10 Best Soccer Balls 2020 Reviews

We all know that football is a very popular sport in the world. This football competition is held regularly in every country. Many football players in every country always play football for their nation. They are the most important assets of each country because through them the country earns special fame in the world. That is why today’s generation has become so much interested in football. And their parents also want their children to establish themselves in the world by playing football. If you are one of those guardians then I would say you are doing a very good job. Encourage your child to take him forward in the world of football because football brings us peace of mind just as it maintains our physical well-being. I would say you should play football your own with your child.

And if you are a skilled player then there is no point, you know very well that playing football is not as easy as we usually think. Being a good player requires not only good play but also a piece of good equipment. You need good balls as well as good shoes. And that’s why we’re going to talk about it today.

We are going to discuss today the best balls for playing soccer.

How to Choose the Best Soccer Balls

top 10 Best Soccer Balls Reviews

Every player wants to have his own football. Whether he plays well or not, whether he is a small child or a big player, there is a connection between a good payer and a good ball. We usually make mistakes in buying a football. Many of us don’t even know what to look for when buying a football. So you have to be careful when buying a good football, and today I will try to explain to you how to buy a good football.

If you want to buy good football, you have to take care of some important things. One thing we all know is that there are thousands of balls in the market, and it is very difficult to choose the best ball from all of them. There are many different types of balls available in the market but you have to choose the most durable and quality full ball.

Some information about these balls

The outer part of a football that we call cover part, Which is a very important part of football, it protects football to be sustainable. The outer covering is usually made of synthetic leather, PU (polyurethane) leather, and PVC (polyvinyl carbonate). The most expensive material is Pvc among all of these materials, which is very much durable. Whatever it is, there is often a problem among the players, That they are not able to control Pu leather football. Footballs made of PU leather are durable, but footballs made of synthetic leather are more comfortable.

The price of the synthetic one is very high in the market and it is very soft and also helps the player to control the ball. The ball bag is usually made of rubber or butyl. Butyal’s air holding capacity is the highest here. However, skilled players use the rubber ones for its good bounce ability. The outside panel we see is football patches, most of the balls have these 32 panels, but some balls have 16 or 26 panels.

Now you must be wondering how these panels are connected with the casing. These are, actually glued or sewn or thermally molded. There is no doubt that hand-stitched balls are the best for durability and quality. Then comes the balls sewn into the machine, but heat molded panels are more durable than others. Glued panels are often found on the less expensive soccer balls.

Professional soccer balls

There are usually four types of professional footballs.

10 Best Soccer Balls Reviews

Turf soccer balls

These soccer balls are commonly used for artificial grass and turf. These soccer balls usually slip on real grass so it’s best not to use real grass. If you want something good for less money, you can try this ball.

Soccer balls for training

These soccer balls are usually made for training and all kinds of players. If you want to use the soccer ball for training, you can buy it. It is very hard and strong, you can kick them too hard if you want.

Soccer balls for match

These soccer balls are usually used in high school and college matches, these are used in many more matches.

Soccer balls for premium matches

These soccer balls are the most expensive balls of today. This soccer ball is a FIFA approved ball. These soccer balls are known as international level soccer balls. International matches are played by them.

Soccer balls for indoor

Indoor soccer ball covers actually feel like tennis balls. Since these are made to play on artificial grass and so these soccer balls are made to ensure its bounce and rebound.

Soccer balls for beach

These soccer balls are made with special care so that they can be kicked very lightly. These tend to be very soft. The outer part of this ball is made very carefully. The color of these soccer balls is usually very light so that they can be clearly seen in the sand. They are also made very carefully so that they do not spoil in the water. It is basically very light so that it can be easily played on the beach.

Soccer balls for futsal

There are some differences between other soccer balls and futsal balls, in the inner part of this soccer ball, foam is given instead of air to reduce the ability to bounce. It is the size of the standard is 4 and other things are same as standard balls.

Soccer balls for street

These soccer balls are usually rough and tough. These are made in such a way that they are very stiff and can be used a lot.



  • These are very small sized soccer balls and professionals usually practiced with them and also leg exercises are done by these soccer balls.
  • These soccer balls are usually used for children’s play, these are half the size of decent footballs.
  • These soccer balls are good for young people, these are somewhat the size of real football.
  • This soccer ball is ideal for practicing to improve your skills, these balls are a bit smaller than a full real football.
  • This soccer ball is for professional players, adult players also can use these balls. This is the standard size ball.

