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9 Best Wrist Guards For Snowboarding 2022 Reviews

A wrist guard is a device designed to protect the wrist during certain sports and workouts. They are usually sold in snowboard, skateboard and other sporting goods stores. It can also be ordered and purchased online.

What is a snowboarding wrist guard?

A snowboarding wrist guard is also a device used to protect the wrist, but this time they are used when snowboarding.

Parts of a snowboarding wrist guard:

There are a few specific parts of the wrist guard I would like to address. They include:

  • The wrist splint
  • The thumb hole
  • The fasteners
  • The padding elements

The wrist splint: This part of the snowboarding wrist guard is the dorsal stabilization element and it is located at the dorsal part of the wrist guard.

The thumb hole: Well I’m sure this is very explanatory, this is the part of the wrist guard where the thumb is inserted.

The padding elements: There are two padding elements. They are;

  • Wrist paddings and
  • Palm paddings

How To Choose The Best Wrist Guard For Snowboarding

Best Wrist Guards For Snowboarding Reviews

Common features to look into when purchasing a snowboarding wrist guard include:

Wrist guard design

This is where it all begins. The protective element of the wrist guard must be well constructed and designed and must also be proven effective.

Majority of the wrist guards you see around today feature the latest technologies that permit you to move your hand comfortably without being excessively restrictive or restraining. Polyester and nylon are the common materials used because they are stout at the same time flexible enough to allow you to control your gear perfectly.

Splint Guard

Sometimes, the wrist guard might extend beyond the wrist, this will ensure a better protection in case of a fall as the bones will not be subject to pressure. It is advised that you get the right balance to guarantee the best performance.


Cushioning is advantageously placed so it does not make your wrist guard feel extremely bulky. This technology will affect your aptitude to practice snowboarding.

Fit and Comfort

You should not make the straps too taut because it could affect the comfort or mobility, but if you wrist guards are too loose they can suddenly fall, leaving your hands uncovered.

Dry Technology

This feature helps keep your hands warm so they stay dry. Make sure the wrist guards you are purchasing are water proof or water resistant to prevent wet or cold hands during seasons like winter.

Warmth Technology

Coupled with dry technology, the quality of the membrane and insulation will establish how much warmth is held inside the gloves. Search for specific thermal ratings to make sure you get the gloves that will keep your hands warm on cold days.

Liner Material

Liners are layers inside the gloves expected to provide warmth. They are usually moisture wicking and durable and are apposite if your hands get cold or if you intend to snowboard in unpredictable temperatures. They are mainly designed with wool or fleece and they are better if they are removable.

Removable Liner

Removable liners are necessary for three main reasons which include:

  • The gloves and liners can be dried out easily and faster
  • It is very easy to clean the liner when it is needed
  • Removable liners help you take the glove off and put them back on more readily without turning the whole gear inside out.


Breathable vents are not very widespread and common but they are very important. Through venting moisture and sweat out of your gloves, they will ensure your hands are dry and warm

Shell Material

Designers have created innovative technologies that combine breathability and waterproof functions with a membrane layer to effectively avoid the infiltration of water and other water elements into the gloves, at the same time permitting moisture molecules to escape to the exterior. Some popular membrane materials are Gore-Tex while the shells are made of nylon, leather materials or PU.

Other features to look into are;

  • Nose Wipe
  • Goggle cleaner
  • Storm leash
  • Cuff

Moving on …

These are the factors that you could consider when purchasing your snowboarding wrist guard, although finding the best pair of wrist can be tiresome, I hope this helps you find whatever it is you are looking for.

