5 Best Tennis Racquets for Tennis Elbow 2022 Reviews

Players can hardly avoid injury when playing tennis or when playing sports. Injury not only affects their ability to practice and compete but also their work. The rate of people encountering Tennis Elbow syndrome (Elbow injury when playing tennis) is up to 50% when they are playing this sport. Despite such high injury rates, not everyone has a certain understanding of this syndrome, also known as “elbow injury”. If you are suffering from this injury and still want to play tennis, choose for yourself the best tennis racquet for tennis elbow.

The Causes of Tennis Elbow Syndrome – Elbow Injuries When Playing Tennis

Incorrect technique

The incorrect technique is one of the top reasons why players easily get this syndrome including having no warm-up before playing (it takes 5-10 minutes to warm up your muscles and joints for a tennis practice session), using improper forehand technique (using only wrist or forearm rather than using hip, shoulder, and arm rotation), or only using wrist motion in backhand strokes. Failure to obey the strict rules of serve or swing will also make players easily make mistakes and increase the risk of injury.

Tennis Racquet for Tennis Elbow

Mistakes in the selection of soccer equipment

A racquet is not suitable for itself with the handle size of the racket too big or too small and the string tension too high (range 26.5 kg or more is too high for movement tennis players). Excessive weight due to wetness is also a major cause of higher elbow injury rates. Or you are new to playing, want to use the old racket, but do not know how to choose the old tennis racket properly, resulting in the choice of the old racquet with wrong specifications or repair interference from the party out.

Do not understand yourself

Trying to play football when your health is not good, or in the rain or persistent exercise can cause muscle pain.

Top 05 Best Tennis Racquets for Tennis Elbow

Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite4.6
Babolat Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racquet4.8
YONEX Ezone 100 Lime Green Tennis Racquet5.0 - Best Choice
Prince Textreme Tour 100L Tennis Racquet (4-1/2)4.5
HEAD Graphene XT Radical S Tennis Racquet (Unstrung)4.7

1. Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite

A version that is more about the ability to control the ball, Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite genuine racket is very suitable for players with persistent fighting style. If you are a player with a strong backstage like Andre Agassi, this version is also quite suitable for you.

You just played Tennis but chose the wrong tennis racket too heavy for your hand strength, making you feel uncomfortable every time you play. What are you waiting for without changing to a more “friendly”? Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite is the ideal choice for beginners in the field of Tennis.

Evaluation of Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite racket

  •  Blade Team 99 Lite is a great choice for players who want to improve their technique, cultivate their skills, and be friendly to the arms. Special design with anti-vibration technology helps to decisively force, creating a more accurate direction.
  • With a lightweight of only 295 gropes, this racket is suitable for beginners or female players who do not have a good physical foundation.
  • Besides the flexibility in “fighting”, the size of the surface reaches 99 giving the racquet a great response.
  • There is also impressive spin potential thanks to the 16×18 string style. Blade Team 99 Lite impresses us with fast speed, accuracy, and comfort to help players easily control important points on the field. The 16×18 string style not only helps players return the ball but also helps the ball bounce higher, making it difficult for the ball to the end of the field.


  • Although the weight is quite light, the frame design is relatively thick and the tension is great, so the tennis can borrow the opponent’s power to return the ball very effectively.
  • Lighter head, so you can control the direction of the ball and the speed of the racquet.
  • Manipulation is extremely flexible, helping swing the racket fast, and creating a very good angle.


  • Difficult to make a big hit due to the lightweight of the racket.
  • The stiffness of the racket frame is quite high, causing hand fatigue when used for a long time

2. Babolat Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racquet


Babolat is refreshing as one of the most popular “tennis families” in the tennis industry this fall. The Pure Aero, formerly Aero Pro, became famous for its contracts with famous players whose first mention was the support of the Spanish giants – Rafael Nadal

Babolat tennis rackets are widely used on both major tournaments WTA and ATP, in addition to having become a favorite choice of consumers at many levels of competition. Once again, Babolat has several versions of tennis rackets for different styles and playability.

Pure Aero retains the Aero Modular technology from previous generations to assist users at every level with a higher head speed. As with Pure Aero 2015, Babolat refines grommets, and damper protection helps reduce the effects of wind force and increases head speed.

This year’s Babolat Pure Aero tennis racket model combines with Babolat’s Cortex Pure Feel to make the racquet more friendly to contact with the ball. The technology comes from a partnership with SMAC, a company with a long-standing relationship with the aerospace industry. This is a perfect combination, as they are experts in shock and vibration reduction. SMACWRAP, a thin layer of rubber viscosity placed at the 3 and 9 o’clock position of Pure Aero, is extremely comfortable for players.

