10 Best Youth Baseball Cleats 2022 Reviews

A baseball game requires a lot of running and movement while playing the game. The person needs to move continuously be it for covering the base or for catching the ball. The person needs to move a lot during the game and therefore one good thing they must have to do so are the baseball shoes. Unlike other sports where you can use any type of shoes, in baseball one must use a specific type of shoes called cleats. Cleats are baseball shoes specifically designed to aid in the movement during the baseball game. Movement is an important part of the baseball game therefore one must choose the best baseball shoes or baseball cleats. Good baseball cleats will help you to move easily around the baseball field and will also help to prevent any injury to your feet. If you too want a good pair of baseball cleats for yourself, however, you aren’t able to select the best pair for yourself, then we are here to help you. We will teach you everything that will help you to buy the best youth baseball cleats that are available in the market. Let’s see how can you do so.

How to Buy Best Youth Baseball Cleats


A good pair of baseball cleats will help you to maintain easy speed and grip on the ground. They will help you to move easily while playing the baseball game and will also help to maintain the intensity of your game. The main question which we receive a lot if how to buy the best youth baseball cleats. We will try to answer this question by listing all the things that are necessary for getting a good pair of baseball cleats. A good pair of baseball cleats can be easily chosen by keeping 3 points in the mind. Keep these points in the mind and you can easily buy good baseball cleats for yourself. What are these 3 points are why are they necessary? Let’s see them all in the details.


The first part is the material of the baseball cleats. The baseball cleats that you are going to use are made out of some raw material. Buying baseball cleats that are made up of the best raw material is necessary. There are numerous materials from which cleats can be made. Some are made up of leather while others use more complex raw material. The raw material is necessary as a good raw material will provide easy ventilation, breathability while wearing the cleats. The best raw materials will make sure that the cleats are durable and last long. Buy cleats that are made u of high-quality material. This will ensure that they last longer and have high durability.


The next part is the cleat type. This one is probably the most important point one must remember while buying cleats. There are different types of cleats and each one of them has its own set of benefits. Therefore, make sure you select the best cleat type according to your gameplay. Let’s have a look at the different cleat types and the benefit of each cleat type.

  • Molded

The first one is the molded cleats. Molded cleats are better for you if you want more comfort while wearing baseball cleats. The molded cleats type is made out of versatile and durable cleats. These provide maximum comfort and also help to lower the pressure in the feet. This helps the person to stand on any surface. Due to this reason, molded cleats can be worn on any surface and still provide great comfort to the player.

  • TPU or MCS

The next type of cleats is the TPU or MCS cleats. These cleats are pretty much the same as the molded cleats, the main difference is that these cleats use harder plastic for their traction. These studs have a strong abrasion and impact resistance. These are useful if you want to prevent any injury to your foot while maintaining the same comfort level as that of the molded cleats. Another good thing about these cleats is that they are lighter than other cleats type. These can be a good choice for the player who wants protection and comfort in their baseball cleats.

  • Metal type

The next type of cleats is the metal type cleats. If you looking for these cleats type then the first thing you have to do is check if your league or coach allows these cleat types. As the name suggests, these cleats are made up of metal and therefore have a high risk of hurting other players. Due to this reason, these are reserved for high school players or advanced/ professional players. The best thing about these cleats is the grip they provide. The metal spikes penetrate the grounds easily and therefore the player has a tight grip in their foot. This makes running a lot easier for the players.

  • Turf cleats

The last type of cleat type is the turf cleats or the trainer cleats. These cleats are sleek and provide comfort to the players. These cleats provide a lot more grip than other cleat types, however less than the metal types. If you want to have a better grip and comfort while running, but your league does not allow metal cleats, then these cleats can be a lot useful for you. These cleats have better grip and comfort than other cleat types. These can be used for training as well.



Once you have selected the cleat types, then comes the next point in the list which is the cleat height. One also needs to consider the cleat height while selecting the baseball cleats for your game. There are two types of cleats based on their height. These are high cleats and low cleats. Let’s see each one of them.

  • Low cleat height

The first type is the low cleat height. These cleats are lighter than the high cleats and they have more fit for the player. These cleats are best for players who want speed and agility in the game. People choose low height cleats when they want speed in the game and also when they want lightweight cleats for themselves. The bad thing about these cleat types is that they trade off the security of the person. While wearing these cleats, the person is more prone to an ankle injury. Therefore, choose these cleats height while keeping this point in mind.

  • Mid/high cleat

The next cleat height in the mid/high cleat types. These are the opposite of low baseball cleats. They are made to provide more security and stability to the player. These cleats provide more support to the ankle of the player and prevent any injury to the ankle of the player. The downside of these cleat types is that they increase the weight of the baseball cleats which can be a problem to some of the players. We recommend these cleats if you want security and protection in your baseball cleats.

So, for now, if you want to buy baseball cleats, all you need to look for are the height of the cleats, type of the cleats, and material of the cleats. Using these three points you can easily go on and select the best baseball cleats for yourself. Make sure to select the best baseball cleats as they will allow your movements more freely, and such baseball cleats will last long. If you don’t want to search for baseball cleats on your own, then you can have a look at our collection of baseball cleats. The link will be provided after every baseball cleats. We have made sure to select the best and affordable cleats that will help you to improve your baseball game greatly.

