10 Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players 2022 Reviews

Tennis is played by people all over the world. Many people play it as a hobby while others play this sport for passion and profession. There would be many people who start playing this sport as a hobby but later developed an attachment towards the sport and then they turned their pastime to their carrier. Many professional tennis players began their careers in this way.

However, the road to becoming a professional or advanced tennis player is a long one. People need to be ready beforehand if they wish to embark on this journey. They need to make certain points clear and must have some pre-requisite items that will help them to become an advanced tennis player. To become an advanced tennis player several things are required such as hard work, skills, talent, etc.

However, the one thing that is highly ignored or the one point which many people seem to miss is a good racquet. Yes, having a good tennis racquet is extremely important to become a pro-player. There are various things which decide the outcome of a tennis match. One of them is the racquet which a player uses for playing. Yes, a tennis racquet can also change the outcome of a tennis match.

It can bring forth the true potential of a person and can help them to play better and improve their game. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about a good tennis racquet and we will also tell you how to choose a good tennis racquet.

How to Choose the Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

The tennis racquet is the equipment that can bring forth the true potential of a player. It is important to have a good tennis player. An average player with a good tennis racquet can beat a pro tennis player having an average racquet. The racquet plays an important role in the game and therefore it is important to select a good racquet. An important point to know is that various tennis player has various form of play. Some players will be good on attack front while others can handle the defensive line better. Some people have good control over the ball swing while others can spin the tennis ball at their whim. Therefore, there are different tennis racquets designed for different players. It is advised to select a tennis racquet as per you’re playing form. For this purpose, we have shaped the tennis racquet into four types. These are:

  • Power racquet
  • Tweener Racquet
  • Modern Player racquet
  • Traditional Player racquet

Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

Let’s see them all one by one.

The first type of racquet is power racquets. These racquets are good at bringing out the power at each smash. They deliver more power to each serve and receive in tennis. They have high overheads which help to deliver more power in the game. They have a lightweight design and also have a long stiffer. This prevents energy wastage in the ball and keeps more energy centered on the ball. This helps in powerful attack delivery in tennis. These types of the racquet are for people who have short swings but want more power in each shot.

The next type of racquet is the tweener racquet. Tweener racquet is sometimes referred to as a combination racquet. They are made by combining power racquets and player’s racquets. They help to achieve a balance between power and control. It achieves this by combining the lightweight factor of the power racquets with that of the control factor of the player’s racquets. These are medium-weight tennis racquets having medium size overhead. The power level of these racquets is less than that of power racquets however, it is high than player racquets. They are spin-friendly rac -quets that help to achieve power control gameplay in a tennis match. These types of racquets are best for people who want better control over the ball without losing much of the energy in their shots.

Female pull line to the racket for tennis

The next type of racquets is the player racquets. These are broadly divided into two parts which are the traditional player racquets and the modern power racquets. These racquets focus less on power, and more on the control over the ball. They aim to provide maximum spin, placement, and landing of the ball. These racquets are well suited for people who have raw power and who want to improve their control over the ball. They help the player to exercise more control over the ball at the trade of the power factor. Let’s see these racquets one by one.
The first one is the traditional player racquets. The traditional player’s racquet is heavy when compared to other types of racquets. These racquets are specially made for people who want a more precise shot and control over their ball. Such people use raw power for powerful delivery as these racquets can’t output much power on their own. They have medium overheads and a long body. The beam or body is much flexible to provide more control over the ball. This all helps the person to deliver precise shots and control the ball more accurately. The major drawback of such racquets is the power factor.

The final types of racquets are the modern player racquets. These racquets are designed to deliver maximum angle spin to the ball. These racquets help the player to deliver swing shots easily and effectively. Like the traditional player racquets, these aren’t suitable for delivering powerful shots without using raw power. However, they improve the control and coordination over the ball greatly. This helps the person to play well and deliver great shots easily. These racquets have medium weight and medium overhead size.

Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

The best racquet can be chosen by analyzing the skills of a player. Is the player more interested in delivering powerful smashes/ hits? Or is he/she more interested in control over the ball? By selecting a suitable tennis racquet, the gameplay of a person can improve greatly.