Babolat innovates and introduces CARBON PLY STABILIZER to improve stability. CPly Carbon was developed by Chomorat, a French industrial company, and added above the third part of the racket (Throat) for more accuracy and stability. The FSI Spin incorporates an open string pattern with rectangular grommets for easy access to the spin while the built-in Woofer grommet system enhances the interaction between the ball and the string.

Babolat made an effort to make the Pure Aero series more comfortable to touch and hopefully bring a little easier on elbows and wrists. That is being said when they have kept up with the topspin friendly response that players already know and love. If you think previous versions were a little rough or slightly jarring on exposure, we encourage you to try the Pure Aero update.

3. YONEX Ezone 100 Lime Green Tennis Racquet

A heavier frame version than the original, the Yonex Ezone 100 (300g) tennis racket is designed for semi-professional tennis players, allowing players to target more accurately. Ezone 100 surface (300g) covered with blue and black paint creates a strong but very delicate feeling.

Groundstrokes: 84 points – Compared to its predecessor Ezone DR 100, Ezone 100 gives players the ability to hit the ball extremely strong and accurate. This is an ideal racket for players with a fast-paced play that wants to increase the weight and spin of the ball.

The Yonex EZONE 100 (300g) racket version is an impressive weapon with the lines from the baseline. Compared to the Ezone DR 100 version, this version has a lighter feel but still creates stability in the shots. With the 16×19 grid pattern, the players can perform the topspin, slice, … techniques quite easily even when exposed to the ball outside the center of the racket.

Volley: 85 points – EZONE 100 (300g) is quite stable in net situations. With fast swinging speed, this tennis racket helps players react quickly to accurate volley situations. Even without the right handling of the volley, the player retains good control, as well as the force of the ball due to the stiffness of the frame and high tension.

Serve: 82 points – EZONE 100 (300g) provides plenty of speed for serves. However, compared to the Babolat Pure Drive racquet with the same surface size, this model offers less power and more accuracy.

Return serve: 87 points – EZONE 100 (300g) is a racket that combines good maneuverability and stability of the frame. Sturdy frame design, which helps the players return the ball early, keeping the speed and spin of the opponent’s intact. The returns of the Ezone 100 racket also have a pretty deep drop point towards the end of the pitch and corner, better than the types with the same weight.


Overall, the Yonex EZONE 100 (300g) tennis racket is the perfect racket with the ability to create natural spin, stability in the ball, and extremely friendly to the arms. Having lightweight and balanced design as well as being light head, this raket is quite easy to use, suitable for players who do not have good strength.

4. Prince Textreme Tour 100L Tennis Racquet (4-1/2)

The Prince Textreme Tour 100P tennis racket is ideal for intermediate and professional players.  Textreme Tour 100P combines the speed of a modern racket with the control of an 18×20 thick string pattern, giving players a new experience and and helping them discover more new ways of playing and style for themself to improve their level.

Prince Textreme Tour 100P is enhanced with Textreme technology that provides outstanding improvement of two features: flexibility and stability. Like Textreme Tour 95, this racquet gives players a great feeling because most vibrations transmitted from racket to hand are absorbed optimally.

Despite not having the absolute agility as the lightweight racket, the Tour 100 still ensures to give players the speed needed to make the ball fast and with high accuracy.

A racket is designed with a delicate mix of two colors – green highlights and luxurious black. The racquet name is engraved with sophisticated laser technology, giving Prince Textreme Tour 100P an extremely eye-catching and impressive appearance.

The grip is designed to fit in the hand for a more comfortable grip, with a standard length of 27 inches, a large 100in² head size which will create strong hitting power and good ball control for players.

The touring ability of Tour 100P is highly appreciated as it provides a fast feel and accurate string reaction which helps players easily target and achieve accuracy in every shot.

5. HEAD Graphene XT Radical S Tennis Racquet (Unstrung)

The Graphene XT Radical S tennis racket will be the perfect choice for middle-class players who want to improve their skills and ability to increase speed and create swirling balls.

Tennis players are brought the new Radical S update that incorporates Graphene XT technology with lighter weight and better weight distribution. It makes it easy for players to play  and experience the unique features of the Graphene XT Radical product line.

With a large surface size of 102 in², this Head racket has a larger sweet spot area, making it easier for players to get the correct ball.

Dynamic String Pattern technology uses 16/19 string density with 8 vertical wires arranged centrally at the center of the racquet, increasing the ability to connect tightly between the strings to bring a sense of playability and the ability to control the ball.

The familiar technology used by the Head in the Radical line – Graphene XT makes the racket lighter but helps to make the weight on the head of the racquet and grip heavier so that the batter can create a stronger hitting force.

With the special design of the S version – large surface area but the lightweight helps tennis players to experience the unique features, easy to move and manipulate with the racket, without causing the player to lose too much energy and thus helps to increase the playing time. The portability of the product is one of the things that make people who have ever played Graphene XT Radical S racket impressive.

