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10 Best Water Rowing Machine 2022 Reviews

This place is perfect for you, if you want to know about the best water rowing machine. Our objective is to guide you in choosing best rowing machine available in U.S. market. Apart from home water rowing machine selection, we help you to find out the selection criteria with FAQ section useful for all kind of exercisers (beginners or experienced). Air and magnetic rowing machines are much different from water rowers. Water rowing machines offer the realistic experience with uniqueness and natural feeling. W. B. Curtis invented this design in 1972 for athletes to receive the best work out during off-season. Although, air and magnetic rowers have their own benefits, still these are unmatchable with the performance of water rower.

Rowing is one of the best kind of cardiovascular exercise that itself consists countless of benefits for overall body and mind relaxation. Several people found it difficult to go outside and actually rowing in water as lack of resources and time. Such reasons made the invention of water rowing machine. These products have the potential to offer same feelings and benefits. Skilled rowers always utilized the water as resistance with calming sound of rowing stimulate the natural feel. You don’t need to go to lake, if you own the perfect rowing machine.

This product guide helps you to know about next big thing. Market is full of options and all claim to be best rowing machine. It all depends on the personal preferences, as some rowers prefer the premium gear model, while others opt for budget-friendly designs accessible by every kind of rower. Although, due to availability of so many models in market, the selection depends on “Which type is best suites with your objectives/budget/living space?”

Rowing machines can deliver a complete body training. This exercise can help you in burning around 210-377 calories within 30 minutes workout session according to rower’s weight.  Most of the water rowing machines have the unique design featuring many paddles connected with water tank to produce resistance. According to the handle pulling force, the paddles starts to spin and push the water back. The hardness of paddle depends on the speed of rowing (faster rowing makes the paddles harder). Such rowing machine has the feature to automatically set the rowing time with gliding platform along with watching the video or listening your favorite number. Every person can enjoy this high cardio exercise form.

Benefits of Water Rowing Machines

  • Massive calorie burn-out exercise
  • Self-tunable resistance
  • Easy to use and low-impact
  • Rowing machine abs
  • Enjoyable rowing training
  • Efficient full-body exercise

How to Choose the Best Water Rowing Machine

Best Water Rowing Machine reviews

Latest innovations offer the feeling of the things that you mostly missed out. Rowing is one of them. A huge number of people prefer indoor workout sessions, as it may not possible for them to take the feeling of outdoor activities. Rowing is one of such exercise that required proper resources. However, a good rowing machine can deliver the entire thrill as well as enjoyment of actual water exercise. Water rowing machine can offer you a solid dose of high impact cardio session suited for every major muscle group. Such products deliver the equivalent level of training sessions with natural and smooth motion.

Whenever you decide to by the water rowing machine, it is very important to take care about spacing at your place. The design of many rowing machines does not feature the foldability due to which such need extra space. So, buyer needs to examine all important factors while choosing the model in between the presence of several designs. The best serving model offers you the injury-free training with constant motivation to do exercise. Some of the key factor while making the decision are:


Several resistance types consist the latest architecture as for water (flywheel thrusts against water in tank), hydraulic (resistance generation via piston containing hydraulic fluid or two linked to the erg’s handles), air (spinning flywheel generates wind leads to drag) and magnetic (erg’s metal flywheel involves electromagnetic slow).


It is a challenge to design perfect model suited to any rower, as it requires the normal reach out length of 8ft. It may be difficult to get fit into smaller. Fortunately, market has full of options that features the advanced designs of water rowing machines that can help in storing the space. Furthermore, it notifies you if rower additionally tilted their front ends by keeping eye on them as well as automatically stored vertically.


Machine requires to large enough to offer proper leg straightening and sustain the comfortable rowing form, while compact enough to fit in the training space.


Rower prefers the fold up design for easy storage offered by some hydraulic and magnetic resistance machines, while others prefer the water/air resistance models.

Maximum user weight capacity

Most of the machines can easily take the load of 220 to 265 pounds or more depending on their supporting system design.


