outsoles, boots with rubber soles are the best. This is due to the flexibility they offer, proper cushioning, as well as excellent traction ability. Likewise, they have needed firmness in their grip on the ground, which is vital to preventing slip offs.  It is also essential not to make use of snowboard boots belonging to the opposite sex, as the anatomical differences play their part in the designing of the boots. The best snowboard boot is the one for your gender.

Even though they may not have specific wide boots, some brands are widely known to be a better fit for wide feet. For example, Thirty-Two, as the leading brand that deals in boots that cater for wide feet, should be checked out.

Top 10 Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet

Men's Hi-Standard OG Closed Toe Midcalf Cold Weather Boots4.9
Thirty-Two 32 STW BOA '18 Snowboard Boots Men's4.7
System APX Men's Snowboard Boots4.5
5th Element ST-1 Men's Lace Up Snowboard Boots Black4.6
DC Men's Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots4.5
DC Men's Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots4.8
DC Scout BOA Snowboard Boots Men's4.6
K2 Market Boa Snowboard Boots4.9
Burton Moto Snowboard Boot Men's5.0 - Best Choice
Thirty Two Men's STW Boa '19/20 Snowboard Boot4.5

1. Men’s Hi-Standard OG Closed Toe Midcalf Cold Weather Boots

The Vans Hi-Standard OG snowboard boots have been of excellent performance since their release. They guarantee the most desired fit and flexes for a memorable snowboarding experience. The Hi-Standard OG snowboard boots have been in existence for more than 15 years and have become a household name through the wealth of valuable experience and reliability. They are the best-selling Vans boots of all-time. The liners come out to bake, and the footbed is in the liner. The boot tightens around the liner while the liner itself remains untightened. The laces are superbly long enough to around the top and tie.

Also, even though they are not all that stiff, they can be heat molded to fit your size. While they are mostly true to size, it is worthy of note that you may need to size up a little to get the perfect fit for you. A half size up is more than enough, as the boots feel likes big shoes already.


  • Heat moulded
  • Very long laces
  • It had very good flexes


  • Size up is needed for optimal fit
  • It requires long moulding time
  • Its shell tighter can break easily

2. Thirty-Two 32 STW BOA ’18 Snowboard Boots Men’s

These boots were constructed with dual density intuition foam, which makes it require just moderate support and soft flex. It is also lined with microfleece to guarantee more warmth and comfort. The liner is moldable, so it can be customized as required. It has lightweight cushioning and a molded footbed solely for convenience.

The single boa closure system allows easy entry as well as release in and out of the boots. It has a heel hold system and even flexes made possible by the presence of a 3D Molded Tongue. The boots fit flow bindings. The Boa coiler automatically winds back in. Not only is the boot excellent for wide feet, but it also gives some room for the toes. The zonal Boa coiler tightens to offer forefoot support and a parallel cable pattern for instep and heel lock. The boots are very light, warm, and supportive.


  • Very soft flex
  • Its micro fleece gives the feet warmth
  • It gives the toes room for comfort


  • Breaking in takes time
  • Size up is required for optimal fit

3. System APX Men’s Snowboard Boots

When maximum comfortability is combined with peak performance, you are sure to have one of the best snowboard boots for wide feet. The System APX snowboard boots come with a simple, yet classical designing, which gives room for features such as metal hooks in order to have superior lace hold and proper durability.

It also features the newest tech, such as Thermofit heat moldable liners, that allow it to be customizable for a better fit as well as an articulating cuff for a smooth flex. Due to the presence of built-in flex panels, the System APX Men’s snowboard boots guarantee the rider the best fun as it makes it easy to ride and keeps the booth from bulging. Your feet remain dry and warm due to the space age waterproofing. The laces as whatever length you want them to be. When worn, this boot gives maximum comfort. They are indeed one of the best snowboard boots for wide feet.


  • It can be customized for a better fit
  • Superior durability
  • It keeps the feet warm and dry
  • Its laces can be whatever lengths you want them to be


  • It is stiff
  • It wears out the back of your calves after use

4. 5th Element ST-1 Men’s Lace Up Snowboard Boots Black

This boot comes with a very lovely soft flex, which makes it easy to ride in the mountains. It comes with a traditional lacing system that helps to fine-tune the ST-1 for maximum fit as well as very smooth flex. The designing of the ST-1 snowboard boot showcases that riders who possess intermediate to advanced level skill influenced the making of the boots. The boot has a synthetic shell that offers immense support to your feet and comes with a Comfort EVA Liner that can be removed if necessary. Due to the soft flex, the boots are not only suitable for park riders, especially, but they are also great for riding in groomed slopes.

