10 Best Volleyball Shorts 2020 Reviews

Are you are a true volleyball enthusiast and struggling to find the right gear for the game? Considering the factors of the game, a right pair of volleyball shorts are a must-have for athletes to ensure high performance, optimum flexibility and comfort required for a high octane game.

When professionals around the world are still looking for that correct pair of shorts that help them maneuver easily, we have compiled a list of the most preferred volleyball shorts based on user reviews and research, which can help you focus on the game, without worrying about style and comfort. So, read on to find out what suits your style and enhances your performance.

How to choose the right volleyball shorts?

10 Best Volleyball Shorts Reviews

What are the features I need in a short? Before purchasing a pair of shorts and regretting it later, here are a few factors that you need to consider before making the buy.


When you are looking for your perfect volleyball shorts, several factors need to be considered. Although the style is subjective to one’s personality, comfort is the constant for all players. You would require a pair of shorts that make you comfortable in the game and blend with your personality. A comfortable pair of shorts not only helps you concentrate on the game but also boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

You would not like to walk in the court wearing a pair of baggy shorts making you look ridiculously old school and embarrassed about your appearance. Also, an extremely fitted pair of shorts would make you conscious of the numerous eyes staring at your body curves and distracting you from the game. An ideal pair will not be too tight or loose, not too long or short in length, hold up well without any snag, and perfectly blends with your body.

The nature of fabric, waistband, and threading plays a crucial role in the overall quality of the volleyball shorts. The waistband should be elastic, well fitted to your waist, and holds up your shorts as you reach for those high shots. The fabric should be stretchable ensuring maximum flexibility and free movement across the court. The threading should be strong to ensure it is resistant to rigorous movement. The seam should be strong yet flexible to facilitate stretching and free movement of legs and prevent any embarrassment.


For any sports apparel, it is important to choose the correct material which is skin-friendly, flexible, and moisture resistant. The right material will optimize your fluidity and help you to be more flexible. The material for volleyball shorts is mostly gender-specific. For instance, the recommended material for men’s shorts is polyester, nylon, or other synthetic materials. These materials are strong, water-resistant, and helps your skin breathe and release the heat.

In the case of women, the suitable material is polyester or nylon blended with spandex. This makes the shorts stretchable, skin-friendly, and absorbs sweat and moisture.  It helps an athletes’ body to breathe and remain dry, ensuring reduced friction and skin irritation. Regardless of gender, volleyball kits should be machine woven to give it more strength and resistance.

Best Volleyball Shorts


Since volleyball involves a high degree of continuous physical movement, the durability of your sporting gear is an essential consideration before you make your purchase. The quality of stitching and material used increases the endurance of your volleyball shorts.

For thick materials, single threading should be considered whereas for thinner material double threading is ideal to withstand different degrees of physical activity. Stretchable materials prevent the risk of a tear when you are extending your reach. It is always advisable to invest in high-quality material as it lasts longer and helps you save more money. Therefore, before you make a purchase, look into the composition and nature of the fabric used as high-quality products will ensure higher durability of your volleyball shorts.


All professional volleyball players will agree that the quality of their gears directly affects their performance. If you are serious about your game, it is essential to invest in good quality volleyball shorts. Purchasing a superior quality product will attract a higher price tag and is a lot dependent on your willingness to spend. However, the quality remains uncompromised.

Brands like Nike, Adidas, Asics, and Under Armour produce some high-quality sporting apparel at steep prices, yet professionals rely on these brands and purchase regularly. Despite their premium pricing, these brands have a loyal customer base across sports enthusiasts. Wearing these brands gives you an added morale boost in the court, especially if you are a newbie trying to make that statement. Look out for a branded purchase, follow the reviews, and make an informed decision before buying your volleyball shorts. Regardless of the price, the product you purchase should be value for money.

Overall Fit

Sports apparel requires careful consideration of the overall fit. It has to be comfortable enough to keep your focus solely on the game with zero distraction. The shape of your leg determines the fit of your shorts and it is different for either gender.

Usually, mid-length shorts gives you a full range of motion in a faced paced game. For volleyball players across the world, blended spandex remains the number one choice of material. For women, blended spandex ensures that they are steady on the thighs and avoid roll-ups. Men do not usually experience roll-ups given the shape of their thighs and hence have a wider range of options.

Going by the standard sizes, an ideal pair of shorts will reach up to the knee for men and mid-thigh length for women. Take proper measurements as there are different sizes and lengths for different body types and preferences. Pick a garment that boosts your confidence and not your anxiety levels.

Top 10 Best Volleyball Shorts

top 10 Best Volleyball Shorts

Based on user reviews, popularity, and research, we have a list of 10 Best Volleyball Shorts which we highly recommend for you.

Nike Performance 3.75”98/100 
Mizuna Vortex96.2 / 100
Baleaf 3 inch Active Spandex Compression Shorts95.6 / 100
Asics Baseline95.2 / 100
Adidas Women 4”94.8 / 100
Tough Mode Women 3”94 / 100
Under Armour Girl’s 4”93.8 / 100
Magnivit92.6 / 100
Cadmus Women’s High Waist91.2 / 100
Augusta Sportswear Enthuse91 / 100

1. Nike Performance 3.75”

When you are wearing Nike, you know that both your performance and confidence is on a rise. This is one of the finest products to make you feel every bit of a professional volleyball player.