Top 10 Best Soccer Balls

Adidas football Confederations Cup Official Match Ball5.0
Nike Premier League Strike Ball4.7
Adidas Performance Euro 164.5
Adidas Confederations Cup Glider Soccer Ball4.7
Adidas Performance Messi Soccer Ball4.6
Adidas Performance Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball4.5
Adidas top training soccer balls4.6
Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball4.8
Nike Pitch Team Training soccer balls4.6
Wilson Traditional soccer balls4.9

1. Adidas football Confederations Cup Official Match Ball

Product details

Made of 100% polyester, where 17% polyester leather-like and 83% TPU, If you want to play on rough exteriors then you can buy this it is for you. It will give you too much durability. The panels are thermally molded and give a very good touch and give you lower water uptake too. It is perfect for field performance because it is covered by high-end materials and the bladder also has a great air holding capacity. FIFA rated this ball for its perfect size, weight, and shape. Its official size is 5. Professional players used this ball in 2017 for the FIFA cup.


  • It is a Premium Match Ball you can easily use this ball in tough exteriors.
  • The exterior texture of its panel helps it to spin and control.
  • It looks great for its design and color, also on spinning and during passing.
  • It is soft from the outer side and the bag is firm to give shape and a decent consistency.


  • The texture of the ball could have been better because it easily got turf stain during playing on the field.

2. Nike Premier League Strike Ball

Product details

The material of this ball is 65% is Rubber, 15% is Polyurethane, 13% Polyester, and 7% EVA. The bladder of this ball is made of reinforced rubber which will give you a decent shape. It gives you a great touch and feels, for its casing texture. This ball has 12 panels which are designed perfectly by professionals. The ball is sewn on the machine which makes it usable for a long time It also increases its durability.


  • It is a perfect ball and better for casual play.
  • Most of the time I use it as the team game ball, and it feels good.
  • It holds perfect pressure for a long time.
  • It goes where you want to kick it to send it.


  • It feels light and not as rounded as a decent soccer ball.
  • Not a lasting one

3. Adidas Performance Euro 16

Product details

This ball is made of Polyurethane. This is an official match ball used by professional players. This ball is thermally molded which assures durability and also its flexibility. It gives a better touch and lowers water uptakes too. The cover and the bladder are made with high-quality material which increases its air holding capacity. The official size of the ball is 5. The pump is not included with the ball.


  • I think it is a good quality ball that holds up great
  • The ball gets heavy use, holds air and its own shape too
  • The panel pattern of the ball is great.
  • It is very durable.
  • The Telstar pattern of this ball is too good I think.


  • The ball would have been much better if it had been made in Pakistan but it is made in China.

4. Adidas Confederations Cup Glider Soccer Ball

Product details

The ball features 100% other fabrics. Its bladder is made of rubber with excellent air holding capacity which I like the most. It is made by sewing on the machine which makes its durability very good and also it will be long-lasting I think. Its panels are sewn with nylon yarn which makes it very flexible. Its butyl bag does not require repeated palms and holds air tightly. The size of this ball is 5.


  • Its air holding capacity is very good.
  • The outer part of it never gets rough.
  • The ball works very well even in rain-wet grass।
  • The ball can be controlled and handled very well.
  • Comes with air and packets very well.


  • After many days of play, the design of the outer part of the ball is ruined which makes the ball look ugly.

5. Adidas Performance Messi Soccer Ball

Product details

It comes with 100% TPU injection molded material which is sturdy. The ball is sewn with nylon thread to make it strong and durable. This ball is sewn on the machine to make it durable and also increases its flexibility. The ball bladder is specially made so that it retains its shape and can hold air for a long time. Butyl bag has its air holding capacity and it is very strong.


  • The touch and control of the ball are very good.
  • Compared to cheap balls, it is very good among them.
  • You can use them for your own practice easily.
  • This will make it easier for you to improve your ball management skills and control skills.


  • There is a little problem with sewing the ball.

6. Adidas Performance Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball

Product details

The cover of this ball is made with TPU material which makes the ball flexible. It has a butyl bag to hold the air strongly for a long time.

The pump is not included with the ball. Its machine stitched by nylon thread to make the ball strong and increase its durability also. Size available 3,4,5. If you are a pro then you should go for 5 or if you want to buy this ball for your child then you should go for size 3/4.


  • It feels good to touch.
  • Size 5 is rather heavy; it is not for kids.
  • The stitching of the ball is just perfect.
  • The green and ash color of the ball is great.