The boots fit with modern bindings, and it is advisable to size up a bit to attain optimal fit. The liner on the inside tightens like a boot at the slopes, and the length allows it to go down the shin to the top bend in the ankle. To tighten the string, all you should do is pull up the ease handle and push a little piece of plastic down on the top two lace holes. While you shred fresh POW as you ride on the mountains, the plastic piece remains in its place tightly since the force of the opposing strings keep it tight and snug fit.


  • Very soft flex
  • Great for riding in groomed slopes
  • It is suitable for advanced level skill riders
  • Its laces allow it to be fine-tuned for maximum fit


  • It’s not suitable for park riders
  • Size up is required for optimal fit
  • Return shipping is expensive
  • Sometimes feels like the loops could snap

5. DC Men’s Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots

These boots are widely regarded as a classic in the DC line. This updated Phase snowboard boot comes in low profile, but with lightweight Unilite outsole to give riders a better board feel and control. It features a straightforward power lacing system that has been strategically designed to place overlays in the upper section of the boot to ensure more power and leverage for optimal closure. The fusion between art and skateboarding pushes the boot to the next level in performance.

They are one of the best snowboard boots for wide feet as they fit perfectly. The ankle cups and toe box fit well, regardless of how long you have been wearing it.  The boot has a very good flex, which makes it able to handle rigors comfortably. As mentioned with some of the other boots, it might be better to purchase at least one size larger, for optimal fit.


  • It gives riders better board feel and control
  • Fits perfectly
  • Its lacing system ensures more power and leverage for optimal closure
  • It can handle rigors comfortably


  • It wears out easily
  • Size up is required for optimal fit
  • The instep foot panel of its front foot is liable to tear

6. DC Men’s Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots

The construction of the boot is great to the extent that it will not have any threads pulling out. Although the base grip of the boot will perform as ordinarily expected of a quality snowboard boot, the quality of the Mutiny Lace snowboard boots will exceed your expectations. There will be no slipping on ice or loose snow when going into the lifts. The boot is usually stiff, but with time, they break-in. The lacing system is designed to pull in the heel to the back of the boot, which is good. The white liner offers probably the best experience you will get as they are very comfortable to the feet.


  • It has superior grip
  • High quality and firm design
  • Its lacing system ensures optimal fit and closure
  • Its white liner offers great comfort to the feet.


  • It’s stiff
  • The speed lace has no pocket
  • Its back strap falls off easily

7. DC Scout BOA Snowboard Boots Men’s

The DC Scout BOA snowboard boots are one of the best snowboard boots for wide feet. It comes in a synthetic leather upper section which guarantees a durable usage. The BOA M3 closure system is really fast and also easy which is good in ensuring micro-adjustability for dialing in the needed perfect balance of flex and support.

The boots also offer multilayer construction due to the presence of a red liner which features EVA memory foam and is combined with thermal regulating fleece lining in order to give every rider the best fit and comfort. The Unilite outsole is there to provide durability as well as proper cushioning while also significantly and drastically reducing weight. The boots work with most of the bindings with a strap over the ankle. As mentioned above too, it is advisable to go a size up to have the best fit.


  • It is extremely durable
  • It keeps riders feet warm and comfortable


  • It softens and becomes loose after some rides in the snow
  • Size up is needed for a good fit

8. K2 Market Boa Snowboard Boots

The K2 boots are built to last. It is a straightforward and comfortable snowboard boot that has been designed to keep riders on the hill while creating memorable experiences. The presence of a heat-moldable Comfort Foam EVA liner makes it one of the best snowboard boots for wide feet. The fast in-liner lace ensures that you have warmth while also helping to customize the fit. The BOA lace system which has been proven over the years guarantees easy and fast adjustment of the fit.