With Nike, you never go wrong with the material and fit. This product has a dri-fit fabric that soaks up all the moisture keeping you dry and active during the game. You get the perfect blend of 82% polyester and 18% spandex, just the way you want to accelerate your moves. Nike products are versatile. From volleyball to cycling to your gym sessions, these shorts are perfect to maximise your performance. These shorts are designed with a wide stretch waistband that offers a snug, secure fit, and comfort around the waistline. The lined inseam gusset ensures extra comfort and helps you play a wide range of shots naturally.

Available in 10 colors, Nike ensures that it keeps its product lively. As you would expect, this product is priced at a premium but Nike guarantees that you would never go wrong with the quality and it is worth every extra buck you spend.

2. Mizuna Vortex

Made in the USA, the Mizuna Vortex comes with its trademark Mizuna Druglite technology for rapid evaporation. The material consists of a good mix of 88% microfiber polyester and 12% spandex. Look no further if it’s the size of the shorts which is bothering you. With a 4-inch inseam and size variations like XXS and XS, it fits both adults and teens perfectly.

Most of the time, female athletes are conscious of the length of the shorts. The Mizuna Vortex is not too long or short, ensures there are no roll-ups, and fits you just perfectly. With the array of choices, there is a size available for everyone. If you are just starting with volleyball, Mizuna Vortex provides you a great product with thicker material, higher seam, and durability.

Apart from high-quality material and comfort, Mizuna is highly recommended for the price. It is reasonably priced and has been a preferred choice for both adults and teens.

3. Baleaf 3 inch Active Spandex Compression Shorts


If you are looking for volleyball shorts that suit an average body type, the Beleaf 3 inch is just for you. It is a good quality blended product with 90% polyester and 10% spandex which keeps you dry and light with its moisture transport system that works efficiently to keep any sweat and moisture. It comes with a double layer triangle shaped gusset which ensures the shorts are not riding up. The logo design is striking and comes with reflective details for low light visibility.

The Baleaf comes with ergonomic flatlock seams. The breathable and soft material is smooth on the skin, fits perfectly, and causes no irritation. The stretch construction feature of this product improves mobility for continuous high paced action. Do not worry if you are heavy or muscular, this product fits you comfortably without making you look outrageous.

This product is unbelievably cheap. It is one of those products which is high on quality and easy on your wallet. You would not have to compromise on comfort as it is super easy on your body. It will leave you with a satisfying price point with a high value for money.

4. Asics Baseline

Users of Asics are loyal to the brand for its soft fabric and the flat seam stitching which makes your body move comfortably. Asics CoolMax crotch gusset, a 4-inch inseam, and an ideal waistband make it one of the most comfortable volleyball shorts for professionals. Asics is a soft, breathable, and comfortable option for anyone seeking a lightweight product. The flat seam does not cause any irritation on your skin.

So what makes Asics a preferred choice for volleyball athletes? Asics volleyball shorts are equipped with CoolMax technology which allows moisture to evaporate through the fabric, leaving your skin dry. On the court, your skin needs to breathe continuously to increase endurance. Asics Baseline comes with venting or mesh inserts which improve the breathability of your skin.

Being a trusted brand, the product comes with Asics Atomic Wash which is a durability standard established by Asics. With such measured durability standards, Asics guarantee a long-lasting pair of shorts. Asics Baseline is reasonably priced for a high-quality product. It is made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. It would make for a good purchase and make for a comfortable game of volleyball.

5. Adidas Women 4”

Adidas’ brand needs no introduction. It is one of the pioneer sports equipment brands around the globe and is known for the sheer quality of goods it manufactures. With volleyball shorts, the brand lives up to its expectation and delivers a high-quality product for the players.

Adidas uses 85% polyester and 15% elastane along with a 4-inch inseam to hold up your shorts and a wide waistband for additional comfort. The needlework is done masterfully so that it is almost invisible and gives you a flat front. This adds on to the overall comfort of the gear. The shorts are versatile and can be used on multiple occasions like workouts, cycling, or running. With the range of sizes and colors available, it is a trusted buy for kids, teens, and adults.

It is always value for money when you buy a quality product from Adidas. For some, it might feel a little expensive. But the sheer quality you pay for is a good investment if you are serious about the game.

6. Tough Mode Women 3”


The Tough Mode Women’s Athletic shorts are equipped with a cross-fit character to it. So how does it benefit you? The cross-fit character gives you added comfort and durability. It is one of those shorts which is made to resist the high degree of aggression demonstrated in the game. The soft and stretchable compression fabric gives a functional experience to the players enhancing the player’s ability to stretch naturally.

Tough Mode makes for a perfect addition to your sportswear. The fabric is sturdy and has a subtle matt finish. The finish ensures that it is not see-through, therefore avoids exposing your body. This can be a great choice for conscious parents, who do not want their kids to expose their bodies during training. The fabric used is advanced quality nylon which makes up for lightweight shorts for maximum mobility on the court.

