10 Best TaylorMade Driver 2022 Reviews

Golf is a sport that is played by many people all across the globe. Many people enjoy playing this sport as a hobby; however, some people play this sport seriously as well. The most important item in the golf is the stick or golf stick with which one hit the golf ball. Now, there are different types of golf sticks in the game of golf. Each one has its characteristics, shape, size, and use. Each golf stick has its use and it is used by payers for a specific reason. The golf stick can be segregated on the various basis such as their uses.

Those who play golf, know that there are different segments in the game. There is considerable distance between the starting point and the whole point and the player has to strike or hit the ball to make it land on the pot. To do so the player uses different types of golf clubs each time they hit the ball. What are these different golf clubs? Let’s see them one by one.

The very first one is Wood clubs

These have the foremost task of propelling the ball to a great distance of around 200-300 yards. Earlier they used to be made up of woods from which they get their name. They have special characteristics and designs that help them to propel the ball highest when needed. Wooden clubs have a round head and flat bottoms. This makes it easier to glide over the ground and hit the ball easily. They have a wedge degree is also varying in case of wood clubs. There are different types of clubs in the wood clubs such as 1-Wood club or the driver which is indeed useful for the player. We are going to majorly discuss this one in this paragraph.

The next one is the iron ones

These are used by the golf players when the distance between their location and the golf pot is less than 200 yards. They also help to loft the ball and help in reducing the distance between the player and their pot significantly. Unlike wood clubs, these have small heads and thin back. They are categorized into types of 1-9 iron types. The 1,2,3-iron types have a long loft and they send the ball farthest. The rest have their loft decreasing slightly. One usually uses an iron club of range 3-9 for best performance.

Next coming up we have wedges

Wedges are used by players when the distance between their location and pot is less than 100 yards. They are used generally in the second last shot of the game. They help to propel the ball closest to the pothole. They have a large loft between the range of 46-51 degrees. These are differentiated into 2 types of pitching and the sand type wedges. A golf set usually contains a pitching wedge. The clubheads of these wedges are similar to that of iron wedges.

The final type of club on the list is the putter

As the name suggests, these are used to put the ball in the hole or conclude the game of golf. They are 34-36 inches in height and have flatheads to help the ball go slowly in the hole. There are different types of putters in the market.

TaylorMade Driver

Now that you have seen the different types of clubs in the game of golf, you have an idea of how vivid this game is. There are different clubs for different shots that can be used at a specific distance only. The most complicated out of these is choosing a good wood club or to be specific use a 1-wood club. These are called drivers and most players get confused in selecting the best driver for their game.

However, we will tell you everything necessary for selecting a good driver, and in the end, we will also showcase our selected drivers for you, so that you could easily pick the best one for yourself and get started in your game. Let’s have a look at the best TaylorMade drivers available in the market and how to select the perfect one amongst them.

How to Choose Best TaylorMade Driver

When any golf club is manufactured, several things are taken into consideration so that the player may get the best club for their game. Similar is the case is the driver. Now you may ask why selecting a good driver is good for your game? The answer is simple, the driver is used at the start of the game to reduce the distance between the person and their potholes. A good driver can loft the ball high and can easily reduce the distance in the first swing as well. This will give the player a good head starts after which the person can easily win the game if they have good golf skills.

Sometimes the entire game of golf can be decided after the first stroke of the game. Therefore, it is important to have a good start in the game which can only be achieved with the help of a good driver. Therefore, it is best to have a good driver in your golf kit. Now comes the main question of how to select a good driver? several factors can decide the quality of the good driver. These are:

  • Loft
  • Forgiveness Rating
  • Trajectory


These three points are very important if you want to have a good drive in your golf kit. Let’s see how these are useful in the game.


The first point is the loft. The main work of the driver is to loft the ball or propel the ball farthest. To do so, the loft of the driver should be less or greater which depends upon the seeing speed. The speed at which you swing your arm and hit the ball is a crucial factor that will decide the loft of the driver.

If you hit the ball at a speed of 100mph, then you want to have a loft of around 12-13 degrees. If you choose less than that, then the backspin in the golf ball won’t be enough to keep the ball aloft in the air. If you swing less than 100 mph then the loft angle should increase. This will produce ample backspin to keep the ball in the air. Therefore, the loft in the driver is an important factor.

Forgiveness rating

The next one is forgiveness rating. Forgiveness rating depends upon your gameplay. If you are more into hitting the golf ball and missing the sweet spot, then the forgiveness rating of your driver should be maximum. Most of the time, the forgiveness rating is given by the manufacturers of the drivers.


