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10 Best Snowmobile Goggles 2022 Reviews

Snowmobile goggles are used for protecting the eyes from blatant light as well as inadequate visibility in weather-controlled lit areas. The most obvious area that one can think of is in a snowing area or when one takes part in skiing adventures. The light that is brought about bright snow as well as the surrounding weather conditions. The lighting can be harmful to the naked eye if the eye is not adequately protected. The snowmobile goggles provide this protection for the eyes and the best snowmobile goggles are expected to provide the ultimate protection for the eyes.


Snowmobile goggles include features that defend your face from extreme cold. An ideal pair of snowmobile goggles is designed to provide you with a full range view while protecting your eyes and face from the harmful rays of the cold, windy and snowy weather. There are glamorous and stylish features on the snowmobile goggles however, their usage extends beyond the aesthetics of the goggles.

People who ski need these snowmobile goggles as they are an essential part of their skiing kit. Any sporting activity and every leisure activity that may take place in the snow can cause harm to your vision. These goggles defend your sight from weather elements such the snow, wind and the harmful UV rays. They further improve your vision while you are in these conditions so that you are able to see the environment around you as much and as far as possible.

Some people do not see the need or the purpose of the snowmobile goggles, they therefore use sunglasses or cheap snowmobile goggles under these conditions. The sunglasses or cheap snowmobile goggles will not maximise the protection of your eye-sight as well as adequate snowmobile goggles will because there are overlooked features on adequate snowmobile goggles that make the irresistible difference to your eye-sight.

It can be argued that sunglasses and snowmobile goggles are adequate for warmer weather as opposed to a cold, windy and snowy weather. The counter-argument would be that there is no point in owning more than one pair of snowmobile goggles to cater for the weather. The usage of these goggles is mostly in the cold, windy and snowy weather. Rather have one efficient pair that has all the necessary features that will help you see better and provide better protection for your eyes while skiing or performing other leisure activities in the cold, windy and snowy weather.   There are features that cater for the cold, wind or snowy days to help you see better and protect eyes adequately in snowmobile goggles. These will be discussed further in the article.

Choosing the Best Snowmobile Goggles


Having the ideal snowmobile goggles is important because it provides the kind of comfort and protection that is required when facing in cold, windy and snowy weather conditions. It is important to take the following into account when choosing the best snowmobile goggles: The size or the fit of the snowmobile goggles, the kind of padding that is used and the kind of lens that builds up the goggles.

Further factors that need to be taken into consideration include the kind of weather conditions that you will be using the goggles in, the UV protection provided in the goggles, the price of the goggles, the frequently asked questions regarding the goggles and the customer reviews of the snowmobile goggles.


The correct size or  fit of the snowmobile goggles affects the comfort as well as the protection that the goggles are designed to give you. The size of the frame of the snowmobile goggles has to be aligned with your head or the size of the helmet that you wear. The sizes range from small to large, medium being the size found between small and large. It would be ideal situation would be physically fitting the snowmobile goggles yourself prior to buying them.

However, on an online platform such as Amazon, you need to rely on the shared information that speaks to the design cut of the specific product you are considering. You would further need to look at the customer reviews available regarding that product. The reviews will provide customer feedback on how they experienced the size of the product, at times customers will advise that potential buyers should purchase a size bigger or a size smaller in order to get a perfect fit. It is even better if the goggles are adjustable because you will be able to adjust it according to your head or helmet and get the intended comfortable and protective fit.


The padding of the snowmobile goggles is important. An ideal padding for a pair of snowmobile goggles is the foam padding in that the padding is characterised by foam layer that is positioned between your face and the frame of the snowmobile goggles.

Some of the snowmobile goggles come in two layers and some come in three layers. The purpose of these layers that re found in the frame of the snowmobile goggles is to keep your face warm and comfortable in the weather conditions that you find yourself wearing the goggles in. The layers of the snowmobile goggles further absorb the sweat particles from your face prior to the sweat spreading all over the face.


