7 Best Sunglasses for Tennis 2022 Reviews

Tennis is a very fun game where many of you enjoy a lot, but while playing tennis, some precautions have to be taken, so here we will be telling you about the protection of your eyes, and while protecting your eyes, you can see the ball clearly! Yeah, you guessed right!! We will be talking about the best sunglasses for playing tennis. Firstly, we will be telling about how to choose the best sunglasses, then we will be talking about our TOP 7 list and then some FAQs and in the last the conclusion!!

How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Tennis

There are many factors out there which are to be considered while choosing  good sunglasses for your tennis gameplay, so we will talking about all of them. The first thing that has to be considered is how comfortable are the sunglasses, the sunglasses should provide comfort to your eyes, the area near your eyes and your forehead, because many sunglasses can give pain to your eyes while playing tennis, which can put you in trouble!

Best Sunglasses for Tennis

The second thing that you have to consider before buying sunglasses is the quality of the sunglasses, sunglasses should be made up of good material, it should provide a good vision so that you can see the ball properly and the most important, it should protect your eyes when you are playing in the cruel sunlight. Many lenses have UV resistance, that is a very good thing where it will protect you from different harmful UV rays that can harm your eyes!

The next thing that you have to consider is the durability of the sunglasses, as said earlier the sunglasses have to be made of good material and besides the quality, the durability also matters, the sunglasses should last till the end. It should have strong arms so that it can withstand the unoptimized conditions. If the lenses are scratch resistant, then they will provide you major benefits.

The next thing is that where do you play tennis, outdoors or indoors. If you are playing outdoors, then you should ahead to buy UV resistant sunglasses.

Next is how often do you play?

If you are playing in a league, or in a club or you are a regular player, then you should invest to buy quality sunglasses which should have nylon frames, UV resistant, the polarized lenses which will reduce the glare, and they should be comfortable! If you are don’t play often, and you play occasionally, then you can invest in regular and cheap sunglasses.

7 Best Sunglasses for Tennis 2020

7 Best Sunglasses for Tennis

Hulislem S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses FDA Approved4.6
Maui Jim unisex-adult Ho'okipa Rectangular Sunglasses4.7
Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ OO90095.0 - Best Choice
Oakley Men's Jawbreaker OO9290-09 Shield Sunglasses4.5
Under Armour unisex-adult Igniter Sunglasses Oval Sunglasses4.9
Bolle Golf Bolt Sunglasses Modulator V3 Oleo AF - Shiny White4.5
Nike Skylon Ace Sunglasses4.5

1. Hulislem S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses FDA Approved

These sunglasses are one of the latest innovations in the company’s frame technology. The frame was designed in Italy and was formulated in Switzerland. The polarized lenses reduces the glare dramatically!

Swiss technology TR90 thermoplastic material is used to make the glasses. The Irdium Lens Coating can prevent irritating glare!

  • Package Weight: 6.4 Ounces
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 7.1 x 2.8 x 3.1 inches


  • They have more clarity than the other sports sunglasses
  • The sunglasses reduces glare to nothing
  • These are very comfortable


  • These glasses are wide even for a normal head size, they don’t sit evenly if you have a bit small face
  • They are not good if you don’t play tennis, for example, if you want to drive then don’t use these

2. Maui Jim unisex-adult Ho’okipa Rectangular Sunglasses

The Hawaiian word “Ho’okipa” which means hospitality, inspired this glass. Ho’okipa polarized sunglasses from Maui Jim have a wide range of color and reliable durability options.

Tennis sunglasses with Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2 lens technology are designed to meet the needs of players playing this fast-paced outdoor sport. Clear and accurate vision is essential for the quick response and almost instant decision making that tennis players must make in order to score. That’s why Maui Jim’s sunglasses have PolarizedPlus2 lenses that block harmful UV rays and eliminate glare, while increasing color to an exceptional level.

Maui Jim’s glasses provide unparalleled, sharper contrast for better tennis shots. Wear Maui Jim sunglasses on the tennis court and you will see the results of the match.

Blue sunglasses offer great aesthetics, providing the best color enhancements and great clarity. In addition, the MauiPure lens material is ideal for an active lifestyle. MauiPure ™ is the lightest glass to enjoy long days in the sun. It is anti-scratch and anti-impact.

3. Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ OO9009

Oakley Flat sunglasses are not shiny but their arms are beautifully and elegantly sculpted. The O Matter frame has a unique style. These sunglasses are wide and 60mm in size. This makes them perfect to lie firmly on your face.

Because tennis requires a solid glass frame, you can trust Oakley for its durable design. First of all, its lenses are made of Plutonite, a type of polycarbonate. Although these lenses are not made of glass, they do not last forever. But Plutonite provides better vision. Its best feature is Flak Jacket, which allows you to easily change lenses for better visibility. You can buy replacement lenses and change them easily whenever you want.