Top 10 Best Youth Baseball Cleats


New Balance 40404.7
New Balanced 30005.0
New Balanced 3000 VP4 TPU4.7
Mizuno MIZD94.8
Adidas Men’s Icon4.9
Under Armour Leadoff RM jr4.9
Under Armor Kids Harper 44.8
Nike Lunar Vapor4.5
Nike Men’s Alpha Huarache4.7
Adidas Adizero Afterburner V4.7

1. New Balance 4040

New Balanced company is well known to produce both quality and economical baseball cleats. There latest innovation is the 4040 series which is a good option for many beginner players. The cleats are made up of rubber and the shoe itself has a rubber sole. The rubber cleats provide comfort to the player however they aren’t able to form a good grip on the ground. These baseball cleats are good for beginners and players who want maximum comfort in their gameplays. Beginners players tend to wear comfortable cleats as they have to practice for several hours while wearing those cleats. Therefore, these cleats are a good option for them as the rubber sole and the rubber cleats provide a good comfort base for the players.


  • Made up of synthetic fibre
  • Variety of colour and sizes available
  • Cleat type is molded while the height of the cleats is a low top
  • Rubber sole provides a good comfort level.
  • Good for beginners’ players.


  • Not water-resistant. Due to this feature, it is not a good choice for some players.
  • Not quite long-lasting or durable since it is made up of synthetic fibres that tend to wear out soon enough.

2. New Balanced 3000

The series 3000 from new balanced is also a good choice for some advanced or professional players. These baseball cleats are made up of metal which restricts their usage greatly. Since metal cleats can only be used in selected game leagues, an only certain type of player buys this series. The baseball cleat is made up of leather which makes it high in durability and also long-lasting. These baseball cleats have a rubber sole which makes them quite comfortable to wear even for a long duration. It is a good choice if your league allows the use of metallic cleats in it.


  • Made from leather material and therefore they are quite durable and long-lasting.
  • They have rubber sole fitted in them which makes it quite durable and comfortable.
  • Cleat height is low top.
  • Synthetic and mesh upper


  • The main drawback of these baseball cleats is its cleat types. Due to the metallic cleats, we suggest you buy it only if your leagues allow the use of metallic cleats. These are more used by professional players and high league matches players as they allow the use of metallic cleats in them.

3. New Balanced 3000 VP4 TPU

Another good baseball cleat forms the 3000 series of new balanced shoes. These are different from 3000 as you can say they are an upgraded version of them. Unlike the 3000 series which had metallic cleats used in them, these baseball cleats are made up of TPU/ MCS clears and therefore can be worn by any age players. These baseball cleats are pretty much similar to the earlier mentioned 3000 series, however, they have certain up-gradation in it. The main addition is the comfort collar which is added in these baseball cleats. These improve the comfort level of the baseball cleats and make it even more comfortable to wear. Fresh foam midsole used in it also helps to increase the support as well as the comfort of the player.


  • TPU cleats give better comfort than the metal ones.
  • Rubber sole for increase comfort along with the fresh foam midsole and the comfort collar. These all mixed gives greater comfort to the player and also help them to wear these baseball cleats for a long time
  • Bootie construction
  • Made up of synthetic fibres and also have a mesh upper


  • Mixed reviews about the quality and durability of these shoes.
  • Not waterproof

4. Mizuno MIZD9

Mizuno company produces the most economical and yet durable baseball cleats that exist in the market. The one baseball cleats that we have brought for you are Mizuno MIZD9. These baseball cleats are made and yet 100% durable and comfortable. These baseball cleats have a low-cut design, which makes them extremely economical. They have rubber soles which makes them highly comfortable to wear. Apart from that, the cleats are also made up of rubber which provides superior comfort and durability at any surface. These are handmade and yet are so economical, which makes us place them in our best three lists. The comfort you get on these baseball cleats is unmatched and also amazing.


  • Man-made baseball cleats
  • Rubber sole and cleats make them durable and long-lasting
  • Baseball cleat patterns
  • Full length of the midsole which helps to provide a cushion effect in the foot
  • These are best for the artificial turf fields
  • Molded cleats of low-top height
  • Economical and long-lasting


  • The size and colour options of these baseball cleats are limited.
  • Non-removable insoles are also one bad thing about these baseball cleats

5. Adidas Men’s Icon

Adidas brand is well known to build high-quality baseball cleats. One of their prized possession is the Adidas men’s Icon baseball cleats. These baseball cleats are made up of pf synthetic fibres or textile fibres. The sole is also synthetic. These are quite comfortable due to the bounce cushion effect provided by the soles of these baseball cleats. They provide superior grip to the player which is due to the metallic cleat types of these shoes. Due to this, these baseball shoes become highly selective as only certain league players use these baseball cleats. They also have enhanced traction which helps the player a lot in the field. In our experience, these are good baseball cleats for players whose leagues allowed metallic cleats and also who can afford them.