The kind of weather you will be using the goggles in most often is a significant factor in choosing snowmobile goggles. It is not advisable that people use sunglasses or the cheapest pair of snowmobile goggles that they can find, regardless of the weather conditions in which you will be wearing the snowmobile goggles in. The principle focus will be the number of foam layers that surround or are found in the frame of the snowmobile goggles. As a customer, you need to choose the right number of foam layers and foam thickness in the snowmobile goggles to suit the weather conditions you will be in as well as moulding around your face.


The lens of the snowmobile goggles is important because this is the part of the snowmobile goggles that affects your eyesight. The lenses are either single or double. The significant difference between a single lens and a double lens is that the double lens creates a warm air obstruction to address the fogging, therefore ensuring a better view of the environment regardless of the weather conditions. The single lens does not have this advantage. The lens can further be clear or tinted. Tinted lenses have a variety of colours that suit different environments and impact the sight provided to the naked eye.

Different weather conditions and environments provide different light conditions therefore tinted lenses should be considered in alignment with the light intensity provided by the weather conditions and environment. Light tints have been said to adjust as follows: overcast and snowing weather is best overcome with lenses that are tinted yellow or rose. Orange, gold, blue and grey tints cater for sunny weather. Clear tints are ideal for night conditions, and the tints coloured amber and rose are suited for all round weather conditions, environments, day and night.

UV protection has to be present in the snowmobile goggles. UV protection ensures that your eyes are protected from retina damage, particularly when you find yourself in areas that are located in high altitudes. The UV intensity increases in high altitudes therefore this is an essential feature to insist on and should not be considered a “nice to have” feature.


Finally, the pricing is important. Thus far in the article, we have discussed in the essential features that are required and provide better protection and comfort. The most minimal price will not provide all of these requirements. While it can be understood that different customer segments cannot afford high-value snowmobile goggles, there are reasonable goggles that can be found which provide adequate protection and comfort, even if it is not the maximum comfort and protection.

The difference between a cheap pair of snowmobile goggles and an adequate pair of snowmobile goggles is significant because it affects how well the goggles serve their purpose in providing protection and comfort.


I went on a school tour to Switzerland. As a person who is born and bred in South Africa, I never had much experience of the snow before. Snow in South Africa is very rare. When it does snow, which is once in a few years, it is very minimal. It does not come close to our gardens and roofs being covered in a blanket of snow. By evening, the snow has melted away and no plant nor roof has a drop of white.

I saw the snow and felt its genuine cold for the first time in Switzerland. Our tour guide took us to a skiing place and I was far from prepared for it. My first waste of money was buying hot chocolate and hoping that it would keep me warm. The hot chocolate became cold in a speedy second instead. I stepped out into the ski area and my eyes have never been more blinded before.

I, like many of the other students that I was travelling with, had sunglasses in my bag so I pulled them out so that I could find my way to the ski shop without being affected by the bright snow. The sunglasses helped with the view, just to get me to the ski shop. But my face was freezing. I could not feel my fingers and eyes were affected by the wind not being blocked out by my stylish and designer sunglasses that I paid good money for, may I add.

I entered the ski shop and enquired on the gear that I needed. I was determined to not miss out on the ski experience because I knew that it would be a few years again before I skied again. I live in South Africa after all. The ski shop owner looked at me and the first thing he proposed when he saw how red and teary my eyes were, were snowmobile goggles.

I took the cheapest pair that I could find because the money that I had was not enough for me to get all the gear I needed and a pair of expensive snowmobile goggles. The shop owner advised against the pair I had chosen. He recommended a pair that was expensive, in my student opinion, but had the correct tint and a double lens. These goggles may have significantly dented my bank account, but it made all the difference in the experience. It was ten times better than the experience I had with my sunglasses on. I was able to have fun in the snow, skiing and messing about with snowmobile goggles that were a perfect fit. They blocked the cold and wind out, and protected my eyes from the harmful impacts of the weather conditions that I found myself in so far away from home.