We also like its nose pads, which are comfortable and can also be replaced like lenses. These protections are designed to provide better grip.

If you are a picky person and prefer more colors, Oakley offers a range of 8 premium shades. It has everything a tennis player needs.

4. Oakley Men’s Jawbreaker OO9290-09 Shield Sunglasses

Another beauty of Oakley is Jawbreaker sunglasses OO9290-09. Whether you’re a cyclist or a tennis player, you’ll love the pair because of their great design, the ability to fully protect your eyes from glare, and deliver a stunning visual experience. Although Jawbreaker sunglasses have high price, Oakley fans are willing to pay the price for something worthy.

This is one of the best-selling products on the market, mainly due to its strong form compared to other Oakley models. In terms of adaptation, no other model can beat Oakley’s Jawbreaker. It gives you a safe and tight fit. Even when you play vigorous sports like tennis, run on the field, perform energetic movements or even sprint, they do not leave your face or even slip out of position.

Also, if you like changing glasses, Oakley allows you to do that. Just use a moderate force and the glasses will slip out of the frame. You can replace it with your desired shades.

There are many color options, but shades of pink are one of their bestsellers so far. In general, they fit, give you a clear view and make you feel extremely comfortable.

5. Under Armour unisex-adult Igniter Sunglasses Oval Sunglasses

You need grace and style? Under Armor is a perfect choice. These sunglasses are not only the choice of many tennis players but also of other sports athletes.

This pair has a titanium and grilamid frame. This combination of materials is called ArmourFusion.

The next feature is ArmourSight, a unique technology, integrated into its frame. In this case, the outer edges of the lenses are not dark, which may affect peripheral vision. This gives a 20% better picture. Because these shades are designed for better peripheral vision, these lenses are ten times stronger than regular lenses.

Its lenses are also designed to avoid scratches and stains. Nose pads are extremely comfortable and soft and easy to adjust.

I have to congratulate Under Armor on the polarizing quality of the lens. These lenses reflect the sun well and avoid reflection while providing maximum protection against UV rays.

Overall, these glasses provide a nice perfection with a sense of comfort. Its frame is made of hard material but provides the necessary level of flexibility.

6. Bolle Golf Bolt Sunglasses Modulator V3 Oleo AF – Shiny White

If you ask me about a better brand after Oakley, I will say Bollé. Its elegant and stylish design will appeal to you. In addition to being light and extremely comfortable, Bolle Bolt lenses offer incredible clarity. When made clear, the first thing to note in this pair is that its crystal lenses will help your eyes relax, prevent glare and minimize dust and dirt.

It includes self-regulating lenses. These glasses are manufactured with advanced technology, quickly adapt to all lighting conditions and bring exceptional contrast. This means you will not have to change lenses for different weather conditions.

Thanks to its versatility, you can also easily fold the glass frame to adapt to your face and enjoy maximum comfort. In addition, the lightweight configuration adds a level of comfort and sporty style that makes it different from other models.

In general, Bolle Bolt sunglasses give you the perfect comfort and the glasses quickly adapt to all light and adapt well to your head so that they don’t fall off when you play tennis.

7. Nike Skylon Ace Sunglasses

Nike Skylon Ace Sunglasses are extremely comfortable, easy folding and offering good coverage, durable design and clear vision. Their suitability is very similar to Oakley.

The arms of these glasses are a bit longer than usual, covered with rubber and can easily be folded to the desired shape. They do not slip when you play tennis or jog. You can also fold its arms 50 mm so that it is more stable on the face without losing the comfort level.

This pair comes with a unique nose pad, also made of rubbery, breathable and non-slip materials.


Best Sunglasses for Tennis 2020

Which color sunglasses are best for tennis?

It’s a very common question, and the answer to this can be Yellow, because many experts suggest the color yellow.

Are Polarized sunglasses good for tennis?

They can be good, but there presence depend on the conditions in which you play, if you are playing in sunlight, they they will reduce the glare, but in low light conditions, they are not recommended.

Do pro tennis players wear sunglasses?

Yeah there are many players who wear sunglasses, not only for the benefit of the sunglasses, but many players wear sunglasses for personal reasons

Do you need expensive sunglasses?

It totally depends upon you. If you do play professionally or regularly, then you can buy expensive ones, but if you play occasionally and just for fun, then you can buy cheap ones also!

Best Sunglasses for Tennis 2020


So, here we are again for those people who were searching for “sunglasses for tennis” or “best sunglasses for tennis”. We, in this article, told you about how to choose sunglasses for tennis, then our TOP 7 choices, and at last, we answered some FAQs. Now, stay safe and healthy. Hope you liked our content!

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