  • The synthetic material used to build the baseball cleats along with the synthetic soles.
  • The bounce cushion effect of these baseball cleats helps to increase the comfort and flexibility of these baseball cleats.
  • They have high breathability due to the Nubuck upper.
  • Iron skin toe cap provides abrasion resistance to the players.
  • The traction provided by these baseball cleats are also high due to the steel-trap outsole plate


  • Expensive. The main drawback of these baseball cleats is its high price. One can find much better baseball cleats in the same price range as these.
  • Metallic cleats type which makes them selective.

6. Under Armour Leadoff RM jr

If you want youth baseball cleats, then this one is a good choice to start with. The under Armor Leadoff RM jr series are good baseball cleats that provide better flexibility and comfort to the player. The nubuck used in the baseball cleats helps to provide balance and durability to the player. These are a good option for the beginner who has just begin playing the baseball game. These protect against the injury and also help to provide support, comfort to the player when needed.


  • Made from leather which helps in retaining the durability of the baseball cleats
  • Maximum durability and comfort for the player.
  • Nubuck increase the breathability in the baseball cleats
  • Snug fit and low-top cleat heights.


  • Meant for narrow foot kids. If your foot size is wide, then maybe these baseball cleats won’t be a perfect fit for you.

7. Under Armor Kids Harper 4

If you want protection and support while playing the baseball game, then we suggest you use the under-Armor kids’ harper 4 series baseball cleats. These provide great support and resistance to any major injury in the player. They are lightweight and therefore easy to carry. The comfort which they provide is much better which helps the player to wear these cleats for a long time without any problem. The main attraction in these baseball cleats is the Velcro straps which are used in place of the shoelaces.


  • Best design baseball cleats that are made up of synthetic material
  • Rubber sole for great comfort
  • Great ankle support provided by the baseball cleats
  • Balance of support and weight provided by this baseball cleats
  • Cushion effect provided by this baseball cleats also increase the support and comfort


  • The Velcro strap used in these baseball cleats has low durability. The Velcro strap wears out after some time. This issue has been experienced by many people who have brought these baseball cleats

8. Nike Lunar Vapor

Nike lunar vapor baseball cleats are also a good option for players who want comfortable baseball cleats. These baseball cleats are made up of synthetic leather material which us durable and long-lasting.


  • Lightweight design
  • The leather material used for construction which makes these baseball cleats long-lasting and highly durable
  • Great fitting for players due to the fly wire cables
  • Phylon midsole used in this baseball cleats helps to increase the cushioning and provide greet comfort to the player
  • Hybrid cleat pattern.


  • Costly. These baseball cleats come at a great price and one can find good baseball cleats at a lesser price than these.
  • Limited design, colour, and size option for players.
  • Not waterproof

9. Nike Men’s Alpha Huarache

Nike Men’s Alpha huarache baseball cleats are another good baseball cleat that is designed by the Nike company. These baseball cleats have amazing flexibility despite being quite heavy than other baseball cleats. The main drawback which we see in these baseball cleats are their sizes. These baseball cleats weigh heavier than many other baseball cleats. Due to this reason, many players feel weighed down. However, if your building is better, you can easily carry these baseball cleats without any problem.


  • Stylish design which makes the baseball cleats look stunning
  • Ankle support provided due to the ¾ height of the baseball cleats
  • Full-length midsoles that are added in this baseball cleats provide maximum comfort and support to the players.


  • Some people found these baseball cleats fairly expensive. They claim that they have seen better baseball cleats at prices lower than these baseball cleats
  • Heavy when compared to other baseball cleats

10. Adidas Adizero Afterburner V

These baseball cleats are made up of synthetic and textile material which makes it quite durable and long-lasting when compared to other baseball cleats. The main drawback of these baseball cleats is the metallic cleat types. This makes them selective to some players.


  • They are lightest cleats that are available in the market currently
  • The stunning design of these baseball cleats makes them more appealing to the eyes of the players,
  • Provides a great balance between support, comfort, and agility.


  • Offers less protection against ankle injury than many other baseball cleats.
  • The low-cut design provides less ankle protection and support
  • Sizing can be an issue with these baseball cleats
  • Metallic cleats make them more selective than other baseball cleats.



How to determine the perfect size for my baseball cleats?

The size of your baseball cleats is similar to the size of your other shoes. If you knew the size of your shoes, then you could easily order the similar size baseball cleats on the amazon website.

I see E and D written after size. What does it mean?

The word E and D have a certain meaning in the baseball cleats sizing charts. The word E refers to the Wide series. These baseball cleats are worn by people who have a wide foot. So, if you have a wide foot, then you should select the E category sizing option. Else you can go on with the D series baseball cleats. They are for normal foot size.


Best Youth Baseball Cleats

A good pair of baseball cleats will help to improve the game of baseball players. They will provide better grip, comfort, and agility to the player while protecting their ankle from any sudden injury. Having good baseball cleats is as important as having other protective gear in the game of baseball. Therefore, one must choose wisely and select the best baseball cleats for them. We hope our list and tactics will help you select the best youth baseball cleats that are available in the market.

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