Most of the machines carry an advanced LCD system to display their records of accomplishment by monitoring the burn calories, speed, duration, distance, heartbeat etc. during the session.


All prefer the comfort first. The design should motivate the one to spend more time on doing exercise that needs a comfortable seat. It should large enough and contour to hold your backside in relaxed manner.


Such product are placing in expensive fitness equipment with the installation of higher-end gear pieces. Most of the water rowing machine are cost more than $600 with advanced features. However, such machines offer the good durability and last for several years with low maintenance.

Top 10 Best Water Rowing Machine

SereneLife Home Rowing Machine – Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine4.7
Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine Rower4.4
BATTIFE Water Rowing Machine Red Walnut Wood4.6
Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine4.8
Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Performance Monitor4.9
MaxKare Water Rowing Machine Water Rower4.8
NordicTrack RW Rower4.4
Mr Rudolf Water Rowing Machine with Bluetooth Monitor4.8
Eriding Rowing Machine Wood Water Rower with Monitor4.6
JOROTO Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine with LCD Display 250LB4.6

1. SereneLife Home Rowing Machine – Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine

SereneLife model is a foldable-seated rowing model with great features. Ideally designed to offer full body training sessions including the weight loss, fat burning, cardio fitness and sports training. You can enjoy the training with easy to use features and tone your muscles specially targeted on thighs, legs, shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearms etc. Well-suited for indoor use at gym or home. Air and magnetic resistance type offer the adjustable feature where you can set levels up to ten by just a twist of button.  It has a premium quality of build-up structure made of steel metal alloy with long durability. Easily can hold the weight up to 250 lbs.


  • Cost-effective
  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Complete body workout session
  • Compact


  • No backlight
  • Absence of HR chest strap

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine Rower

This product is highly in demand due to its water performance. It offers a unique rowing experience as to provide the steady as well as smooth stroke. Steel fan blades and flywheel generate the instant resistance and give the actual feeling of rowing. The water rowing machine has the advance design giving the experience of dynamic motions. It has 16 Hydro Blades for competitive rowing and sweat resistant handle bar without slipping fully capable to hold the grip by every hand size. Latest design offers the high level of ergonomics including the design of molded padded seat with highly functional and full of comfort. You can easily get on and off without any back straining or bending efforts. The highly advanced fitness technology involves the accurate tracking via LCD as R2 Fitness Meter featuring all the necessary training metrics such as Ambient Temperature, Heart Rate, Calories, Total Strokes, Time setting, and Total Workout Time etc. A great strength by having the load capacity of 220lbs. Non-slip rubber base feature makes it suitable for even adults or older age group people.


  • Large sized LCD screen
  • Authentic resistance via water tank and 16-blade fan wheel
  • Easy going with ANT+ HR units
  • Sturdy frame supports 250lbs of load capacity


  • Need to buy chest strap monitor separately
  • Lack and awkward durability felt while using foot pedals

3. BATTIFE Water Rowing Machine Red Walnut Wood

BATTIFE water rowing machine offers the elegant wooden design that makes it to look like a home furniture with easy storage. Manufacturer keep in mind to make it like a machine that suits the home décor by using the wooden design. It has in-built wheels that makes it easy to move on flat floor from one place to another without much energy. Such product uses red walnut wood as for durability. People can experience the actual water rowing with the addition of tank consisting water-rowing sound. Workout sessions keep monitoring by the display with significant statistics as Average Calories Burnt per hour, Distance, Time spent and Strokes per Minute (SPM). This product offers the vivid outdoor experience with the soothing sound of rushing water, normally the sound level of less than 65dB without disturbing the others. A silent workout for all in the early morning or late night.