Top 9 Best Wrist Guards For Snowboarding

Best Wrist Guards For Snowboarding

Dakine Wristguard4.7
Burton Adult Wrist Guards4.8
DaKine Unisex Wristguard Gloves4.8
LEVEL Fly Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards4.6
Level Fly Trigger Snowboard Gloves with BioMex Wrist Guards4.8
Level Super Carve Snowboard Gloves, BioMex Wrist Guards4.3
Level Half Pipe GTX Women's Snowboard Protective Gloves with GoreTex5.0
Seirus Innovation 1210 DaBone Winter Cold Weather Unisex Glove4.4
CTHOPER Wrist Guard, Impact Protective Glove Wrist Brace Support Pads for Snowboarding4.5

1. Dakine Wristguard

Product description

Dakine’s wrist guard is designed with a 100% stretchy abrasion-resistant neoprene which makes it a formfitting wrist guard. It has a low profile design as it is usually worn under the gloves or mitten. On the interior part is an aluminum that is strong enough to deliver liberal protection and it is also lightweight for uninterrupted mobility of the hands.

It is also designed with an adjustable wrist clench outfitted with a hook and loop closure, which gives it a perfect and comfortable fir on your hands. It is 20cm wide.


  • Lightweight
  • Provides remarkable protection
  • It fits under many gloves and mitts


  • It makes some gloves fit quite tight.

2. Burton Adult Wrist Guards

Product description

Made of 100% polyester and imported materials, it has an adjustable closure and it can be washed in a machine, it is 9” long and 6” wide. It is designed with flexible tapered top splints and flexible hook and loop adjustments, it is also designed with a flexible Velcro adjustment and a soft palm pad.

It has a low profile design as it is also worn under the glove.


  • Delivers a comfortable fit
  • Provides an additional stealth protection
  • They are easy to put on and also take off
  • Good quality


  • It won’t fit well in tight gloves

3. DaKine Unisex Wristguard Gloves

Product description

These unisex snowboarding unisex wrist guard gloves will keep you warm and toasty while you are on the slope and they will provide optimum protection to your wrist when you are snowboarding. They are modeled with comfort in mind and they work to support a satiated range of movement, still while providing support. They are 5” long and 8” wide.

It has a nose wipe technology, it also has a gauntlet and its closure is drawcord.


  • Designed with durable material
  • Provides sated protection, comfortability and it is very warm.
  • It has a DK DRY patented technology that keeps the hands dry and ready for snowboarding.


  • It is not supportive enough for aggressive snowboarders.

4. LEVEL Fly Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards

Product description

The level fly glove wrist guard is a hardwearing model which is designed with the combination of pure polyester shell and Kevlar material at the palm region, and also with a combination of innovative technologies integrated into its design, this combination makes a very good selection for both the advanced/professional and the audacious snowboarders.

Level fly glove snowboarding wrist guard presents the BioMex wrist protection technology that holds your wrist secure in an anatomical position thus reducing the risk of injuries without limiting your wrist’s natural and normal movement. It is also modeled with the Membra-Therna Plus dry technology that keeps the hand warm and dry because of the outstanding water resistance property.

It has a nose wipe situated at the edge of the thumb for wiping the nose conveniently, it also has a goggle cleaner on the edge of the index finger and air vents at the tip of the fingers.


  • Lightweight
  • Exceedingly breathable
  • It allows for optimum dexterity
  • Waterproof.


  • The Velcro straps present in the glove can wear down.

5. Level Fly Trigger Snowboard Gloves with BioMex Wrist Guards

Product description

The level fly trigger snowboard gloves with has more or less the same features and technologies as level fly snowboard gloves. It is integrated with the BioMex wrist guard mechanism that positions your wrists firm and steady inside the gloves to offer it the freedom of a normal movement at the same time protecting it from injuries. The Membra-Therm technology designed the wrist guard keeps your hands warm and dry, it also has a breathable and durable waterproof shell and a warm detachable fleece liner on the inside.

This wrist guard gloves has the design of a mitten only that the thumb and index fingers section separated from the other, thus striking a good balance deftness and warmth. This feature differentiates it from the level fly wrist guard model.

It is lightweight and it has the protective Kevlar palm with rubber element to improve its grip and hold. It is also waterproof and outfitted with cuffs that lock around the wrist to avoid snow from penetrating the glove.


  • Breathable and durable
  • It offers maximum protection
  • It has a detachable fleece liner that provides additional warmth


  • The policies and rates might change a little before it gets shipped away.