The last one is the trajectory of the driver. In golf, the trajectory plays the deciding factor. The game of golf is such that the player needs to select the best trajectory for their ball. If they select the wrong trajectory, then the ball could wind up in some tree or sand which can cost the player their game. Similar to the forgiveness rating, the trajectory rating is decided by your gameplay. If you hit the ball low, then the trajectory rating of your ball should be high. The center of gravity of the driver also plays a crucial part in the trajectory of your driver.

Keeping these three things in mind, one can select the best driver for their game. Now you can go on to select the best driver for your game, or you can have a look at our pick for the best driver in the market. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Top 10 Best TaylorMade Drivers

Golf M2 driver4.9
SIM MAX-D Driver4.8
M6 Driver4.7
Golf M5 Tour Driver4.6
M3 Driver4.7
M4 Driver4.6
SIM MAX-D Driver (UST model)4.8
SIM Driver HZRDUS5.0 - Best Choice
M2 men’s driver 2017 edition4.5
M6 D-Type Driver4.5

The best driver which anyone can get in the market is TaylorMade ones. We are saying this after looking at the specification of each club and the reviews which we got from the players who used these clubs. Therefore, to provide the best driver to our readers, we have chosen 10 TaylorMade drivers for you. Let’s have a look at the one by one.

1. Golf M2 driver

This driver is made steel and is lightweight and has a steel shaft. It is made from multilateral construction which helps to remove unwanted weight from the driver and make it lightweight and also reposition the center of gravity. It has geo-acoustic technology which can help in your game greatly. The driver has active speed pockets which help to improve the loft easily. There are both left- and right-hand orientation available for this driver.


  • The generous sweet spot that helps in the easy loft.
  • It comes in two types of 9.5- and 10.5-degree loft.
  • Forgiveness rating is quite high.


  • The cost is higher than other golf drivers which have the same specification.

2. SIM MAX-D Driver

This SIM MAX-D driver is a good option if you have a problem with hitting the ball from the center of gravity of the driver. This club has speed injected technology that helps in intelligently optimizing the C.O.R when the golfer hits it. It has 2-degree loft sleeves which provide adjustability and personalization option to the golfer. It is constructed out of multiple materials such as carbon, titanium, and steel. It has carefully designed a clubhead that helps in low but draw-biased center of gravity.


  • Multiple loft sleeves which provide personalization option.
  • Low head for easy hitting and lofting.
  • Twist face technology to prevent miss-hits in the game.
  • Flexible stiff option to choose from as per the player choice.


  • Face size is quite large when compared to another driver.
  • The weight of this club is heavy as compared to other drivers’ weight.

3. M6 Driver

consisting of a twisted face, this driver is probably the best driver that is available in the market. The design of this driver is pushed to its limit to create perfection. The twisted face helps to reduce the spin in the ball while maintains the loft. The speed injected face in this driver helps to increase the speed of the ball which allows the ball to cover a large distance. There are multiple shafts and flex types from which one can choose this driver.


  • The sweet spot of this driver is generous.
  • The forgiveness rating of this driver is quite large.
  • The high speed of the ball it provides the ball helps it to cover large distances easily.


  • The cost of the driver is expensive.

4. Golf M5 Tour Driver

If you look at the M5 driver and the M6 driver, there is no difference in them. However, if you go in-depth, M5 is everything a professional need to display outstanding performance in the game. The main difference between M5 and M6 is the T-inverse design which M5 has. This T-inverse design gives the ball amazing speed and distance which is needed in the first shot. It has different types of flex and shifts available which the user can personalize to their personal experience.


  • Amazing speed and distance in the first shot
  • Forgiveness rating is high.
  • Adjustability and personalization option are ample.


  • It is quite expensive just like M6.
  • It is only for the advanced player who knows how to decide various factors when hitting the ball s that they get the maximum speed for the ball.

5. M3 Driver

The M3 driver is made to deliver a fast and straight shot. The driver has a face curvature with a correction angle which helps to reduce the spin and also helps to increase the distance of the ball. It is one of the most adjustable drivers that exist in the market. It also has a sole slot now to improve the personalization or to increase the adjustability of the driver. The main things to notice here are the center and the backside of the clubhead. The center side provides a boost to the ball which increases its speed while the rear end provides forgiving draw.


  • High forgiveness rating.
  • It provides greater speed and spins to the ball.
  • Available in various loft degrees for user preference.