  • It won’t stay inflated.

7. Adidas top training soccer balls

Product details

This ball is made of 100% synthetic leather which is much stronger as we know. It has a butyl bag for the best air holding capacity and to maintain its round shape. It has the MLS logo, Adidas badge, and NFHS logo on the cover. IT features inflation. The size of this ball is 4. It is a match ball. But you can buy this ball for your child or for your own practice.


  • On this ball, Adidas gives a two-year shape and weight warranty.
  • It is FIFA certified wow!
  • Its air holding capacity is too good.
  • The outer side of the ball has a great texture.


  • Not long-lasting.

8. Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

Product details

It features 100% synthetic leather as I have told you before it has great durability. It comes with a butyl bag of good air holding capacity and does not need to pump it again and again. It gives you a one year warranty which is very good for a beginner I think, you can buy this for your footwork or your practice. It is stitched, stitches balls are good for tough players it will give you more durability. It will give you a softer touch and feel. The dimension of this ball is 8.7×8.4×6.6 inches.


  • It has great durable power.
  • For its softcover kids can play easily.
  • It will give you a soft touch which I love the most.
  • The main thing is it will stay inflated.
  • It is great for practice.


  • Didn’t find any cons actually.

9. Nike Pitch Team Training soccer balls

Product details

It comes with 100% synthetic leather which makes it flexible. It has a TPU casing for durability. It has reinforced rubber bladder which is good to hold its structure and air for a long time and tough play. It features 12% EVA,15% polyurethane,60% rubber and13% polyester. The weight of this product is 14.1 ounce, which is lightweight and you can confidently buy them for your kids.


  • After properly inflating it stays soft.
  • It feels good.
  • You can buy this for your kids because it is lightweight.


  • It did not come inflated, which I don’t like if you don’t have any problem with this matter then you can buy this.

10. Wilson Traditional soccer balls

Product details

It features 100% synthetic leather for great durability. It has a butyl rubber bladder for excellent air holding capacity and flexibility. It features recreational use which is excellent. It has a graphic design of the traditional panel and also with silver accents which looks too good on the ball. The inflation level of this ball is 8 10 psi.


  • It is super sturdy.
  • You can play rough with this ball.
  • It is perfectly round, you can roll it in many directions with no issues.
  • Very durable.
  • It comes inflated.


  • It is not long-lasting.



What kind of ball does a professional player use?

The answer is very simple. A professional player always uses 5 size balls. Because it is made especially for adults.

What size ball can a little child use?

As we know young children are not good at playing football, they will use 2/3 size balls to play. By doing practice, they will be able to learn to play better through practice .2/3 size balls are right for them because they cannot control 4/5 size balls themselves.

At what age can children use 5 size balls?

It can be used by any young skilled player or children above 12 years of age.

Which company makes the best football?

This question is a bit difficult because many companies make good football, For example, Adidas, Nike, Mikasa, Select, Senda, Puma, Under Armor, Bend-IT they all make very good quality balls. Above some of the brands I have reviewed, In this article, you can check and then make a decision, whichever one is best for you and which one you can buy.

What is the difference between indoor football and outdoor football?

Indoor soccer balls are usually like tennis balls and the top cover feels like a tennis ball. Since these are made to play on artificial grass And so these balls are made to ensure its bounce and rebound.

What is the difference between good quality football and bad quality football?

There are usually many differences, such as some people buy football based on the price of football. They think that an expensive soccer ball is the best quality soccer ball and a low priced soccer ball seems to mean a low-quality soccer ball which is not always true. Many professional player-coaches and clubs even still do not know how to buy the right Ball for them. In this case, you can get help from the information which is given above. I think those suggestions will help you to buy the perfect soccer ball for yourself.

10 Best Soccer Balls 2020 Reviews

Whether Adidas’s footballs are good or not?

Yes, If you are not new to the world of football, you know what Adidas football is like, and even if you are new, you must have heard the name of Adidas. Adidas makes many types of football from premium to training.
The balls they make are famous all over the world. They make very good quality balls.


We hope you have enjoyed the information above, and that you will find it useful. Because when buying a football, it is very important to know the information we have given. Our effort is to help you all the time. We hope you will continue to support us in this way. And we’ll help you with more new information in the future.

The main purpose of our discussion is to make you proficient with the right information, you will find many collections in the market but you need to know about your ball before buying. You must pay attention to the size of the ball that you are buying. We tried to give you all the information about the ball now it is up to you which type of ball do you need.

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