  • Real rowing experience with the splashing water sound
  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Easy on the joints
  • Real red walnut wood finish
  • Maximum load capacity of 280lbs
  • Cozy and soft cushioned seat
  • Easily assembled


  • Doesn’t suit with everyone taste

4. Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

If you are looking for rowing machine with some additional form of exercises (such as curls), then this product is perfect for your full body workout. It is the only rowing machine including the Bluetooth as smart cloud fitness tool. Best features of this rowing machine are the 21.5” of extra wide grip foam handlebar. You can set the easy workout tempo as it offers 14-level resistance (transmission magnetic tension). It means, you can challenge yourself and enhance the training level according to your fitness goals. Comfortable seat with large console is the another quality of this product that constantly track your records as scan, SPM, calories burned, total count, time and distance on large 3.5” LCD. As compared to the other products, fitness reality may be the latest brand in market, still it delivers high quality product particularly to those who weigh up to 250lbs. Latest design involves a comfortable patent-pending stabilizer for some extra workout options as standing shoulder presses, shrugs, tricep extensions, upright/over rows and curls.


  • Best suited to experienced people
  • Adjustable footpad
  • Great app work
  • Well-assembled
  • Low noise level
  • Rowing resistance with 14-levels
  • Comfortable seat
  • LCD screen tracker
  • Front stabilizer foot pads with additional form of exercises


  • Problem in rolling wheels
  • Off-placement in pivot pedals makes it uncomfortable

5. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Performance Monitor

Concept2 Model comes with latest design with advanced monitoring features. This product is perfect for beginners as it consists the all the instructions as in-build guide. You don’t need the professional trainer as it automatically guides you well. The design carries the ergonomic handle with adjustable footrests, 14-inch seat height and the weigh capacity of up to 500lb. The foldability feature offers you to save more space as it comes into two separate pieces with easy to assemble form by just using eight screws. Easy to move due to caster wheels makes it perfect for gym as well as apartments. High-resolution digital display track the real-time reliable statistics and can link with heart rate belts wirelessly. Manufacturer takes care about safety features also as the spiral damper and air resistance flywheel offers you the simple adjustment in the position changed of airflow flywheel. Low noise generation due to the flywheel fitted with fan blades.


  • Adjustable handle for fordable arms
  • Caster wheels enhance mobility
  • Durability
  • Best suited to HIIT workouts
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Easy to use
  • Foot grip fitting


  • Expensive

6. MaxKare Water Rowing Machine Water Rower

MaxKare product challenges you as it makes you to give the real experience of rowing with water resistance. This machine delivers you a different feel as you can sense the actual stroke on water. The ergonomic design of rowing machine makes your training more enjoyable as it suited to everyone with easy to work out and hold features. It has the user capacity of up to 264lbs. Large LCD keeps tracking all your training statistics as calories, distance, SPM and time. MaxKare is a big brand name in the market with durable design as it is made of stainless steel and adjustable footplates. The stabilizer offers you the comfortable back support, foam-padded handles with 5 adjustable hole sites and large cushioned seat. Availability of simple pulley system with best safety feature.


  • High water resistance
  • Budget friendly
  • Simple assembled
  • Sturdy with durability
  • Smooth resistance
  • Save space
  • Precise tracking of SPM


  • Better display could be possible
  • Noisy seat movement

7. NordicTrack RW Rower

A good value product featuring the interactive personal training sessions for indoor with highly developed studio/global workout programs. The advanced SpaceSaver model offers you the best workout sessions with 26 trainer recommended resistance levels with actual life water resistance and silent magnetic resistance. It delivers the low noise and silent training compatible with inertia enhanced flywheel model. The ergonomic model involves the large HD smart LCD with immersive workout programs, comfortable seat and adjustable console angle. It is the quietest rowing machine available in the market due to its most advanced features as running on magnetic running system. Compact design make it simple to store in a room attached with front mounted transport wheels for easy room-to-room shifting process.


  • Touchscreen tracker for calorie count
  • Good choice for pros or beginners
  • High resistance levels
  • Durability
  • Effective iFit training programs


  • Little loud due to beeping sound
  • Absence of auto-switch function (on/off)

8. Mr Rudolf Water Rowing Machine with Bluetooth Monitor

If you are looking for a machine with all the automatic professional trainer guidance, then this product is perfect for you. You can manually set and get training on three different modes as Target, Interval Custom and Manual options. Such modes target to make training program interesting with proper time management feature. It offers you the enthralling experience of real water rowing as it designed like a ship with all the comfort and easy for home use. Adjustable height footplates with straps, active recoil system and ergonomic seat make your training comfortable. Compact feature includes the transport wheels and provide you to easily store in closet or against the wall when not used. The design includes the material of solid oak wood dual rails and carries the weight capacity of up to 320 pounds.