6. Level Super Carve Snowboard Gloves, BioMex Wrist Guards

Product description

Level super carve snowboard gloves with BioMex wrist guards design comes with a superior level of durability and protection. It features an in-built dual density BioMex Plus wrist guard, it also has a breathable waterproof Gore-Tex shell found in other models. It goes ahead to integrate the advanced breathable Gore Windstopper liner internally. This liner is cozy and breathable but most of all, it functions as a second water resistant later to ensure dryness at all times.

It has a protective suede silicone patch with enhanced durability characteristics which is located on the palm. Also, the long cuffs function properly at preventing snow and the mitten-like design guarantees warmth.


  • It delivers high quality protection and warmth
  • It is breathable and durable


  • It restricts hand movement during exercises.

7. Level Half Pipe GTX Women’s Snowboard Protective Gloves with GoreTex

Product description

Level half pipe GTX snowboard protective wrist guards are one of the best snowboard wrist guards and the most protective. This feature allows them to be ideal for aggressive snowboarders. The mitten integrate BioMex Plus technology further features an additional padding for advanced wrist protection.

The level half pipe GTX snowboard protective wrist guard integrates the breathability waterproof Gore-Tex shell. It is layered with the impact, heat, durable and the abrasion resistant Kevlar fabric in its palm.


  • Consists of detachable fleece liner which helps for easy cleaning
  • Can be used under all weather conditions
  • Has a leash which prevents misplacement


  • NA

8. Seirus Innovation 1210 DaBone Winter Cold Weather Unisex Glove

Product description

The Seirus innovation 1210 DaBone winter cold weather unisex glove is designed with durable Duraplex. It features a special PVC palm patch that is non-slip as well as durable. For insulation, this wrist guard features Seirus innovation’s own DryHand detachable lining that weighs 200g thermolite insulation. It is very well breathable and it is waterproof, it preserves the warmth generated by your hands inside the gloves.

Its protection technology features detachable plate on the edges and a fixed one behind the glove making them a versatile choice. It has gauntlet-style cuffs outfitted with cuff cinch and a drawstring which prevents water or snow penetration. It shell is 100% nylon


  • Designed with pure premium materials
  • Provides every important feature that you would need in a wrist guard
  • It offers optimal protection.


  • The elastic pull string on the Velcro wristband gives up sooner than the other parts of the glove.

9. CTHOPER Wrist Guard, Impact Protective Glove Wrist Brace Support Pads for Snowboarding

Product description

This is a universal and all round wrist guard, it is versatile and it can be used for wrist protection or injury relief. It features a premium/quality moisture wicking cotton which helps keep your hand dry at all times, it has adjustable wrist straps outfitted with Velcro closure which delivers an exceptional fit. It also has friction-prone part of the palm which has been reinforced with thick fabric, giving the wrist guard a better cushioning aptitude for a safer snowboarding.


  • Maintenance is trouble-free
  • Shock absorbing
  • Provides maximum comfort
  • Made of anti-sweat breathable fabric
  • It can be used of multiple activities


Wrist Guards For Snowboarding

How do I maintain my snowboard wrist guards?

Washing your wrist guards is necessary as it helps get rid of sweat, dust particles and debris that remain accumulated inside and outside the wrist guard. Note that not all wrist guards can be washed in a washing machine because it can damage the stitching. Make use of lukewarm water and mild soap to soak the wrist guards for some minutes

Rinse them and then let them air dry for a lengthy period of time, make sure you don’t wash them unless you are certain that there is sufficient time for them to dry properly.

Can my wrist guards be used for other sports?

As a matter of fact, yes it can. Luckily there are models designed as multi-purpose.


In summary to what I already stated in the entire article, wrist guards are essential for several reasons but the major reason is for protection against wrist injuries, as it is crystal clear that majority of the injuries induced during snowboarding are to the wrist.

It is advised that all snowboarders, both beginners and experts use wrist guards at all times when skiing or snowboarding for safety precautions.

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