Top 10 Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

Wilson Junior Tennis Racquet4.9
HEAD Speed Tennis Racquet4.7
Wilson Burn 100S4.8
Head Microgel Radical MP4.8
Babolat Pure Drive4.8
Head Graphene 360 speed pro5.0 - Best Choice
Wilson Tour lite Slam Lite Tennis Racquet4.8
Tecnifibre TF40 3054.6
Babolat Pure Aero 20194.6
Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail Black4.7

So far, we have told you about the types of racquets that existed and how can one select the best racquet to bring out their best gameplay. Next, we have selected the 10 best tennis racquet which can help you to bring out your best gameplay. These tennis racquets have been selected considering the gameplay of both powerful stroke players as well as control stroke players. Each of them is listed with its specifications and the price. They all are available on Amazon, and one can go there and buy them easily. Let’s look at them one by one.

1. Wilson Junior Tennis Racquet

The first racquet is the Wilson junior tennis racquet. This tennis racquet is a power racquet and can help to deliver powerful deliveries. The racquet has a short body and large overhead which provides a powerful shot. The weight of this racquet is heavy as it is a power racquet, while the balance of this racquet is head heavy. Head heavy indicates the head portion of the tennis racquet is heavier than the body weight. It is useful for people who want power in their gameplay with minimal raw strength.


  • Heavy head suitable for the powerful delivery of shots.
  • Less wrist movement and minimal use of raw strength.
  • The aluminium body provides a strong framework for the player.
  • Better stability due to the weight of the racquet.


  • The racquet is available only in the US. The company does not promote international shipping.
  • Only for players with power gameplay. It cannot be used by people who focus more on controlling the ball.

2. HEAD Speed Tennis Racquet

This racquet is made for people who want both power and control in their game. It is of the modern player’s type and can be used to deliver powerful shots with more precision and spin. The head of this tennis racquet is of medium size which helps to deliver some power shots. The main focus of this tennis racquet is the body. The weight of the body is around 8 ounces which are distributed equally to around the body. This helps in maintaining tight control and precision over the ball.


  • Best for people who are beginners in the tennis game.
  • The grip size of the tennis is 3 5/8 which helps in maintaining a sturdy grip on the tennis racquet.
  • The light head of the racquet helps in maintaining stability of ball while hitting it. It helps to deliver more spin and accuracy to the ball.
  • The tennis racquet is available in different sizes as per the age of the player.


  • This racquet is not for people who are into power type gameplay. The racquet cannot provide enough strength for the person without using the raw strength of the person.

3. Wilson Burn 100S

This racquet is specifically for people who play groundstrokes while playing tennis. The slim and sneak design of the tennis helps people to get the required spin while playing games. The tennis racquet is of tweener types and provides a hybrid style between the power shot and the control shot while playing a tennis game. The medium head size provides effective power shots while on the other hand the balanced body provides all the necessary spin to the ball. This racquet is best for people who want power shots while retaining their control over the ball.


  • Lightweight for effective control over the ball.
  • The medium head size which provides effective ground shots.
  • High-performance carbon fibres help in providing explosive power to the ball.
  • Spin effective technology retains the spin in the ball and helps people to control the RPM and spin of the ball as per their choice.
  • Available in different sizes for varying ages of players.


  • The main problem in this type of racquet is the power control trade. While a player gains control over the ball, the raw power of a person used while hitting the ball increases. The power of the racquet decreases significantly while the control factor increases.

4. Head Microgel Radical MP

This racquet is useful for people who want control over the ball. The Head Microgel Radical MP tennis racquet is great for exercising control over the ball. It helps the people to maintain the spin and accuracy of the ball while hitting the ball. The tennis racquet absorbs the excess energy of the ball on impact and helps the person to adjust the spin as per their choice. It comes in different sizes i.e. 98 square inches head size and the 107 inches head size. The 107 inches head size provides more power to the player while decreasing the control over the ball. Contrary, the 98 square inches racquet increases the control over the ball but decreases the power output of the racquet.


  • The small head size absorbs the impact of the ball and distributes it evenly to the frame of the racquet. This helps in minimal raw strength to oppose the incoming ball.
  • The evenly distributed weight of the racquet helps to exercise uniform control over the ball. This helps to control the RPM and spin of the ball as per the player choice.
  • The grip of the racquet is made specifically to prevent slip or unbalance of the load.


  • Not for power-seeking players. The small head size cannot deliver the required power for the ball without using the raw strength of the wielder.

5. Babolat Pure Drive

This racquet is best for all-rounder players. It helps to deliver more spin, power, and feel with each stroke. The head of this racquet is 100 inch which helps to deliver more power in each stroke. The advanced string pattern helps to deliver more control over the ball with each hitting. While using this racquet, it doesn’t matter whether you are a baseline player or a net player, the racquet can help in any situation as per your need.