  • Durability
  • Best for home use
  • Comfortable seat
  • Preset training sessions with good monitoring


  • Expensive

9. Eriding Rowing Machine Wood Water Rower with Monitor

Premium design offers the use of actual black walnut wood without any chromatic aberration. This product has dimensional stability with amazing durability. Highly advanced features equipped with extraordinary self-regulating resistance and natural rowing dynamic via patented water flywheel. Each stroke makes you feel like the real water rowing experience with a calming sound of rushing water. Intelligent tracking system offers you the readings of total time, distance, calories burned and workout intensity. Convenient to store in small places with no requirement of lubrication. Offers you the silent workout with the normal sound level of below 65 dB makes you to go for training session anytime.


  • Solid wooden rower
  • Durability
  • No noise
  • Compactness
  • Good monitoring


  • Bit Pricey

10. JOROTO Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine with LCD Display 250LB

JOROTO product offers the most quite workout sessions as the design involves no-touch magnetic resistance, aluminum slide rail and premium solid aluminum flywheel for smooth performance. Highly compact makes it fit with in less than 0.15 m2 of space. Special design includes the dual caster wheels for easy movements. Adjustable magnetic resistance with non-slip pedals and workout sessions designed for 10-levels target. Easy to use for both beginners or experts with ergonomic design and soft handlebar. Equipped with digital monitor to motivate you for goal accomplishment. Additional phone holder feature to offer you to watch videos while doing exercise.


  • Space-saving design
  • Quiet and smooth usage
  • 10 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Versatility


  • Using the phone holder can block the display
  • Basic display monitor


10 Best Water Rowing Machine

Tell me about water rowing machine

A training equipment uses water as the resistance source containing water tank with immersed fan. User can take the experience of natural water rowing by rowing leads to the fan blades row against the water and producing the resistance.

What would I prefer to buy in between– Air or Water Rower?

Both have almost same design pattern except the placing of cord connected with a fan wheel and handle. Both have same principles of working as harder you row, tougher the training will be. In summary the feature of both are:

Water rowers: Best design, bulkier with full tank, less adjustable water levels, less accurate monitor, more soother/slightly quieter, more costly.

Air rowers: High foldability, lighter/compact, easy to adjust, bit noisy, highly advanced monitoring system, slightly cheaper.

Which one is better: Treadmill or a Rowing Machine?

Both have their different audience. If you are looking for only to burn calories, then you should opt for treadmill over a rower. But, if you want to toned the multiple body parts with different workout programs, then you should go with a rowing machine.

Is Every Day usage is possible on rowing machine?

Yes, it offers you the different kind of exercise that motivates you to do workout every day. You just need to set your fitness goals and determination level to make each session more enjoyable. Start slowly if you are a beginner as you may feel pain after completing the exercise. But, you get habitual soon. It is a good exercise specially for your lower back with low-impact activity.

Do I get the ripped performance by rowing?

It all depends on your efforts and self-discipline with good workout routine.

Is this product good for cardio of building muscles?

Absolutely as it targets on different parts of body to offer you a good cardiovascular workout.

How I can choose the best value of rowing machine?

It all depends on your personal preferences as additional of advanced features make the product expensive as compared to the basic models.


Water Rowing Machine

We present you the complete guidebook of the best available water rowing machine. Such products are highly reviewed by the customers. The ultimate pick for you depends on the number of features that you are looking for. The price varies highly from basic model design to highly equipped models. If you want to try something fun rather than doing regular exercises then you can go with water rowing machines.  Latest report shows the excellence performance of Sunny Health & Fitness as the Editor’s Choice.

Happy Rowing!

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