  • Profitable only for the advanced or intermediate player who know in-depth about the gameplay. Not recommended to beginners.

6. M4 Driver

M4 is the driver from which M6 was inspired. It consists of the twist fact technology that helps to increase the speed of the ball greatly. The hammerhead slot present in this driver helps to increase the swing speed of the player. It also has a geo-acoustic technology that produces sharp sound when the ball is hit by the driver.


  • Greater forgiving rating.
  • It provides great speed and distance to the ball.
  • It helps to increase the swing speed of the player.


  • Like other M series models, this driver is also expensive when compared to other models.
  • The stiffness of the staff is not high.

7. SIM MAX-D Driver (UST model)

Lightweight and easy to swing, this driver is one of the best ones for beginners who are new to golf. It helps the player to hit accurate and fast shots easily. The deep side wide pocket present in this driver helps to provide more speed to the ball while maintaining the accuracy level high. What’s better about this driver is the price at which it comes. It cost less than many other drivers which consist of the same specification.


  • Lightweight and accurate
  • It provides great speed to the ball while maintaining accuracy.
  • The grip of the driver is good.
  • Cost less than many other drivers of the same properties.


  • The personalization option of this driver is less than many other drivers.

8. SIM Driver HZRDUS

This driver manufactured by TaylorMade has many things differently than the other driver. The foremost of them is the new shape and the AAS and inertia generator used in it. This helps to add more speed to the ball while maintaining low spin for high forgiveness. The speed injected technology used in this driver helps to hit the ball properly. The twist fact technology prevents miss or hits in the game of golf. There is also a high range of personalization one could do in this golf due to the sliding weight technology used in it.


  • Durable as it is made up of many durable materials such as steel, carbon, and titanium.
  • Great range of personalization and adjustability available in the driver.
  • Provide high speed to the ball and low spin.
  • High forgiveness rating.


  • Costly, when compared to another driver.

9. M2 men’s driver 2017 edition

This is the M2 driver developed by the TaylorMade in the year 2017. Even though it is old, the fact that it is one of the best drivers out there cannot be subdued. The material construction of this driver is on par with M6 one and is extremely light. This allows the player to hit power shots easily. The layer of carbon crown used in this driver helps to reposition the center of gravity easily and reduce the weight of the driver as well. It has more active speed pockets which help to increase the forgiveness rating of this driver.


  • It provides high speed and power.
  • Higher forgiveness rating.
  • It contains a generous sweet spot.
  • available in various options for personalization.


  • The adjust process of this club could be tiresome and complex.

10. M6 D-Type Driver

This is another version of the famous M6 driver that is better in performance than the other one. It has a speed injection process used in it which helps to deliver the ball at the maximum possible speed easily. The loft angle of this driver is also varying which helps the player to select the best one as per their game. It also has a curvature face which helps to hit the ball at a correct angle to give it maximum speed and help it to cover large distances easily.


  • It provides high speed to the ball.
  • Can shot high range ball easily.
  • The speed injection process helps to add more speed to the ball.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • Costly.



Should I use a driver having a higher loft angle?

Ans. This depends upon the type of shot you play in the game and the place where the contact of your golf club and the ball is made. If you hit the ball at the center of gravity of the head of the drive then a driver angle of 9-10 degrees would be great for you. However, if you hit the ball below the center of gravity, then you need to have a greater loft angle. We recommend to analyze your game and select the loft angle that is best for you.

Is the length of the driver a factor for choosing the correct driver?

Ans. The length of the driver doesn’t play a significant role in the game. The person should hit the ball with the center of gravity of the head of the driver. This will produce enough force and keep the ball loft for a long time allowing it to cover maximum distance. The length of your driver should be such that you could hit the ball with the driver’s Centre of gravity easily. This will help you to do well in your game. There is no other role in the length of the driver in your game other than this one.



In golf, the start of the game can provide the player with many advantages or disadvantages. The first shot the player plays and how well he/she plays the shot can indicate the result of the match. Therefore, it is often said to have a good start in the game of golf. This can be done with the help of a good driver, so we again request you to spend considerable time before selecting a good driver for you and your game.

The driver is like a weapon which can help you to win many games in golf easily. Therefore, it is important to have a good weapon or good driver. Also, this doesn’t mean that you spend all of your time in buying a good golf kit and focus little on your skills. The driver will give you a good head start, whoever the rest of the game is all about your skills with the golf club. SO, make sure to select a good golf club and polish your golf skills greatly.

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