  • It’s built to last
  • It provides warmth for riders’ feet
  • Fast and easy place system adjustment


  • It’s too stiff
  • It is not heat mouldable

9. Burton Moto Snowboard Boot Men’s

The Burton Moto boot offers topnotch ease of usage. It comes with a speed zone lacing system that is very strong, lightning-fast, and low profile. There is room to customize the fit in the upper and lower sections of the boot in little time. When there is more power, you are sure to have more rebounds as well as easy wrap and response.

Unlike other snowboard boots, the Burton Moto snowboard boots also give you an immediate broken-in feeling which means you will not have to wait a couple days for that to finally get comfortable in your new boots. It also features a Dynalite outsole to offer superior cushioning, as well as a consistent and better board. It is made exclusively with cushioning compound which has been specially formulated to withstand continuous impacts, for lasting shock absorption. This snowboard boot is also lined with integrated lacing which was achieved with space-age technology and premium materials. The Burton liners deliver one of the most comfortable and warmest performances right from the box. For the laces, tying is not needed as all you have to do is run them through the side and they remain locked in.


  • Strong and lightning-fast lacing system
  • Breaks in immediately
  • It has superior cushioning


  • It’s not heat mouldable
  • Its facing system is lax

10. Thirty Two Men’s STW Boa ’19/20 Snowboard Boot

This boot has been designed for premium fit because of its construction with dual density intuition foam, which gives room for moderate support and very soft flex. It is lined with microfleece to offer superior warmth and comfortability. It is also heat moldable, which makes it able to be customized for a better fit.

The STW BOA keeps your feet dialed in for an all-day snowboarding experience. It is great for both beginners and riders with intermediate skill levels. The boots were constructed with Overmold technology found in the TM2, which means that the STW will last all through winter. It also boasts of an STI Evolution Foam Outsole and Comfort-Fit liner. The BOA lacing system offers an internal lacing system on the liner. The BOA can even be more comfortable than the laces as it is quicker to achieve a nice tight fit.


  • Very soft flex
  • It gives superior warmth and comfort
  • It is heat mouldable
  • Very durable
  • The return process is fast


  • Its sizes run too small


Which boots are the best for wide feet?

As shown above, there are quite some brands that offer different boots that make up the best snowboard boots for wide feet. What is most important is to look out for those that offer moldable features to get them customized to your size for optimal fit.

Is it advisable to use a boot that works for my friend?

Well, you first have to consider the differences that may exist between your feet and that of your friend. The question to ask is whether you have identical feet or not. The fact that a particular boot works for them does not guarantee that it will work for you too. Since you are after comfort as all riders are, it is important to check up your feet size and compare it to theirs. You can as well try on different brands and styles to determine which one works for you.

Does it matter if I put the liners on first before the boots?

Of course, it does. It is best to put on the liners first when they are inside the boots. This will ensure that your feet are in the best possible position inside the liners by the time the boots are fully laced up.


Is getting my boots heat molded important? Is it worth it?

It absolutely is. The technology comes with the boots which you have paid for, so why not make the best use of it? The purpose of heat molding is to fast track the process of breaking-in which ultimately is to give you a custom fit, specifically to your foot size. This enhances your snowboarding experience.

Is there a need to buy specialist insoles?

While it is true that some people benefit from the better arch support which they provide, it is not necessary. However, the benefits of doing so include boosting your comfort, lessening fatigue, as well as increasing impact absorption. Nonetheless, If you suffer from particular foot pain, insoles may be the better option for you.

What makes BOA lacing and one-pull lacing different from normal laces?

Essentially, they all perform the same function, which is basically to hold your feet in the boots. The difference is in the quickness which the two offer. They make it possible to lace up your boots in less time than in normal laces. This, however, should not affect your selection too much as it is most important to have the best fitting possible in order to enjoy snowboarding, and not experience discomfort.

How can I stop toe drag, assuming I have a large foot?

Catering for this is part of the specialty of many brands as they provide boots with compact or short sole length. It seems that boots get more compact as the years go by, so if you find yourself catching your toes and heels of your boots in the snow as you turn, then you should check out brands that cover this. Your local shop staff will readily be of help.



Snowboarding is a fun activity which is enjoyed in many places all over the world. In order to ensure good moments, it is important to have the best fits possible. However, it may be difficult to have the perfect fit, should your feet happen to run wide. These are the top 10 best snowboard boots for wide feet- They will ease your pain and cut down the disappointment that comes with ordering boots that end up running below your size.

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