Top 10 Best Snowmobile Goggles


STRATA Goggle Equinox-Mirror Lens4.9
Oakley flight deck ski goggles4.7
Oakley flight deck XM snow goggles4.6
Oakley men’s line miner snow goggles4.8
Spy Optic Getaway snow goggles4.8
Outdoor master OTG ski goggles4.8
Zionor X4 ski snowboard snow goggles magnet dual layers lens spherical design anti-fog UV protection4.8
Smith optics project adult snow goggles4.6
Bolle freeze ski goggle4.7

The below listed top ten snowmobile goggles are available on and are selected with the guidance of the following criteria: minimum of four-star rating and the number of customer who contributed to rating the product. Each product will be featured according to how they are made and their distinctive features, as well as the pros and cons of each product. The pros and cons will be listed using the customer reviews that are available for the products that are listed below.

1. STRATA Goggle Equinox-Mirror Lens

These snowmobile goggles are curved and their fit are suited for comfort as well great vision in an open field. The goggles have a dual-layered face foam to soak up sweat and moisture in order to keep the sweat and moisture away from the eyes. The product has an anti-fog feature, is scratch resistant lens for unimpaired vision and its silicone-coated straps that keep the goggles in place.


  • The product is flexible.
  • They seem to have been made well.
  • They are trendy and stylish.
  • They fit perfectly.
  • They are comfortable.
  • Great quality for a great price.


  • The snowmobile goggles are not of high-end value.
  • They fell apart after a downhill ride on rough terrain.
  • It pinches the nostrils enough to be uncomfortable.

2. Oakley flight deck ski goggles

This product has an injected frame and is not a glass lens. It is fifteen centimetres high and thirty centimetres wide. The frame is rimless and discreet, giving augmented visibility and enhanced helmet compatibility with most prescription eyewear. These snowmobile goggles provide an all-day comfort due to its triple-layered foam that provides moisture.


  • The tint looks great.
  • The durability and style is good quality.
  • The colour is great.
  • They provide the best field view.


  • Difficult to tell if these snowmobile goggles are gimmick or real.
  • The prism lens is too light for the sun.
  • They fog up on wet and stormy days.
  • Does not have good utility and functionality.

3. Oakley flight deck XM snow goggles

The snowmobile goggles have a discreet frame that gives compatibility with most prescription eyewear. The rimless frame design increases visibility and helmet alignment. You are guaranteed all-day comfort with a triple-layered foam around the face. It has an extended polar fleece outline.


  • They are a great product.
  • The product fits the head and the face perfectly.
  • The lens of the goggles is perfect.
  • They are comfortable.
  • They provide a good exterior vision.


  • They get moisture inside the goggles.
  • They fog up badly and become difficult to use.
  • The colour of the lens is off.

4. Smith

The goggles are mystic green in colour and multiply available lenses that have a technology that provides for a clear vision support its vision. The fit is a medium fit and is responsive to fit the frame. The fit is further supported by the dual-slide strap adjustment.


  • They are just right in size.
  • They are described as great goggles.
  • They are very affordable for a dual lens.
  • They provide good visibility.
  • The quality is excellent.


  • Cleaning the lens when dirty results in tiny scratches.
  • It is a badly constructed product.
  • The lens gets heavily foggy after ten minutes of use, thus experience heavy blinding fog.

5. Oakley men’s line miner snow goggles

The frame of the goggle is discreet, is compatible with prescription eyewear, and its chassis adjusts to your face for comfort in all weather conditions, including cold weather conditions. The product increases visibility and helmet compatibility, providing an all-day comfort due to the triple layer foam and polar fleece lining. It is fifty millimetres wide with adjustable straps.


  • The item’s look and feel is as it is advertised.
  • The product looks nice (stylish).
  • They provide great visibility.


  • Not the best quality of snowmobile goggles.
  • It is not as comfortable as some of the cheaper snowmobile goggle options.
  • The goggles fog up easily.

6. Spy Optic Getaway snow goggles

The goggles have an anti-fog dual-lens function as well as anti-scratch protection. The product has an ergonomic design with foam layers and patented scoop airing system. The snowmobile goggles are compatible with helmets.


  • The product is of awesome value.
  • The product is stylish.
  • There is no fogging.
  • The product is nice.
  • The product is simple.
  • It is ideal for freezing temperatures.


  • It is nothing fancy.
  • The vent scoop technology froze the eyes of one of the buyers.