Graphene XT Radical S Tennis Racket offers outstanding advantages for players who like to play on the net, easily creating counterattacks.

With a lightweight and fast racquet manipulation, Graphene XT Radical S also gives players impressive experiences with durable shots accurately from the back of the field.

Compared to the previous version of Radical S, the new version of Radical S feels lighter and faster and is suitable for beginners who want to experience the power.


Tennis Racquet

The Main Symptom of an Elbow Injury

  • Pain or redness on the outer part of the elbow; the pain increases with the use of the opposing force in the elbow stretching.
  • Players have difficulty moving their forearms such as holding a racket and hitting them.
  • If severe, the pain will occur more often even when you are not playing tennis; the pain will appear when they are handling heavy objects, shaking hands or driving.

Things To Do When Injury To Elbow

  • Improve the strength and flexibility of your forearm muscles daily by stretching the outer forearm muscles: straighten sore arms with palms facing down (fingers pointing to the ground), use the other hand to hold hand, and bend down until you feel the tension of the outer forearm muscles.
  • Increase the grip strength of your hand by squeezing a dedicated compressed air ball for this exercise or otherwise use an old tennis ball that has reduced tension.
  • Increase the strength of the inner forearm: Sit in a chair, put your arm on your lap, palm facing the sky, hold the lightweight and start folding your wrist up and down; repeat 10-15 times, and then turn to the exercise next.
  • Increase the strength of the outer forearm muscles: Place the arms on the thighs, palms holding the weight and face the ground, bend the wrists up and down; repeat 10-20 times.

Effective Treatment of Elbow Injury (Elbow Syndrome)

Apply a cold compress to your elbow

It is one of the effective ways to reduce pain and swelling. Experts recommend applying 20 to 30 minutes to each elbow every 3 to 4 hours to treat elbow pain. It should be done for a few days, usually 2 to 3 days until the pain is gone.

Use the elbow support patch

Use the elbow support patch

A motor tape, also called Kinesio muscle tape, is also an effective treatment for elbow pain. Moreover, this technique can also be used to prevent elbow injuries. If used appropriately, elbow bandages can reduce pain during sports or daily activities, helping you get back to these activities earlier. Some elbow pain such as torn ligament on the side of the post, myocarditis tendon, torn lateral ligament and dislocated elbow can also be healed.

The mechanical tape is very easy to use. All you need to do is peel off the second layer of tape, then apply it to your skin. However, if possible, you should seek the help of professional therapists to be able to apply more accurately and effectively.

Exercise is also important in treating elbow pain

If you have elbow pain, you should do more movement exercises because they can contribute to reducing stiffness as well as increasing flexibility. Exercises given by a physical therapist can also gradually strengthen injured ligaments. Doctors and experts recommend that 3−5 moderate exercise a day be an ideal level.

If after one week the pain of your elbow persists or worsens, you should see and seek advice from a sports specialist. With long experience in the profession, they will give you effective treatments and help the injury heal faster. The two simplest methods that doctors recommend are shockwaves and intense laser projection.

Shockwave for treating elbow pain

Shockwave is a high-energy form of sound waves that affect pain points and damaged musculoskeletal tissue. It also promotes wound healing and regenerate bones, tendons, and other soft tissues. Sound waves affect tissues, speeding up the recovery of these tissues. Besides, sound waves also stimulate the formation of capillaries, accelerate the process of procollagen synthesis to support blood supply, and heal faster.

Shockwave shock wave for treating elbow pain

High-intensity laser projection

The intense IV laser stimulates deep and broad areas into the lesion, helping to regenerate tissue and heal the root of the pain. When the laser is projected, the body will form ATP (an energy source that keeps muscles and cells active and metabolized). Increasing ATP will help reduce inflammation, reduce pain, increase self-healing wound healing, whereby damaged cartilage and tissue structures can completely regenerate.

To prevent this type of injury, you should

  • Warm-up the body thoroughly
  • Adjust and correct techniques, especially backhand shots
  • Choose a racket with a ruler and reasonable tension
  • Use elbow support bandages during exercise
  • Play hard with moderate time and if you want to be able to increase slowly, gradually recover the ability to practice. Don’t play too hard or in bad weather.


Tennis Elbow

Some things to know to prevent elbow injuries: If you are not an experienced tennis player, you should study or seek out the teachers who are specialized in this subject for advice to choose for you. Pay attention to the body of the racquet with a moderate handle and tension that suits you or the accessories you need to practice. And pay special attention to the warm-up or stretching exercises before and after each tennis session. Follow the movements, rotate the shoulders, hit the ball … to avoid injury.

If you want to practice and play tennis effectively, first know how to protect yourself. Don’t let bad injuries, especially the elbow injuries, affect your training and passion for tennis.

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