Unlike other expensive volleyball shorts, Tough Mode is a good product within a smaller budget. For the comfort and overall make, it is a good bargain and highly recommended.

7. Under Armour Girl’s 4”

Under Armour shorts are made of soft and super breathable fabric, designed to give you maximum comfort and flexibility. The fabric used is a mix of 87% polyester and 13% elastane, which makes for a superior blend for volleyball shorts. It is an easy maintenance product with a quick dry quality. Along with its sweat absorb technology, it ensures you are dry during a match.

It is a product designed for increased functionality. The wide low rise waistband gives you the right amount of coverage. A two-inch interior waistband pocket is useful to keep your sports essentials and gadgets. The shorts use a four-way stretch construction fabric, which makes your movements across all directions relatively easier. Under Armour uses premium quality and high-grade fabric for all its products, and the volleyball shorts are no different.

The designers of this product are well aware of the impact of their products on the overall performance of the users. Hence, Under Armour comes at a premium pricing. However, the quality, comfort, and product experience are not compromised. You would not regret spending those extra bucks on this.

8. Magnivit


Magnivit gives you everything you look for in a volleyball short at a reasonable price. Considered one of the highly recommended choices by users, Magnivit gives a good blend of breathability, flexibility, and stability. What holds all these together is the fabric which is the blend of polyester and spandex, one of the most preferred fabric in volleyball. The quick-dry and thin material add to the overall comfort.

These versatile shorts are one the best gears for multiple outdoor activities like running, yoga, workout, cycling, and more. Consider the right size for yourself and purchase one which fits you comfortably. The thin soft fabric will not cling to your body and will allow smoother blood circulation. This is a great pick for girls and boys in their teenage or preteen years. It comes with good longevity and can withstand multiple washes.

The Magnivit comes in the classic combination of polyester and spandex which gives it excellent elasticity and durability. Considering the features and reasonable price, it is a good and safe deal.

9. Cadmus Women’s High Waist


Are you looking for a pair of volleyball shorts for your everyday use? The Cadmus Women’s High Waist shorts are designed exactly to serve this purpose. Made from 85% polyester and 15% spandex, these pair of shorts are your everyday companion for high-intensity activities.

For those conscious users, these shorts come in a non-transparent fabric. Additionally, the Dri Fit sweat-wicking fabric ensures your body perspiration does not dampen your performance. The fabric comes with a two-way air circulation technology which keeps a constant check on your body temperature and prevents excess heating and sweating. To enhance the ease of motion, the lightweight elastic material is used and gusseted crotch is provided. An additional feature is the hidden waistband pocket which serves as a cool spot to store your belongings.

Cadmus is a very reasonable product. It is available in multiple colors and you would not mind purchasing more than one. Considering its usability and versatility, it is a decent value for money.

10. Augusta Sportswear Enthuse

A pair of volleyball shorts that fit you well and lets you be at ease. The Augusta Sportswear Enthuse is 90% polyester and 10% spandex blended and gives you the versatility to use in multiple activities beyond volleyball. It has the ideal length reaching up to your mid-thigh and has a decent hold to prevent it from rolling up.

These functional compression shorts assures you better mobility and flexibility on the court. It is further equipped with moisture absorbing and odor resistant properties giving you an additional performance boost. The Augusta Sportswear Enthuse volleyball shorts has a broad and flat waistband with a smooth front. What makes it more comfortable are the U shaped gusset along with a 4-inch seam and those flat lock needlework.

With all the features adding up, this is a decent addition to your sports apparel. It is an overall good bargain. Without compromising on the quality and coming at a reasonable price, this is a highly recommended product.


Volleyball Shorts

What is the ideal length of volleyball shorts?

As per the standard, the ideal length of volleyball shorts would reach up to the knee for men and mid-thigh for women. Of course, there are variations to these lengths, and a player chooses one which is comfortable and allows them to move easily.

What is the best material for volleyball shorts?

Spandex is widely considered by experts to be the best material for volleyball shorts. Shorts made out of spandex holds onto your legs very well. It has excellent moisture-absorbing properties and is very stretchable which facilitates a full range of motion.

Does wearing tight shorts impact performance on the court?

Volleyball is a fast-paced game that requires a lot of flexibility. Wearing shorts that are too tight will leave your skin breathless. An extremely tight pair of shorts does not release the moisture and sweat from your skin, restrains blood circulation, and causes skin irritation which does not allow you to maneuver easily.

How should one maintain the volleyball shorts to ensure it lasts for a long time?

Most of the brands suggest machine wash for their volleyball shorts. After washing, it is best left to dry naturally. Brands like Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas come with a quick-dry feature which helps the shorts dry in minimum time.


Volleyball shorts are an important aspect of the overall performance of a player. Without the right pair of shorts, you would be risking your movement across the court. For a professional, it is essential to choose the right shorts which enhances his confidence and maneuverability and has a positive impact on his game. Therefore, choose your shorts carefully, ensure that you are comfortable in it, and do not compromise on the quality.

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