Daily physical exercise brings a lot of benefits to the practitioner in terms of health, fitness and spirit. We all understand those benefits. However, not all of us have enough experience of choosing the right protective equipment and training accessories.

Welcome to our website acesporty.com! My name is Michael James. I’m 36 years old.

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I love to watch sports such as basketball, rugby, tennis and football, and I can play all of them. However, I do best in rugby. In my later high school and college years, I was a member of the school rugby team.

As you all know, rugby is a game that requires strength and agility. Collisions and injuries happen very often, so the protective equipment such as masks, clothing and shoes is extremely important. It not only helps us play better but also helps minimize the injuries.

After I obtained my Master’s degree, I started working in the field of quality evaluation of sports equipment products of European College of Sport Science. Am I so fortunate? I’m passionate about sports and now working in the field of appraising sports equipment. I feel very happy and love my work. ACESporty was born after I finished the Master’s degree. Initially, my co-workers and I introduced and produced ACESporty branded sports shoes. After 2 years of operation, we decided to sell the company to a Belgian shoe company and then set up the ACESporty.com website to evaluate sports products with the desire to bring more benefits to the community. Beside us are the leading consultants who are very enthusiastic.

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If you are playing or intend to play a sport and want to equip yourself with ancillary equipment for training and competition, then visit our website! With the experience of an expert in the field of sports equipment, ACESporty can give you useful advice so that you can choose the equipment that best suits you. The products that ACESporty introduces on this website are carefully researched and evaluated, most of which we have used. Our articles on this site are expected to be the most helpful advice for you.

Practice and play sports in the wisest way! ACESporty was built by us in the spirit of Sports – Health – Safety.

I would like to thank my colleagues, who are passionate about the profession and create a place that gives a lot of useful advice. They are:

  • Dr. Ronal Staf: PhD in sports materials technology
  • Jonathan Backerr: expert in the quality of sports shoes
  • Dorian Grimes: Physical Trainer
  • Tobias Visser: Former basketball player, who used to play top in the Netherlands
  • Dustin Casper: Tennis Coach