  • Perfect for all levels of players. Beginners, as well as advanced players, can also use it.
  • Perfect spin and power delivery due to advance and sleek design.
  • Perfect for smash and groundstrokes.


  • Even though this racquet helps to deliver a good option for control over the ball, it is not the best. Some players may find it difficult to control the ball while using it.

6. Head Graphene 360 speed pro

Head graphene 360 pro is another good option for balance players. It helps to deliver good control and power delivery in tennis. Even bodyweight provides precise control and power in the game. It can be used by advanced level tennis players for their game. This racquet is also used by the player Novak Djokovic.


  • The racquet provides a good combination of power and spins in the game.
  • Balanced body weight makes the racquet easy to control.
  • It is a good choice for singles or doubles matches.


  • The racquet is not for people who have just begin to play tennis. It cannot offer much power required while playing the game.
  • The power control trade is high compared to other tennis racquets. The raw strength of a player is also needed if one wants high power output.

7. Wilson Tour lite Slam Lite Tennis Racquet

This racquet is solely for people who want control over the ball. It cannot offer much power output, however, the control over the ball can be made for a long time. Players who prefer volley or ground shots can use this racquet as it offers greater control and precision when wielded. The string pattern is more open and it will help to generate greater spin in the ball while playing.


  • Good for people who prefer control and comfort while playing tennis.
  • Best for volley and ground shots.


  • Not for people who prefer the power type of gameplay. The head size of this racquet cannot generate enough power for power shots.
  • The racquet is only for pro players who have a greater skillset in-game as compared to the beginner or intermediate players.

8. Tecnifibre TF40 305

Tecnifibre TF40 305 is slowly emerging as a great tennis racquet. The 98 inches overhead combined with the tight string pattern helps in building a strong tennis racquet that allows both power and control while playing tennis. This racquet is good for intermediate and beginner players who want to polish their skills.


  • Great control which helps in accurate ground shots and volleys.
  • The even balanced tennis weight helps in an easy swing.
  • This tennis racquet is good for players who focus more on control on the ball rather than power.


  • Not good for power shots. The small head isn’t good for power delivery.
  • The racquet isn’t good for players on how to want more spin in their ball.

9. Babolat Pure Aero 2019

This racquet was originally used by Rafael Nadal and then passed on to be used by many top players. This racquet is best for swing and spin shot with greater power delivery. The flexibility of the racquet is low so that the person can deliver more power output at their end. We recommend this racquet to al the baseline players who hit powerful aces and groundstrokes.


  • Best racquet for power, spin, and swing output.
  • Greater comfort and easy swinging.
  • The racquet is good for beginners, intermediate, and even professionals.


  • The control of the ball is not much due to the low flexibility of the racquet.

10. Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail Black

The racquet is good for swing payers who like to swing their tennis ball with each hit. Roger freder use this racquet in many of his matches. The racquet helps in power output and effective control over the ball. The heavy body of the tennis helps to maintain firm control over the ball all the time.


  • Good control over the ball which helps in excellent groundstrokes and volleys.
  • The racquet provides greater spin and comfort with power.
  • Greater mobility.


  • The weight of the racquet is high and the person needs to be fit to wield this racquet.


Refuse to Lose Young tennis player standing over red background with a racket and a ball

How should I choose the best racquet for myself?

The best way to choose the racquet is by analysing your gameplay. Ask yourself whether you are a net player or a baseline player? Whether you have a long swing style or short swing style? Whether you hit topspin or whether you hit more ground shot? These questions will help you to select the best racquet for yourself. If more problems arise, you can consult your coach as well.

Should I choose from the above-given tennis racquet only, if I want to improve my gameplay?

Well the answer is no. We have listed the above racquets after studying the gameplay of several players for several days. These racquets are listed so that people can find them easily and could buy them off without searching them on the internet. All these racquets can surely help you improve your gameplay if you select the racquet that is best for you. However, if you don’t like any of them, you can still search for other options on e-commerce websites such as Amazon.


The racquet gives above is a great option as per our choice. However, you need to find the racquet suited as per your taste. The racquet act as a booster for your gameplay, therefore it is important to polish your skills regularly if you want to progress as an advanced tennis player. Make sure to proactive playing tennis as the racquet only will not win you any championships. Think of racquet as nitro in your car and your skills as the engine of the car. The nitro will work better if the engine works effectively. If you have great skills, a great racquet will bring out 100% of your gameplay easily.

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