7. Outdoor master OTG ski goggles

The design of the snowmobile goggles fit well over glasses and are suitable for adults and the youth. They have an excellent anti-fog lens that is provided by the dual—lens technology that is coated. They are safe, reliable, have UV protection and have a universal compatibility with helmets.


  • The goggles were kept clear all the time during a skiing adventure.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They look very nice.
  • The padding is thick and soft.
  • They are good goggles for an affordable price.
  • The goggles fit perfectly.


  • No cons have been listed for this product.

8. Zionor X4 ski snowboard snow goggles magnet dual layers lens spherical design anti-fog UV protection

These goggles are a high performance anti-fog product that has UV protection and magnetic lens technology. You are able to replace the lenses for different terrains and light conditions. They are safe and solid.


  • The design is great.
  • It is a great product for a pair of one-lens goggles.
  • It is a brilliant product with interchangeable lenses.
  • Good quality.


  • The strap that holds the product together came undone and the glasses fall off.

9. Smith optics project adult snow goggles

The product is a medium fit product that is compatible with helmets. It is a single-layered foam around the face and is ultra wide.


  • The product is great in flat light.
  • The goggles fit well.
  • It is a great product.


  • They were not a compatible fit with a skiing helmet.
  • Moisture and fogging gets into the goggles.

10. Bolle freeze ski goggle

The goggles ensure a great vision, great comfort and is equipped with an anti-fog lens. It has a double lens that is PC clear.


  • One of the customers described the product as perfect.
  • The product is good for the money.
  • The product is good for the slopes as they stop fogging in these conditions.
  • The goggles are comfortable.


  • The product scratches easily.
  • They fog up within thirty minutes of wearing them.

Frequently asked questions

The frequently asked questions have been grouped with the intention to outline the concerns and questions that most customers have regarding the above listed snowmobile goggles. Frequently asked questions are key because they engage e-commerce personnel on information that is not available on product packaging or marketing campaigns regarding the product.

The first batch of questions question whether or not glasses can be worn under the snowmobile goggles, whether replacement lenses are available for the snowmobile goggles, whether the snowmobile goggles are single or dual lens and the coating of the coloured lens.

The question further assess whether the snowmobile goggles come with a bonus lens and whether or not the snowmobile goggles are polarised. These questions insist on further information regarding the experience of the product and what can be expected once the product is owned by the customers. The customers want to understand what the highlights of owning these glasses will be just as well as what the downfall of owning these products will be. They are also evaluating what kind of conditions the goggles can be worn under different weather conditions.


The second batch of questions question if the snowmobile goggles are fit for a mountain biking helmet, if the snowmobile goggles can be comfortably worn without a helmet, the size of the snowmobile goggles and the warranty of the snowmobile goggles. These questions interrogate the use of the goggles as well as whether or not it would be worth it to buy the goggles. The purpose has to be of multiple usage could be the deciding factor for most customers.

The third batch of questions investigate the authenticity of the snowmobile goggles, how the snowmobile goggles can be cleaned, how the snowmobile goggles are tinted and whether or not the clear-tinted snowmobile goggles can be used at night. They further investigate the packaging of the product, the year model of the snowmobile goggles and how easily the goggles scratch. These questions enquire on how best to take care of the goggles. Owning a pair of snowmobile goggles is great but in order to ensure that they last long, it is important to understand how best to take care of the goggles. Furthermore, this question interrogates the quality of the snowmobile goggles and insists in understanding the longevity of the product and how best to take care of the product in the quality that it exists in.



Snowmobile goggles are an essential part of any activity that takes place in snowy conditions. The best snowmobile goggles are ideal for the snowy conditions and environments because they provide ultimate protection for you, especially for your eyes. This article has discussed the important things to take into consideration when choosing snowmobile goggles. Moreover, the article has extensively engaged in the top ten snowmobile goggles that are available on market as engaged with by customers. The aim has been to assist each reader in understanding the importance of snowmobile goggles and assist potential buyers to make the best informed decision when buying the snowmobile goggles. While there are multiple similarities in each of the snowmobile goggles, there are key differences that separate the adequate snowmobile goggles from the ideal snowmobile goggles.

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